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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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Sirpit - Texture     Hip Hop, RnB, Pop 31/07/2018
“Texture” is a stunning example. While romantic intricacies is not a story we haven’t heard before in music
Sonically speaking, “Texture” is one of Sirpit’s strongest single projects to come out so far. Borrowing from this millennium’s R&B influences to electronic soundscapes and trap elements, CashMoneyAp x River Beats have created a solid beat

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Jannah Beth - In Bloom     Hip Hop, Soul, Pop, Jazz 25/07/2018
“If you haven’t heard Jannah Beth yet, you’re missing out on a talented young artist who produces a unique mix of smooth raps, soulful melodies and experimental beats”. FBi Radio
In Bloom is a song that celebrates feminine energy in the world, it is an ode to those who are speaking up and gaining confidence and strength. Balancing playfulness and straight up in your face demanding an even space. It was inspired by my experiences that have led me to grow and allow myself to just be me.

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nightlight - Breathing     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, Electronic 21/07/2018
Just two girls from the north-side. Good law abiding citizens by daylight, synth-pop rap royalty by night.
The first single from nightlight's debut self-titled EP, 'BREATHING' is a laid-back tune with a captivating beat. The reflective lyrics share a story of learning and trust, and the track carries itself with a reminiscent and familiar vibe.

Other tracks by nightlight:  D.I.E.  -  Summer
Carmouflage Rose - Wildflowers     Hip Hop, Electronic 20/07/2018
Over the past 12 months, Carmouflage Rose has achieved incredible success , with his debut release “Late Nights” collectively amassing over 5 million streams across Spotify and Apple.
Wildflowers’ is a natural progression from his previous hit ‘Late Nights’, written by Carmouflage Rose himself and produced by James Angus. ‘Wildflowers’ is a smooth continuum of hip-hop and electronic sounds which echoes his unique style – a mixture of his childhood influences growing up in Zimbabwe, and his contemporary inspirations including Travis Scott and Joey Badass.

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DRMNGNOW - Indigenous Land     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous 20/07/2018
DRMNGNOW is a Yorta Yorta Independent Artist who has built a loyal following in the underground of Naarm (Melbourne) since first stepping on stages in 2015.
Indigenous Land explores ideas around Indigenous Sovereignty and the ongoing impacts of colonial settler occupation of the current nation of Australia. The track was released in reconciliation week with the intent to raise awareness around the need to have thorough conversations about indigenous position in this country in order to find peace for all.

Hilltop Hoods - Clark Griswold Feat. Adrian Eagle     Hip Hop 20/07/2018
Australian Hip Hop Act
Hilltop Hoods first new material since the critically acclaimed 2016 album ‘Drinking From The Sun, Walking Under Stars Restrung’, ‘Clark Griswold’ features the soulful voice of emerging star Adrian Eagle.

Its about becoming a father and taking account of our weaknesses as a result. On a basic level it's about being a flawed person that's trying to do better.

2018 ARIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Urban Album

Minimal Miggy - Limits     Hip Hop, Electronic 20/07/2018
Minimal Miggy is an hip-hop artist from Sydney. After working as a drummer professionally, he began creating his own eclectic and diverse sound.
‘Limits’ convey’s the notion of how fear and insecurities make up the challenges people face in their everyday lives. This track is hard hitting and reminiscent of that Atlanta sound - bound to make bounce.

Oetha - Sista Girl     Hip Hop, Rap 20/07/2018
Oetha [pronounced O-E-tha] is a new rap group comprising of Indigenous lady powerhouses Lady Lash, Miss Hood and Dizzy Doolan. The name stands for: Our Earth The Heart Acknowledges.
Throwback vibes and a soul hip-hop style with a twist of Lauryn Hill. The magic is due to 3 different vocal powers throughout the track. The overall sound is like a warm spring sunset, a late night d ‘n’ m [deep and meaningful] with some rise & shine soul flavour.

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Zanda Elwood - All That I Feel     Hip Hop, Rap, Hip Hop 19/07/2018
Born in 1995, Zanda Elwood has been blessing stages across Australia since the age of 19. Zanda is working on his next release while hibernating in the studio.
The single is set on the topic of domestic violence.
The lyrics capture the insight of what it can feel like being in love with someone who doesn't treat you right.

BRB - Kings of Old     Hip Hop, Christian, RnB 15/07/2018
Music has always been a major part of BRB's life. Over the past decade, he has evolved into a well-established and respected musician with great depth.
"If they were still in the old books, then there is hope for us yet". BRB returns with a well-crafted track with a huge focus on spiritual history and philosophy. Kings of Old is about taking your queues from your ancestors and those who came before you. A smooth beat with unique production, don't miss this one!

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Baker Boy - Black Magic     Hip Hop, Rap 13/07/2018
“This song is for all the role models in my life. Especially my dad and my brotha Dallas Woods who inspired me to rap in tongue when I was 17.”
Black Magic takes a sharp left from Baker Boy’s usual MO. Hard guitar in the chorus & raw lyrics holler his proud heritage in English & Yolngu Mata. Performed live the crowd get moshing as they remain conscious of Dallas Woods’ powerful flow about being young, black & gifted.

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Oddsox - Lonely Road     Hip Hop, Pop 12/07/2018
Oddsox combines strong flows with catchy lyricism, all with a cheeky spirit. Taking influence from the greats of Australian hip-hop, Oddsox bridges the classic sound and the future.
With jazzy, horn driven production from Hip Hop heavy-weight Hamley (Imbi The Girl, Allday, Dex) coupled with smooth, resonating vocals from Oddsox, Lonely Road is an easy, positive and palatable track from the first spin.

MSea Izzy - Adonis II     Hip Hop, Rap, Electronic, Pop 10/07/2018
Queensland based rapper MSea Izzy, a.k.a Isabella Rositano is a fresh voice on the Aussie hip-hop scene. Focused on telling raw stories and creating a positive influence with her work.
A shaggy style diss tape, covering the recent Drake fiasco and telling the untold story of Adonis 2.0.

Col Infinity - Northern Residential     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 07/07/2018
The isolation of Darwin has never been a limitation for hip hop artist Col Infinity – in fact his home city is celebrated, even praised, in this award-winning songwriter’s music.
Northern Territory is the best place to be! From beautiful beaches to the feel good weather, Col Infinity has produced an amazingly catchy and celebratory anthem for the Northern Territory. Released on Territory Day, this song represents the true essence and vibe that you get from visiting this amazing city.

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Superego - I Am The Judge     Hip Hop, Electronic, Rock, Psychedelic 07/07/2018
FKA POW! Negro, six-piece SUPEREGO are evolving from their previous mix of jazz, hip-hop and psych mix to a more scaled back beats-heavy hip hop production as their rebirth begins.
"I Am The Judge" was made out of a stream of consciousness where things just fell into place. A few guilty pleasures particularly from our drummer, whilst entering into a new sound, encompassing new styles and genres. The track name explains our stance on any trolls who might not dig the track. We do and hope you do too.

Yothu Yindi & Gavin Campbell (featuring Baker Boy) - Treaty '18     Hip Hop 06/07/2018
Fresh new prince of Arnhem Land – BAKER BOY has created a powerful rap as featured artist on the contemporary 30th anniversary update of YOTHU YINDI’s iconic protest anthem, “Treaty”.
Funky new jam,"Treaty '18" by Yothu Yindi & Gavin Campbell ft. Baker Boy was produced by Jerome Farah, with additional vocal production and percussion by Filthy Lucre and mixed by Tony Espie. Treaty '18 also features three sections of rap, as written and performed by Baker Boy and Dallas Woods.

Charlie Threads - Questions     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 05/07/2018
Rapper/producer from the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges. I make music for the 20-somethings, mothers & people who want to feel something.
Questions pulls back the curtain on boyhood emotion and adult insecurity. Juxtaposing modern vocal production and organic instrumentation.

“Being a child is full of wonder yet, we are told that wonder will disappear when we grow older - in reality, we never stop questioning.” - Charlie Threads

Swaz Benjamin - Traveller     Hip Hop, Chill, World, Electronic 05/07/2018
A wordsmith/songwriter hailing from Tasmania, Australia. Having shared stages with acts such as Thundamentals & Horrorshow in the last few years, Swaz has just released his first studio album.
The progressive & uplifting feels of this track echo the sentiment that a change of scenery is good for the soul, a different language to learn is good for the mind, new faces & places open up the world to you more & more & when you return home you see it with fresh eyes.

Other tracks by Swaz Benjamin:  MissUs  -  Coaster Lines
Genesis Owusu - Awomen, Amen     Hip Hop, Soul 04/07/2018
Genesis Owusu is a 20-year-old Australian/Ghanian hip-hop artist who also counts poetry and fashion as talents. His 2017 debut EP Cardrive exposed him to a crop of new admirers.
'Awomen, Amen', produced by Simon Marvin and Perrin Moss of grammy-award nominated Hiatus Kaiyote is 'an ode to the female in all of her grace, elegance, nastiness, power, rebellion, boldness and ferocity.'

Manaz Ill - Animal Farm     Hip Hop, Rap 04/07/2018
Manaz Ill is both an accomplished recording artist and internationally renowned battle MC.
'Animal Farm' is the latest offering from Adelaide local Manaz Ill. Produced by Perth's Hayze Beats, the track sees Manaz deliver his trademark wit and lyricism while showcasing his diversity, switching seamlessly between a variety of flows. Part tongue and cheek satire of traditional egocentric hip-hop, part analysis of man's relationship with nature, the infectious chorus provides additional replay value.