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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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Spit Syndicate - Errands     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, Chill 02/03/2018
Spit Syndicate release their menacing new single ‘Errands’. Produced by longtime collaborator Jono Graham with co-production by Horrorshow’s Adit, promises to be a massive 2018 for the Sydney duo.
What’ve you been up to? Where’ve you been? What’s been going on? Spit Syndicate answer all the above with their menacing new single ‘Errands’. Produced by longtime collaborator Jono Graham with co-production by Horrorshow’s Adit, it promises to be a massive 2018 for the Sydney duo.

Tich Lange - Testing, Testing     Hip Hop 01/03/2018
Hot hip hop artist straight outta S.A.
Hot track from the best in the business

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Other tracks by Tich Lange:  Booty Shake  -  Get Down
Shelly.H - Coping Mechanism     Hip Hop, Electronic 24/02/2018
Wagga local Shelly.H is back with a unique hip-hop twist. Trees & Volcanos merges elements of hip-hop with synth, indie rock and trip-hop. A clever take on a popular genre.
Coping Mechanism is the love of hip-hop and music as a way of managing life's stresses. The synth-inspired beat has been given a retro twist as Shelly.H delivers a smooth flow with clever lyrical punches.

B Wise - The Key     Hip Hop 22/02/2018
B Wise is an up-and-coming rapper hailing from Western Sydney. Jumping off the success of his massive single 'Feel Something', he brings us his strongest track to date, 'The Key'.
'The Key' is about our basic need to crave love, human touch and admiration. It can often be taken for granted, and when it's gone, it's easy to feel lost and isolated.

Clue - Ballin'     Hip Hop, Electronic 22/02/2018
Clue is a comedic Australian MC hailing from Melbourne. The 23 year old rapper has made a splash in 2017 supporting Seth Sentry, Illy and Pez.
Ballin' is a high energy, hip hop/trap banger. Clue utilizes his quick wit and effortless flow, satirically boasting about the plights of an up and coming MC.

Other tracks by Clue:  Two Left Feet (Ft. Bruce Hathcock)  -  Australian Famous
Eastside Grammar - Spin City     Hip Hop, Blues, Rock, Soul 22/02/2018
Eastside Grammar are a duo from Newcastle,Charlie on Guitar/Vocals;Michael a multi-instrumentalist and rapper. The pair combine bluesy guitar licks,soulful melodies and a funky engine room with aggressive yet thoughtful raps.
Spin City is the first single release from the duo's forthcoming debut EP. It features their trademark fusion of blues, soul and hip hop. With sharp lyricism, flowing melodies and a solid groove underpinning the song is bound to grab your attention.

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Stomperoo - A Bungalow In Bangalow     Hip Hop, Funk, Rock, Jazz 22/02/2018
Stomperoo: songs which amuse, satirize, inform and stimulate, including politics, divorce, crop rotation, junk food, terrorism, sex, ageing, architecture, cooking, depression, and traffic. Bluejazz spoken word stand-up with a guitar.
I went up the coast spent most of my money, feeling funny in the tummy and it rained all day... ending up in a Northern NSW town called Bangalow. Everyone seemed mighty I decided to stay...

Adrian Eagle - 17 Again     Hip Hop, Soul, RnB, Reggae 16/02/2018
Adrian Eagle - Hip-Hop, Soul, Reggae born & raised in South Australia.
This song is very personal to me, but I wanted to share it to inspire & motivate my family. I hope my fam can continue their journey in life and appreciate how far they’ve come. As the song ends for me like a rebirth, Thank God I’m Not 17 Again.

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Anh Solo - Play This When You're 78     Hip Hop 16/02/2018
Anh Solo (who is not as big a fan of Star Wars as you'd think) is some random guy using purely his mouth/voice to produce original, unconventional hip hop music.
This track is like a journal entry to be placed inside a time capsule. I wrote this song when I was 28 about the present world and speculation of the future. Hopefully I'm still around to play it back 50 years later.

Other tracks by Anh Solo:  Lucky To Be Here  -  Shes The One
Agartu - Moments     Hip Hop, RnB, Soul 15/02/2018
Agartu is an emerging Melbourne artist. Coming from a family with an African background and growing up listening to gospel music, Agartu has been singing her entire life.
Agartu unveils her first single, "Moments" with RnB and neo-soul accents that feel instantly timeless. The combination of a melodic cut with the piercing lyrics of the chorus, "what we wanna be, can be our reality" will leave you feeling refreshed and encouraged.

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Bilby - ILY+YLM (prod. Meltycanon)     Hip Hop, Electronic 15/02/2018
Sydney rapper/producer Bilby mixes hip hop with early '00s emo and indie with spectacular results
A cute af love song by Sydney rapper Bilby featuring production from Alabama's Meltycanon.

Other tracks by Bilby:  Walkin 2 The Lake (prod. Meltycanon)  -  Sydney Rapper (prod. Meltycanon)
Godriguez - Make this Magic     Hip Hop, Breaks, Jazz 15/02/2018
Vol.1 ’14-’18 is the debut LP from Godriguez; A 35 minute selection collected from 7 beat-tapes of over 6 hours worth of beats; Created over 4 years from Godriguez.
Fine production and sampling with Dilla-esque traits.


Other tracks by Godriguez:  Max Lush Carlos  -  Blue Bossa
Indigenoise - Euphoria     Hip Hop, Indigenous, Electronic 15/02/2018
The newest signing for Hydrofunk Records, INDIGENOISE are an Indigenous Australian Hip Hop act. Based in Byron Bay, INDIGENOISE are a clique of Indigenous poets, artists, producers, musicians and practitioners.
'Euphoria' is the follow up to the band's debut single 'Wildfire'. INDIGENOISE vocalist Roslyn Barnett describes 'Euphoria' as a song that has "passionate outbursts of ecstatic eruption, and is a call to the band's ancestry, a reconnection to themselves, tantric and tasteful."

Mallrat - UFO     Pop, Hip Hop 15/02/2018
2018 is shaping up to be the year of the Mallrat, with the release of her new single ‘UFO,’ featuring her friend and hip-hop star in his own right, Allday.
In stark contrast to the shimmering, acoustic guitar driven sheen of ‘Better,’ ‘UFO’ falls into darker, more brooding territory. Its dense production and layers of hypnotic melodies highlighting her vast development as a composer and producer since the release of her debut EP, Uninvited, back in 2016.

OKENYO - ISO     Hip Hop, RnB 15/02/2018
OKENYO is a Sydney based artist, who pushes the boundaries of hip hop, soul and rnb. Releasing her anthem WOMAN's WORLD in 2017, she brings us 'ISO' from forthcoming EP.
ISO is about finding the light in the darkness. It follows the inner dialogue of the heartbroken, and narrates those moments you've got to tell yourself to move on. OKENYO croons 'It's a conversation I had to have with myself'. Taken from OKENYO's forthcoming EP 'THE WAVE' (out in April)

Urthboy - Have and Hold feat. TIAAN     Hip Hop, Pop 15/02/2018
Urthboy is a hip hop artist based in Sydney, Australia. With almost 20 years of experience in this industry under his belt he just keeps getting better and better!
'Have and Hold feat. TIAAN' explores fighting for what you believe in and what you want. Here Urthboy's witty lyricism and strong hooks send a call out to be aware of our complacency, and to remember to not take important things for granted! Featuring LA based vocalist, TIAAN.

Imcpayne - Therapy     Hip Hop, Rap, Electronic, Pop 14/02/2018
Growing up writing poetry from the age of seven and attending an arts school, Imcpayne has absorbed his creative surroundings, by conveying his abstract storytelling through his compelling lyricism.
‘Therapy’ is an eclectic and energetic slice of new-wave electronic hip-hop, showcasing Imcpayne’s style and staple influences. Taking cues from the likes of Joey Badass, Earl Sweatshirt and A$AP Rocky, the charismatic performer blends an array of slick flows and cadences, combined with hard-hitting trap-inspired production.

Mitsunami - OMW ft. The Eggman     Electronic, Hip Hop, Dance 14/02/2018
Melbourne-based future bass head Mitsunami is no stranger to the creative side of life, completing a University Diploma in dance performance and working with the Royal New Zealand Ballet.
Hazy, moody productions kick off this track, while The Eggman languidly raps about “better days” with vocals not too far off the likes of Drake. Well placed reverbs and climactic synths tease at what proceeds a wicked trap drop; hi-hat productions spliced with abrasive, industrial synths.

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MC Wheels - Been Awhile     Hip Hop 07/02/2018
Inspiring rapper MC Wheels is dropping his next single and video ‘Been Awhile’ on Friday 19th January 2018.
Speaking about ‘Been Awhile’, Nathan Tessman aka MC Wheels said, “This song is about my return to hip hop world, having the fire and the passion burning strongly inside me and showing off what I can do!”

Rapaport - Don't Sweat It     Hip Hop, Acoustic, Rap 03/02/2018
Joel Rapaport, hip hop MC & co-founder and managing director of Big Village Records. ‘Don’t Sweat It’ is the 4th single from forthcoming album Village Idiot, out November 2017.
Don't Sweat It is produced & co written by Australian Hip hop icon, Joelistics (TZU). The song is about trying to move on after a break up, and finding yourself again.