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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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Medee Bear - I Know What You Want     Hip Hop, RnB, Rap, Pop 12/11/2009
Medee Bear's first single will establish him as one of R&B's hottest upcoming artists. His style is a combination of rap, pop and r&b. He writes 100% of his lyrics.
"I Know What You Want" is an original rap/r&b sound with a great hook and smooth, fresh lyrics.

Pez - Aint Got Time (Auto-Matik remix)     Hip Hop 28/10/2009
From Melbourne’s hip-hop underground steps one of the brightest local talents to emerge in years – 24-year-old Perry Chapman (Pez) - with his debut album A Mind Of My Own.
A musical call-to-arms underpinned by an urgent guitar riff and heartfelt admissions from Pez about the bumpy road to success.

TZU - Computer Love     Hip Hop, Electronic 28/09/2009
TZU once again smash the pre-conceptions of what hip-hop can sound like with their third album ‘Computer Love’.
TZU have re-entered the Earth’s orbit with an insanely addictive new single Computer Love. Driven by pulsating bass line, ice cool vocal and ménage a synth goodness, it takes TZU from the Block Party to the heart of dance floor and back in one artful swoop.

Other tracks by TZU:  Mondays
Downsyde - Fortune & Fame     Hip Hop 28/09/2009
Downsyde have been creating uniquley Australian hip hop since 1996. Album number four 'All City,' is probably thier most musically diverse to date.
Fortune & Fame's blaring horns and brain-thumping drum kicks make this an instantly recognisable piece from the crew. The track is headlined by an incredible hook courtesy of, Howling John Stone, and laced with the magnetic charisma and social commentary that has helped make Downsyde such an impeccable unit.

Other tracks by Downsyde:  Life Speed
Lowrider - BeBad     Hip Hop, Electronic 28/09/2009
Lowrider's second album 'Diamond Against Theives' is a seamless fusion of hip-hop and soul. It's genre-hopping grooves are sure to appeal to both rap and pop fans.
Lowrider’s music has been described as an immaculate fusion of hip hop and soul – their latest single BeBad is no exception. From the searing string section and layered beats of the intro to the flawless and soulful vocals of frontman Joe Brathwaite throughout - this song has everything!

Other tracks by Lowrider:  Friend
True Live - Something To Be (Media Training)     Hip Hop 28/09/2009
Found Lost is classical music that ran away and joined the circus. It's hip-hop's bizarre cousin. It's soul with a supercharged engine. It's the Tarantino remake of funk.
Something To Be is a gleaming, polished diamond in all its unorthodox glory. It's innovative, unpredictable signature sound has developed a new-found maturity and water-tight cohesion while still retaining all of what makes the band so undefinable.

Other tracks by True Live:  Look To The Skies (Why)
Bliss N Eso - Bullet and a Target     Hip Hop 28/09/2009
Trailblazing trio Bilss n Esso mark thier ten year journey into hip hop with thier most recent album "Flying Colours”.
The third track and first single taken from the album is a highly charged rework of Citizen Cope’s Bullet and a Target. The track succeeds in its mission of awakening the minds and stirring the hearts of listeners with a strong plea regarding the hardship suffered by the African community.

Other tracks by Bliss N Eso:  The Sea is Rising  -  Eye of the Storm
Dialect - The Rock     Hip Hop 25/09/2009
Dialect is 19 year old Nelson Hedditch- a hip hop lyricist renowned for his remarkable freestyle ability.
A funky track in which Dialect's hip hop stylings carry rock undertones "beecause hip hop is the corner stone of all music".

Other tracks by Dialect:  Start 2 finish  -  Drop Jewels
SS Pecker - Power     Hip Hop, Psychedelic, Rock 25/09/2009
SS Pecker, fronted by lyrical master Urban Monk (of Polo Club fame), combine raw elements of live hip hop with intricate space-rock freak-outs.
Whilst not typical of the SS Pecker catalogue, this track displays their unique ability to twist genres and direct listeners to new boundaries. Combining Urban Monks artful flow with a new take on 70's inspired psychedelic rock experimentation and backed by a good old fashioned hip hop beat.

Other tracks by SS Pecker:  Hurricane  -  Turn Out The Lights