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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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Manu Crooks - Ridin     Hip Hop, Rap, RnB 11/07/2017
Sydney-based artist and producer making international sounding hip-hop.
The latest single from Sydney-based hip hop artists Manu Crooks - who has previously been added to triple J, featured on Beats with Zane Lowe, and interviewed by The Fader.


BNY - That Girl     Hip Hop 08/07/2017
BNY is an upcoming Rapper from regional QLD, creating music in his bedroom for the fun of it.
A track I wrote my girlfriend when we started dating, talking about a "mystery" girl that catches my eyes. It's a bouncy track and definitely one of my favourite overall.

King Social - Simmer Down     Hip Hop, Soul, Australian Indigenous, Rap 08/07/2017
A blend of hip-hop, soul and new age everything, King Social welcomes you to their sun-worshipping party cult. Lose your head and your keys at a King Social party.
Simmer Down blends percussive hip-hop with a soulful hook.


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Other tracks by King Social:  Lemonade  -  La Di Da
Over-Reactor - Judgment Day     Hip Hop, Electronic, Rock 04/07/2017
Over-Reactor are firebrand frontman Ezekiel Ox (Mammal, Superheist, The Nerve, Full Scale) on vocals and Cory Blight (Dukes of Windsor) on Drums and samples.
Boom - it's Judgment Day. Over-Reactor proclaims it. New Single Judgment Day is from their new album Cocaine Headdress (out 7.7.17 through Birds Robe Records) and to celebrate the end of the world as we know it, they are heading out on tour through NSW, VIC and SA.

Other tracks by Over-Reactor:  Backbone
The Real Mac Dimarco? - Watch It All Evolve     Metal/Punk, Hip Hop, Rock 04/07/2017
The Real Mac Dimarco? are a live hip hop band out of Adelaide with influences ranging from punk rock, funk, grunge, folk and everything in between.
Watch It All Evolve is the first song on our debut EP and will get you started on the journey of our music. Sweet lyrics, a funky bass line & a drum beat that will keep you moving this is definitely a song worth putting on repeat.

Other tracks by The Real Mac Dimarco?:  Papa Luigi  -  Repitition's Back
Young Maze - All Night     Hip Hop 04/07/2017
A Hip-Hop artist from Melbourne, VIC.
“I always wanted a track that people could relate to and when you listen to this track, you realize that this is reality. This track is different from what I usually make as I like challenging myself and not categorize my sound," says Maze on creating the track.

Jimblah - My Island Home     Indigenous, Hip Hop, Electronic, Australian Indigenous 29/06/2017
Jimblah is a producer, MC and vocalist from Adelaide, South Australia.He is influenced by a wide range of different artists and genres, his main passion being hip hop.
South Australian producer, MC and vocalist Jimblah's offers this synth-laden, new-age take on the Warumpi Band classic. As featured on the 'Deadly Hearts' compilation out June 30. The modern sound of Indigenous Australia - A landmark album from the next generation of storytellers.

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Carmouflage Rose - Late Nights     Hip Hop 24/06/2017
Carmouflage Rose is a Brisbane based, Zimbabwean transplant that is creating his own lane in Australian Hip Hop.
The infectious track, produced by Brisbane’s answer to Metro Boomin’; ‘James Angus, is filled with a tropical atmosphere and the signature dance-hall/reggae
aesthetic that Carmouflage Rose so eloquently brings with his unique vocals.



Cool Out Sun - Lament Not (Lamento De Exu)     Hip Hop, World, African, Rap 23/06/2017
Cool Out Sun is comprised of kids that won't put the drumsticks down in class. The beats; provocative. Lyrics; imaginative. Cool Out Sun are a creation of artistic escape.
In an effortless stride, Jones brightens your day juggling optimistic lyricism with colourful melodics. His stylistic approach is an uplifting and laxed’ out invitation to Cool Out Sun’s positive vibes. Turn it up, recline and Lament Not dear friends.

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Other tracks by Cool Out Sun:  Time For Love (Tempo De Amor)  -  Song For Sons
Kandere - BB GOY     Hip Hop, Rap, Goth, Electronic 21/06/2017
kandere is the music duo of artists, Lakyn Tarai and Wahe Kavara. This freshly formed act is deeply rooted in shared Melanesian ancestry, queerness and the creative synergy of music.
BB GOY is an ode to self-empowerment and knowing your dreams are worth it. It depicts an undulating internal dialogue of lazy reads, pep talks and deflections of outside perceptions. It’s a no fuss, yet do not fuck with us self-affirmation of knowing your own beauty.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW), Simon Winkler, Triple R, Melbourne (VIC)

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Luka Lesson - Living Artefact feat. Kahl Wallis     Hip Hop, World 20/06/2017
Luka Lesson is a best-selling author, Australian Poetry Slam champion, spoken word and hip-hop artist with two EPs and tours with Nahko Medicine for the People, Akala and Tiki Taane.
“Luka Lesson shines on Living Artefact, sharing with us a much-needed dose of culture, ancestry and heritage. His flow is hypnotic and his delivery radiates strength. Kahl Wallis’ voice uplifts. The two together make this song truly hit home.”
— L-Fresh the Lion

KnD - Cut Me     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous, Indigenous 17/06/2017
KnD are a hip-hop duo from Alice Springs. Karnage (Tristrum Watkins)is a Western Arrernte man Hermannsburg. Darknis (Corinna Hall) is a Ngarrindjera/Kokatha woman from Raukkan, SA and Ceduna.
'Cut Me' focuses on the cycle of domestic violence.
The track also features the serene vocals of Indigenous singer/songwriter Kristal West, who has also recently released a track as an ode to her grandfather and storied Australian land rights activist, Eddie Mabo.

Mamanta Crew - Paakatringa Waya     Indigenous, Rap, Australian Indigenous, Reggae 16/06/2017
Mamanta Crew was founded as part of a Desert Pea Media workshop program with the small community of Millikapiti, on Melville Island (Tiwi Island Group) located 200km North of Darwin.
'Paakatringa Waya' is a tuff, heavy, rap/reggae ballad that frames a conversation about serious social issues such as alcohol abuse, substance abuse, poverty and violence. It speaks of the importance of positive leadership and cultural revival as a key component to building a healthy, positive future for the Tiwi People.

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Kingy Jerome - Tonight (Feat. OSHEA)     Hip Hop, Dance 16/06/2017
David ‘Kingy’ Lino is an African-Australian Rap and RnB artist.
His new single is “Tonight (Feat. OSHEA)” is promises to be a high rotation club banger.

Rapaport - Lost in the Frequency     Hip Hop, Electronic 15/06/2017
Joel Rapaport is a 33yr old hip hop MC, guitarist and producer, co-founder and managing director of Big Village Records; the creator of hip hop theatre show, ‘Sketch The Rhyme’
In “Lost in the Frequency”, Rapaport’s anxiety-drenched lyrics, combined with producer Kid Fiction’s foreboding footwork drums and moody synths, explore the subterranean and the soulful. “Lost in the Frequency” describes the relentless and overwhelming nature of anxiety, detailing the rapper’s personal stress and state of mind.

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D'Opus & Roshambo - Paradise (Feat. Breana Marin)     Hip Hop 13/06/2017
D'Opus & Roshambo are Hip-Hop favourites from Canberra."Their skills on the decks and the mic are undeniable." - Faster Louder.
‘Paradise’ is a positive and uplifting anthem for the now – taking inspiration from feelings of escape whilst finding a place of inner paradise.

‘Paradise’ features the talents of LA based singer/songwriter Breana Marin who has worked with the likes of Keyshia Cole, Fifth Harmony, Darkchild, Red One and more.

Royal el Latino - Superior Beings     Hip Hop 13/06/2017
Coming out of Brisbane is Hip Hop Artist Royal el Latino. He brings a new vibe to his music these days incorporating catchy lyrics over a Funk, Hip Hop beat.
This is one track off his upcoming album that has that Summer time chilled vibe to it. Combined with smooth vocals on the chorus and truthful rap lyrics this song hits all the right notes that will have you singing along.

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Other tracks by Royal el Latino:  Made it to Australia  -  Waking up da Giant
MC Wheels - Positive Outlook (feat. Lily-Taloola)     Hip Hop, Rap 10/06/2017
MC Wheels new single "Positive Outlook" out on iTunes June 5, from upcoming new album "Dark Side Of Happiness" (out July 2017).
This song is basically about focusing on what you have in life and not taking it for granted… just joining what is around you not wanting more. I’m just shutting out all negative thoughts and energy around the world and looking at life with a positive outlook!

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Downsyde - Richman     Hip Hop, Atmospheric 09/06/2017
Downsyde are an Australian hip hop group from Perth, Western Australia. The group is composed of three members, Optamus, Dazastah and Dyna-Mikes.
After long await, Perth based trio Downsyde have dropped their new single 'Richman' which has been plucked from the upcoming full-length album ClassicIll.

NewAge Poet - No Labelz     Hip Hop, Rap 09/06/2017
NewAge Poet is all about Conscious Hip Hop. Lyricism being just as important as the quality of music he produces
This track has an above the surface message about not selling out to the record labels and an undertone of always being yourself and not being afraid to go against the grain. The chorus pays homage to past artists who have done exactly this, the bridge delves in self confidence.

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Other tracks by NewAge Poet:  One Nation  -  Leader 2K