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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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Mr Rhodes. - Lowlight     Hip Hop, Electronic, Australian Indigenous 11/05/2018
Mr Rhodes is a MC/Producer Based in Lismore NSW.
This personal & introspective record see's Mr Rhodes dealing with his mothers passing, the weight of grief holding him down and finding the light at the end of the tunnel. Taking you on a journey across swirling synths and banging drums punctuated by the impactful vocals of collaborator Art Pleasley.

Bigg - All Out     Hip Hop, Rap, Electronic, Classical 10/05/2018
Bigg is a Vietnamese/Australian Rap/EDM/Hip Hop recording artist & produce, with a massive sound, the artist recently released his "tour de force" debut album “All Out”.
“All Out” is the hard-hitting title track from Bigg’s debut album. Cocked and loaded with the braggadocios confidence that he is notorious for, Bigg’s suave persona shines on this track. “Homie said 15 tracks is enough to ball out. I gave em 26 let em know this is All Out!”

Other tracks by Bigg:  Kanye East  -  Late Night, Red Wine & Cigarette
Conrad Greenleaf - Smoke Weed Occasionally     Hip Hop, Rap, Chill, Psychedelic 10/05/2018
Conrad Greenleaf is a musician/producer/artist/DJ from inner-west Sydney.
Smoke Weed Occasionally is a fun little rap song released to celebrate 4/20 aka Marijuana Day. There is a rhyme in the 2nd verse that has been described as the greatest rhyme of all time.

Other tracks by Conrad Greenleaf:  Conrad's Back  -  Black Flowers
AMVN - Mama Don't Worry     Hip Hop, RnB 08/05/2018
AMVN is the project of Melbourne based musician, producer and creative Aman Bayatly. A talented engineer and producer too, Bayatly's work has taken him Australia wide.
Dedicated to his mother, 'Mama Don't Worry' is a bit of a love letter to the strong women who exude strength and beauty in the face of oppression and darkness. Peace and unity is at the core of AMVN's music, this new single representing the ethic beautifully.

KG - Black Boy     Hip Hop 08/05/2018
South African born, Australian raised rapper KG is making no apologies with his thought provoking music, The social justice advocate is tackling the taboo topics of society today.
KG enters 2018 with his affirmative new single Black Boy. The song describes what life is like for a person of colour and stereotypes that come with being black in systemically oppressed world. However, the song encourages young black youth to overcome discrimination, rise above and prove stereotypes as false

Wizdm - Shoulder to Shoulder     Hip Hop 06/05/2018
With his trademark 'shoot from the hip' honesty, Sydney-based Wizdm returns with his first full-length album since 2009. His unique flows and beats make this a must-listen release of 2018.
Shoulder to Shoulder is about brotherhood, standing alongside your brethren as times get tough. The punchy beat steps, twists and turns throughout the track. Featuring mistery and Oakbridge, the lyrics are varied and flows coalesce with each other, leaving the listener with food for thought and a head-bobbing neckache.

Other tracks by Wizdm:  The Journal
Caesar Crow - Favourite Drug     Hip Hop, Rap, RnB 05/05/2018
Caesar Crow is an up and coming Australian hip hop artist born and raised in Melbourne’s East. Caesar has spent years perfecting his craft.
"This is reminiscent of The Grey Space era Horrorshow and The Waiter Minute era Seth Sentry. I love your ability to guide the story with your narration." - Clue (Triple J Unearthed)

Caesar is now officially re-releasing 'Favourite Drug' Featuring Cassie R on all major platforms Available May 3rd.

Hook Roll - Get It On Top     Hip Hop 05/05/2018
My talent is getting so much better now it's taken about 9 years I've always loved rap music
I love this beat

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Jordan Dennis - Crumbs Feat. Blasko     Hip Hop, RnB, Dance 05/05/2018
With his reputation growing quickly within his hometown, Melbourne MC Jordan Dennis is an artist who'll soon find fans much further afield.
'Crumbs' is a strong introduction to Jordan Dennis for those unfamiliar with his previous features. The track speaks of being lead on and confused in a new relationship, but it's combination of effervescent raps, catchy hooks and sharp production is anything but misdirected.

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Simo Soo - Blade (feat. Blackheart)     Hip Hop, Electronic, Goth, Psychedelic 05/05/2018
Simo Soo is a rapper and producer simultaneously dabbling in pop and noise to create truly future hip hop music that sounds like nobody else in Australia.
Simo Soo and Blackheart team up for the Joy Division meets trap of 'Blade' written and recorded directly after the two watched the 2017 Darron Aronofsky film 'Mother!'.

Other tracks by Simo Soo:  Breathe/Run  -  High
Deadbeats - Knock Em Out The Box     Hip Hop, Rap 04/05/2018
Dan the Underdog + Threat3 = Deadbeats, intricate flows over innovative production
This track is a collaboration with DeadBeats and underground hip hop legend Esoteric (czarface/AOTP). All MCs bring their A-game on the verses, while DeadBeats and DeeJay Mathmatics go back and forth on the hook. All the elements of a certified Hip Hop banger!

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Chong Ali - Rose Coloured Tint     Hip Hop, Rap 01/05/2018
Chong Ali is a Queensland Music Award's nominated rapper. Growing up as an Australian born Vietnamese from Brisbane's south side, he's celebrated as one of the countries finest MC's.
A moody retelling of the turbulent upbringing of a young Asian teenager from the city that brought us Pauline Hanson at the height of her popularity.


Other tracks by Chong Ali:  My Cool  -  100 Shots Deep
REMI - My People feat. Thando     Hip Hop, Pop, Soul, Rap 01/05/2018
Having solidified their place at the top of Australia’s soul and hip-hop spectrum, REMI are well-loved Melbourne duo made up of Remi Kolawole & Sensible J.
Effortlessly smooth and brimming with gusto, “My People” matches Remi Kolawole's free flowing rhymes, and Sensible J's eclectic percussion with Zimbabwean-born songstress Thando’s soulful powerhouse voice, all the while coasting along with an undeniable groove.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

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Esoterik - Wide Awake (feat. Spazzy D & imbi the girl) (clean radio edit)     Hip Hop 27/04/2018
As one-third of hip-hop powerhouse Bliss n Eso, Esoterik (aka Eso) has become one of the most recognisable voices and loved personalities in contemporary Australian music.
Esoterik reveals raw new single ‘Wide Awake’, a progressive and poignant track that shines a spotlight on the influence of technology consuming every day society. Featuring Sydney MC imbi the girl and Indianapolis’ Spazzy D delivering a special verse, the message is clear - it is time to wake up.

Midas.Gold - Love Me Like Alison     Hip Hop, Electronic 27/04/2018
In an age where hip-hop from Australia is on the brink of international stardom, Midas.Gold stands out as a premiere name at the very top of the new wave.
Midas.Gold is back with a festival banger sure to have audiences on their feet. Switching lanes into electronica, the Brisbane prodigy spits rapid-fire rhymes over the top of pulsating drums and synths. They don't want you to win.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

Plutonic Lab - Blind Eyes     Hip Hop 23/04/2018
Australian award winning producer Plutonic Lab returns with a sophisticated, genre defy-ing Double A Side Single ‘Blind Eyes’ and ‘Give It Up.’
An intoxicating return for the producer, showcasing how he is able to bring together diverse artists’ and styles to display skills, restraint and synergy in a moment in time. “I feel the sound of these two pieces have great balance between electronic textures, acoustic instrumentation, jazz, tough beats and clout."

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Other tracks by Plutonic Lab:  Give It Up
Coda Conduct - Love For Me     Hip Hop, Electronic, Pop 18/04/2018
Coda Conduct is a hip hop duo consisting of Sydney rappers Erica and Sally, who boast a dexterous flow, meticulously considered lyrics, and a tongue-in-cheek attitude.
Coda Conduct are bringing the swank with their clean, poppy new cut "Love For Me", which is about being strong enough to prioritise looking after yourself sometimes.

Johnny (From the Burbs) - Bastard     Hip Hop, Rap, Electronic 17/04/2018
Johnny (From the Burbs) is a Western Sydney based hip-hop artist and producer. JFTB brings a unique brand of alternative hip hop blending many influences.
Bastard is an anthemic hip-hop track featuring aggressive lyricism and off the wall production, engaging listeners to remember the days of 90's gangster synths ala 'The Chronic' as well as middle 2000's underground hip-hop sonics and stylistic approach, think Odd Future...

Other tracks by Johnny (From the Burbs):  Winter  -  Antidote / Bradenton
Ziggy Ramo - A to Z     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, Australian Indigenous 14/04/2018
Tipped by many as one of the most exciting new players on the Australian hip hop scene, 23-year-old Ziggy Ramo’s trajectory continues to move in an upwards direction.
"A to Z" is about how important relationships are – and when you’re not concerned with one special day because every day is special. The track talks all things love - it's power when someone lets you into their world, where you share everything from A to Z.


Ezra Allen - Grow Up (feat. Sinthomes)     Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop 13/04/2018
Ezra Allen is perfecting the art of storytelling with a genre bending Hip-Hop soundscape. With multi-genre influence, be encapsulated with left of centre production and strong lyricism.
Grow Up is a reflective piece on the trial and tribulations of adulthood. Teaming up with Sinthomes FKA Anna O to create a smooth flowing track defined by the ever present saxophone riffs and strong vocal hook.