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Hot Off The Press Publicity

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That Gold Street Sound - The Struggle     Funk/Soul 20/02/2019
Trick of the Light is about that feeling when you are walking home at seven on a Sunday and you might just be in love.
Inspired by a line on the television show Lost, where a character talks about a moth struggling to get out of a cocoon (and how the moths survival is built upon that struggle), the song The Struggle was penned as a reminder that sometimes we just need to keep taking little steps to keep moving forward.

Other tracks by That Gold Street Sound:  Only Lonely  -  Trick of the Light
Bec WIllis - Real Thing     Country, Pop, Blues, Roots 14/03/2019
When Bec sings ‘you won’t find the girl I used to be, you’ll find me’ it is the ethos as such for the entire album Other Side Of Town.
The Real Thing is inspired by just that, the real thing, that real head-over-heels compatible in every way love.

The song stayed pretty true to its original composition in the studio. “The only difference to my vision was that Bill added a rippin’ slide guitar to the track, which I love,” says Bec.

Other tracks by Bec WIllis:  Fly  -  Drive
JoKeria - Red Country     Country, Alternative Country, Blues 25/06/2019
Hailing from the North-Western Australia, Roebourne duo JoKeria are a band built on strong foundations: a mutual love of real Country music and understanding of their local land and culture.
Red Country is purely about the Pilbara and the feeling of being away from home for too long. A return after a long period of being away was all the inspiration Kendall needed for the track. “You don’t appreciate your home until you leave and come back home,” says Kendall.

Other tracks by JoKeria:  Milk & Honey  -  Bad Habits
Andrew Farriss - Come Midnight     Country, Rock, Blues, Roots 17/09/2019
Come Midnight is the first solo release ahead of a full-length album. Recorded between his home-studio and Nashville, it embodies the old-school country vibe meets 2020 that Andrew envisioned.
Come Midnight itself is an ode to Andrew’s wife Marlina and the love they share, his admiration for her. It is a nod to the inspiration she is in his life and the support she has been for him. The track highlights how midnight is the time when you reflect on the people who are the most important to you.

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Tania Kernaghan - Here's To It     Country, Easy Listening, Pop 27/09/2019
Singer, songwriter and TV presenter. Tania Kernaghan delivers in all her chosen fields as an engaging and trusted face and voice to audiences across the country.
This anthemic track pays homage to the good things in life; getting together with your mates, Sunday roast, & family. Penned by Tania, Fiona Kernaghan and Nick Wolfe (Wolfe Brothers), it’s just one of many new songs this talented trio have cooked up together and was inspired by a toast Tania’s mum, Pam, is famous for amongst family and friends.