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Yolanda Be Cool - Tell Me Why     House 18/02/2020
Prolific Sydney duo, Yolanda Be Cool have had multiple international successes including the diamond selling hit ‘We No Speak Americano’, along with ‘Sugar Man’ leading to #1s in 20+ countries.
Dillion Nathaniel and Yolanda Be Cool, join forces to release Tell Me Why, on Club Sweat. Combined with Nathaniel’s versatile productions which have landed him releases on a variety of labels including Sola, Repopulate Mars, and Toolroom, Tell Me Why has an undeniable dance floor ability, equal parts 'underground cool' and ‘pop sensibility'.

Valer - Time to Let Go     House, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie, Dance 20/09/2019
Valer is an Indonesian-born, rural Victoria raised musician that creates musical textures that are true to his roots, while blending elements of the burgeoning Melbourne house scene.
In high school I made a YouTube video that covered one of deadmau5’s tracks. He saw it and I was invited to play on his private Minecraft server with his producer friends and management. This experience was life-changing and being able to chat with my idols made me determined learn electronic music production. This track reminds me of that time.

Teymori - Roy Layers (3RRR Stylin' Session)     House, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Jazz, Dance 28/08/2019
Melbourne producer Amin Payne returns as Teymori to explore a percussive afro funk take on house music, with a band including Horatio Luna, Close Counters and Felix Meredith.
Amin Payne came into 3RRR, lit up some incense then let his Teymori band rip. Bassist Henry Hicks AKA Horatio Luna (30/70) seems to particularly enjoy riding the disco funk train on this one!

Taken from the 32-track Stylin' 900 compilation by 3RRR's Ennio Styles. Free download at

Tania Doko - Piece of Me (Buzz William 'Leo' Remix)     House, Dance, Pop 07/02/2020
Tania Doko is a woman who barely needs an introduction. Best known for chart-topping Bachelor Girl fame, Tania has an instantly recognized vocal tone.
A cool deep house, radio edit Remix of this pop Gem by Tania Doko.

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Other tracks by Tania Doko:  Piece Of Me (Maschine Man Tim Remix)  -  Piece Of Me (Revolt Original Vocal Remix)
Steven North - I'm Over You     House, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 19/10/2019
Based in Perth, Western Australia, Steven North creates music to express his passion for creativity and music. With DJ origins, Steven now writes music in various genres for health.
This song is an expression of emotion when things get too much and you've had enough and want to do something different. You stare and the struggle and say "I'm Over You". The song is about feelings of empowerment, relief and letting go of things that bother you and encourages throwing your hands in the air & enjoying life.

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Other tracks by Steven North:  I'm Over You (Extended Mix)
Sonny Grin - lungs     House, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Jazz, Dance 14/02/2020
Dynamic dance grooves, vibrant percussion and infectious melodies are fast becoming the trademark sounds of producer and multi-instrumentalist Sonny Grin.
'Lungs' beginnings with a meditative like introduction, slowly making way for an effortlessly funky synth bass line. Elements of acoustic and electronic percussion provide a subtle yet distinctive dance pulse, while spacey melodies float above the syncopated chord progressions. Influenced by fellow Aussies Harvey Sutherland and Sampology, this joint release emanates characteristics of chilled out house, disco and contemporary jazz.

Ray Ramon - Koo Baby (Yence505 Vocal Radio Remix)     House, Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 29/11/2019
Ray Ramon is a Nigerian Born Australian Singer-Songwriter, Music Producer and Actor.
Dutch music producer Yence505 creates an Ibiza Clubhouse smash for Ray Ramon's original song "Koo Baby".

Koo Baby is a song written by Nigerian Born Australian Ray Ramon for his wife Kirsten Ramon and produced by Andromeda.

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Other tracks by Ray Ramon:  Koo Baby (Yence505 Extended Remix)
Nadia - Bassline     House, Dance, Easy Listening 13/09/2019
Nadia is the fresh, modern house sounds of Brisbane based producer Aidan Rudd.
The idea behind Bassline was to create a minimal and melodic song with a hard hitting bass. The motivation came from wanting to make a song that sounded full and memorable while using minimal elements. The end result is a well balanced catchy song that can be played in clubs, festivals, at the gym, in your car or at home.

LO'99 - Stay High feat. DOOLIE     House, Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 24/10/2019
Sydney producer LO'99 has accelerated from being a local club favourite to an internationally-dominating house music force who has ticked pretty much every accomplishment off the checklist.
Radiating festival vibes, ‘Stay High’ embodies everything you could want in a summer house track with brassy synths and wobbly beat frequencies building into a punchy chorus. With this elite production parallel to the sultry, yet powerful vocals of DOOLIE, this track is a guaranteed sing-out-loud, raise your hands in the air anthem.

Korky Buchek - Could Be U ft. Rellyman     House, Pop, Indie 14/11/2019
High energy electronic producers from Sydney who have the sole aim of making you dance. Their performances match their music in equal measure, bringing energy to the front.
Could Be U is the latest track from Korky Buchek. It's a high energy commercial house track that is layered thoughtfully with the soulful vocals of Rellyman to give the track a pop element, without losing credibility. The lyrical context is about romance that could have been, but never was.

Korky Buchek - Cosmsic Fellatio (Diss Track)     House, Garage, Dance 24/09/2019
Korky Buchek are a high energy electronic duo from Sydney. Blending genres and breaking all the rules musically. Their sets are as high energy as their music.
Cosmic Fellatio (Diss Track) is about as high energy as it gets. With a driving bassline that sucks you in, a kick that gets you moving and a drop that just makes you rage. The song will guide you from the festival, to the club all the way into the late hours of a kickon.

Jerk Boy - Satellite feat. The Baroness     House, Dance, R&B 11/10/2019
The moniker of Sydney DJ & producer Adam Stivala, Jerk Boy is one of Australia’s most familiar faces on the club circuit.
Jerk Boy has graced the Sydney scene with his fresh take on house music and now the producer has teamed up with fellow Sydney vocalist, The Baroness for their release on Tinted Records ‘Satellite’. The track seamlessly blends a classic RnB vocal with jazzy synths, to create Jerk Boy’s signature house sound.

Horatio Luna - Luna Landing     House, Instrumental, Jazz, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 07/02/2020
Horatio Luna is a Melbourne based improviser, composer, bassist and producer. A founding member of hip-hop/soul community "30/70 collective", he is an active member of the Australian music scene.
Horatio Luna continues to push the boundaries and sound of 'house music' further into obscurity with his heavy fusion of Jazz, Bruk & Funk.

Other tracks by Horatio Luna:  Bubbly  -  Brunswick Massive Pt. 2
Eluize - Say     House, Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie 09/10/2019
Eluize makes underground house, ambient and techno. The Australian DJ, live act, producer and vocalist’s sound spans from dubby and spacious, through rave inspired euphoria to intense and acidic.
Deep, broken beat house track featuring Eluize's soft sung vocals, drum machines and synths. Melancholic yet uplifting. The song is about lying awake, gazing at the ceiling, longing to know what the person next to you is thinking is thinking.

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Other tracks by Eluize:  Still  -  Disconnect
Eluize - Alle     House, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 09/10/2019
Eluize makes underground house, ambient and techno. The Australian DJ, live act, producer and vocalist’s sound spans from dubby and spacious, through rave inspired euphoria to intense and acidic.
Fast paced, epic, emotion driven techno featuring eery church bells and synthesised choir

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Other tracks by Eluize:  Ella
ELI - SYNR-G (Can Be Free)     House, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 24/10/2019
Having only been sighted a few times outside of his bedroom studio over the past eight years, ELI has transitioned from a general creator of content to a fidget/electro-house revivalist.
"A 2019 revival on the Fidget/Blog House sound where all the music had this body jackin’ groove combined with a cheeky 'f*ck you' attitude. That’s how I feel about ELI's productions, regardless of the genre, each track he puts out has this unique spirit that you don't come across often," explains Sidechains Founder Denzel Sterling.

Dom Dolla - San Frandisco     House, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 20/09/2019
2019 is the break-out year for Dom Dolla, named as a ‘rising star’ by Pete Tong and Billboard following his release of 'Take It'
Dom Dolla is one of the most prolific electronic Australian artists, he follows up his 2018 track, with ‘San Frandisco’. An ode to the colourful and vibrant house music scene of San Francisco, Dom Dolla has expertly captured the spirit of, not only the city itself, but a wider global community, in a message of belonging and togetherness.

Derek J. Turner - I'll Give It All 2U     House, Soul, Jazz 27/01/2020
Derek J. Turner is a DJ / musician / producer from Sydney who creates and releases not-so-typical House Music.
Jazz chords hammered through a 90's Roland Super JV-1080 combine with crisp analog 909 drums & a driving Moog Phatty bottom end. These ingredients establish the base vocal house groove in this lively track. Then change it up with a Soulful chorus underpinned by an ol' school breakbeat, and lean yourself into a rousing and uplifting 70's brass section.

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Damo Cox - Trends and Friends     House, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance 07/11/2019
Gold Coast, Aus based House Music DJ and Producer.
With a deep rolling bass line that is sure to get your toes tapping and a quirky vocal hook that will probably get stuck in your head. It's safe to say this one will get you dancing

Damo Cox & Sarah Wilkinson - My Mind     House, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance, Experimental 23/01/2020
Gold Coast DJs Damo Cox & Sarah Wilkinson have joined forces to produce this tech house groover.
A Tech-House groover with a catchy vocal hook, a sure thing to get heads bobbing and toes tapping where ever you are.