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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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Julez - Shopping Mall Blues     Hip Hop, Live Performance 20/08/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_4ZZZ_Woodford Live Broadcast Julez' live performance at Woodford Folk Festival as recorded by Brisbane's 4ZZZ.
Julez' live performance at Woodford Folk Festival as recorded by Brisbane's 4ZZZ.

Labjacd - Lies of the Wicked     Hip Hop, Jazz, Live Performance 20/08/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_4ZZZ_Woodford Live Broadcast Labjacd's live performance at Woodford Folk Festival as recorded by Brisbane's 4ZZZ.
Labjacd's live performance at Woodford Folk Festival as recorded by Brisbane's 4ZZZ.

The Tongue - The Show     Hip Hop 20/08/2010
Widely regarded as one of Australia’s most imaginative and skillful MCs, The Tongue is getting set to unleash his most accomplished record to date ,'Alternative Energy' (Out Sept 10).
This is pretty damn funky!

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Other tracks by The Tongue:  Crazy featuring Joyride  -  Sunday
Skryptcha - Get Mine     Hip Hop 11/08/2010
Sydney MC who just released his debut full length album, The Numbers.
The first single, featuring Melbourne songstress Rachel Berry

Other tracks by Skryptcha:  All In
Dr Strangeways - Racehorse     Reggae/Dub, Rap, Rock 11/08/2010
Dr Strangeways are a 6 piece band hailing from Alice Springs, Northern Territory. Their quirky debut album 'Strange New World' was released in 2009.
Racehorse is a fun, fast reggae track with rap lyrics. It encapsulates adolescent life in Alice Springs and 'NT possibilities'.

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Other tracks by Dr Strangeways:  Oh Lady  -  Six Eight
Manuela Oliveira - 4 on the Floor     Hip Hop, Pop, Funk, Dance 28/07/2010
Manuela Oliveira has combined her choreographer, dancer and singer/songwriter talents together to bring this upbeat hip hop/dance track which will be sure to get her listerners dancing.
4 on the Floor is Manuela Oliveira's first single release. It is a very catchy upbeat tune which will encourage the listener to get onto the dance floor.

Medee Bear - Young Once     Hip Hop, Rap, RnB 28/07/2010
Medee Bear creates a new genre where remarkable songwriting, rap, hip-hop, electronica, jazz, pop, RnB and commercial rock fuse. His goal is to make powerful and meaningful tracks.
Young Once is a fusion of rap, hip-hop and rock. It is an emotive and uplifting track with a great beat.

Coptic Soldier & Miriam Waks - No More Waiting feat. Phatchance     Hip Hop, Soul, Pop 20/07/2010
Australian Hip Hop meets Soul
A grooving bass line, thumping drums and catchy chorus provide the canvas for two clever verses focusing on the trials and rewards of independent musicianship

Other tracks by Coptic Soldier & Miriam Waks:  Why Suffer  -  Burn Churches feat. Mac Lethal
Stunna Set - Bring It     Hip Hop 19/07/2010
Based in Sydney the hip-hop group StunnaSet formed in 2007, The boys “R.J, Bigh and Alizy” are young fresh and happening on the Hip hop scene
Big moving electro style groove heavy Hip hop track with attitude to burn.

Other tracks by Stunna Set:  Deserve Better
Trindoe - Black Boi     Hip Hop 19/07/2010
Trindoe is a proud Anaiwan, Dunghutti & Kamilaroi man . Trindoe has a passion for Hip hop and its story telling capabilities since he was a young boy.
Black Boi is a clever reworking of the the famous Coloured Stone track "Black Boy" about a young black man growing up to be proyud of his skin colour and who he is.

Other tracks by Trindoe:  Stand Tall
Undertow - Use Your Time     Hip Hop, Electronic 11/06/2010
Undertow is no stranger to the stage under the alias DTechMC, he’s rocked the mic at drum&bass/breaks events. He has toured nationally, fronting TripleJ Unearthed winning livednb/grime/electronica act Kobra Kai.
Sharp hard hitting lyrics with a tough beat edge

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Bliss N Eso - Down By The River     Hip Hop 08/06/2010
Bliss N Eso built their fan base from compelling and energetic live performances. Releasing their 4th album in July the boys have become one of Australia's biggest hip hop act.
The verses reference bare-boned mischief in the backwoods – gum tree swings, pig spits and magic mushrooms. Eso says, “Down by the River is a reflection of a lot of youth’s upbringings around the country as well as Australia’s thirst to enjoy the moment and have fun in the sun”.

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Other tracks by Bliss N Eso:  Reflections  -  Addicted (Clean)
Street Warriors - Firestorm     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous, RnB, Soul 30/04/2010
Street Warriors (brothers Abie and Warwick Wright - aka Predator and Wok) are familiar faces on the Australian hip hop scene and well respected pioneers of Indigenous hip hop.
The opening track from "Unstoppable Force" highlights why Street Warriors are among this country's most powerful hip hop outfits.

Other tracks by Street Warriors:  Solid Rock  -  I Rep For My Mob
Ozi Batla - Put it on Wax     Hip Hop 20/04/2010
Ozi Batla is a Sydney-based MC who is known for his work with acclaimed hip hop groups, The Herd and Astronomy Class.
First single: upbeat throwback golden-era type track with a modern twist.

Other tracks by Ozi Batla:  1000 Drummers  -  Joyride
Spit Syndicate - Starry-Eyed     Hip Hop 20/04/2010
Sydney-based hip hop duo whose debut album, Towards the Light, was nominated for an ARIA in 2008.
“Starry Eyed”, is a glorious slice of present-day Australian hip hop; a soul-drenched, piano-driven tune fuelled by sordid late nights of drugs and sex through the wandering eyes of two female protagonists. Like much of the album’s all-encompassing arrangements, the song juxtaposes its uplifting musical arrangements with its cautionary tale.

Other tracks by Spit Syndicate:  Showtime  -  Contour Lines
Ta-ku - I'm so tired feat. Mei Swan & Raymond     Hip Hop, Soul 25/03/2010
The most prolific producer in this nation. Ta-ku has been the go to guy for many Mc's in the past year. Bringing back soul and feeling to hip hop.
I'm So Tired feat. Mei & Raymond. “This track I’m really proud of. Raymond a MC and Mei a vocalist from my hometown jumped on this track with me.”

Other tracks by Ta-ku:  Do you feat. Jamal Steele  -  Great to be here feat. Nobody
Mantra - I Hereby Stand     Hip Hop 15/03/2010
Illzilla frontman and former Equills member Mantra releases his much anticipated debut album as a solo artist.
The debut single from Mantra. Produced by M-Phazes, "I Hereby Stand" is a hard hitting, electric song that showcases the razor-sharp appeal of Power Of the Spoken.

MonkeyMarc - What Can I Do?     Electronic, Blues, Hip Hop, Downbeat 10/03/2010
MonkeyMarc is a leading solo producer/DJ from Melbourne, Australia known as the mastermind behind political hip hop group Combat Wombat. MonkeyMarc co-founded Labrats Solar Powered Sound System.
Funky Bluesy grimey vocal samples over crusty mid paced beats.

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Other tracks by MonkeyMarc:  The Evening Sun  -  We've Really F****d Up This Time
Grips And Tonic - Pigs Is Pigs     Hip Hop 17/02/2010
JJ Peters (Deez Nuts & I Killed the Prom Queen) and Louie Knuxx (NZ rapper) come together to form Grips & Tonic.
Track lifted from the album "Want Some Get Some" released in June 2009.

Reverse Psychology - Consciousness Expanding     Hip Hop 12/02/2010
"We make real life music and aim for your hearts."
Consciousness Expanding is the most positive track Reverse Psychology have done to date. It's an experiment with double time, drum-and-bass-esque. The chorus succinctly sums up what we're all about.

Other tracks by Reverse Psychology:  Frontal Lobotomy  -  Torture