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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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MC Wheels - Letter From Heaven     Hip Hop, Rap 16/03/2018
Sunshine Coast rapper MC Wheels profound lyrics have had such an impact in the past they have been quoted in Parliament
“This song means a lot to me. I know what it’s like to be looked at and treated differently. Although I never experienced severe bullying through my life I wanted to write a song telling the story of a boy & the effects it can have on someone’s mental state.”

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Inclined Intentions - Atomic     Hip Hop 15/03/2018
Hip Hop Music Producer
Unique and simple placement, timing and overall tune using strings, piano & glock. Good Vibe.

Other tracks by Inclined Intentions:  Levitate  -  Underground
Birdz & Omar Musa - About Me     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous 14/03/2018
Birdz and Omar Musa team up for the single "About Me" to coincide with their Voodoo Laksa tour across Australia.
BAD APPLES MUSIC, this week released a firing collab from BIRDZ and OMAR MUSA “ABOUT ME”; a track dedicated to those people who have a misrepresented view about their ‘Straya.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi, Sydney (NSW)

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Blaq Carrie - Sendereka     Hip Hop, Pop, Rap, Easy Listening 14/03/2018
Infused by Lauryn Hill and Kanye West
‘SENDEREKA’ a phrase meaning swing my way or pivot.

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Omijah - Two By Two     Hip Hop, RnB, Rap 14/03/2018
Sydney songwriter Omijah has entered into the spotlight with a grand, gloomy debut banger, "TWO BY TWO", featuring fellow Sydney rapper Royce Drixhen.
"TWO BY TWO" is a late-night debut hit from Omijah that is as genre-bending as it is room-rattling, proving that he’s one of the most diverse new artists in Australia’s budding Hip-Hop landscape.

Gratis Minds - Up Again     Hip Hop, Electronic, Chill 13/03/2018
From the sunny beaches of Northern NSW, Gratis Minds is comprised of Jon Doe and Jay Orient .
We want the listeners to feel hopeful and uplifted after listening to this record. If there is one thing that the listener can take from this song its that if you get left feeling down by things in life, the only real option is to get back up again

Hudson Wallace - You're The One Who Walked Away     Hip Hop, Pop 13/03/2018
Rapper from Melbourne blending hip hop with new wave pop, and honest, vulnerable lyricism.
'You're The One Who Walked Away' is a fun track dedicated to anyone who left your life, and it's their loss. It's an anthem to not caring about those who don't care about you. 

Luke Miltenburg - The One (That You Deserve)     Hip Hop, RnB, Dance, Chill 13/03/2018
Music Producer from Mackay, QLD
An R'n'B / Hip Hop Love Song

Other tracks by Luke Miltenburg:  Sunset
Ryland Rose - Turn Up Feeling     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 13/03/2018
'Turn Up Feeling' is the first look into Ryland Rose's upcoming project 'DORK' - an EP he'll be releasing via Inertia in 2018
'Turn Up Feeling' is the first look into Ryland Rose's upcoming project 'DORK'. Over the past 18 months, the Australian has been playlisted on 'Fresh Finds' for his viral track 'Almost Famous & Broke', and also playlisted by Spotify Asia for the happy-trap anthem 'Penny'.

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Other tracks by Ryland Rose:  Penny  -  Rembrandt
X & Hell - Dan Bilzerian     Hip Hop, Rap, Electronic 07/03/2018
X & Hell are a rap duo from Melbourne. Formerly weapon X and Ken Hell
A Party Jam about partying like Dan Bilzerian the Insta famous poker playing, gun shooting, misogynistic hero to some. All in jest with incredible raps and flows.

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Cooper - Wouldn't Change     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 06/03/2018
24 year-old Cooper presents air tight flows, complemented with melodic vocals and rhymes nostalgic of early PEZ and Seth Sentry.
Wouldn’t Change is Cooper's take on the cliche ‘back in the day’ concept. The bouncy coastal vibe warms you as Cooper’s lyrics flood you with nostalgia. The track focuses on the idea of hindsight, looking back on the decisions we have made and how our choices have shaped us.

Joey Maker & Bruce Hathcock - The Evils That We Do     Hip Hop, RnB, Rap, Pop 06/03/2018
Joey Maker is Sydney's smoothest emerging MC, taking inspiration from established acts such a Spit Sydnicate and Logic, the young gun flows effortlessly without ever compromising penmanship.
The Evils That We Do sees both artist exploring the vital roll that money plays in their lives. The track opens with Bruce's soulful vocals over a light piano composition before expanding into Joey's melodic, introspective first verse.

Other tracks by Joey Maker & Bruce Hathcock:  Emotions Collide  -  Better Believe
Butterfingers - Bullet To The Head     Hip Hop, Rock, Pop 03/03/2018
Australia’s cult-classic hip-hop/crossover funsters
‘Bullet to the Head’ is a blistering hot reaction to the stress of modern life due to the overstimulation and hyper-connectivity of social media, email and mobile ‘devices’ in general.

Dobby - Peregrine     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous 03/03/2018
The Peregrine Falcon is the world's fastest animal, reaching up to 385km/hr when diving to hunt their prey. Here, I take inspiration from the dives of a Peregrine. This song represents my first dive, who I am, what I represent and what I live for.

imbi the girl - V.I.P.     Hip Hop, RnB 03/03/2018
If their impact this year is anything to go by, imbi the girl is sure to make a bigger splash in the industry in 2018 and beyond.
'V.I.P’ is a swirling mix of aggressive sexuality, throbbing passion and all-conquering love that is so vivid you feel like you’re experiencing it yourself.

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Johniepee - Zebra     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 03/03/2018
Relatable, real, melodic and funny AF. The Sydney MC brings a lot to the Hip Hop table with his diverse content coverage and unmistakable flow.
ohniePee showcases his vocal range on this new stand-alone track. It's essentially just a hint of what's to come with an EP planned for later in the year. Zebra dips towards the jazzier side of Hip Hop featuring a mix of melodic hooks and boom bap-esc verses.

Sam Lush - Miss Dangerous     Hip Hop, Easy Listening 03/03/2018
Lyricist, Bedroom Producer, Philanthropist You decide
Miss Dangerous is about finding the perfect woman, one so perfect she could be the last woman you ever see

Which is Dangerous

Other tracks by Sam Lush:  Light Speed  -  Triumph
Smizzy - Cut It Out     Hip Hop, Pop 03/03/2018
Smizzy, formerly Smiles Again from Mind Over Matter is an Australian Hip Hop mainstay, producing the goods for over 10 years.
Cut It Out, produced by Red Triangle (Cello Green / The Struts) which features the super clean vocals of Andrew Butler, explores Smizzy’s experience of a girl he’d dated who hand-balled his heart all over the place but at the same time was very honest about it.

Bastian Bucks - Letters To God     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 02/03/2018
Melbourne based Producer/ Rapper. Doing what I love
We shot a music video for this song in Florence, Italy. Which will be released on the same day as the album. The song looks at the "What if God was one of us" type questions, but with a little more objectivity

Other tracks by Bastian Bucks:  Origins  -  Attack of The Nightcrawlers
Deathbeat - Zombies     Hip Hop, Rock 02/03/2018
Deathbeat is a brand new rock/hip-hop inspired two-piece based in Melbourne.
“Zombies” is a nod towards their more eclectic influences such as One Day As A Lion and The Beastie Boys. With a blistering distorted guitar riff and a bombastic groove, this high-energy number takes you on an rollercoaster ride more likely to deliver a bloody nose than a smile.

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Other tracks by Deathbeat:  Heartbreaks