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Hotel Motel

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Nat Vazer - Struggletown     Pop, Rock 27/08/2018
Melbourne-based artist Nat Vazer is a warm, charismatic, and contemplative songwriter with a knack for writing charmingly rebellious tunes about the ironies of everyday life.
Welcome to "Struggletown", the guitars are tropical, handclaps happy and ladies caress you with “oohs”. But the upbeat mood belies a darkness. Listen closer - the handclaps are fake, “the sun is always out, but everybody’s up and down”. It’s a place where people’s fear about feeling trapped in a nine-to-five is drowned out by rounds of long island iced-teas.

Cool Sounds - Cactus Country     Rock, Alternative Country, Pop 13/08/2018
Playful, earnest guitar music for long haul drives, sunsets, gardening and contemplative walks.
Dainis Lacey’s twangy falsetto flavours the album’s title track, peppered with synths, an earworm-like slinky guitar line, and a seagull sample. Eventually you get swept up in spaghetti western-esque technicolour...
Lacey explained he had a bit of scope for experimentation on the recording, including pitch shifted vocals, field recordings, super processed and layered guitar tones, and drum machines.

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S.M. Jenkins - Sore Loser     Rock 18/05/2018
S. M. Jenkins is a slacker-rock band started by Steve Bourke, based on some recordings he was making alone in his house.
As emotional as Harry Styles' "A Sign Of The Times" and guitars reminiscent of "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd, this is an anthem for the down-and-out. The refrain "no one likes to lose" is a call to arms, nay, a wake up call, for the bitter in defeat.

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