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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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Failr & Marky Vaw - Aesthetic     Hip Hop, Electronic, Pop, Dance 11/11/2017
Failr is a sweet producer, Marky Vaw is a sweet rapper. Sweeet.
Aesthetic AF

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Other tracks by Failr & Marky Vaw:  Tallboy
Simo Soo - Ey Das Me     Hip Hop, Pop, Electronic, Punk 11/11/2017
Simo Soo's hard to pin down, between throwing beats influenced as much by pop and club music as avant electronica, Soo spits fast rhymes and punky yelps right at you.
Whereas his nihilist AF mixtape ‘We’ve All Been Tricked...’ from February was bars upon bars of raps about anxiety, depression and feeling completely lost, ‘Ey Das Me’ is a downright chirpy affair. Soo flexes on being the only ‘cutie, twinky punk genius’ in the game

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Space Invadas - Wild World (feat. Remi)     Electronic, Hip Hop, Soul, Funk 11/11/2017
Made up of Katalyst and Steve Spacek, Space Invadas return after a seven year break with new single ‘Wild World' (feat. Remi) out now via Invada Records / Remote Control.
'Wild World' is a jazz infused soul/hip hop track featuring Melbourne MC Remi, where Steve Spacek and Remi converse about the amazing and crazy world we live in.

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Zilm - The Least II     Hip Hop, Funk 11/11/2017
Jamie Zilm is a multi-instrumentalist/vocalist/radio presenter originally from the small country town of Bordertown, SA.
This song is a hip hop/funk song written in Berlin while Zilm was travelling Europe mid-2016. It features a distinctive bass line and 'chippy' guitars with wah-wah.

Other tracks by Zilm:  Set It Up  -  London BonBon
360 - Way Out Ft. Teischa (Radio Edit)     Hip Hop 09/11/2017
Matthew James Colwell, better known by his stage name 360, is an Australian hip hop recording artist.
Way Out pairs 360’s trademark charm with razor sharp raps, pop sensibilities, and fresh take on traditional rap instrumentation, but maybe most importantly – it’s packed with honesty.

Kinchela - Let's Get Wasted feat. Joyce Mcleod & June B     Hip Hop, Pop 08/11/2017
The release of Kinchela's debut single 'Let's Get Wasted', marks his true musical introduction to the world of Indigenous Hip Hop.
Let's Get Wasted is the debut single of Indigenous Hip Hop artist Kinchela, the energetic up tempo pop track sets the mood to make you wanna forget about work and drink the weekend away living every moment up.

Lawrenz Arcadia - Positive     Hip Hop, Rock, Electronic 07/11/2017
Lawrenz Arcadia is the stage name for Producer and Hip hop artist James Durack
A track about staying positive in life no matter the adversity, whether it be the issues surrounding everyday life or a relationship gone sour. A song we can all relate to in some way or form and it reminds us to stay positive through whatever challenge life throws at us.

G Elenil - SOMETHING     Hip Hop, Pop 03/11/2017
Rising fast in the middle of Brisbane’s hip-hop golden age is G Elenil: Cypriate-Australian musician, producer, visual artist, streetwear label owner, and more.
SOMETHING introduces us to G's world, buoyed by warm bubbling synths. G spits about her neighbourhood, cultural touchstones, and flexes her independence with eye-popping flippancy (If you wanted me in a nappy/Imma son you like a midwife).

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Talakai - We Run It (ft. Chillinit)     Hip Hop, Electronic 01/11/2017
Grime meets Aus Hip-Hop. Talakai utilizes intricate flow patterns to create a tapestry of emotion over any beat. He rhymes with passion and conviction, a must see live.
After viral success of their "Get Bodied" series Aus Grime pioneers Talakai and Chillinit go hard and fast over an eerie, bass-heavy grime beat.


Barbone - Duct Tape     Hip Hop, Comedy, Rap, Chill 31/10/2017
Barbone, aka Shreek Da Loud Mouf, aka Freddy Bandito, aka Al Eye Cawshes has been lurking about the Melbourne Hip Hop scene for a little over 10 years now.
Second Film Clip for the recognised album The Bandit
Filmed & Edited by Fatty Phew
Directed by Barbone & Fatty Phew
Beat by Ramzee
Cuts by DJ Rellik
Mixed & Mastered by Phil Gektor aka Geko

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Other tracks by Barbone:  Good Morning  -  Peep This
Hinkey The Snail - Tyler Durden (Prod. Tim Whitt)     Hip Hop, Electronic 27/10/2017
Alternative Hip Hop from Adelaide's Northern Suburbs.
This song is written as a commentary on how from birth to death most people live the life that "society" expects them to and how easy it is to be trapped into moulding your existence to suit modern society's expectations.

Produced and Mixed by Tim Whitt

*Creative Kingdom*

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Other tracks by Hinkey The Snail:  One Day Soon pt. 1 (Prod. Tim Whitt)
Phoenix Manson - Thursday (feat. Charlotte Adelle)     Electronic, RnB, Soul, Hip Hop 25/10/2017
Phoenix Manson is a young music producer from Melbourne. Fusing hip hop drums and jazz chords with smooth top lines, he delivers a fresh take on an old school sound.
Influenced by artists such as Erykah Badu and Lauren Hill, this woozy neo-soul groove is infused with
the velvety vocals of Charlotte Adelle. Recorded in his home studio and mastered at Studios 301, Thursday sounds like late 90’s R&B with a modern twist. Thursday is the first single from WAVELENGTH-EP.

Other tracks by Phoenix Manson:  Blue Dream (feat. SOULxDIVA)  -  Hourglass (feat. Daniel Tucker)
Resin Dogs - Como No Feat. Essa     Hip Hop 25/10/2017
Resin Dogs are one of Australia’s most Iconic Hip Hop Acts.
Como No’ was written by Dave Acosta Atkins from the Resin Dogs and produced by Dave and Brad Baloo (Nextmen UK). The bilingual song features guest vocalist Essa and this cool little up beat number is a classic sound from the ever-evolving Resin Dogs.

Frame - Real Love     Hip Hop 21/10/2017
Mixing melodic vocals, rap, & electronic sounds, Frame carves out beautiful love songs that teach you to love yourself and everything around you.
About two people, irrespective of how they feel towards each other, holding each other back because they want different things out of love. ‘Real Love’ is a future-bass rap song, written by Frame & mixed & mastered by James Damien Angus.

Karnage N Darknis - I Love Hip Hop     Hip Hop, Rap 21/10/2017
KnD are a hip-hop duo from Alice Springs. Karnage (Tristrum Watkins)is a Western Arrernte man Hermannsburg. Darknis (Corinna Hall) is a Ngarrindjera/Kokatha woman from Raukkan, SA and Ceduna.
This song is a tribute to the 90s hip hop K 'N' D grew up listening to. They loved everything about the culture that surrounded it – the fashion, the sound, the art, the topics.

3SIDEZ - Peace, Love, Positivity (prod. DRT.)     Hip Hop 20/10/2017
3SIDEZ is an Adelaide based Rapper and MC who is dedicated to working on his craft and creating a positive movement. (Positive Vibes The Movement).
A lot of people I know seemed unhappy about their everyday life and thought money was the only thing to highlight success, as i once did too. So I made this song to motivate them and hope they can see life in more positive way.

B Wise - Feel Something     Hip Hop 20/10/2017
B Wise is a Nigerian-Australian hip hop artist from South West Sydney. New single, 'Feel Something' and it is about growing up with a crew that always had his back.
‘Feel Something' is about a sense of community. It's a story about my teen years. At the time, my world revolved around ‘the area’ - slang for any neighbourhood in the West or South West of Sydney. We were young & reckless, but someone always had your back.

El' Jistos - Jazzaphonic Itch ft. Vanessa Caspersz     Hip Hop, Funk 20/10/2017
Tell it Straight.No Bullshit.Simple communication of complex subject matter.
Drums produced by Caustic Yoda
Instrumentation and additional production by El' Jistos
Recorded by Craig Field @ Underwood Studios
Mixed and Mastered by El' Jistos @ Catalyst Punk Records

ESESE - Slow Down     Funk/Soul 20/10/2017
Eastern Seaboard Electric Soul Ensemble, or also known as ESESE, is an 8-piece Melbourne-based creative collective that spans across multi-genres,creating an experience and sound like no other.
Musically drawing upon influences of Neo-Soul, Hip Hop, RnB and Bass, with added British overtones – ESESE extends much further than simply just a band. The collective counts musicians, producers, DJs, artists, video directors, and more amongst its ranks.

Buttah The Verbal Wordsmith - The Odyssey     Hip Hop 18/10/2017
Buttah the verbal wordsmith was raised in the dirt and the dust of Far North Queensland and is a major influence on the FNQ hip hop scene.
The Odyssey is a deeply introspective, well-crafted masterpiece of metaphorical imagery and
inspired storytelling. Anybody who listens to this song will relate in their own way and everybody
will take away something different.

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