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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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karla hart - Born and Bred     Indigenous, Rap 19/07/2011
Female Noongar Rapper who writes from the heart from love, struggle, her people and the world around her.
Born and Bred written about stereotypes growing up and still here today. A bit of fun poked at expectations.

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Other tracks by karla hart:  Changes featuring Sowth  -  Had to Be featuring Vanessa Hopes
The Herd - Signs of Life     Hip Hop, Electronic, Rock 15/07/2011
The Herd are a culturally diverse expression of modern Australia, but they bring with them that grand Aussie tradition of storytellers ready and willing to question authority.
Signs of Life is inspired by the human spirit, amongst the upheaval of natural disaster

Schoolfight - My Words     Hip Hop, RnB 15/07/2011
Schoolfight are from the south east of the sunshine state. Take Sublime, Kamahl, add beer and blend and your close to Schoolfight’s mix of vocal hooks and bass driven beats.
2011 though, has been a massive studio year for Schoolfight. After living in a darkened room for the last 3 months working on their upcoming LP “Curse of Work”, the band have emerged to throw the taste test double A side Robots / My Words out to the masses.

Aphsub - I Like People...     Hip Hop 07/07/2011
Aphsub's music is hard hitting hip hop with substance. The topics are real, the production is tight and the MC's are passionate, check it out!
With a hook saying "I like people, I just hate the human race", the song outlines the flaws in humanity as a group and the positives of people as individuals or in small groups. But the human race as a whole is an ugly situation.

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Other tracks by Aphsub:  The Crust  -  Do Ya Really Know (Ft. Evolve)
Caper - How Would You Like To Be Me     Hip Hop 07/07/2011
Caper is a Real MC.
A song about Racism & Discrimination that Caper has experienced in his life.

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Other tracks by Caper:  Scarred Memories  -  Believe
Yung Warriors - Just a Thought     Pop, Hip Hop, Retro 07/07/2011
Yung Warriors have loudly declared their indigenous hip hop movement to the music world with the fantastic new single "Just A Thought".
A new cultural anthem for the indigenous community with a very strong positive message, a song that grows with you every listen...

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Kojo Saffu - Fiyah     Hip Hop, Dub, World, Ethnic 30/06/2011
Nomadic lifestyle and myriad of cultures from a young age play an integral role in the music of Kojo Saffu who delivers a future roots infused blend of Hip Hop!
"FIYAH! You better sound the alarm; Australian Ghanaian flaming through dropping them bombs!"
Up beat track announcing the arrival of a proud Ghanaian Australian... More FiYAH!

Other tracks by Kojo Saffu:  I Can  -  Dreams
Masta One - Homeless     Hip Hop, Hip Hop, RnB, RnB 30/06/2011
I am a very happy person.Music is my passion. I love to meet new friends and am happy to work with different people. I am very calm and respect others.
This song is based on my life experienced through the Sudan civil war. The song talks about how I’ve been displaced in my own country, becoming a refugee. It’s about struggling with life and the hardship I have been through without my mum and dad.

Mia Muze - Storm feat. Tats     Hip Hop, World, Rock, Soundscapes 22/06/2011
Mia Muze is a Tokyo born, half Jap-Latin raised in Sydney, Australia and now located in the Gold Coast.
Beachside living and association with water and the beautiful nature of a storm. A lyrical storm conveying nature at its purest.

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Other tracks by Mia Muze:  Boom  -  Nunca Otra Vez feat. Pedro
Various Artists - Marla - Little Flowers     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous 03/06/2011
Red Sand Culture is a hip-hop music mentoring project run in the remote Central Australian communities of Yuendumu, Nyirrpi, Willowra and Lajamanu.
"Come on everybody it's time to celebrate!" ... Kid-hop from Yuendumu.

Workshop participants: Marietta Wilson & Sherelle Young (aka Marla)
Produced by: Vadim Juste-Constant (aka Voodoo Dred), Marlon Porter (aka Elf Tranzporter), and the young people of Yuendumu.

Other tracks by Various Artists:  Jerome Jurrah & Vanetta White - I'm From Yuendumu  -  Bruno Wilson- Intervention Invasion
Chief & Tyes - Truth And Scenic Road     Hip Hop 13/05/2011
New, high energy upcoming hip-hop group from South Australia
Bonus Track on the four legged snake mixtape; a dope piece to vibe to.

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Other tracks by Chief & Tyes:  Pineapple Park  -  Blank Billboards
Ciecmate - Where You From     Hip Hop 19/04/2011
Ciecmate is in it for the long haul. Ciecmate has craftily built a stable of some of Australia's most influential underground hip hop artists. A scene builder.
The first single from the new album Game Over.

Joelistics - Days     Hip Hop, Folk, Electronic 01/04/2011
Joelistics is the charismatic frontman for TZU. 'Days' is the first taste of his debut solo record, written whilst travelling the globe on a laptop and a set of headphones.
Joelistics first single ‘Days’ is an uplifting post-travel come down jam: a celebration of doing what you love, only truly realized once it’s questioned.

Diafrix feat. Daniel Merriweather - Simple Man     Pop, Hip Hop, RnB 30/03/2011
Multi genre Melbourne based African refugees and habitual chillers, Diafrix, return with a big sound on the single, Simple Man. As well as roping in internationally acclaimed soulman Daniel Merriweather.
Simple Man is for those who live the simple life and a three-minute long call-to-arms for those who have travelled down the other path of simplicity in a complex world.

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No Qualms - All Alone     Hip Hop 29/03/2011
"Slick Rick meets Massive Attack"
All Alone – is about the crossroads in life. When you have nothing left. You can drown in your own filth, or you can pick yourself up and become a better person.

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Other tracks by No Qualms:  So Goodnight Child  -  Childhood
The Herd - The Sum of it All     Hip Hop, Pop 15/03/2011
The Herd release their much anticipated new single Sum of It All, taken from their new record - dropping in August 2011
The Herd's first release in 3 years is the much anticipated new single The Sum of it All - A big slammin slice of melodic melancholy. The track is taken from their forthcoming 5th album, due August 2011.

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Coptic Soldier - I Hate Sleep ft. Charlie Mayfair     Hip Hop, Folk, Roots, Acoustic 02/03/2011
Enormously varied instrumentation including everything from saxophone to hammond organ weaves a backdrop for Coptic’s pointed social commentaries and honest and self revealing lyricism.
Charlie Mayfair lend their evocative harmonies & crooning vocals to the summery, dub style beat. A deep grooving bassline & syncopated guitar rhythm set foundations for an endearingly clever & self critical offering, culminating in a pounding vocal medley

Other tracks by Coptic Soldier:  Liquid Company  -  Fight For The Fame
Yung Nooky - Clouds     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous, Roots 16/02/2011
Yung Nooky is a dynamic hip hop artist with a flare for writing conscious lyrics.
Yung Nooky expresses gratitude to the cultural legacy left by his great grandfather

Other tracks by Yung Nooky:  Good Times  -  Salute ft Ozi Batla
Phatchance - Build It Up (Acoustic) feat. Charlie Mayfair     Hip Hop, Folk, Acoustic, Rap 16/02/2011
Phatchance is an independent hip-hop artist from Sydney, his style is a unique blend of hip-hop with introspective song writing and instrumental and acoustic textures.
‘Build It Up’ (Acoustic) is a unique collaboration with independent Brisbane folk act Charlie Mayfair, whose expressive three part harmonies help capture the inevitably contradictory emotions rife in young love. At times Imogen Heap, at others Lupe Fiasco, the track breaks entirely new musical ground for Australian Hip-Hop.

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Other tracks by Phatchance:  Infinity (Acoustic)  -  I Don't Know (Acoustic) feat. Jon Reichardt
Beats Working - Shake My Pockets     Hip Hop, Rock 03/02/2011
Oz hip-hop with and edge. Think noisy punk and Australian hip hop fused with a smattering of of surf rock inspired beats and killer hook courtesy of Ezekial Ox (Mammal).
Aussie hip hop melded with noisy punk and surf rock beats. Vocal hook courtesy from Ezekial Ox from Mammal.