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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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inq. - Be     Hip Hop, RnB, Chill, Soul 01/08/2019
INQ. short for Inquisitive Minds, is a hip-hop duo from Western Sydney, comprised of cousins Anthony Bobadilla & Justin Nacua
‘Be’ is the second single from Western Sydney hip-hop duo’s upcoming EP ‘Moments in Between’. They emphasise that when you do what you love, work doesn’t feel like work. Delivered through a variety of flows, combined with producer Mico’s electronic production, INQ. brings us an anthem for the creatives.

Arno Faraji - Sneakers     Hip Hop, Rap 31/07/2019
Arno Faraji is a rapper and producer and winner of triple j’s Unearthed High in 2017. Faraji’s sound is inspired by artists like Childish Gambino, J Dilla, Chance the Rapper,
Sneakers is a low key banger that not only shows off Arno's rhymes but also his strengths as a producer. The slow-burning track sees Arno deliver his signature flow over a dreamy, aquatic beat that will burrow into your ear and not let go!

Hermitude - OneFourThree feat. Buddy and BJ The Chicago Kid     Hip Hop, RnB 31/07/2019
The hermitude story is one marked by stark creative evolution, diversifying music styles and a hunger for constant elevation.
‘OneFourThree’ featuring Buddy and BJ The Chicago Kid, takes us in a groovy direction and luring us to drop everything for the beat, “This is for all the girls and all the boys, to the dance floor”. BJ The Chicago Kid croons with so much soul, while Buddy hits verses that remind us why we fell in love with him.

Philly - Brown Skin feat. Waari     Hip Hop 31/07/2019
Born in the golden era of hip-hop in Melbourne, Philly was destined for a life in music, using words to portray powerful messages & influencing the nation with his music.
“Brown Skin” pairs Philly’s mellow bars with Waari’s dreamy vocals, guided by an acoustic guitar melody that draws further spotlights the masterful pairing of their combined talents. Imbued with deep appreciation of their “Black Queen”, the track highlights the unparalleled strength of Indigenous Australian women across all generations and as Bad Apples continuously does, promote black excellence across the nation.

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Barbone The Bandit - Still Tainted     Hip Hop, Rap 30/07/2019
Melbourne based Hip Hop artist specialising in Boom Bap and Lyricism.
First film clip off the 2018 album Bone To Pick With.

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Other tracks by Barbone The Bandit:  Meteorite (Featuring Mic Wyze)  -  Mondane
Meso - Intro - Kwasi     Hip Hop 29/07/2019
Me and couple of artists make catchy music. Worth a listen :)
Similiar to Denzel Curry. Relatable.

Other tracks by Meso:  Midnight - Kwasi
beggar - MIZZA     Hip Hop 28/07/2019
Independent rapper from Sydney's inner West blending comedy and Hip-Hop into foot tapping, head banging and laugh grabbing tracks.
Snappy Drum beats and flowing Piano that only helps to drive beggar's lyrics. Short and sharp

Other tracks by beggar:  Haze  -  Warning Shot
FCK - Fighting On     Hip Hop, Punk, Electronic, Grunge 26/07/2019
FCK is the new punk/hip hop project from Birraranga/Melbourne artist Amy Wright (formerly of indie band beloved elk).
'Fighting On' is FCKs second single from 'Tape One', an intimate and uplifting chronicle of Wright's teen years and conviction to keep going, fighting and hustling at every turn.

This is Wrights write-up of alienation from escaping poverty and taking a heartfelt look at what she left behind.

Other tracks by FCK:  Could You Be Anyone  -  Bootstraps
Royalty Noise - All That I Got ft. Thando     Hip Hop, Electronic 26/07/2019
Royalty Noise is an Electro-Hip Hop act based in Melbourne, Australia, founded by Ethiopian-Australian MC and Producer, Mikiyas Alemu (Bizz).
The first single from Royalty Noise's upcoming release Unnatural Selection, featuring the talented vocalist Thando.

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Other tracks by Royalty Noise:  Dark Matter ft. 1/6  -  Matt's Place ft. Matt Kelly
SURAJ - Great Migration Feat. Diabetic     Hip Hop, Punk, Easy Listening, Experimental 26/07/2019
SURAJ is a alternative and experimental Hip Hop artist hailing from Perth, bent on pushing what it means to be Hip Hop, drawing from various musical influences diversifying Hip-Hop music.
'Great Migration' is a moody, angsty and nostalgic song exploring the emotions and moments in a past relationship and trying to move past it and to grow. With SURAJ on production and DIABETIC on vocal, together they craft a work of art that journeys into deep and moody emotions that make us look into our own pasts.

Triple One - badboi     Hip Hop, Rap 26/07/2019
The first boy-band of Australian rap music & the Brockhampton equivalent
After the more mellow 'The Libertine 2' EP, Triple One return with a heavier effort in 'badboi' - an ode to post-apocalyptic nightclub life. This nocturnal fantasy world encapsulates the dark and decadent side of Triple One, and features backing vocals from Mila Gensen

2oolit - Drop     Hip Hop, Dance, World 25/07/2019
2oolit is a Hip-hop group from South Sydney. Hitting hard with incredible punchlines, and wordplay that is both catchy and powerfully relevant.
Drop is a perfect upbeat and dance/twerk song. Nightclub and party vibes inspired it so it has good rhythm, a good tempo, and nice delivery. We want many people as possible to hear this song

Ntaria Connect - Pmara Nurnaka     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous, Soul, Funk 25/07/2019
Ntaria Connect are a group of young Western Aranda artists from the community of Ntaria (Hermannsberg) in Central Desert NT. A collaboration between community and charity organisation Desert Pea Media.
'Pmara Nurnaka' (meaning 'good country' in Western Aranda Language) is a story about country, culture, language and community pride. A soulful, funk/hip hop track from Australia's heartland. This production is an important, contemporary expression of community and country. A celebration of connection, family community in Western Aranda Country.

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Iluminative - Kundalini Rising     Hip Hop, Rap, Rock 24/07/2019
Iluminative is a rapper, singer, songwriter from Byron Bay Australia. Iluminative has been featured on mainstream radio and internet radio stations from all over the world.
The album opens with the title track “Kundalini Rising”, which instantly sets the tone and standard for this project. It ones with a shimmering cinematic beat that hits hard, driven by restless percussion, crunchy overdriven guitars and luscious strings. Simply crank it up, listen to the lyrics and enjoy the sound.

Other tracks by Iluminative:  Sacred Temple  -  Genius Code
3SIDEZ - Something About Mary     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 23/07/2019
South Australian artist 3SIDEZ creates an eclectic and infectious brand of Hip Hop.
'Something About Mary' opens with a smooth and funky guitar riff that is accompanied by a ridiculously catchy bass line. 3SIDEZ has the innate ability to combine multiple genres effortlessly to create his unique brand of Hip Hop. 3SIDEZ sings of his obsession with Mary and the freeing nature of their relationship. Press play and float away!

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Clue - Juice     Hip Hop, Comedy 23/07/2019
Laughs and Bars - Clue combines a braggadocio trap banger with his shopping list, the result a tongue in cheek bravado filled banger.
Walking the fine line between comedy and trap banger, the song goes hard, lyrically a mix between braggadocio rap flexing and his shopping list. Noting that a lot of rappers like to use the terms "Juice" and "Sauce" to explain how fire their tracks are, Clue decided to take a literal approach to these terms.

HyperFlora - Pink     Hip Hop, Soul, RnB 23/07/2019
Tucked in between lush electronic beats and immersive vocals lie the Melbourne indie-electronic duo HyperFlora. The pair have been crafting their own sound that melds a series of eclectic genres.
With everything good, there is also inevitably bad, Pink is about looking at positives rather than dwelling on the negative. Your thoughts and what you choose to focus your energy on definitely manifests your reality. Pink explores our individual journeys of learning to ‘observe’ thoughts and feelings without judgement and the affect this can have on the experience of reality.

NIFUSEN - Good Time     Hip Hop, African, RnB 23/07/2019
New artist known as Nifusen
Very catchy tune. Uplifting tempo. The song is all about having a good time.

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NJE - Pay Attention feat. UNCHAINED     Hip Hop, Soul 23/07/2019
NJE is a solo Hip-Hop artist based in Redbank Plains, Brisbane. He creates music with meaning to uplift & give the people positive vibes & feelings through the music.
Pay Attention is an upbeat anthem that will keep the heads noddin' from start to finish. It's that music that makes you want to get up & make things happen. Feel good music is where it's at!!!

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Tobacco Rat - Charred Remains ft. Bryte     Hip Hop, Electronic, Dubstep, Australian Indigenous 23/07/2019
Tobacco Rat, a.k.a. Jake Steele, has established himself as one of the most unique and distinct voices in the underground Australian electronic music scene.
Charred Remains (ft. Bryte) fuses the aggressive old-school rap stylings of lyricist Bryte and the crushing synth-noise sounds of Perth’s favourite rodent/producer in a rapid take-no-prisoners assault. Bryte’s Rakim-esque verse flexes on the ferocity of Hip Hop lyrical form, focusing on the relationship between an artist and the inherent competitive spirit