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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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Maundz - Red Velvet feat. Remi     Hip Hop 21/06/2019
Maundz is back with his second Golden Era Records release "True North". The first single "Red Velvet" features Melbourne heavy weight Remi.
The first single from Maundz upcoming Golden Era Release "True North" the song 'Red Velvet' features another Melbourne rapper Remi.

The follow up to his top 40 release Nobody's Business.

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Travy P - NRG     Hip Hop 21/06/2019
Hot of the tail of the A1 Hip Hop playlist featured single ‘Hold Up’, Travy P is back with brand new NRG.
NRG is about not wasting yourself on those that are not deserving and not letting NRG draining people stand in your way.

Imagine the Rapper - When the Doors are Closed     Hip Hop, RnB, Pop 19/06/2019
Wavy melodies, flowing bars and relatable themes, Imagine the Rapper presents a cohesive mix of hip hop and R&B with a little twist of pop-punk.
The track is the collaborative product of the 2018 Grow My Music songwriters retreat which also developed amazing works by Maz Green and Johniepee. When The Doors Are Closed sees Imagine team up with Shaun Black, Robert Gentlecore and Chris Collins to produce an organic, flowing Hip Hop track with a coastal R&B twist.

HVWKS - Red Light     Hip Hop, Dance, Electronic 19/06/2019
Brisbane-based Indigenous artist HVWKS is truly paving his own way through this ecosystem with a unique sound ranging from melodic future bass to heavy hitting trap beats
Feature artist on triple j Unearthed as part of National Reconciliation Week, Brisbane bass artist HVWKS brings the fire with ‘Red Light’.

A hugely engaging and melodic future bass song is what we are treated to here with ‘Red Light'. The vocal line cuts through like a knife, with plenty of emotion and uplifting intensity carried by the outstanding production.

Birdsnake Featuring POOKIE, FL-Smiley and N’Fa Jones - Stationary     Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, RnB 19/06/2019
Birdsnake is a singular entity made up of 6 diverse musical personalities, coming together to create a blend of jazz/funk/soul/contemporary influenced rhythmic grooves that infect the mind, body and soul.
Settled atop the act’s signature jazz/funk/soul/contemporary influenced rhythms, lies the punchy opening hook of Naarm-based MC POOKIE and the smooth, nonchalant verses of rapper FL-Smiley. Alongside the seasoned artist N’Fa Jones, the team-up makes for a sonic blend of R&B, hip-hop and soul. ‘Stationary’ is a mantric groove that delves into self-love, personal growth and spiritual guidance.

Fresh Violet - Ask Vizzy     Hip Hop, Pop, Electronic 19/06/2019
Fresh Violet is a rapper and producer from Melbourne, Australia. Her debut album '50 Shades of Violet' is a being praised as a modern classic.
Ask Vizzy is an upbeat and energetic hip hop track. The song tacks the form of a talk back radio segment where anyone who needs advice can call in and 'Ask Vizzy'. The tongue in cheek track features some very confused callers who need assistance in their careers and personal lives, Violet offers empowering advice to them all.

Jacquie Lomas - Energy (prod. by Waza)     Hip Hop, Electronic, Rap, Experimental 19/06/2019
Jacquie Lomas is a bi-racial Australian hip-hop artist known for her outspoken lyrics and eccentric style.
Energy is produced by Sydney fusion beat maker, Waza. The song deviates from Jacquie’s usual hip-hop roots, following Waza’s merger of electronic and pop sounds, she gives her audience a more melodious tune; the two coming together to create a catchy and light hearted song about lust and attraction, that will be sure to get heads nodding.

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lachnes - Sidelines     Hip Hop, Swing, Dance, Pop 19/06/2019
Ballarat artist started making music as inside jokes for me and my friends. Now my music is more refined
This new song “Sidelines” is about wanting this girl but she has no idea that your interested in her, but you find its the right time to tell her.

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LEVZZ - Go 2     Hip Hop, Pop, Rap, RnB 19/06/2019
- Born In the Gold Coast - Producer/Artist - Music is my Life - 21 years old
This song is about my relationship with my girlfriend. No relationship is easy, but she will always be someone I go to in a time of need. I feel that everyone has that person in their life and can relate to that feeling.

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Midas.Gold - The Mood ft. Boy Graduate     Hip Hop, Soul 19/06/2019
In an age where hip-hop from Australia is on the brink of international stardom, Midas.Gold stands out as a premiere name at the very top of the new wave.
After swerving into electronic lanes last year via collab w/ Paces & Tigerilla in "Call The 5-0", and ending it strongly with UK-garage inspired 'Passions' sitting in several 'Best of 2018' lists; Midas.Gold returns to his West-Coast USA roots with first cut for 2019; The Mood.

SARAI - Winner Represent     Hip Hop, Pop 19/06/2019
Hustler SARAI is back to work! After releasing her debut project "Mixtape", the hustle doesn't stop with the ultra-confident "Winner Represent"
She’s back with a vengeance! “Winner Represent” is the embodiment of self-love and belief, knowing you’re going to finish in first place because you’ve worked too hard to finish last. Winner’s win and SARAI doesn’t have time to lose!

SUPEREGO - Caller ID     Hip Hop, Jazz 19/06/2019
SUPEREGO is a collective of producers, rappers, singers and multi-instrumentalists out of Fremantle, WA, who want to push the boundaries of hip-hop in Australia.
'Caller ID speaks to the inner turmoil we face when dealing with feelings of inadequacy, helplessness and self loathing; the results of the dichotomy between the masks we wear, so as not to burden those around us, and our own internal grief.' - SUPEREGO

The Brown Wunda - Story of my life     Hip Hop, Soul 19/06/2019
"THE BROWN WUNDA" - An alter ego of Multi-instrumentalist Music Producer A2. Musical influences from the golden era of Hip Hop, Soul, Funk and R&B.
A feel good song to inspire

Thraxxy - Smoke Liquor     Hip Hop, Rap 19/06/2019
Flawlessly showcasing her finesse, and standing over 6ft tall. Thraxxy’s acid tongue, heavily tattooed limbs and abrasive performance style sets her above the rest.
Armed with two bottles of vodka and bad orange juice, ‘Smoke, Liquor’ is filled with thick heavy beats and is about people working hard to make a living to only spend it on things that get them to the grave quicker.

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Tone Youth - Rollin'     Hip Hop, Rap 19/06/2019
Perth based music collective Tone Youth are back in the spotlight for their new single ''Rollin'. They have different expertise in music and different cultural backgrounds.
It is an energetic track produced by Crooklin. The single serves as an ode to the city where they reside – Perth, and despite the immense talent displayed through the penmanship and bars of the track, the group approached the single effortlessly, getting back to what they love, emceeing.

We Move Like Giants - Roses     Hip Hop, Industrial, Rock, Electronic 19/06/2019
Indie-rap four piece We Move Like Giants showcase a distinct style that playfully blurs the line between dark, indie sounds and a commanding hip hop presence.
Indie-rap four piece We Move Like Giants showcase a distinct style on "Roses" that playfully blurs the line between dark, indie, industrial sounds and a commanding hip hop presence. Think Nine Inch Nails meets Run The Jewels. Think something new. Think different.

Joey Maker - Sangreal     Hip Hop, Rap 14/06/2019
Joey has seen considerable success throughout his career, including Triple J support for 5 past releases, sold out shows across the country with his collective 4Fins.
The track is a melting pot of contrasts: the intensity of the first verse gives way to a sing-song hook; stories from myth are weaved through materialism and video game references.

Kwasi - DUMB     Hip Hop, Rap 14/06/2019
Kwasi explores the freedom of the irrational and acceptance of imperfection through art and music. His previous single ‘Monster’ has a total play count of 500K+ views on Youtube.
'DUMB' is the soundtrack to a wild night.

Danii Jordan x Aron - PULL UP     Hip Hop, Roots 13/06/2019
Two of Melbourne's most in demand emcees seen regularly hosting at the city's hottest nightspots, Danii Jordan & Aron take their skills from the club to the radio.
Two of Melbourne's most in demand emcees seen regularly hosting at the city's hottest nightspots, Danii Jordan/ Aron link up for 'Pull Up', their first collab & feel good tribute to the late JJay De Melo. Announcing their arrival in a big way, the duo nonchalantly trade bars over an island-infused beat sure to bring the life to every party.

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Doni Love - Sumthn Bout U, My Religion     Hip Hop, Soul, RnB, Psychedelic 13/06/2019
Doni Love is synonymous with strong melodies, poetic lyrics, hip hop soul beats and a powerful message of love and communion.
Romantic ballads of love and attraction.

Other tracks by Doni Love:  My Religion