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HopeStreet Recordings

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Leisure Centre - Getting To Know     Funk/Soul, RnB, Pop 01/06/2018
R&B slow-jammers Leisure Centre (FKA The Do Yo Thangs) are soon to present their debut album, Mind Full, an exceptional addition to the Neo/Digi/Future Soul renaissance happening in their hometown.
‘Getting To Know’ is a heady ode to first-days-of-love infatuation. The futuristic slow-jam is all about Audrey Powne’s vocals as she walks us through those exuberant first moments of connection with someone new, supported by layers of synthesizers, understated guitar and the stacked group vocals that are Leisure Centre’s trademark.

Leisure Centre - Don't Let Go (with Bec Rigby)     Funk/Soul, RnB, Pop 19/04/2018
Previously The Do Yo Thangs, R&B slow-jammers Leisure Centre are soon to present their debut album, Mind Full, an exceptional addition to the Neo/Digi/Future Soul renaissance happening in their hometown.
Leisure Centre (FKA The Do Yo Thangs) have paired-up with The Harpoons’ singer Bec Rigby on their single ‘Don’t Let Go’, taken from their upcoming album ‘Mind Full’. 'Don’t Let Go’ is a minimal and bass heavy track featuring Drummer/singer/producer Hugh Rabinovici’s emotive lead singing and Bec’s playful, hooky vocals.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Aeron Clark, Edge, Hobart (TAS)

Leisure Centre - Sucka     Funk/Soul, Pop, RnB, Retro 02/03/2018
Leisure Centre is the result of many years of soul searching for songwriter/drummer/singer Hugh Rabinovici and his right- hand-lady, vocalist Audrey Powne (Au Dre).
Drummer, songwriter and producer Hugh Rabinovici says, “It’s about those super fun/exciting early stages of falling for someone - The kind of sitch where it’s out of your control and you’re just dumb in love”. Audrey Powne delivers a storming lead-vocal supported by silky harmonies and a pumping rhythm section.

The Cactus Channel - Leech     Funk/Soul, Rock, Pop, Psychedelic 03/10/2017
The Cactus Channel a 7-piece alt-soul outfit. Releasing their 3rd album on November 3rd, they've also worked Chet Faker & Ball Park Music singer Sam Cromack.
Leech, the second single from The Cactus Channel's forthcoming 3rd album explores dealing with a breakup and longing.

Wilder, a little darker and heavier, the new album sees The Cactus Channel diving in deep to dreamlike soundtracks, electrifying wig-outs and woozy meditations.


San Lazaro - Ladridos (Cy Gorman Remix)     World, Electronic, Jazz 19/09/2017
For over a decade, San Lazaro have been playing and writing original Latin music in Melbourne. A tribe of lost Latinos, cobbled together from all over the Spanish speaking world.
Blending the futuristic and the classic, Cy Gorman’s remix of San Lazaro’s sultry ballad Ladridos is a mesmerizing meeting of two worlds. A a dark, sparse and completely analogue tango ballad twisted into a deeply bent piece of
symphonic electronica, synthesizing elements of cumbia, deep house and dub.

Leisure Centre - Those Days     Pop, RnB, Experimental 24/08/2017
Melbourne band Leisure Centre are creators of sensual slow jams and bumping future soul and minty fresh R&B dominated by rich, four-voice harmonies.
Leisure Centre are back with Those Days, another slice of minty fresh R&B with a twist. A Darker, more electronic musical direction sees the band take their staple of 808 kick drums and tight vocal harmonies into almost Little Dragonesque territories with frenetic drum programming and growling synthesizers.

The Cactus Channel - Storefront     Rock, Soul, Pop, Psychedelic 22/08/2017
The Cactus Channel is an alt-soul outfit à la Badbadnotgood, Unknown Mortal Orchestra & Menahan Street Band. The collective’s third album represents a new consciousness and a decisive turning point.
The Cactus Channel's first ever vocal tune sung by the bands own Lewis Coleman! 'Storefront' represents a new lightness and exploration into psychedelic soul music. The first single taken off their upcoming album 'Stay A While', due out in November this year.


The Bombay Royale - I Love You Love You     World, Psychedelic, Rock, Soul 07/07/2017
The Bombay Royale are a world conquering cult band hailing from Melbourne Australia.
Angular synthesisers, gated snare and riffing sitar. ‘I Love You Love You’ is vintage Bollywood injected with 80's influences like Bowie, Talking Heads and Wire. At once a lovers’ duet and more subtly a protest about the bureaucratisation and automation that impinges on every aspect of modern life, love included.


Other tracks by The Bombay Royale:  Ballygunge
The Cactus Channel & Sam Cromack - I'm Not Ready To Relax     Funk/Soul, Psychedelic, Rock 19/04/2017
Melbourne alt-soul group The Cactus Channel have released two-LPs, four 45s. Their original take on soul music has seen them collaborate with Nick Murphy and Sam Cromack (Ball Park Music).
The 3rd single from the upcoming EP, 'I'm Not Ready To Relax' is another slow burning number with space. Dark soul meets Sam's pop sensibilities with a guitar hook of the century.

Other tracks by The Cactus Channel & Sam Cromack:  Brickwall Hallelujah
The Meltdown - Crooked Country     Funk/Soul, RnB 05/04/2017
Melbourne based Soul/Jazz/Blues. Brought to you buy the purveyors of the finest radioactive gospel. The Meltdown. Featuring the iridescent Simon Burke.
The Meltdown bring in their debut album (due this Friday!) with a disco banger. Get the dancefloors ready...

2017 THE AGE MUSIC VICTORIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Soul, Funk, RnB and Gospel Album 'The Meltdown'

The Cactus Channel & Sam Cromack - Do It For Nothing     Funk/Soul, Rock, RnB, Pop 23/03/2017
The Cactus Channel is a Melbourne based alt-soul group à la Menahan Street Band, Badbadnotgood & Unknown Mortal Orchestra. New EP with Sam Cromack out this April!
Do It For Nothing, also the title of the EP, is the lip biting R&B flavoured track on the release. The long form verses build to a climax in the chorus, complimenting Sam's super melodic and earworm melody. Slow dance floor banger.


MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

The Meltdown - Darkness Into Light     Rock, Blues, Soul, Funk 21/03/2017
Melbourne based Soul/Jazz/Blues. Brought to you buy the purveyors of the finest radioactive gospel. The Meltdown. Featuring the iridescent Simon Burke.
Howling organ, brooding guitars and soaring backing-vocals bring a dark tension to the track and the anguished lead vocal asks why the things we want most are the things we need the least. Hunting, needing and chasing your deepest desires into the dark, you want to escape into the abyss.

2017 THE AGE MUSIC VICTORIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Soul, Funk, RnB and Gospel Album 'The Meltdown'

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The Meltdown - Don't Hesitate     Funk/Soul, Rock, Blues, Country 17/02/2017
Melbourne based Soul/Jazz/Blues. Brought to you buy the purveyors of the finest radioactive gospel. The Meltdown. Featuring the iridescent Simon Burke. Debut LP out April 7th, 2017.
Joyous, upbeat and fiery, ‘Don’t Hesitate’ lifts us up and onto the dance floor urging us to push aside our fears and troubles and live in the moment. Blazing horns, sugar sweet backing vocals and Simon Burke’s honey voice take us back to the days of Stax and Motown.

2017 THE AGE MUSIC VICTORIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Soul, Funk, RnB and Gospel Album 'The Meltdown'

The Cactus Channel & Sam Cromack - Sorry Hills     Funk/Soul, Rock, Pop, RnB 08/02/2017
Until recently, The Cactus Channel were easily introduced as integral members of the Soul-music scene in Melbourne. Well-known for their musicianship and compositional skills fundamental to making compelling instrumental music.
The first track of this collaborative EP treads a thin line between alt-soul and the best of indie pop, swimming in compelling atmospherics and deftly weaving Cromack’s rich, drawling vocal and disarming, meditative lyrics through the band’s typically intuitive arrangements.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Aeron Clark, Edge Radio, Hobart (TAS), Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)


Zillanova - The Glasgow Coma Scale     Funk/Soul, RnB, Pop 20/01/2017
A charismatic mixed bag of Alabama Shakes, Donny Hathaway and a bit of Leon Bridges, Zillanova, now with Joshua Tavares in the lead, is the new hot soul act.
'The Glasgow Coma Scale' is a bouncy piece of guitar driven melodic soul with a strong Gospel influence.

Other tracks by Zillanova:  The Fader  -  Let's Break Up Again
The Meltdown - Colours In The Sky     Funk/Soul, Soul, Country 09/11/2016
The Meltdown. It’s a bold, brassy, twangy steam train of bumping backbeats and swinging shuffles. Then there’s that voice. Sweet as honey.
From a band known for heavy dancefloor soul, Colours In The Sky marks a change - a piece of downtempo country soul evoking big skies and long roads. This finds Simon Burke’s honeyed voice at it’s most sensitive. Shades of Otis and Sam Cooke on a twangy southern tip.

Leisure Centre - Indecisive     Funk/Soul, Hip Hop, Electronic, Soul 16/08/2016
Leisure Centre, sensual slow jams and bumping future soul.
'Indecisive' has the infectious/lip pouting effect that hits you hard in the guts. More elements of funk & soul that their last single while still making good use of pumping hip hop drums. Heavy!!

Leisure Centre - One Plus One     Funk/Soul, RnB, Soul, Hip Hop 14/07/2016
Leisure Centre is the brainchild of drummer and singer Hugh Rabinovici. A collection of sensual slow jams and bumping future soul dominated by rich, four-voice harmonies.
One Plus One is equal parts performance and programming, drawing from a broad palette of live instruments and electronic sounds.The guitar sound is classic soul but the plethora of synthesizers and 808 kick drums is definitely not, nodding equally to Vangelis or Hiatus Kaiyote.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Nick Rodwell, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD), Aeron Clark, Edge Radio, Hobart (TAS)

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San Lazaro - La Ola     World, Ethnic, Psychedelic, Ethnic 30/06/2016
¡Hola, hermanos y hermanas! We are San Lazaro. A tribe of long-lost Latinos, wandering the desert continent of Australia in search of ourselves and our music.
La Ola is the second single from San Lazaro’s 'La Despedida' Album. A bouncing piece of psychedelic garage cumbia featuring twangy guitars, ‘down the well’ echo vocals and bumping oompah bass.

Heavily influenced by the “Chicha” sound of 1970s Peru and the classic cumbias of Colombia’s Discos Fuentes label.

Other tracks by San Lazaro:  Amor De Despedida
The PutBacks - Kung Fu Pyramids     Funk/Soul, Funk, Instrumental, Soul 10/11/2015
“If the JB’s had their own monorail, the Putbacks have a steam train that runs right from Australia directly to every record player in the world” – DJ Prestige
The PutBacks return to instrumental music with a brand new 7inch, Kung Fu Pyramids b/w Snake Eyes. Kung Fu Pyramids is a slice of dark, guitar-driven, psychedelic, martial arts funk. The brooding downtempo minimalism of Snake Eyes is an ode to the joys of Mia, dice game of champions.

Other tracks by The PutBacks:  Snake Eyes