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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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D.E.L - RUN WITH ME     Hip Hop, Electronic 05/02/2019
20 Year old, Producer/Lyricist out of Sydney Australia, Lover of both modern and classical music and aim to mix both with a Hip-Hop/Rap/Alternative blend.
Chilled Electronic/Hip-Hop track, Futuristic instrumental, modern vocals.
Very experimental, features samples of voice clips/songs from my childhood

King Z - Regrets (prod. Zetsu)     Hip Hop 05/02/2019
17 Year Old Artist from Darwin, Northern Territory, 3 Singles released with an EP scheduled for release in July. Fan Base growing fast with some international recognition.
This track is about what goes on inside my head and the emotions i feel as well as what is happening around me in real life. Personal Experiences and thoughts.

Alex Parkman - King of the Block     Hip Hop, Rap 01/02/2019
Alex Parkman is a Zimbabwe born Hip-hop artist from Perth
‘King of the Block’ is a testament to how quickly you can be sprung into success, with the right talent and diverse artistry of course.

Chloe DMND - Type Bitch (Explicit)     Hip Hop 01/02/2019
Sydney Based Female Rapper! Chloe DMND is Wild, Hard hitting and Unapologetic. These are just a few works that come to mind when you hear her name.
Chloe DMND's latest release “Type Bitch” with an ‘unapologetic’ approach to kick start 2019. She absolutely bodied a ’Bankroll Got It’ beat with a mad flow, catchy hook and lyrics that make every female feel like a Boss Ass Bitch.

Other tracks by Chloe DMND:  Type Bitch (Clean)
COLU - SCHOLAR     Hip Hop, Pop 01/02/2019
COLU are an exciting new Brisbane-based, dark-pop duo. The two roommates are bursting onto the scene in 2019 with their debut single 'SCHOLAR'
SCHOLAR is the debut single from COLU. A blend of dark hip-hop with braggadocious pop overtones, it is a unique blend and an impressive debut.

Imagine The Rapper - Glass Half Full     Hip Hop, Pop 01/02/2019
Imagine keeps it breezy with relaxed, melodic bars and a positivity not often found in the new wave of Australian Hip Hop. Sounds like: Horrorshow, Bliss n Eso
The Sydney MC trademarks a classic aussie sound with a raw, genuine positivity that is not often heard in Hip Hop today. Imagine presents beautifully simplified rhyme schemes, coupled with melodic, swaying vocals that breeze effortlessly over the coastal, key driven production of James Crooks.

Manaz Ill - Level Up     Hip Hop 01/02/2019
Making music with a focus on the value of self determination, Manaz Ill combines an old school emphases on the importance of lyricism with new wave production.
The Adelaide Hip-Hop mainstay sets the stage for the release of his long awaited album ‘Braille’ with the Hamley produced lead single “Level Up”.

Featuring an infectious hook over ominous production, the energetic lead single sees Manaz flexing his signature brand of lyricism, openly challenging his contemporaries to step their game up.

Nicky Swamp - Sundown     Hip Hop 01/02/2019
Music maker, vibe creator.
Just a romantic sunny vibe for everyone.

Otiuh - Move     Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Rap 01/02/2019
Otiuh combine golden age lyricism with eclectic production and an infusion of funk & soul.
On ‘Move’, Cesare Papa and Jahmeil Baker trade spitfire verses over tripped out and eclectic production, creating a toe-tapping, head-bopping, infectious jam about never taking things too seriously and never caring about what others might think. Just let go and ‘Move’.

Peach Body - Cross My Mind (Feat. Zion Garcia)     Hip Hop, RnB, Electronic 01/02/2019
Peach Body is a Melbourne based musician who works in edges, pops and clicks, threading them into dirty cut up collages which canvass traditional pop beats and patterns.
Following the release of two dance orientated pop singles, Peach body slows it down finding the perfect intersection between his brand of bedroom-pop and soul-inspired beats. This short and sweet, rough around the edges lo-fi hip hop track is filled with muted keys, a sultry sax line and a infectious melody that’ll end up in your head for days.

Regurgitator's Pogogo Show - The Box     Hip Hop, Pop, Electronic 01/02/2019
Renowned Brisbane funtime outfit Regurgitator have today announced their latest project: a sugar-soaked record cooked up especially for kids!
‘The Box’ is the debut track from Regurgitator’s Pogogo Show – the brand new kids music project from legendary Australian innovators Regurgitator. It’s an ode to the timeless joy of getting creative and using your imagination!

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Webby - U Won't Luv Me     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 01/02/2019
Delivering powerful melodies over punk infused trap beats, his supporters have come to understand there is much more to Webby than your average Soundcloud MC.
A heartfelt melodic track with lo-fi guitar samples and a deep, booming 808. Emo rap/pop punk inspired.

People Luminous - Yeh, That's Cool     Hip Hop 30/01/2019
People Luminous is an east coast collective of creative individuals with a new vision for the evolution of music and culture in Australia.
Feel good summer vibe live and direct from the beach.

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Sono ReVera - MVP [Prod Polcat]     Hip Hop, Rap, Chill, RnB 30/01/2019
Sono ReVera (-truth through sound) Upcoming artist, making music with purpose and aiming to reach out to people in whatever shape or form.
Basketball themed chill hip hop track produced by Polcat

David Rickles - Elastics     Hip Hop, Rap, Experimental, Psychedelic 25/01/2019
Sydney artist combining the creative drone and beat of modern rap/hip hop with melodic tones and chords you could expect to find in a beach side shack.
upbeat, guitar driven alternative rap from the soul!

Frame - Love Yourself     Hip Hop, Electronic, Dubstep, Pop 25/01/2019
Melbourne rapper ‘Frame’ takes you on his journey of learning self love with his new single ‘Love Yourself’, a high tempo, electro-trap banger about the importance of putting yourself first.
22yo Melbourne rapper/songwriter ‘Frame’, takes you along on his journey of learning self love with his new single ‘Love Yourself’, a high tempo, electro-trap banger about the importance of putting yourself first :)

Jalmar - Damelo     Hip Hop 25/01/2019
Jalmar is a Melbourne based latin-trap hip-hop artist
Damelo is a pefect example of Jalmar’s capabiities, having infused both Latin and trap with catchy melodies that will take you to the streets of Latin Amercia.

Africa Connection - AC5 - Mama Salone     Hip Hop, African, RnB 23/01/2019
Ac5 is a musical group made up of 4 ambitious talented artists from three different countries. Aldeen (sierra leone) , Stanje Mgenge (Kenya), Mobless and Vee flexx, both from Liberia.
A musical dedication to Sierra Leone, Mama Solone was written in the wake of the 2017 mudslides, the worst natural disaster to hit Sierra Leone in recent history which took the life of 1,141 people and left a nation devastated.

DRMNGNOW - Ancestors     Hip Hop, Indigenous 23/01/2019
Yorta Yorta MC, Producer, Poet
Ancestors is a track that speaks to the importance of acknowledging ancestors in order to achieve true justice upon this land.

Skinnyfish Sound System - Smoking Ceremony ft. B2M, Birdz & Tasman Keith     Hip Hop, Rap, Indigenous, Australian Indigenous 23/01/2019
Skinnyfish Sound System is a loose collective of artists in and around the Skinnyfish eco system focusing on collaborations, reworkings, remixings and other creative endeavors separate to each individual's work.
B2M, Birdz and Tasman Keith have gathered under Skinnyfish Sound System to offer Australia a new way of embracing Indigenous culture with their new single Smoking Ceremony.

'Smoking Ceremony' sees three Indigenous performers from separate clans across Australia come together to create a modern sonic Smoking Ceremony that gives voice to Indigenous performers.

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