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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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Rainman - Darlin ( feat Calski)     Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Pop, Rap 30/03/2012
The Herd’s Urthboy said it well: “destined to become a positive and listenable force… with laidback but self-assured flows and gift for hooks and phrases. One of Brisbane’s bestkept secrets”.
“Darlin’ is a love song. An ode to lady hip hop, a soul drenched Australian take on Common’s ‘I Used to Love H.E.R’ classic - with a twist.

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Lamtech, Sierra Sisters, LL Bock, IB Jumbo and Dj Funzo - Sounds Of The Lion     Hip Hop 22/03/2012
Lion Mountain Studio is a community project initiated and controlled by members of Sydney's Sierra Leon community.
Project anthem track featuring many participants in the LMS program.

The Herd - Better Alive Feat. Thundamentals and Sky'high     Hip Hop 22/03/2012
In an unconventional set-up, The Herd perform with two MCs, two singers, an acoustic and an electric guitar, bass, piano accordion, clarinet, laptops and MPC 1000s. It’s big!
Better Alive is a celebration of The Herd's "A Thousand Lives" tour happening across Australia this March and April. The Herd have released an exclusive track featuring their friends, and fellow touring artists, Thundamentals as well as Elefant Traks newest artist, Sky'high.

Quorum Consensus - Cliche     Hip Hop, Funk, Pop, Soul 22/03/2012
Quorum Consensus is a musical meeting of the minds - an indefinable, genre-crushing sound, swerving seamlessly between funk, electro-rave-hop, folk, metal, jazz & blues.
A funky, witty and nonsensical track that subtly takes the piss out of pop music with word play on the over used phrases we all use everyday.

'We got a cliche for every occasion, rewind and reply under heavy rotation, whatever we say in you memory it stays in'

Lancaster Bomber - Space Rock     Hip Hop 19/03/2012
Lancaster Bomber produce the finest in military grade rap music, fresh from the Mixtape Factory.
First single from the Lancaster Bomber mixtape, this is straight up kush rap, drug slang over drum beats.

Other tracks by Lancaster Bomber:  Altitude Is Peaking  -  Cruise Control
Whitehouse - I Am Humane     Hip Hop, Funk, Australian Indigenous 19/03/2012
Mixing funk styles with old Skool Hip hop grooves coloured with social, political and personal messages, Whitehouse has something to say and knows how to play.
Saunders has grappled with his Aboriginal/Australian identity for most of his life. This song's an answer to the many questions that have plagued him over the years. A cathartic song that a lot of people from mixed heritage backgrounds, which is many in this country, will resonate with and understand.

Other tracks by Whitehouse:  Wake Up
N'FA - March On     Hip Hop, Pop 16/03/2012
N'fa Jones is the front man of genre bending Australian Hip Hop collaboration 1200 Techniques. N’fa has spent the last six years brining his solo vision to the nation.
The message behind the song is; no matter your industry or the hurdles you face, you gotta keep Marching On & believing in yourself free of ego & bitterness

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The Herd - A Thousand Lives     Hip Hop 06/03/2012
In an unconventional set-up, The Herd perform with two MCs, two singers, an acoustic and an electric guitar, bass, piano accordion, clarinet, laptops and MPC 1000s. It’s big!
A Thousand Lives’ nostalgic narrative sees The Herd at their story-telling best. The uplifting track is taken from the critically adored fifth album Future Shade. The new video is a ‘to camera’ piece utilising a projector to juxtapose the members’ previous lives.

Other tracks by The Herd:  Clash And Collide
Sky'high - Let's Just     Hip Hop 06/03/2012
One of the most compelling artists emerging from the local hip-hop scene. Tough as nails; Raw and aggressive; her disarming smile hints there is much more than meets the eye.
True to the live fast die young mentality of her youth, ‘Let’s Just’ could be another empty song about cutting loose; but as usual with Sky’High, it goes high but cuts deeper.

Joelistics - The Shining     Hip Hop, Electronic 06/03/2012
Growing up in Sydney, offspring of a Chinese-Australian father and an Anglo-Australian mother, playing drums in punk/funk groups, but drawn to hip-hop with its outspoken politics and adhoc sonic cannibalism.
The Shining picks up where Joelistics left off, forging ahead and pushing his sound further outside the realms of hip hop, into a land of pulsing electro and lush electronica.

Horrorshow - Did You Hear?     Hip Hop 06/03/2012
Horrorshow have enjoyed an organic rise – they’re not anchored by a passing style or sub-cultural fad, consequently their fanbase is loyal and passionate, selling out shows all over Australia.
‘Did You Hear?’ sees MC Solo paying tribute to some of hip hop’s greats whilst making some irreverent and humorous observations on the local scene. The production sizzles and sparkles under the careful direction of Adit with a little help from a blazing horn section.

Quorum Consensus - Dark Portrait (feat. Rabbitz)     Hip Hop 02/03/2012
QC is a musical meeting of creative minds - an indefinable, genre-crushing sound, swerving seamlessly between funk, electro-rave-hop, folk, metal, jazz & blues.
Dark Portrait is the first track off QC's 'Done & Dusted' Collection - a mixtape released in the lead up to the launch and release of their debut EP. The track depicts the creative workings of the Quorum and the dark perspective that permeates their sound.

Other tracks by Quorum Consensus:  Peanut Butter Toboggan (feat. Lah & Keno)  -  Six Degrees (feat. Sian Evans & Scripted Dialects)
The Baroness - Mos Def Yes     Hip Hop, Rap 29/02/2012
The Baroness is a Melbourne hip hop group consisting of Aoi (beats) and Class A (rhymes).
Lead single off The Baroness LP. 90's influenced hip hop banger.

Other tracks by The Baroness:  Make Your Head Nod  -  L-Burn Winter
Bentman & Sipn - Suns Goin' Down     Hip Hop 28/02/2012
Bentman & Sipn have been making waves in WA’s Hip Hop scene. They combine U-Wish’s turntable mastery with a blend of social commentary and witty lyricism.
Taking listeners to a place of summertime bliss. This single was successfully launched to a sold out venue at The Rocket Room on the 16th of January.

Other tracks by Bentman & Sipn:  Closing Time  -  Get Live
Morning Of The Earth - Dizzy     Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Blues 24/02/2012
Welcome to the musical odyssey of Joel Godbee &and Ryan Koller. Both have a love of hip hop and roots music. This is hip hop with a difference!
A soul/blues hip hop track along the lines of The Roots consisting of strong grooving drums/bass, soulful piano and funky guitars and synths. All glued together with a huge sing along radio chorus. Featuring Luke Shearer

Other tracks by Morning Of The Earth:  Finding My Religion  -  Heal This Heart
Seven - Get Up     Hip Hop, Electronic 17/02/2012
Seven is a Gold Coast artist, pouring out his love of the coastal lifestyle through his music.
Get Up is the recollection of Seven' 2009 epiphany that broke him from a unproductive rut. JSquared contributes banging synth production to this upbeat banger.

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Other tracks by Seven:  Good Thing ft. Mr Hill  -  Path of the Sun
Requiem - Love Affair     Hip Hop, Rap 15/02/2012
Former country boy Requiem brings his unique brand of hip hop inspired by time spent in Melbourne and Darwin via the UK. Head nodding beats meets rap with a message.
Requiem is in a long distance relationship with a city. While enjoying the tropics of Darwin the young MC reflects on the city that first inspired him. For anyone that has lived in Melbourne, just visited or has heard of it as a melting pot for culture this will resonate.

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Other tracks by Requiem:  Til Death  -  Worldwide
Monkey's Pirate - Boop     Hip Hop, Roots, Pop, World 13/02/2012
If the pirate belongs to the Monkey, then who does the Monkey work for? A 7 piece Roots-Pop-Hip-Hop band who are sticking their fingers in all the pies!
Boop is a Latino inspired, hip-hop track depicting the emotional, intellectual and physical effects of invasion, theft and greed. Boop derives its driving beats from drum-samples and uses thrusting hornlines, funky bassriffs and cryptic vocals to create this up-beat song, highlighting significant social issues. Featuring guest vocalist Thami Soleil Mlotywa.

Seth Sentry - My Scene     Hip Hop 02/02/2012
Melbourne MC Seth Sentry. The Waitress Song reached #31 in Triple J Hottest 100 of 2009. Fully independant and DIY.
Humorously and light-heartedly Seth steers us through scenarios that reiterate his outlook on life... that any scene you can find has enough cool people in it to make for a worthwhile visit now and again, but some people just aren’t meant for permanent residence in any one scene.

Space Invadas - Move On Up     Funk/Soul, Hip Hop 27/12/2011
Space Invadas as recorded by Radio Adelaide during WOMADelaide 2011.
Space Invadas is a soul-meets-hip-hop venture that finds the UK's silky-voiced Steve Spacek working in collaboration with Australian DJ/producer Katalyst .

Other tracks by Space Invadas:  Life  -  Imaginist