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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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Kobie Dee - Jody     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous 24/05/2019
Kobie Dee is a 21-year-old Gamilaroi artist Sydney’s South, with an innate gift for story-telling & connecting with young people, as he becomes an emerging voice in Australian hip hop.
At just 21-years-old, Kobie Dee has an innate gift for story-telling and in “Jody” he delivers yet another powerful track. Pairing fiercely tight rhymes with a natural flow, the MC’s honest and effortless lyrical talent is strikingly captivating. Guided by a strong but gentle beat, “Jody” puts the singer/songwriter under his own spotlight.

Small Island Big Song - Gasikara (Raw Mix)     Hip Hop, Indigenous, World, Roots 24/05/2019
Musicians who share an ancient seafaring ancestry across the Pacific & Indian Oceans, unite creating a musical statement of a region in the frontline of cultural and environmental challenges.
Gasikara was recorded and composed by first nation artists on their homelands, as the producers travelled from artist to artist with a portable studio. Feat' Mau Power from Torres Strait Islands (Rap), Airileke recorded in Papua New Guinea (beats), Sandro rec' in Madagascar (Rap), Siao-Chun Tai rec' in Taiwan (Vocals Chorus), Charles Maimarosia from Solomon Islands, Arthur Borman rec' Borneo.

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Other tracks by Small Island Big Song:  Ka Va'ai Mai Koe (Small Island mix)  -  Naka Wara Wara To'o (Small Island mix)
Shadow - My City     Hip Hop 23/05/2019
Perth based Grime/Hip Hop artists originally from South Africa. Currently signed to Golden Era Records.
My City is an ode to Shadow's hometown of Perth.

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Downsyde - Odds     Hip Hop, Rap, Indigenous 21/05/2019
WA Hip-Hop pioneers.
Downsyde's first track featuring new recruit Beni Bjah.

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Tasman Keith & Stevie Jean - Prey     Hip Hop, Pop, Dance, Australian Indigenous 21/05/2019
Northern Territory singer-songwriter Stevie Jean, and Gumbaynggirr, rapper Tasman Keith have collaborated to create an EP with the undeniable chemistry of two young artists on parallel trajectories.
Northern Territory singer-songwriter Stevie Jean, and Bowraville, now Sydney-based, rapper Tasman Keith have partnered to deliver Prey; a track dripping with attitude, charisma and the undeniable chemistry of two young artists on parallel trajectories.

Together Tasman Keith and Stevie Jean are bringing the sound of regional Australia in 2019 to the world.

Allday - Lungs     Hip Hop, Rap 17/05/2019
Known for his sincere mellow raps, Allday will be releasing his third album Starry Night Over The Phone this July. The album will be followed by a mammoth national tour.
‘Lungs’ is a harder moment than the previous two tracks released ‘Wonder Drug’ and ‘Protection’. ‘Lungs’ sits deep in the groove, with every lyric delivered over a rolling melody displaying the relaxed delivery that Allday is known for. It’s a song that you can hear trickling out of cars as they roll through the streets.

Anarchist Finch - Tick     Hip Hop 17/05/2019
A half-Asian rapper and producer with strong old school and new wave influences who focuses on diverse lyrical content and moods
A track about time and feeling that it's running out. A firm reminder that we need to take the time now for the things we enjoy and not take it for granted.

Candice Dianna - Down for Whatever     Hip Hop, Pop, RnB, Rap 17/05/2019
Candice Dianna is an Australian, female Old Soul artist who has recently collaborated with HipHop artist Kaage from Sweden to create a rare HipHop track.
The theme we chose to go with was inspired by the love between Joker and Harley Quinn. Two wild fires who are crazy about each other and would do anything for each other... and they are both a little crazy.

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Chloe DMND - Receipts Feat As     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 17/05/2019
Multi-talented rapper/songwriter/dancer Chloe Dmnd continues to bridge the gap between being an influencer and musician with her latest release and music video ‘Receipts’ available May 17th.
The track is all about a cheating boyfriend that is caught out when receipts for his mistress are found. Like her past releases, Chloe’s ability to tap into emotions and capture the situation makes ‘Receipts’ a relatable and passionate rendition.

Figuero Jones, Black Napoleon, Elijah Yo - Century     Hip Hop, Rap 17/05/2019
West Australian new school rappers Figuero Jones and Black Napoleon return with powerful new single 'Century' featuring Elijah Yo, continuing their massive growth!
West Coast leaders of the new school Figuero Jones and Black Napoleon have announced their return with highly anticipated upcoming single ‘Century’ featuring prolific Sydney rapper Elijah Yo soon to released.

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Indighost - Red Light     Hip Hop 17/05/2019
Canberra based emcee ‘Indighost’ returns with the first single ‘Red Light’ from his highly anticipated project ‘Illumination’ album which will be released this coming 17th of May.
‘Red Light’ was the last cut to be written for the record, which originally served as a means to an end to finish ‘Illumination’, but quickly became the main focus as he explored themes of positivity, focus and getting his mind clear, not only for himself but his loved ones around him.

Lux - I Need Love     Hip Hop, RnB, Pop, Electronic 17/05/2019
With a unique flow and sound, Lux has created his own lane of Australian R&B & Hip-Hop. Lux’s ambition is to put Australia on the map for Hip-Hop music.
I Need Love is the debut song from the highly anticipated Australian R&B artist Lux, exploring the emotions around a relationship break-up. The track ventures into the struggles of trust within a relationship, the delicate balance between allowing yourself to be vulnerable and open to real love versus risking being hurt and the pain of what could have been.

OKENYO - Buckle Up     Hip Hop 17/05/2019
Packing her music with unashamed confidence, poignancy and intrigue, delivering it with exuberance and flair, Sydney musician OKENYO is an artist whose musical journey is one of constant evolution.
Empowered by a sexy bassline and fierce lyricism, OKENYO brings us Buckle Up; an ode to dancefloor hook-ups and bold flirting. A courageous comeback for this multifaceted artist, the track sees OKENYO with more conviction than ever before proudly wearing her queerness on her sleeve.

Otiuh - Me & You     Hip Hop, Funk, RnB, Chill 17/05/2019
Alternative hiphop duo from Perth. Ferocious back and forth lyricism, with a heavy funk & soul influence. Quirky beats.
Me & You is the 21st century man's love song. Musing over a new romance to the beat of some Japanese funk from the 70's, Otiuh deliver their most punchy back and forth performance yet.

Other tracks by Otiuh:  500 Flights  -  Ship Jumpin'
D.E.L - Running Away     Hip Hop, RnB, Chill 16/05/2019
DEL is a musical idea spawned by multi-media artist and music producer, making the concept a home for his interests in lo-fi, sub-culture and Japanese Manga.
This track is the second single of upcoming debut EP. This track is inspired by a trip to japan and features some Japanese samples. This song is about moving overseas and running away from the anxieties of home life.

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JessB - Bump Bump     Hip Hop 16/05/2019
JessB pays homage to artists including Missy Elliot with evolving flow and dexterity.
Paying homage to hip-hop legends Missy Elliot and Snoop Dog, ‘Bump Bump’ shows off JessB's ever evolving flow and dexterity. “The hook was written by Church Leon, but both of us grew up on late 90’s/early 00’s hip-hop, so that era, including Missy Elliot and Snoop Dogg’s music is nostalgic to both of us in that way,” she says.

KIAN - Telephone     Hip Hop, RnB, Pop 16/05/2019
KIAN found his way into the hearts of the Australian public through winning the 2018 Triple J Unearthed High competition.
"I think that in my adolescence I have experienced things, both good and bad. So I just want to express that for myself and get those emotions out. But also let other people relate and feel like they’re not alone.” - KIAN

RENNAN - Stars     Hip Hop, Pop 16/05/2019
With a focus on lyricism RENNAN presents an alternate approach to Hip Hop utilizing poetic lyrics and catchy hooks with a sound somewhere between Mac Miller and Hobo Johnson
Stars by RENNAN is an electronic hip-hop song produced by DeliPres (imbi the girl, Coast & Ocean) that works on multiple levels. The first is the narrative layer on which the story unfolds. Told non-linearly, it follows the story of a lonely man who wishes upon a shooting star for it to come down and live it’s life with him.

CANDICE - The Game     Hip Hop, RnB, Pop 15/05/2019
Proudly representing her Maori/Australian culture with a blend and raw fusion of Contemporary RnB, Hip Hop and Afrobeat. CANDICE's powerful vocals and song-writing delightfully expose both her strengths and vulnerability.
We are free with choices and live by the consequences.

Other tracks by CANDICE:  Fine Boi  -  REAL ONE
Zolton - Anthemic (featuring Rioux V)     Hip Hop, Rap 15/05/2019
Zolton's new musical project incorporates big 80s-styled synths, beats, and melodic hooks.
A rework of Zolton's multi-part 80s themed quasi-instrumental featuring beats by Es-K and rapping/additional vocals by Rioux V.

Written by Zolton and Rioux V, produced by Taka Perry and mixed by Matt Sim.