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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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Nicky Swamp - Advice     Hip Hop 21/02/2019
Nicky is a vocalist and songwriter from England currently living on the Gold Coast. He puts his life experiences into his work to create a sound that's authentic to him.
Stop listening to everyone else and do what feels right to you.

Yibby - Talk     Hip Hop 21/02/2019
After his breakout debut late last year, Yibby is back smooth talking his way into 2019 with his dynamic follow up ‘Talk feat. Price J’.
Yibby’s fast-paced, punchy flow takes centre stage sitting atop laid-back, jazzy production of whirling guitars and synths from regular collaborators Clockwork Odyssey. A throwback to 90’s RNB (combining elements of 90s and the present), the ambient, neo-soul infusion culminates in Price J’s soulful delivery, adding an extra layer to the track.

Kate Grealy - Lone Travelers (feat. Ching Rock)     Hip Hop, Roots, Rap, Pop 20/02/2019
Grealy's latest release, Lone Travlers, crosses over into hip hop featuring Brooklyn native Ching Rock (The Arsonists) and Indonesian producer Donnero (D.P.M.B).
Lone Travelers was written by Grealy when she was living in Indonesia about the trials of living far from home. Ching's raps elaborate describing the heartache of his US-based family and friends' who've been caught up in conflict as soldiers or on the street. Beats by Indonesian producer Donnero highlight the theme with cascading synth and bass.

Ley Landon - Born New     Hip Hop, Pop 20/02/2019
Brisbane LGBTQI Rapper
This track details the battle of doubt and going against the masses. Promotes working towards a goal and assuring your experiences arent in vein and ultimately making your younger self proud.

Butter - Hocus Pocus     Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul 19/02/2019
Low-slung hip hop grooves, with a smattering of live jazz-fueled instrumentation by way of brass, beats, bars and more.
A low-slung groove with slinky bass, keys and guitarwork, plus a smattering of classically jazzy brass instrumentation all brought together by a unique and half-sung, half-rapped vocal delivery. A brooding, bopping earworm that ebbs and flows effortlessly.

Logals - Off The Record     Hip Hop, Pop, Jazz, Funk 19/02/2019
Logals is a fresh face to the scene, with elements reminiscent of Drapht, Logals delivers a fun sound with incredible flow and delivery.
Off The Record is a journey through a confident drunk young man.

Sono ReVera - 151 Rum (Freestyle)     Hip Hop, Rap 19/02/2019
New EP on the way from Melbourne based up and coming rapper Sono ReVera
made this banger in less than 24hrs one night ages ago as a bit of a loosie

Sunset Cities - Oh Baby     Hip Hop, Soul, RnB 19/02/2019
Sunset Cities, the collaborative project from So.Crates, Nelson Dialect & Alnitak Kid, release new single 'Oh Baby' from their self-titled album Sunset Cities, out 22 February via Bedroom Suck/Remote Control.
As premiered by Life Without Andy, 'Oh Baby' featuring the soulful vocals of Jace XL (Hiatus Kaiyote) highlights the lyrical heavyweights mastery of Sunset Cities' individual cadence and sound and simultaneously solidifies their union on record as a supergroup comfortable with the allure of boom bap basics and the challenge of great story telling.

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SURAJ (SOO-RAJ) - Linkin' Up feat. Princess Khanya (Prod. yangda)     Hip Hop, Rap, RnB 19/02/2019
Hailing from Perth, SURAJ is an experimetnal and alternative Hip Hop artist looking to push Hip Hops boundaries and question what it truly means to be Hip Hop
Here's a Valentines Day track for the DUDES! Over the past few months topics such as toxic masculinity and male self confidence have come to light on News and Media. I thought I'd adress it. Many men go through self-confidence and self esteem issues but fail to address it making it ten times worse for their mental well being.

The Rascal Collective - Capital B     Hip Hop 19/02/2019
The Rascal Collective are, for lack of better words, a collective of rascal rappers rising from the ashes of Burn City. Comprised of five guys and two producers
Capital B takes you through 5 stories of how music saved 5 artists and gave them hope and life.

hunter - fall for ya     Hip Hop, Electronic, Dance 18/02/2019
hunter is an Australian new school hip-hop artist known for his catchy melodies sustaining dark themes, reminiscent of XXXTentacion, Post Malone and Juice WRLD.
‘fall for ya’ takes the uncomfortable feeling of rejecting someone and turns it into an empowering anthem. While hunter is rather tongue-in-cheek throughout the track, he remains direct in his message: ‘I know you want it but, I ain’t gon fall for ya’.

Jakey J - Meaning Of Life     Hip Hop 15/02/2019
Jakey J Is Killing The Industry and Flooding The Airways With His Real MusicWritten from Life Experiences
Tell Me What Your Meaning Of LIfe Is

Logals - Dibble and Dabble     Hip Hop, Funk 15/02/2019
Logals is a fresh new face to Australian music, combining old elements of Australian hip hop with a modern twist. Logals is 1/5 of the Melbourne group 'The Rascal Collective'
Dibble and Dabble tells the tale of a typical Australian weekend out on the town, the mess the comes with it but most importantly the fun that comes with it.

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RENNAN - Parachute     Hip Hop, Pop, Rap, Rock 15/02/2019
Super-lyrical, melodic and adventurous. Rennan ventures into the alternate with screaming guitars, heavy bass and an unrivaled cadence.
Parachute is set to be released on the 15/02. Rennan's left-field approach to Hip Hop draws inspiration from punk, psych-rock and indie genre’s with a focus on lyricism and song writing. The feel good love song produced by Sydney legend Delipres gives takes the listener on an epic journey through punk/grunge soundscapes and true lyricism.

Emph N Treats - Message in the Sky     Hip Hop, Rap, Funk, Rock 14/02/2019
Emph N Treats are a high energy hip hop act from the Gold Coast, not to be missed!
Message in the sky is the first single off the upcoming EP 'The Speakeasy'. Gold Coast Producer Reeceponse has giving a summer vibe to this track with MC's Emph N Treats offering a diverse flow with incredible delivery. You can't help but move and smile during this summer anthem...
Incredible work

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Kirklandd - Impulse Ft. Zellow     Hip Hop, Hip Hop 14/02/2019
Kirklandd has returned with tour dates and his new single, ‘Impulse’. The track offers production from Cam Bluff (Amy Shark, Allday) and Citizen Kay.
“Going back to this previous connection always feels like it could lead to something more… like things could somehow be the way they used to be. But ultimately it’s never more than acting on impulse. Cam and I had just walked out of Black Panther, and were inspired by the African percussive sounds Ludwig Goransson used to score the film".

NJE - Ballad For The Broken Hearted     Hip Hop, Rap 13/02/2019
NJE is a Solo Hip-Hop artist who raps about life experiences & topics that our everyday people can relate to. Real music for real people.
This song goes out to people going through rough times from heart break to seperation & to not being able to see their own child. I wrote it after seeing so many people I know go through it. I feel it's something uplifting for those going through something & I'm sure it will hit the spot for certain souls.

Warren Skane - The Rider     Hip Hop 11/02/2019
Electronic Sample/Loop Artist from Perth, Western Australia. Genres include Hiphop/Dance and Rock music samples.
This song is about a Rider/Gangster who is all tattooed up and riding his motorcycle for pure freedom.

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Other tracks by Warren Skane:  I Heard A Rhythm  -  This Lion Never Sleeps
Masked Wolf - Vibin     Hip Hop, Rap 08/02/2019
Newcomer Masked Wolf brings fresh energy to the hip hop world with genuine story telling, impeccable lyricism, spitfire verses and exceptional beats.
Dedicated to the hustle and being true to yourself, ‘Vibin’ is complete with huge drops, booming bass and eccentric synths to lay down the perfect foundation for his rapidfire verses to float above. Masked Wolf sounds positively untouchable on ‘Vibin’, pushing forward his ethos of “I do me, you do you.”

Jack Vaul - Cupid (feat. Alana J.)     Hip Hop, Chill 07/02/2019
Jack Vaul makes rap songs for grown folks, packed with novel wordplay and brimming with wonder and whimsy.
Cupid is a rap song from a father to his daughter. Featuring talented Melbourne vocalist Alana J. (Xandepic), Cupid explores the trials and tribulations of parenthood over a chilled and cruisy beat by RnR, while attempting to scratch the surface of the deepest love imaginable. It doesn't get much more meaningful than this.

Other tracks by Jack Vaul:  Million Dollar Man  -  Rabbithole (feat. Bastian Bucks)