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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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KIAN - Telephone     Hip Hop, RnB, Pop 16/05/2019
KIAN found his way into the hearts of the Australian public through winning the 2018 Triple J Unearthed High competition.
"I think that in my adolescence I have experienced things, both good and bad. So I just want to express that for myself and get those emotions out. But also let other people relate and feel like they’re not alone.” - KIAN

RENNAN - Stars     Hip Hop, Pop 16/05/2019
With a focus on lyricism RENNAN presents an alternate approach to Hip Hop utilizing poetic lyrics and catchy hooks with a sound somewhere between Mac Miller and Hobo Johnson
Stars by RENNAN is an electronic hip-hop song produced by DeliPres (imbi the girl, Coast & Ocean) that works on multiple levels. The first is the narrative layer on which the story unfolds. Told non-linearly, it follows the story of a lonely man who wishes upon a shooting star for it to come down and live it’s life with him.

CANDICE - The Game     Hip Hop, RnB, Pop 15/05/2019
Proudly representing her Maori/Australian culture with a blend and raw fusion of Contemporary RnB, Hip Hop and Afrobeat. CANDICE's powerful vocals and song-writing delightfully expose both her strengths and vulnerability.
We are free with choices and live by the consequences.

Other tracks by CANDICE:  Fine Boi  -  REAL ONE
Zolton - Anthemic (featuring Rioux V)     Hip Hop, Rap 15/05/2019
Zolton's new musical project incorporates big 80s-styled synths, beats, and melodic hooks.
A rework of Zolton's multi-part 80s themed quasi-instrumental featuring beats by Es-K and rapping/additional vocals by Rioux V.

Written by Zolton and Rioux V, produced by Taka Perry and mixed by Matt Sim.

Khi'leb - Stay Low     Hip Hop 14/05/2019
Up-and-coming rapper Khi’leb’s dedicated approach to his music spans from the studio to the stage, where his passion translates to an exhilarating performance.
Produced by Mixtape Seoul and mixed and mastered by Khi’leb, ‘Stay Low’ is a personal reminder to remain focused, motivated, and humble in the pursuit of success. “The single is about bettering yourself behind the scenes, and not always showcasing your growth and improvement,” Khi’leb explains.

Birdz - Black Child feat. Mojo Juju     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous 10/05/2019
An advocate and masterful lyricist for positive change, N.T. raised rapper BIRDZ continues to solidify his spot as one of the most exciting acts in the Australian hip-hop scene.
“Black Child” feat. Mojo Juju speaks to a hopeful future for the First Nations experience. Imbued with pride and hope for a better tomorrow for future indigenous generations, Birdz spits his signature rap and smooth singing, with the feature of the ever soulful Mojo Juju on the hook - "oh child, things are gonna get easier".

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Bomb Threat - Fly On The Wall     Hip Hop, Rap 10/05/2019
4 piece Hip-Hop crew formed in 2017 consisting of members: Mikoen, Aisha, Caustic Yoda & DJ Codeks
Fly On The Wall is Bomb Threats 4th single and a call to arms to peacefully end racism, war, ignorance and apathy.

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Other tracks by Bomb Threat:  Colour Blind
Carter - 100-60 Feat. JSPA     Hip Hop, RnB 10/05/2019
Rising Hip-Hop artist ‘Carter’ is set to release highly anticipated new single 100-60 alongside an impressive music video available via Dayones Records on 10th May 2019.
Alongside Trap & RNB production, Carter paints an emotional and convincing image that explores themes of late nights, relationships and a fast-paced lifestyle. Meeting the artistic tone of influences such as Bryson Tiller, Anders and The Weeknd, the record is both catchy and compelling.

Earnest Jackson - Do What You Need To Do     Hip Hop, Pop, Electronic, Rap 10/05/2019
Melbourne-based, 19-year-old Earnest Jackson is blending sounds to bring a unique energy into the Australian Hip Hop scene, with his brand new single ‘Do What You Need To Do’.
Painting an intimate, vulnerable and deeply hurt soundscape of synths and vocals in the first two minutes of this brand new single, Earnest captures you with a hauntingly memorable melody, before completely switching things up and pulling you out of a trance into a heavily aggressive, self-reflective hip hop section acting as an inner monologue to Earnest’s doubts and frustrations.

NERVE - Big Switch     Hip Hop, Rap 10/05/2019
NERVE is an independant hip hop artist and producer hailing from Brisbane, Australia. One to watch!
The vibe for Big Switch is a throwback to an older style of Nerve's mixed with the newer influences and sounds that he has developed as of late. Nerve mixes genre’s in a way that shows his versatility as a producer and songwriter but also stays true to the classic hip-hop styles that bought him to prominence in the beginning.

Strictly DT - Note To Self     Hip Hop 10/05/2019
Melbourne based writer/poet Strictly DT and Sydney based producer/dancer Ralph Radical have joined forces to create a monumental release ‘Note To Self’ available May 9th.
‘Note To Self’ sets the listeners earbuds up nicely for the main course that is the full length EP. It solidifies the personalities portrayed by both DT and Radical, a goal and premise behind joining forces to create the project.

Other tracks by Strictly DT:  Hello  -  How You Live Feat. Hyclass & Yaelle
Suburban Dark - Smell the Roses     Hip Hop, Electronic, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle, Dub 10/05/2019
Suburban Dark continue their unrelenting rate of attack with Smell The Roses – a grim and brooding 6-track release maintaining the dark and heavy ethos of the production duo.
Smell The Roses focuses forward to a future where humanity is near completely over-ruled by a small few. The world's population en masse succumbed, conformed, aligned. Our habitat has been desecrated and polluted to the point of total toxicity. Our skies patrolled by war technology. At the base of the world's tallest building, is the last living sign of protest.

Other tracks by Suburban Dark:  83 Wars  -  White Trash
The 485s - Flava Wave     Hip Hop, Funk 10/05/2019
Hip Hop group consisting of producer K-WOK, rapper Zeeth and the ultimate crew. Hypnotizing ear drums with that funk, soul, bass, and umph!
The 485s in their purest, funkiest and funnest form. Flava Wave hits all the right spots to give listeners a mix of nostalgic funk with a modern twist

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Other tracks by The 485s:  The Prodigal Flow  -  Lovesick
Unchained - It's All Gone     Hip Hop 10/05/2019
Unchained is an Australian rapper. Unchained has his own unique voice with his backgrounds of Spanish, Aboriginal & English heritage.
It's All Gone tells the story of a real homeless man that had it all but then lost everything.

Yuto. - OT     Hip Hop, Downbeat, Rap, RnB 10/05/2019
Brother producer duo based in Melbs. We love to produce and the grind of it! If your Melbourne bound, happy to get a drink
It's a blend between Russ and Drake. Denzel and Caleb (both singers for the single) smashed it, with there cadence and overall vibe. Love some feedback on it!

Requiem - Jean Luc     Hip Hop, Rap 08/05/2019
Requiem is an artist with Melbourne in his heart and Darwin in his blood
Jean Luc, a reference to pioneer French film director Jean-Luc Godard, showcases Requiem’s energetic flow and wordplay. In less than three blistering minutes he stakes a claim as an originator among the new wave of hip-hop in Australia.

Produced by in-demand beatmaker HFNR.

LWILS - Faces     Hip Hop, Rock, Goth, Chill 06/05/2019
Based on the Gold Coast, 17 year old artist, LWILS, incorporates whiny, pop-punk influenced vocals over guitar infused trap beats.
This track was made after a break-up, with emotion being heard in the lyrics. LWILS has incorporated his whiny vocals over a guitar infused trap beat to produce a song that reflects a dark point in his life.

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Racka Chachi - Better Off     Hip Hop 06/05/2019
Racka Chachi is a collective from Perth, WA. Consisting of rappers, singers and producers; the 8-member collective create hip-hop music with a range of influences from funk, soul and RnB.
Racka Chachi's ‘Better Off’ is an homage to early noughties hip-hop. Featuring drums that crack and snap, a sing-along hook and MC’s trading verses in rapid succession.

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Other tracks by Racka Chachi:  Blessed  -  FLOW
Triple One - Butter     Hip Hop, Rap 06/05/2019
After generating an inescapable buzz in Australia and underground hip-hop scenes across the globe, Triple One are Australia's most promising emerging hip-hop act.
Their most personal song to date, Butter centres itself on the battle against poor mental health, and acts as a running commentary on the headspace of each of the members of Triple One at the time it was being made.

Unchained - Timeless feat Adrenalina     Hip Hop, Pop, Dance 04/05/2019
Unchained has his own unique voice with his backgrounds of Spanish, Aboriginal & English heritage.
Timeless is a song that signifies timeless love between two people. Written by Unchained and Adrenalina.

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