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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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Evolve - You Can Dance     Hip Hop, Dance, Funk, Jazz 03/09/2018
"Evolve" is a proudly unconventional project that attempts to fuse the film score and music of a cinematic nature with other musical expressions.
You Can Dance is an exploration of the spiritual in the sensual. It is a metaphor for the ultimate release of tantric force during a union of polarities.

Other tracks by Evolve:  California Sunset  -  No Worries
LC Mckenzie - GAME     Hip Hop, Rap 30/08/2018
The New EP from the Young LC Mckenzie Ft Oli Tha God couldn't come at a better time. Mixing the New Sound and old samples.
Based on the concept of being pimped out by labels instead of pushing for yourself as an independent artist.

Other tracks by LC Mckenzie:  Right Now  -  4AM
Oddsox - Lonely Road     Hip Hop, Jazz 30/08/2018
Oddsox is a 22 year old hip hop artist from Melbourne who wants to find his place in the world with the music he makes.
This song is about where you find your happiness and self actualization,. It is meant to challenge the stereotypical view of success and where you fit within it. Taken from the upcoming Concept EP High School reunion this piece of the puzzle is the first taste on what this concept is al labout.

Licy Be - Be The Change (feat CASS and WYLD)     Hip Hop, Pop, Dance 27/08/2018
Devoted rapper, poet, motivational speaker, suicide prevention and mental health awareness advocate - Licy Be is a Gold Coast based artist on a mission.
“We wrote this song to speak to a generation struggling with suicide. We believe it's everyones responsibility to 'Be The Change' and reach out to those in our lives that are struggling with life, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and mental health challenges. Whatever it may be, there is hope.”

B Wise - Actin' Different     Hip Hop 25/08/2018
B Wise is a young rapper from South-West Sydney. His debut album 'Area Famous' drops on September 14th out through Elefant Traks.
Actin' Different is about embracing your free side, the side where you don’t care what anyone thinks about you and you're just living in the moment. That feeling of opening the sunroof in the middle of winter, feeling on top of the world. Actin' Different is produced by Juve and mixed by DOPAM!NE.

Briztronix - Don't Leave (ft Chris O'Neill)     Hip Hop, Instrumental, Funk 25/08/2018
Seminal underground hip-hop act Briztronix formed in 2001 and released 3 albums in the 2000s. Now they're back after 11 years with their new album 'IV'.
'Don't Leave' is an uptempo beats explosion featuring the incredible session drumming of Chris O'Neill. In the style of Emma Donovan and the Put-backs or The Bamboos, but with some sinister synths in the mix.

Other tracks by Briztronix:  Afternoon Light  -  Paleo Soul (ft RUFFLES)
Carmouflage Rose - Let Me Down     Hip Hop, RnB, Electronic 25/08/2018
25-year-old Brisbane artist with a unique genre blending sound is making a name for himself as Carmouflage Rose. Herrington was born in Zimbabwe before coming to Australia as a refugee.
Carmouflage Rose is back with another chilled out hit ‘Let Me Down’ featuring George Maple.
‘Let Me Down’ sees the Brisbane-based artist further combine elements of his cultural influences from Zimbabwe with his love for contemporary urban music, as well as share the vocal duties for the first time on one of his tracks with George Maple.

Other tracks by Carmouflage Rose:  Let Me Down (Radio Edit)
Cooper - Counting the Days     Hip Hop, Pop, Rap 25/08/2018
Cooper utilises melodic flows, honest, relatable lyrics and pin point delivery to create a completely immersive listening experience. If you're into Aussie Hip Hop, Cooper is your rising star.
Counting The Days is an introspective track dealing with the fleeting nature of life and living in the moment. Backed by the riff driven composition of legendary hip hop produced Matik, Cooper melodically flows through the verses with a familiar yet distinct cadence that commands attention from the first bar.

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Other tracks by Cooper:  Thanking the Universe
Defron - Reign Cheque     Hip Hop, Rap 25/08/2018
Defron is an English-Australian rapper and writer from Melbourne, Victoria. He is the 2009 Revolver MC Battle Champion and a state finalist in the 2013 & 2017 Australian Poetry Slam.
Produced by fellow Melbourne hip-hop artist Sinks (Echo Drama/2017 Hilltop Hoods Initiative Recipient) with artwork by frequent collaborator Katie Alexander, Reign Cheque is a boom-bap theme-song for getting up, getting out and achieving your dreams. The promotional single is the first of two ahead of the release of 'Maybe You’ll Be Famous When You’re Dead', due late 2018.

NYNE - Facts (feat. Tray Haggarty)     Hip Hop, Pop 25/08/2018
Mysterious Melbourne underground pop artist, NYNE, today returns with another intoxicating single, ‘Facts’ (feat. Tray Haggarty).
The single, which was written by NYNE and produced by Stockholm/NYC producer WAJU, combines NYNE’s melancholy-tinged brand of ethereal pop vocals with WAJU’s complex production skills and Texas rapper Tray Haggarty’s energized, cranked up verse.

Simo Soo - Very Pretty (feat. flower boy 卓颖贤)     Hip Hop, Electronic, Experimental, Punk 24/08/2018
Melbourne based rapper/producer making some weird lovely noise.
Melbourne rapper Simo Soo teams up with Sydney vocalist and beat maker flower boy 卓颖贤 for some very cheeky, saucy hip hop indebted as much to modern chart rap as Vangelis and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop that throws barbs at anyone in their way whilst still taking time out for some self care and face masks.

Other tracks by Simo Soo:  Real Privilege Fake Outrage  -  Frenzzz
Bilby - November Nights     Hip Hop, Rap, Electronic 22/08/2018
Sydney's own emo rap prince.
'November Nights' is the first single from Sydney emo rap prince Bilby's debut album, 'Shade' dropping September 28 thru Yes Rave

Figuero Jones x Black Napoleon - No Sofas     Hip Hop, Rap 22/08/2018
Emerging at the forefront of the Australian hip- hop scene this duo can be seen creating their own wave that has left a rippling effect spread across the entire nation.
Young Perth-based rappers Figuero Jones and Black Napoleon return with a wavy motivational anthem titled ‘No Sofas’ which has already had huge success since being released landing Spotifys A1 Hip-Hop, New Music Friday & All Aussie Hip-Hop Playlists massing over 30,000 Streams within the first week since release.

Kween G - R E P E L     Hip Hop, World, Classical, African 22/08/2018
Renowned for potent content, Kween G delivers dynamic style as an MC, performer and Hip Hop artist. Often described as “consciousness-raising”, Kween G’s music excites, entertains and enlightens her listeners.
Hip Hop artivist Kween G brings us a new single R E P E L a universal message.
Positive vibration, the solution to the illusion of confusion!
Produced by long time collaborator ZDE this powerful single gives us something to nod our heads too.

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P-UniQue - Queen With Colour     Hip Hop, Pop, Rap 22/08/2018
P-UniQue adds a dark and powerful element to her music while highlighting her ability to bring word play and impeccable speech together.
P-UniQue adds a dark and powerful element to her music while highlighting her ability to bring word play and impeccable speech together. Titled ‘Queen with Colour’ is the first single to be lifted from her, forthcoming debut EP, Meanwhile her rap flows and lyrics strike a rare balance of confidence and vulnerability that gives a compelling and emotional twist.

Dos Boy - Yoga Babe     Hip Hop 18/08/2018
After performing a string of headline shows across Melbourne and hinting that he has unreleased music, its safe to say that 2018 is far from over for Dos Boy.
‘Yoga Babe’, driven by a bouncing piano melody and roaring base line from rising producer Agnus (Peezo, DEX), showcases the wavy and slightly comedic lyricism of Dos Boy; with Dos Boy himself stating that he sees this song as “the perfect drinking game. Sip your drink every time you hear the word “Yoga”. That would mess anyone up!”

Gratis Minds - Stroll Ft. Bronte Eve     Hip Hop, Chill, Rap 18/08/2018
Gratis Minds is comprised of JK-47, Jon Doe and Jay Orient. Three extremely capable wordsmiths with a penchant for laid-back beach driven hip hop.
"Stroll" gives three different perspectives that together draws a picture of young love and attachments, the struggles of letting go and feeling good enough in yourself to move on.

Indigenoise - The New Code     Hip Hop, Indigenous 18/08/2018
INDIGENOISE are a 5 piece Indigenous Australian Hip Hop act
'The New Code' is the band’s ode to change. ‘The new code is about the matrix encompassing the globe. So many people are caught up in the black mirrors of this world.’

Indigenoise hope to insert a ‘new code’ into this realm, utilising the digital world to create a positive virus to change the nature of the people.

Lakshane - All Mine     Hip Hop 18/08/2018
Lakshane has been making strides over the last couple of years in Melbourne by performing at Clubs such as Lux, Laundry Bar, revolver and Alumbra.
‘All Mine’ showcases a new stylisitic approach for Lakshane in comparison to his previous
club & melancholic R&B infused singles by adding a lighter acoustic element coupled with a
brighter overall narative. Paying homage to his inspiration Byrson Tiller, Lakshane sings
‘Trap Soul, R&B your flavour’ whilst harmonising ‘Don’t play with her don’t be dishonest’.

Omijah - Lights Out     Hip Hop 18/08/2018
With his debut single accumulating over 50 thousand streams, 17-year-old Sydney-based vocalist 'Omijah' is set to do great things and returns with sophomore single "Lights Out" this August.
The mellow driving baseline of the track compliments the atmospheric vocal sample transforming ‘Lights Out’ into a soundtrack for a late night drive.