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Hot Off The Press Publicity

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Zennith - Poet A Rhymer     Hip Hop, Reggae, Rap 04/11/2016
From deep within the scrub of ancient Bulwai country, Kuranda FNQ, emerges the new sound of Australin Music.
Embracing their hip-hop reggae roots, Kuranda’s dynamic family-founded outfit Zennith are back – six years after their last release. 'Poet A Rhymer' is the sound the band always set out to create, a dance-hall anthem with beat-laden rap and a rhythmic undertone, interwoven with some mean guitar licks.

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The Sea Birds - Am I Wasting My Time     Rock, Folk 09/10/2015
The Sea Birds are an independent Melbourne band blending alt rock and country influences - with a sweet but sad songwriting edge.

The Offtopics - Funky Grandma     Funk/Soul, Blues 01/03/2018
The Offtopics are an eight-piece originals band from Brunswick fronted by a funk dynamo. They’re here to put the slapstick in Soul and the scatological in Ska.
Funky Grandma is a rollicking good time dance party/Attenborough-esque exploration of the biologically transformative power of funk. You too can get funked up along with the titular grandma, a postman, a sadhu and an op-shop. In this day and age you can have your funk and eat it too.

The Offtopics - A Man Needs Cooling     Funk/Soul, Blues 27/07/2018
The Offtopics are an eight-piece originals band from Brunswick fronted by a funk dynamo. They're here to put the slapstick in soul and the scatological in Ska.
The track A Man Needs Cooling is what you would expect of The Offtopics – jam-packed with slinky guitar, fat horns, blokey backing vocals and ‘some nice vibraslap type percussion action’. The theme in the song itself embraces the slapstick soul that the band do so well.

That Gold Street Sound - The Struggle     Funk/Soul 20/02/2019
Trick of the Light is about that feeling when you are walking home at seven on a Sunday and you might just be in love.
Inspired by a line on the television show Lost, where a character talks about a moth struggling to get out of a cocoon (and how the moths survival is built upon that struggle), the song The Struggle was penned as a reminder that sometimes we just need to keep taking little steps to keep moving forward.

Other tracks by That Gold Street Sound:  Only Lonely  -  Trick of the Light
That Gold Street Sound - Rain     Funk/Soul, Funk, Soul 02/11/2018
Melbourne Soul
"There was a drought at the time and the idea of earth being so dry that it repels water kind of stuck in my mind. It was the way I was feeling at the time. All these good things were happening to me, like the breaking of a drought, but I was finding it hard to appreciate them. "

Tania Kernaghan - Here's To It     Country, Easy Listening, Pop 27/09/2019
Singer, songwriter and TV presenter. Tania Kernaghan delivers in all her chosen fields as an engaging and trusted face and voice to audiences across the country.
This anthemic track pays homage to the good things in life; getting together with your mates, Sunday roast, & family. Penned by Tania, Fiona Kernaghan and Nick Wolfe (Wolfe Brothers), it’s just one of many new songs this talented trio have cooked up together and was inspired by a toast Tania’s mum, Pam, is famous for amongst family and friends.

Straalen - Be Mine Tonight (Radio Edit)     Pop, Folk, Chill 15/04/2016
Straalen is a Singer-Songwriter based on the Gold Coast. He is a current finalist in the International Songwriting Contest which has been previously won by Vance Joy and Kimbra.
'Be Mine Tonight’ is a story Straalen wrote about an often overlooked girl who is beautiful inside and out.
It is written as a statement that inner beauty shines through - don’t be shy - be positive and confident.

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Rachel Collis - Twenty to Nine     Rock, Pop, Folk 27/10/2016
Rachel Collis is a singer/songwriter with folk, rock and cabaret influences. Her trademarks are finely-crafted heartfelt lyrics, whirlwind virtuosic piano, and an equally powerful yet vulnerable voice.
Inspired by the iconic Dickens’ character Miss Havisham, Twenty to Nine details the difficulties of moving on and removing oneself from the past. “I studied the novel in high school and her character has always stayed with me,” says Rachel.

Rachael Leahcar - Shadows     Pop, Rock 17/10/2017
Adelaide’s singer/songwriter Rachael Leahcar’s powerful performances have stunned audiences across the globe. Rachael’s latest album, Shadows, marks her transformation from a shy teen to a strong young woman.
Living with a mental illness can be torture… but you’re not alone. Mental illness can hit anyone from any background, and they don’t often show it publicly. I hope people will be encouraged to seek help if they need it after hearing this dark song with a positive message.


Matt Henry - Home Every Time I'm Gone     Country, Blues, Folk, Pop 02/04/2015
Singer Songwriter - Arty left leaning Alt-Country tinged songs with heart.
Home is not a place, it's the feeling that you're not alone.

Marcus Corowa - Nobody Knows     Pop, Indigenous, Soul, Rock 11/11/2015
Drawing on his Aboriginal and South Sea Islander roots, Marcus Corowa combines elements of blues, jazz and funk to create a soulful, soothing sound that is distinctly his own.
Nobody Knows is penned about the loss and breakdown of a relationship – romantic or otherwise – the feelings experienced when something comes to a sudden, definite end without explanation. “It’s about the feeling of loss and how you have no choice but to recover and move on from that”

Keely Johnson - The Man in the Hat     Country, Pop 04/04/2016
Brand new to the Country Music scene, Keely is a 17 year old singer songwriter. Her debut song is the story of Lee Kernaghans life.
This is the story of Lee Kernaghan's life. Written to hopefully let people know how much he helps others. It was written when I was on chemo, he is my hero.

JoKeria - Red Country     Country, Alternative Country, Blues 25/06/2019
Hailing from the North-Western Australia, Roebourne duo JoKeria are a band built on strong foundations: a mutual love of real Country music and understanding of their local land and culture.
Red Country is purely about the Pilbara and the feeling of being away from home for too long. A return after a long period of being away was all the inspiration Kendall needed for the track. “You don’t appreciate your home until you leave and come back home,” says Kendall.

Other tracks by JoKeria:  Milk & Honey  -  Bad Habits
Jess Holland - Linburn Lane     Country, Folk, Blues, Roots 18/05/2017
Country sweetheart and formidable singer-songwriter Jess Holland is back with the first single from her highly anticipated third long-player.
The single – Linburn Lane – draws upon childhood, youth, family and love. Staying true to her unique style, Linburn Lane is a sassy country-blues record, a track that speaks of nostalgia and memory in a way that is universal and accessible.

Jess Holland - Australian Dreamer     Country, Folk, Blues, Roots 01/02/2018
It has been a four-year process for singer-songwriter Jess Holland to bring her third long-player – Miss Demeanour – to the world.
This track is about the hard-working Australian culture, how we are all working for a better future. This song ended up being harder hitting once we worked out the drums for it. I wrote the song with the syncopated rhythm and in the studio, that rockier vibe came out.

Jess Holland - Aint Quittin' This Run     Country, Rock, Blues, Roots 19/11/2016
She’s a little bit different and a little edgy, but this country rock powerhouse is sure to set your strings on fire.
Ain’t Quittin This Run embodies that spirit of finding your own path and sticking to it. I was always told that I should look and sound a certain way. Instead, I went out on a limb to make the music I wanted to make – and I wasn’t quitting!

Greta Stanley - Tickets     Pop, Folk 10/06/2015
A touch of folk, a sprinkle of pop, a bit of something sweet mixed with clever lyrics, Greta Stanley is fresh out of the oven, one to listen out for.
This is a little ditty inspired by wankers, we all know one.

Dozzi - Weakness     Country, Rock, Pop 20/09/2014
Country music sweethearts, three sister trio, Dozzi, have been earning their stripes on the Australian music scene, while establishing a strong and loyal fan base.
Written and recorded in Nashville, and a crowd favourite when played live, this high energy, punchy track is set to be a country rock smash.

Dogwood Crossing - Hold My Head Up High     Rock 25/09/2014
Dogwood Crossing‘s music gives a nod to Aussie rock bands such as The Screaming Jets and Powderfinger to name a few, while putting their own originality in everything they do.
The new single Hold My Head Up High is a perfect representation of what this band can do, both lyrically and musically. It sticks in your head from the outset and is one of those tracks that will find its way onto music
lovers’ playlists on high rotation