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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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Birdz - This Side ft Serina Pech     Hip Hop, Rap, Indigenous, Soul 27/07/2017
Bad Apples Music's own Birdz is solidifying himself as hip-hops most exciting emerging talents with his consistent track record of releasesBirdz’ debut album is slated for release August 2017
This Side (featuring Serina Pech) is Birdz's testament to the integrity of Bad Apples Music and the key driver of the record label and the signed artists – Black Excellence. Birdz teamed up with Katherine singer songwriter Serina Pech who joins his melodic rhymes with smooth singalong chorus.


MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

B-Nasty - No Time     Hip Hop, RnB 27/07/2017
Making a grand impression on the Triple J unearthed charts with his latest release, No Time, B-Nasty has made a impressive impact on the music scene with his debut album.
Following the success of his debut album The End of the Beginning, rapper B-Nasty has released his latest single from the album, "No Time" which features Sirpit and Last Trace.

Denairo - Do Som'tin     Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Hip Hop 27/07/2017
Originally hailing from the USA, Denairo is now tearing up the hiphop scene in Perth. Bringing lyrical fire from his background in freestyle, he delivers a strong and conscious message.
Dough Related Productions rapper Denairo drops his second single "Do Som'tin". The track is an absolute Southside banger and is now available on all major online platforms!

LC Mckenzie - Night After Night     Hip Hop, Rap 27/07/2017
He has lived in 4 different cities since being born in Zimbabwe, which means LC Mckenzie brings influence from across the globe into his music.
After signing to Dough Related Productions, rapper LC Mckenzie has been putting a lot of work in the lab gearing up to release his debut album. His first single "Night After Night" is a small taste of the upcoming untitled album coming later in the year.

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Choon Goonz - Token Pop Song     Pop, Hip Hop, Electronic 26/07/2017
A genre-hopping party crew who take their fun seriously. The trip-hop inspired maestros turn the stage into their studio, combining razor-sharp live-production and looping techniques with the tastiest of beats.
A track that is so unashamedly pop we didn't know what else to call it, so we present to you our 'Token Pop Song'.

Other tracks by Choon Goonz:  Come Together  -  Chocoholics
Belle - Don't Go There     Electronic, Hip Hop 26/07/2017
Belle is not only a show stopping model, but also a rapper, producer and dancer. She has her own style and is currently making waves in the independent music scene.
Belle is back with another single from her upcoming album. This track is called "Don't Go There" and showcases her skills as a producer, singer and songwriter.

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Bitter Belief - Battleships Pt 2     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, Rock 26/07/2017
Grafting his way up the ranks of Australian hip-hop, Bitter Belief has kept to the independent route, signing to the SBX clan alongside renowned west coast producer Rob Shaker.
Teaming with Shake Down Studios’ own Rob Shaker to produce the beat, cut the cake, mix and master the finished product, Bitter B and Shaker picked back up where ‘Battleship Pt. 1’ left off. The weaponry was primed at the house that Shaker built.

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Other tracks by Bitter Belief:  Hot Sauce  -  The Dharma
Clifford Carpenter - Work     Hip Hop, Psychedelic, Electronic, Britpop 26/07/2017
Clifford Carpenter is a solo musician and vocalist mixing hip hop, punk, industrial, psychedelia and shoe gaze.
Clifford Carpenter's 'Work' is a beautiful dark twisted fantasy filled with anxiety and social media that sounds like a morning-after Modafinal party with Morrissey.

Col Infinity - Northern Residential     Hip Hop, Hip Hop 26/07/2017
Col makes use of the Northern Territory in his compositions, focusing on the essence of the uncharted and authentic atmosphere of his home to craft a unique and lusciously style.
Northern Residential triumphantly connotes the lifestyle of residing in the Northern Territory through the use of victorious high-energy trumpets and a captivating piano loop. With countless lyrical references to the great land, Col Infinity’s enchanting chorus will make you consider your next destination to be the Northern Territory.


Esha - The Flow     Hip Hop, Soul, Electronic 26/07/2017
Esha has a powerful voice and and even bigger message to say. Bringing a unique flavour to the R&B/Soul space her lyrics bring relevance and passion into the music scene.
Dough Related Productions female artist Esha has just released another single "The Flow" from her upcoming album. This marks the third single for the singer/songwriter under the label.

Merc Mason - Pull Up, Hop Out     Hip Hop, Electronic 26/07/2017
Sydney-based hip hop artist, Merc Mason is excited to reveal his debut single ‘Pull Up, Hop Out’ - the lead track lifted from his forthcoming EP ‘Lucid’ (due August 11).
‘Pull Up, Hop Out’ is the opening track of the record;; an eerie and confronting, yet apt introduction showcasing Mason’s style and staple influences. Taking cues from the likes of trap artists Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz and A$AP Ferg, the enigmatic rapper blends an array of flows and cadences.

True Vibenation - Heaps Good (Samuel L Jackson)     Funk/Soul, Electronic, World, Hip Hop 26/07/2017
Blending earth shattering bass, big brass, African rhythms and hip-hop, True Vibenation signal a new generation of artists making the music of true global citizens.
‘Heaps Good (Samuel L Jackson)’ will chaperone you out of your seats, armed with an instrument in one hand, your heart in another and music as a chosen strategy to combat oppression, urging you to join the global protest against injustice.

Other tracks by True Vibenation:  Heaps Good (Samuel L Jackson) (Clean version)
Big Words - Miss Your Mind     Hip Hop, Soul, Funk 21/07/2017
Big Words hit us with their debut single, ‘The Answer’, late last year which has already wracked up over 700,000 Spotify streams.
“The song ‘Miss Your Mind’ relates to a time where your best friend isn't as close as they usually are. The thing you miss the most  is someone's mind, especially when it's out of reach.” - Big Words

MUSIC CO-COORDINATOR PICK: Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD)

Joyride - Kings and Queens     Funk/Soul, Electronic, Pop 21/07/2017
As a musician, performer, DJ and social maverick, Joyride is one of the biggest personalities in Australian music. His recently launched solo career will see his stature grow even more.
‘Kings And Queens’, showcases Joyride's immense talent, while capturing the sentiment of people like him he sees striving to live vibrant lives against a backdrop of bullsh*t – as ever-expanding cultural sink holes continue to form in the cities and towns we love.

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Suburban Dark - Remember Your Code     Hip Hop, Industrial, Experimental, Electronic 20/07/2017
Music not to be messed with, Suburban Dark is a duo hell-bent on keeping things straight and tough. Their tracks range from spine-chilling noise to bass-assaulting bangers.
Sydney-based production duo Suburban Dark drop new single ‘ Remember Your Code’ : a curt instrumental track and the first taste of their sophomore LP, Death From Below. The sinister ‘ Remember Your Code’ fuses found sounds and hypnotic samples to create infectious and heavy bass music.

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Skank & Shake - Embers     Hip Hop, Rap, Atmospheric 19/07/2017
Liquescent beats meet incendiary rhyme. NT Hip Hop duo - Skank & Shake, won't let the tyranny of distance win. Jump in as they journey down The Long Road Ahead
Embers is a song of reformation. About a cold night out under the stars - it uses themes of growth to convey a message of self actualisation. An underlining theme being the responsible use of mind altering substances for medical and spiritual reasons adds an alternate meaning to the listener.

François - LastDolla     Hip Hop, Pop 13/07/2017
Recently heralded by Triple J Unearthed as a mix between Kaytranada and Drake, Melbourne raised artist François mixes elements of core Hip-Hop with Pop showcasing an eclectic and diverse sound.
A bittersweet reflection based on a true story, "LastDolla" gives insight into the pitfalls and struggles of being an upcoming artist in the music industry yet not forgetting to pay homage to those close who are there for the journey through thick and thin.

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Other tracks by François:  GrowingPains
Kaiit - Natural Woman     Hip Hop, Soul 13/07/2017
With honeyed vocals, fierce rhymes and a bold eclectic style to match, 19-year-old Kaiit is alluring audiences to the sweet sound of soul.
A heartwarming tale that all of us can relate to, "Natural Woman" captures the nostalgia of when we meet someone who is capable of bringing out our true innocence and lighthearted nature. Kaiit's smooth and jazzy vocals along with quirky lyrics will surely get you reminiscing about that special someone.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Cameron Dunsford, PBS 106.7FM, Melbourne (VIC), Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW), Simon Winkler, Triple R, Melbourne (VIC)

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Other tracks by Kaiit:  2000 n SOMETHIN
B-Town Warriors - Thundercloud     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous, Reggae, Roots 12/07/2017
Straight out of the small, outback town of Bourke, NSW - this group of incredible young Indigenous people work with Desert Pea Media to create insightful, engaging hip hop/roots music.
This song is a story of struggle. In a context where mental health is at crisis point for young Indigenous Australians, and the pressures of living in two worlds are bigger than ever. This is a brave and emotive production created to inspire community to be resilient and feel supported.


Githabul Next Generation - Breaking Habits     Indigenous, Australian Indigenous, Hip Hop, Reggae 12/07/2017
Straight out of Muli Muli in Northern NSW, this is cross-community collaboration working to create awareness and educate people about caring for country.
A funky, reggae-inspired arrangement featuring an incredible local Githabul artist, Jennifer Williams.

The song was created by Desert Pea Media to create conversation around recycling, environment and caring for country.

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