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Hobbledehoy Record Co

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Brief Habits - In Itself Part 2     Punk, Alternative, Indie, Pop 26/11/2019
Blissful emo power-pop that boldly leans into deeply honest autobiographical lyrics. Serving up ambience and attack with equal measure.
Brief Habits try to sort through the wreckage with bright introspection, exploring all the delicate twists, turns rifts and revelations in between. The feeling of vulnerability lies at the core of Brief Habits music, which is part punk, part pop and all catharsis.

Other tracks by Brief Habits:  A Lack We Can’t Hide
Keeskea - Red Shirt, Green Socks     Folk, Ambience, Acoustic, Pop 19/07/2019
The ambient compositions of Keeskea (case-kay-ah) exist between worlds. Both electronic and naturalistic, ghostly and melodic, rhythmic and adrift.
Dreamy, introspective, subtle melodic pop influence from the young self-produced Keeskea.

Fourteen Nights At Sea - Artefacts     Metal/Punk, Soundscapes, Experimental, Ambience 01/03/2019
Exciting post-rock with warm vocal textures from Melbourne, supporting Beach House (USA) at Adelaide Fringe Festival in March!
Our first glimpse into FNAS with newest member Amy Muir (Like Alaska) on guitar and vocals. "Artefacts" marks a shift not just to warm vocal textures, but for a band eager to allow the spotlight to shine on the melodies and rhythms. FNAS are establishing their own vision for the future, offering hope and brighter possibilities for the post-rock genre.

Brief Habits - Another Mistake     Rock, Pop, Punk 26/05/2018
Brisbane hook-heavy indie/emo pop
Brief Habits are back with the hook-heavy, emo/pop slow jam 'Another Mistake'.

Purplene - Dead Letter Offers     Rock, Atmospheric, Experimental 14/02/2018
Beautiful angular slow indie/emo from NSW
Recorded in Chicago 2003 during the sessions with Steve Albini for the self-titled album, this previously unreleased track was written by Blackman as a salute to a fallen best friend, tragically taken too soon in a car accident shortly after high school.

Deafcult - Summertime     Rock, Ambience, Garage 09/06/2017
Deafcult (Brisbane) are a six-piece shoegaze/noise band. Their music is wrapped in noisey guitars, fuzzed-out synth& soaring vocals. While that sounds abrasive, there is an overwhelming gentleness to their music.
Coming in at just over 2.5 minutes, ‘Summertime’ is one of the more upbeat tracks on Auras, with steady rhythms and layered guitar work wrapped in pop sensibilities. It's about situations vocalist Stevie Scott found himself in with people of older generations trying to tell him how life should be.

MUSIC CO-COORDINATOR PICK: Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD)

Other tracks by Deafcult:  Rubix
Deafcult - Rubix     Rock, Punk, Atmospheric, Pop 19/05/2017
Noisy guitars of fuzz, echo, flashy rhythms and shoegaze pop melody.
Off the back of a number of international supports, Deafcult have spent the last two years working on their much anticipated sophomore release, Auras. 'Rubix' is our first insight, which promises to be a wall of noise, fuzzy guitars, flashy rhythms and familiar shoe-gaze pop melody prevalent in previous works.


MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Other tracks by Deafcult:  Summertime
Sophie Hutchings - The Road     Jazz, Ambience, Instrumental, Experimental 07/03/2017
Compared with Max Richter, Dustin O’Halloran and Nils Frahm, Sydney-based Sophie has amassed an impressive body of work, releasing five albums to date and receiving critical praise worldwide.
A great tenderness and soft comforting warmth of the piano, the notes themselves vary between flurry and filigree. Beautiful strings to accompany in sections, undulating like a long road travelled.

Brief Habits - A Defining Commitment     Rock, Punk, Pop 04/03/2017
Power pop steadfast hooks and piano interwoven textural soundscapes.
Driving, upbeat, catchy power pop / emo rock. Steadfast hooks and piano interwoven textural soundscapes.

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Other tracks by Brief Habits:  Either/Or
Tilman Robinson - Where We Began     Electronic, Experimental, Soundscapes, Ambience 09/09/2016
Tilman Robinson is a composer, producer and sound designer based in Melbourne. Tilman creates electro-acoustic music across a range of genres including classical minimalism, improvised, experimental, electronic and ambient.
Climatic build with haunting, sweeping soundscapes

Crusch - Card Over The Bar     Rock, Punk, Pop 29/07/2016
Hook-heavy, melodic emo rock from Melbourne
Journey through a close personal experience, sharply critical and self-reflective. While our subject is remorseful, acknowledges they're doomed to repeat. "How can I get better?" echoes...

The Leap Year - Dental Work     Rock, Experimental 07/05/2015
Multiple vocals with a distinctly Australian soul, think The National / Arrows / Something For Kate.
Gloomy shoegazer rock from Perth

Luke Howard - Cibi     Classical, Experimental, Ambience, Electronic 28/01/2015
Luke Howard is a composer and pianist from Melbourne who writes hauntingly blissful music, evoking a strong cinematic feeling by telling a story (sometimes, a very sad story…)
“Cibi” opens with a simple piano melody flourishing over a bed of pretty, plaintive chords. The chord progression evolves and seems to open its arms to the melody’s return, yet is left wanting. Instead, an arpeggiated synth unexpectedly completes the embrace. We are somewhere else.

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Ceres - Syllables     Rock, Punk 06/03/2014
Anthemic, beautifully constructed pop with a dark edge, often hitting so perfectly right to the gut. Think - Saves The Day, Brand New, The Get Up Kids, The Dangerous Summer
Melodic, heart-warming emo/punk-rock... undeniably uplifting. The second taste from the upcoming Ceres debut album.

Other tracks by Ceres:  Middle Names
Ceres - Burnley     Rock 06/12/2013
Stories from the inner city, mixing elements of alternative indie, power-pop and 90s emo. Ala The Get Up Kids, Arrows, Brand New, Daylight.
Upbeat, bouncy, catchy with an uplifting feeling and references to familiar Melbourne landmarks.

The Leap Year - Town Crying     Rock, Grunge, Punk 01/11/2013
Here’s what I know about The Leap Year… they hail from the world’s most isolated city, they play picturesque indie-rock and have an undisclosed affinity with 1980’s television commercial jingles.
The first taste of The Leap Year's long awaited new album, The Narrowing. Upbeat, rhythmic and catchy.

Eleventh He Reaches London - Body Unbind     Rock, Atmospheric, Punk 28/08/2013
Perth's adored post-hardcore quintet Eleventh He Reaches London reveal their third album, Bānhūs; the next moody volume from the triple guitar wielding Goliath will be accompanied by long-awaited tour dates.
'Body Unbind' is the entrancing first taste of the awaited third album 'Banhus'. Meandering clean guitar lines, swelling, soaring, haunting vocal melodies and the haunting rawness of this track make it a moving first instalment from the next raw, introspective, misery-laden volume from the revered Perth quintet. Take the journey.

Other tracks by Eleventh He Reaches London:  Code Entwined
Eleventh He Reaches London - The Slough     Metal/Punk, Punk, Metal, Experimental 15/06/2013
"Accomplished, acclaimed, bat-sh*t crazy." - Mess & Noise
Unreleased track from 2009 - available for the first time, remastered for the album 2LP vinyl reissue out June 2013.

Other tracks by Eleventh He Reaches London:  Oh, Brother
Arrows - All Passwords Are Brisbane     Rock 20/08/2012
Emo / Indie Rock in the vein of Last Days Of April, Blueline Medic, Something For Kate
First track from Arrows since 2010! Taken from their upcoming 7" split with US band Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate)

Eleventh He Reaches London - Say You See Why So     Metal/Punk, Experimental 25/05/2012
As far as EHRL is concerned, distance makes the heart grow thwarted and dark rather than fonder. Hailing from WA; a vast area of land separated from the rest of...
Innovative Australian tinged post-hardcore, think along the lines of Isis / Me Without You / Circle Takes The Square.