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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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Ziggy Ramo - Same Script     Hip Hop, Rap, Australian Indigenous, Pop 09/06/2017
Tipped as an exciting new player on the Australian hip-hop scene, Ziggy Ramo has impressed peers and industry with his scything flow, effortlessly combined with a politically-charged focus.
'Same Script' opens up the conversation about mental health, addressing the associated and unnecessary stigmas. In his own words, Ziggy's track acknowledges that "regardless of race, gender or sexuality, we can come to an understanding that no one is ever truly alone in what can be an uphill battle.”

MUSIC COORDINATOR PICK: Emily Nicol, Koori Radio (NSW)

Tkay Maidza - Follow Me     Hip Hop 05/06/2017
Singer/rapper Tkay Maidza has risen out of the underground to emerge as one of Australia’s most electrifying artists with her rapid-fire flow, frenetic beats, and fiercely inventive lyrics.
On Follow Me, Maidza infuses pop-perfect melodies and masterfully heavy grooves with a sweetly tender soulfulness. Co-written by Tkay, along with George Maple and Brooklyn dancehall king Dre Skull (Snoop Dogg, Jamie xx, Popcaan) who also produced the track.

2017 ARIA AWARD NOMINEE: Breakthrough Artist Nominees, Best Urban Release 'TKAY'

2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Live Drummer of the Year (National Awards) - Tim Commandeur

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Sensible J - Fire Sign     Funk/Soul, Hip Hop 05/06/2017
One of the country’s most respected hip-hop artists, Melbourne producer & multi-instrumentalist Sensible J.
Delivering an instant groove, “Fire Sign” features interwoven vocals and verses from Sampa and Remi, while Sensible J drops layers of percussion, funk and hip-hop. The trio shed light on cultural diversity and community, characteristics that are strong not only in the single, but too in their upcoming collaborative tour.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Cameron Dunsford, PBS 106.7FM, Melbourne (VIC)

Beastside - Charged Up     Hip Hop, Electronic 03/06/2017
After a decade honing their skills in Sydney’s warehouse scene, Beastside are primed for centre stage with a sound inspired by UK grime and future beats.
Setting the tone for the forthcoming album, “Charged Up” showcases each MC’ s distinct style and their command of the 140bpm tempo, in a relentless series of tight verses.

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Gold Member - If We Fall     Electronic, Chill, Hip Hop 03/06/2017
Electro-skank-hop, daiquiri-shaking, 2-piece from Sydney. Infusing zesty melodies with spicy rum beats by Gus Goldy. Add Azza's summer sweet vocals and garnish off with minty guitar skanks.
‘If We Fall’ is a chilli red corvette with the top dropped cruising down candy lane at sunset. Gold Member have delivered more doozies that allows any spandex loving individual to slip on a pair of roller skates and hit the roller rink, Chilli hot-dog in hand with extra sleaze.

P.Smurf - Abalone     Hip Hop 03/06/2017
Co-founder of Big Village Records, P.Smurf is a seasoned MC whose socially and politically charged lyrics, delivered with charisma, sharp wit have earned him a loyal fanbase.
New single ‘Abalone’ combines P.Smurf’s deft punchlines and intricate lyricism with Melbourne producer Must Volkoff’s boom bap drums and dusty samples. Fusing smooth, unyielding flows with a dark, brooding melody, ‘Abalone’ sets the mood for P.Smurf’s debut solo album, dropping later in 2017 Playing the Blues.

Rapaport - FAM     Hip Hop, Electronic 03/06/2017
Rapaport is an MC, guitarist and producer; co-founder and managing director of Big Village Records; creator & director of hip hop theatre show, ‘Sketch The Rhyme’.
“FAM” chronicles Rapaport’s stress and struggles as an artist and label manager, while highlighting the importance of friendship and integrity. “FAM” sees the two current owners and managers of Big Village weave music business tales with humour and light-hearted banter, matching the intensity of Arctic’s slamming beat.

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Rob Shaker Ft Hau - Know Now     Hip Hop, Rap, RnB 03/06/2017
MC Hau is perhaps one of the longest serving rhymesayers in Australian hip-hop and grew up in the scene as one half of Koolism.
In the latest instalment, ​heavyweights ​Rob Shaker and MC Hau have culminated on The Pocketful ​EP​ managing to sync these opposing elemental forces into harmony. What is presented is a two-sided collection of soul’d out tracks
hand soaked in brass and blazing beatdowns synonymous with the Shaker signature.

Other tracks by Rob Shaker Ft Hau:  One Night Ft Natalie Mae
Big Sexy - Yeah Right     Indigenous, Hip Hop, RnB, Soul 02/06/2017
Big Sexy captures his audience with his humour, soulful vocals and inspiring lyrics, while staying classy. He will have take you on a journey.
This track is entitled 'Yeah Right' and it is concerning Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people and how they fit in society. Lyrics used in this song reflect what many of us are trying and wanting to say and it translates into a power political track featuring Chantal Henley.

Other tracks by Big Sexy:  We're Not Okay  -  Nothin To Gain
Juñor - Top Flight (feat Mann)     Hip Hop, Electronic 31/05/2017
The journey of a lone trippy boy making his way through multiple dreamscapes. A soul experiencing life through the human lense, caught in the duality of being conscious & carefree
An impressive new release from Juñor linking up an international collaboration with LA's Mann, produced by 2017 Grammy Award Winner Nate Fox - “Top Flight” brings both groove and punchy lyrics to fruition in a combination that demonstrates the solid dynamic that has clearly resulted from this collaboration.

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Dyan Tai - 100K Fans     Pop, Hip Hop 31/05/2017
Malaysian born Dyan Tai, sets himself apart with his colourful edgy style as a singer/songwriter and DJ. Armed with his mirror-coated keytar, Dyan has performed to audiences across the country.
100K fans speaks about how as a society, we are obsessed with numbers on social media when the reality is some of the most famous people on Instagram are just regular people in real life.

Krosswerdz Crew - Belief Over Beats     Hip Hop, Rap 30/05/2017
Krosswerdz Crew is the premiere collaboration between Krosswerdz Recordings' most prolific MC's.
Belief Over Beats is the debut track from Krosswerdz Crew. The lyrics are powerful and intelligent with each of the MC's using their best skills to tag-team in and out of the track. Dsipl has produced the track with infectious beats and will leave heads nodding throughout.

h.eund - Nutcracker (feat. RENNAN)     Hip Hop, Electronic 29/05/2017
Lady producer / cat person from Sydney.
90s hip-hop beats meets glitch. A dedication to the one-hit wonders and how much it sucks to be stuck in stand still - artistically.

Mau Power - Koiki     Hip Hop, Rap, RnB, Indigenous 27/05/2017
Mau Power is the first rapper to emerge from the rich musical traditions of Torres Strait, a leader & a lyrical storyteller at the crossroads of Indigenous & hip-hop culture.
Koiki opens with the arresting fanfare of the Conch Shell, the resolute march of handclaps and a spoken report of the 1992 Mabo ruling, describing a courageous freedom fighter who challenged the most powerful laws of the country. BVs by Radical Son and Benny Walker emphasis the circle of solidarity.

Thundamentals - 21 Grams Feat. Hilltop Hoods     Hip Hop 26/05/2017
Since forming in the Blue Mountains, Australian hip-hop artists Thundamentals (DJ Morgs, Tuka, PonCho and Jeswon) have built a solid fan base across the country, renowned for their live performances
On the eve of their biggest national tour to date this June, Thundamentals share new single '21 Grams' featuring Australian hip hop royalty the Hilltop Hoods.

2017 ARIA AWARD NOMINEE: Best Urban Release 'Everyone We Know'

Other tracks by Thundamentals:  Sally  -  Wolves
Citizen Kay - These Kicks     Hip Hop 25/05/2017
Respected, charismatic Canberra rapper Citizen Kay has gone and dropped a surprise new single! This breezy new tune is as positive and irresistible as the man himself...
‘These Kicks’ is a breezy, charismatic beat-riddled track that features the smart’n’smooth rhymes we’ve grown to expect from young rapper Citizen Kay, matched with tranquil guest vocals from up-and-comer, Canberra gal, Georgia B.

2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Hip-Hop Live Act of the Year (National Awards)

iiiConic - Damn. Ft. Jaylit     Hip Hop 25/05/2017
iiiConic is a 18 year old rapper from Brisbane, Australia. He was born in Ghana, West Africa in 1999. iiiConic is commonly known as one of Brisbane’s greatest weapons.
The concept of the song first stemmed from iiiConic and Jaylit brainstorming ideas in iiiConic’s room. iiiConic and Jaylit have known each other for almost 5 years at the time and because they’ve practically been through the same high school experiences.

Frame - With You (Feat. I AM D)     Hip Hop 25/05/2017
Frame is a 21 year old indie rapper from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, mixing melodic vocals, rap, & electronic sounds.
An electronic, future-bass love song about wanting the best for the person you love, irrespective that the love might be unrequited. It’s about loving someone, being there for them, even if you’re not with them. Produced by Eggman, mixed and mastered by Alex Shami & featuring I AM D.

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Other tracks by Frame:  Energy  -  It's Not
Tasman Keith - Might Snap     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous, Indigenous, Electronic 23/05/2017
Tasman Keith proudly represents the legacy of the Gumbaynggirr Nation and Aboriginal Hip Hop. Truly epitomising everything that is dope about the newest generation of these cultures.
Might Snap sonically mimics the intensity of Tasman’s lyrical content with razor sharp snares and a pulsating buzzing bass line. Produced by Nooky (Bad Apples Music), Might Snap taunts you to the edge of reason and grabs you to dance at the edge of snapping.

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Talakai - Feel Better     Hip Hop 16/05/2017
Newcastle MC Talakai provides a bridge between new wave and traditional hip-hop with his strong delivery, intricate flow patterns and loaded punch lines.
Through the use of these techniques paired with emotive lyrics Feel Better appeals to new wave fans while still gaining respect from the wider culture. The track depicts Talakai’s inner turmoil, each line spoken with pure conviction leaving the listener hanging on every bar.