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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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Kwasi - DUMB     Hip Hop, Rap 14/06/2019
Kwasi explores the freedom of the irrational and acceptance of imperfection through art and music. His previous single ‘Monster’ has a total play count of 500K+ views on Youtube.
'DUMB' is the soundtrack to a wild night.

Danii Jordan x Aron - PULL UP     Hip Hop, Roots 13/06/2019
Two of Melbourne's most in demand emcees seen regularly hosting at the city's hottest nightspots, Danii Jordan & Aron take their skills from the club to the radio.
Two of Melbourne's most in demand emcees seen regularly hosting at the city's hottest nightspots, Danii Jordan/ Aron link up for 'Pull Up', their first collab & feel good tribute to the late JJay De Melo. Announcing their arrival in a big way, the duo nonchalantly trade bars over an island-infused beat sure to bring the life to every party.

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Doni Love - Sumthn Bout U, My Religion     Hip Hop, Soul, RnB, Psychedelic 13/06/2019
Doni Love is synonymous with strong melodies, poetic lyrics, hip hop soul beats and a powerful message of love and communion.
Romantic ballads of love and attraction.

Other tracks by Doni Love:  My Religion
GALLVS - The Flood     Hip Hop 13/06/2019
Born Mo Yousif, GALLVS is yet another shining example of the beauty and artistry that grows from immigration in this country.
‘The Flood’ starts with GALLVS leaning into the influence of his hip hop hero Kid Cudi – letting his melodic vocals float over smoky piano keys. However, the song takes a sharp turn early on, quickly morphing into a more atmospheric boom, as industrial beats, future bass chords, and GALLVS’ own barking vocals take over.

ILUMINATIVE - The Awakening     Hip Hop, Rap, Rock 13/06/2019
Iluminative is a rapper, singer, songwriter, music producer from Australia.
The Awakening is the first track on the Iluminative EP of the same title, and it showcases a bold sound. There are hints of rap, R&B and grime that combine to create something new and unique. There are so many things that are occurring at one time during this introductory track, but Iluminative is talented enough.

Other tracks by ILUMINATIVE:  Guides  -  Enlightenment
Phantom agents - Like a chromosome     Hip Hop 13/06/2019
Phantom agents are a 3piece doing a variety of styles
Hip hop

Other tracks by Phantom agents:  I hope  -  Speaker
Sampa The Great - Final Form     Hip Hop 13/06/2019
Sampa The Great hails from Africa, the motherland. A poet and singer-songwriter, she captures you with her thought provoking words, yet keeps you laughing and enjoying the simplicity of creativity.
Straight off the bat with an all consuming sound, “Final Form” is a lesson in hip-hop. An ode to her Zambian heritage, Sampa declares her greatness, with a unique sound that has become synonymous with Sampa The Great. Produced by Silentjay and mixed by Jonwayne, today’s release sees Sampa take final form with her most impactful release to date.

Smiley - War Games (feat Sophie Jane)     Hip Hop 13/06/2019
Colliding skill and tenacity with a staggering array of tricks, Smiley typifies the wave of new artists that are currently ushering in an exciting new era of the genre.
Flaunting another exciting collaboration, War Games is a deliberate change of course – backing off the throttle and injecting danceable pop hooks, courtesy of Perth luminary Sophie Jane. Smiley says of the track "War Games is a personal but relatable tale of a turbulent young relationship struggling with insecurities, commitment and trust."

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Talakai - Me You Them Us     Hip Hop, Electronic 13/06/2019
Heavy flows, knockout punchlines and razor-sharp wordplay Talakai hits heavy featuring dark beats and anthemic hooks. Australian grime's finest.
Me You Them Us is the accumulative flex that has been 10 years in the making. “The track started as a dissection of the world universe, u-verse, i-verse, us verse and that formed the basis for the hook. We were going to sit on this but the crowd reaction when I played it on tour with Chill was f***ing mental.”

Yibby - Folk     Hip Hop, Rap, RnB, Funk 13/06/2019
Blazing onto the scene with his debut single last year, Yibby finally releases his keenly anticipated EP ‘Lost In Translation’. FBi Radio added 'Woah' immediately and named him Independent Artist of the Week.
Nostalgic production melds with refreshed elements to bring the groove, mimicking the shifting perspectives on ‘Folk’ it's reminiscent of Tyler the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt.

Yibby explains his meaning behind the EP, "Dealing with relationships, coming and going, navigating through the industry, the black experience, love and loss, just human things."

Other tracks by Yibby:  180  -  Brink
Indigenoise - Spirit Has No Colour     Hip Hop 12/06/2019
Based in Byron Bay, INDIGENOISE are a clique of poets, artists, producers, musicians and practitioners. The four-piece carry mixed ancestry, and alchemise a powerful voice of ancient and contemporary culture.
Hip Hop infused - mellow beats. The song fiercely expresses this idea that so many of our cultures, philosophies and religions all share the same message. Love; yourself, others, the animals and the world around. There are so many similarities in the stories of the old world that we think are much more than mere coincidence.

Indighost - Up & Away     Hip Hop, Rap 12/06/2019
A Canberra based singer had just release his single 'Red Light' song which he includes on his album 'Illumination'. Indighost travels through a vortex of his current situation.
The focus track from the album ‘Up & Away’ highlights death and the desire to live a life fulfilled before that time comes. Floating on the dreamy Goldilocks production, with the perfect combination of wordplay and vulnerability, a trait that Indighost has mastered throughout his career making him a stand out from his peers across the nation.

Other tracks by Indighost:  Fuego  -  Fly
Kid Pharaoh - Gold In My Veins     Hip Hop, Rap 12/06/2019
After releasing a slew of standout tracks and two impressive LP’s, Egyptian-Australian artist Kid Pharaoh has just revealed his mesmerising new single and accompanying video for ‘Gold In My Veins’
Celebrating my Egyptian heritage has always been at the forefront of what I do, but ‘Gold In My Veins’ allowed me to do so in a way that let me explore a new lane of sounds I was yet to touch, inspired by the bounce and grooves of early 2000s Pharrell and Neptunes produced music I grew up with.

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Srisha - Euphoria     Hip Hop, Soul, Electronic 12/06/2019
Emerging hip-hop queen, Srisha spits fire and fury, challenging systemic issues in society
Starting as a delicatly, embracing the ambient lull of droning tampura, synth and tabla, heralds the punch of dirty guitars and a formidable rhythm section that hooks firmly into the pocket. Droning sitar on Srisha’s debut single Euphoria draw memories of Talib Kweli and electronic heavyweights Fourtet before shattering the reverie and soars flawlessly into a formidable freestyling talent.

LEVZZ - GO 2     Hip Hop, RnB, Hip Hop, Atmospheric 01/06/2019
I've been making music all my life. One of my first toys was a toy guitar
My Girlfriend would always ask "why don't you ever make a song for me?" My answer was "I can't force a feeling for a song it has to come from within" and I feel that the song shows that. The aggression mixed with the bright sounds was how I felt when making the song.

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Francoistunes - Hawaii     Hip Hop 31/05/2019
As the soundscape evolves, this 25-year-old is evolving with it. A singer, songwriter, rapper and producer, Françoistunes has a creative mind overflowing with ideas and ambitions.
“It’s about a situation with this girl who wanted a relationship but I wasn't ready then I ended up catching feelings but it was too late. The feelings switched but we both are too insecure to let go so she used me as a safety net/booty call when her nights didn't go as well and she needed the feels.” Francoistunes

Hanlon Brothers - SOLAR     Hip Hop, Electronic 29/05/2019
Music is a family affair for Hanlon Brothers, spanning multiple generations and continents. Fusing hip-hop, RnB, soul and electronic elements to capture the bliss of coastal life like these three.
First single and EP title track ‘SOLAR’ is a warm sunrise of chill-hop elements, sensual bass lines and nostalgic samples. Capturing early morning surfs and Burleigh beach life, it’s a smooth introduction to Hanlon Brothers’ new hip-hop infused sound and a celebration of the land, the colours, the beach, the people.

Kae The Goat x Droopo - Locked In     Hip Hop 28/05/2019
Kae The Goat and Droopo are two of the most notable names emerging from Melbourne's notorious South-Eastern Suburbs. Fire raps and real stories from the streets to the studio.
Following the mammoth reception to their debut collab cut DEX UP, Kae and Droopo deliver LOCKED IN, the second single and title track of their debut EP. Another hard-hitting trap anthem see the duo trade high-energy bars back and forth over a booming beat from US producer and Audiomack Creative Director TGUT.

Phil Fresh - I'm The Man     Hip Hop, Rap 28/05/2019
Hailing from Sydney’s Inner-West, contemporary R&B/Rap artist and producer Phil Fresh is commanding his own corner of Australian hip hop.
"I'm The Man" is a super fun and playful commentary about the facade that people present on social media. "it's is a social commentary on ‘clout’, Phil explains, "It’s about the dudes who put up a front, whether it’s in person or social media. People who preach one thing to the masses, but do the exact opposite on the lows"

Fozzahh - Visions     Hip Hop, Rap 26/05/2019
17 year old Producer, Beat Maker and rapper inspired by Underground Rap.
A hard hitting rap song, with a dark instrumental and heavy hard hitting bass. Fozzahh's first rap song to be released.