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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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Calski - One More Song     Hip Hop 09/08/2019
Calski is a renowned Brisbane Hip-Hop artist
The new single from Calski ‘One More Song’ features Raven, Rainman & Flu and is a profound insight into the mindset of these three MCs.

The hypnotic joint is about the marathon coming to an end, as if this was the last moment before the final buzzer sounds. It’s a rare powerful glimpse into the personal journey an MC walks.

Carter - Cutting Ties     Hip Hop 09/08/2019
About to release another single after his success of '100-60' that was premiered.
The song describes how he slowly let go of all the people being toxic with his life, he is slowly cutting ties with them as what his song is all about. He is determine to be more positive and take all negativity.

Horrorshow - Eyes Closed     Hip Hop 09/08/2019
Horrorshow are a hip hop duo from Sydney. In ten years they've released four albums; sold-out tours; received nominations for numerous awards, and cultivated one of the most loyal fanbases..
‘Eyes Closed’ sees Horrorshow at their very best, tapping into the bloodline of the emotional banger and making us feel everything all at once. A farewell from the futuristic tones of previous single ‘The Same’, this new song flips the rolodex back in time, reminiscing on teenage mischief and adolescent romance.

imbi the girl - our room     Hip Hop, Soul, Rap 09/08/2019
imbi the girl has started a movement of unapologetic truth, self-belief and self-love with their eclectic brand of ‘melodic rap,’ combining elements of hip-hop, R&B and soul.
‘our room’ pairs imbi the girl’s tender poetry with a hypnotic melody, layering their buttery vocals and soulful flow over understated production that helps spotlight their raw storytelling as they provide an emotional recount of their childhood psyche. Centred around a catharsis of childhood struggles, imbi the girl conveys feelings of collective nostalgia and healing of childhood trauma.

KG - Doin Me     Hip Hop, Pop 09/08/2019
“KG delivering that constant positivity with impeccable tone.” Triple J Unearthed, Tommy Faith (‘Come Along’, 2019)
A creative partnership buoyed by a shared love of a wide-ranging pool of musical influences, this new single highlights KG’s laid-back confidence and his comfort flexing behind the mic.

Mania Lowe - Truth     Hip Hop, Experimental, Pop, Electronic 09/08/2019
Mania Lowe is a queer experimental urban pop producer, songwriter, singer and rapper. Concept driven with an architectural background, Mania's creative process is intentional, precise and thorough.
Truth, initially a distorted 808 bass coated with smooth house chords and ethereal vocal effects. The song then developed into something warmer, with orchestra and acoustic percussion. To bring back the original edge, I merged the original demo with the existing to execute a dichotomy of hope, love and fearlessness against fear, doubt and awareness of damage.

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Other tracks by Mania Lowe:  Repeat  -  Stars
Sally Sa - Hourglass     Hip Hop, Ska, Soul, Roots 09/08/2019
A rich array of musical flavours, Sally Sa's music isn’t captured within a genre, rather this urban purist thrives on being a Mistress of Soul, preacher of hip hop.
This track is about becoming everything we want to be, which seems to be a theme amongst songs of mine at the moment. The world has a funny way of putting us in the boxes that suits others perspective of us! This song was originally written to a Swing beat, but developed into this beautiful reflection of SKA.

Shadow - Up feat. Jaycee     Hip Hop, Rap 09/08/2019
The debut from the WA Golden Era Records Artist, currently on tour with Hilltop Hoods
Featuring Perth singer/ rapper Jaycee. Up is a slight departure from Shadow's past releases but still a banger.

Other tracks by Shadow:  Shut It Down feat. Jose Halftime
Brian El Dorado and The Tuesday people - Glory Of God     Hip Hop, Rock, Blues 08/08/2019
Epic guitar, blues funk, rock and soul. Genre diverse yet almost always grooving and moving souls.
Glory Of God deals with the deep human need to find meaning through our worship of God figures and all of the bizarre things we will do to each other in that name. It's a explosive studio live performance almost completely recorded live to tape in a single pass.

Flimsey Lohan - Good At Nothing Kids     Hip Hop 08/08/2019
Melbourne based music collective Flimsey Lohan released their newest single 'Good At Nothing Kids' available now on all streaming platforms.
This explores a darker theme, breaking from their signature bright and bold entrance that the collective is known for. Whilst remaining tongue in cheek the lyrics paint a vivid picture of a strange day, highlighting a rebellious attitude towards the social norms conveyed through lead singer's effortless flow, over this aggressive - fast paced piece.

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Jacinta Lal - Superpowers     Hip Hop, Rap 08/08/2019
Jacinta Lal has hit the ground running with heads turning for her music, signalling the emergence of an exciting and fresh presence on Brisbane’s already-popping hip-hop scene.
The latest offering from the Brisbane rapper espouses confidence and ownership of self-worth. An unapologetic truth gem, Jacinta brings new energy to the track that displays her own sense of swagger and identity that has been endearing her to audiences throughout 2019.

Maundz - Patchwork feat. Mitchos The Menace     Hip Hop, Rap 08/08/2019
Maundz is back with Sydney's Mitchos The Menace for this underground rap banger.
Sydney and Melbourne link up for the Second single from Maundz upcoming album True North

Stevie Bankster ft Redd - Bad Habits ft Redd     Hip Hop, RnB, Soul, Electronic 08/08/2019
Australia's answer to urban and soul music. Smooth emotive tones guarantee you will feel something when listening to Stevie Bankster
Bad Habits ft Redd is an ode to our habits, everything that we shouldn't do, however when we do these things we get wild. This tune is to celebrate those wild times!

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Jay-Gee - What's Goin' On?     Hip Hop, Rap 06/08/2019
Jay-Gee is a Hip Hop/R&B producer with a fresh modern sound. He has worked with artists such as Bizzy Bone & Layzie Bone (Bone Thugs-N-Harmony), Cassidy, Young Noble, & Mareko
The single starts off with a dark catchy melody that resonates throughout the entirety of the track. The track then proceeds to the main beat and the back-to-back flows by the artists. The powerful melody, with the driving beat, gives each flow another level of energy. The lyricism of this track will undoubtedly motivate the listener.

Alex Parkman - Survive     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 02/08/2019
Zimbabwean born, Perth based Hip Hop artist Alex Parkman presents confidence, bars and melody. Taking influence from the likes of Travis Scott and Juice WRLD he is one to watch
Deep, raw and emotive, Alex Parkman's Survive shows a vulnerability not previously displayed by the young Perth based Emcee. Building upon the recent success of releasing hard hitting new wave hip hop records Alex Parkman has returned to quickly follow up with his 3 track EP titled Motion.

Other tracks by Alex Parkman:  Just a Minute  -  Bentley Truck
Antixx - Lazy Bones (Feat. N'fa Jones and L-FRESH The LION)     Hip Hop, Rap, RnB 02/08/2019
Independent and emerging artist Antixx crossfades oldschool Hip Hop flavours with in depth and honest lyricism. He authentically illustrates experiences and perceptions in a creatively colourful Hip Hop landscape.
Produced by Elefant Traks artist Joelistics, Lazy Bones is reminiscent of early 00’s boom bap, whilst heavily relying on illustrative lyrics by Antixx and some of our country’s finest MC's. Featuring a dope guitar lick from Matt Robb (Killer Hertz / Nardia) the track offers an oldschool posse-track flavor with a catchy hook to boot.

Carmouflage Rose - Sele     Hip Hop, RnB, Reggae, Rap 02/08/2019
A leader of the new wave of sounds in a genre once defined by a very specific language and accent, he is one of the most formidable young forces.
Carmouflage Rose has released new track ‘Sele’, written when he visited his birth country of Zimbabwe this year for the first time in nearly a decade.

‘Sele’ is an old English term for “good fortune”, and the song is all about living in the moment and not taking life for granted.

LEVZZ - BY MY SIDE     Hip Hop, Rap, Garage, RnB 02/08/2019
Im a 22 year old Living in sunny Queensland in a small apartment trying to make my dreams a reality.
I think the track sums up my feelings about the people in my life and the questions I ask myself. Is everyone always going to be there for you ?

THD - Dreamzz     Hip Hop, Rap, RnB 02/08/2019
THD are a rap duo from Brisbane, Australia. After performing together in high school decided to start THD not long after.
Dreamzz is a song about THD's nightlife vibe when out with friends it's a mid tempo song you can dance and chill nevertheless it embodies a Trap/Rnb vibe which is portrayed in the vocals and melody.

Budda BJ - She Got It     Hip Hop, RnB 01/08/2019
24 year old aboriginal r&b singer, rapper and producer from Yarrabah located in Far North QLD, Australia.
Features other local indigenous artists Thaddo, EC & A-Jay