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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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Jordan Dennis x UNO Stereo - My Way     Hip Hop, RnB 30/11/2018
Jordan Dennis and UNO create upscale, modern, R&B infused hip-hop and ‘My Way’ is the first taste of their newly formed partnership,
‘My Way‘ finds Jordan Dennis in a slightly darker, but no less compelling space than his debut Crumbs, with the young artist weaving introspective lyrics about his personal circumstances as faithful young Australian across UNO’s rich production, which recalls the underground Southern soul of Goodie Mob, UGK and Big KRIT.

Kwame - CLOUDS     Hip Hop, Rap 30/11/2018
Kwame is an emcee and producer from Western Sydney breaking the mould like none other. Kwame dominated the Australian hip-hop scene this year, and he’s not backing down yet.
'CLOUDS' is a slick track about the self realisation of the worth and purpose you have in this world, Kwame explains. "As humans we’re not being taught about this, some find it narcissistic. I find that believing and loving yourself is so important, especially living in a world where you can be easily shut down and broken."

Birdz - Place of Dreams feat. Ecca Vandal     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous, Rap 29/11/2018
Bad Apples signee Birdz has is one of the country's most exciting hip hop acts today, delivering honest storytelling and commanding messages with fervent passion and raw rap vocals.
Balancing moments of delicate keys between formidable beats, the track tells a tale of limitations laid down by others and ultimately having the strength to believe in oneself. The track flows with explosive vocals from Ecca Vandal, dynamic production by Trials and Birdz's raw rap to evoke a compelling story, always formed by his heritage.

Wellie - Spacewalker     Hip Hop, Electronic 29/11/2018
Wellie is a hip-hop artist based on Melbourne, Victoria.
This new bone chilling anthem ‘Spacewalker’ produced by Black Canvas and will be available November 2nd. ‘Spacewalker’ serves as a story behind Wellie’s mind and his beliefs on today’s current society.

Fonke Knomaads - Aint Love Proud     Hip Hop, Funk 29/11/2018
Pioneers from the city of Sydney,
Fun, upbeat oozing their own unique blend of raw funk based hip hop

CJ Shaw - Terminator Shades     Hip Hop, Comedy, Acoustic 29/11/2018
Cj Shaw is a singer/ songwriter/ poet/ raconteur and Primary School teacher who engages audiences of all ages with his catchy songs, witty lyrics and dynamic stage presence.
Terminator Shades is the school song for everyone. Dubbed "Playground rap", CJ Shaw creates a classic throw back tune to your days in the school yard, or if you teach- every day of your working life!

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HussyKat - Feeling Lucky     Hip Hop, Pop, Rap 29/11/2018
Hussykat is a Baghdad born, Egyptian raised rapper currently in Melbourne
The Baghdad born, Egyptian raised rapper has gone face to face with his feelings on this 8 track packed album

Other tracks by HussyKat:  Why Do You Hate Me So Much
Defron - Almost Welcome     Hip Hop, Rap, Electronic 29/11/2018
Defron is a Veteran English-Australian rapper and writer from Melbourne, Australia.
The concept mixtape explores mental health, fame, fortune, success, mortality and death. It also ties into his personal journey in being an emcee and fighting for both his mental and personal freedom.

Other tracks by Defron:  1:11  -  Factotum
Benny Sinclair - Got Somebody     Hip Hop, RnB, Acoustic, Ambience 29/11/2018
Benny Sinclair a Hip Hop musician from Melbourne with a unique sound, fusing rap, soul, reggae & Latin. Benny raps, sings & is formerly a professional boxer.
Upbeat track about appreciation for beautiful woman enjoying a night out, & finding love.

Other tracks by Benny Sinclair:  Fantasy  -  Final Fight
Hilltop Hoods - Leave Me Lonely     Hip Hop 29/11/2018
Iconic Australian Hip Hop Act
Suffa jokes that ‘Leave me Lonely is a song about the eternal struggle of being cornered by a close-talker - and its relatable to anyone that’s ever been outside. Or in a room with more than four people.’

Some people might recognise elements of Richard Berry’s song ‘Have Love Will Travel’ (covered by The Sonics and The Black Keys)

Minimal Miggy - could it be feat. Sela     Hip Hop 29/11/2018
Producer, composer and drummer, Minimal Miggy brings a fresh offering to the scene. Minimal Miggy’s sound traverses and merges the worlds of hip hop, electronica, jazz and various world styles.
This Neo-Soul infused hip-hop track is the godchild of Sela Moon and Minimal Miggy.
Could It Be is a song about the struggles of love. All love sagas include peaks and valleys and this lush aria explores the depths of such relationships.
This is the first collaboration between Miggy and Sela, expect more to come!

Other tracks by Minimal Miggy:  Beat Drop feat. Dom Diaz  -  Choices feat. Dom Diaz
Shinobi Kin - Gravity     Hip Hop, Rock, Electronic 29/11/2018
'Shinobi Kin', have come from the shadows of the musical realm with a poetic tongue and some uplifting groove based hip-hop funk that is quickly gaining momentum within Australia.
Gravity is the first release from 'Shinobi Kin' self title EP. The track is a personal reflection of overcoming personal struggles and having the weight of Gravity constantly on your shoulders. Riding the high's and lows of lifes dynamics, this is a track that everyone can relate too.

Other tracks by Shinobi Kin:  Kick It  -  Event Cloak
Defron - Factotum     Hip Hop, Rap 29/11/2018
Defron is a Melbourne based rapper and writer. He is the 2009 Revolver MC Battle Champion and 2017 State Finalist in the Australian Poetry Slam.
Inspired and named after Charles Bukowksi's 'Factotum' from which the full project receives its name, Defron delivers a brooding contemplation on working to live and living to work, with pulsing bass tones and pounding drums. Produced by Entelechy and engineered by Benjamin YK at The Cabin.

Other tracks by Defron:  Yogi's Advice  -  Haiku (Poor Lil' Humpty)
Remi and Raiza Biza - Jiggy ft. Sampa the Great     Hip Hop, Rap 29/11/2018
REMI and musical collaborator Sensible J are one of the fastest-rising hip-hop acts in Australia.
Produced by the legend Black Milk. Mixed by Sensible J.

Dynamic production, hip hop joint. Flowing track featuring Sampa the Great with guest verses.

Other tracks by Remi and Raiza Biza:  Genesis ft. Sampa the Great  -  Freeman ft. Black Milk
Arno Faraji - things change     Hip Hop, Electronic 23/11/2018
Arno Faraji is the 18-year old Perth-based, Zimbabwe-born rapper and producer.
Arno Faraji says, "things change is about the getting used to the idea that nothing is immune to change - even good relationships. I think accepting that it’s a part of life really puts the power in your hands coz you can react however you want knowing that”.

Matt Hsu's Obscure Orchestra - In Colour (featuring Blaq Carrie, Mister E & Aurora)     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous, RnB, World 23/11/2018
Multi-Instrumentalist 'Matt Hsu's Obscure Orchestra' collaborates with Blaq Carrie (winner of Triple J Unearthed Spring Hip Hop Festival), Indigenous and Jamaican activist-poet Aurora, and rap virtuouso Mister E.
‘In Colour’ explores the experiences of Australian people of colour, taking the conversation beyond binary ‘black and white’ representation to proudly explore the nuanced and intersectional experiences of being mixed-race, growing up in two worlds and shining a light on lesser represented minorities.

The track itself was created using 15 folk instruments, from accordion, clarinet, trombone to marimba and mandolin.

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Genesis Owusu - Wit Da Team     Hip Hop, Soul 20/11/2018
Genesis Owusu teams with The Free Nationals' Callum Connor on his latest release, the sparkly new single 'Wit Da Team'.
The track is the first in a run of new material produced by Callum Connor, who operates as a key member of Anderson Paak's band, the Free Nationals. The two artists fit together flawlessly, with Owusu's laid-back flow sitting perfectly above Connor's sun-drenched musical backdrop, with this first taste an exciting example of what's to come from this collaboration.

Anbar & DJ Marco - Shady     Hip Hop, RnB 20/11/2018
Anbar is a Melbourne-based Hip-hop/R&B vocalist that has seen success through his early Soundcloud career and recently through his collaboration as an artist in the crew Local To Local.
Bursting out the gates with the ‘Shady’, Anbar showcases a bouncy melodic dance track to verify his talent and diversity. ‘Shady’ not only capitalises on Anbar's playful charisma, but the driving production of Jase Beathedz that creates a bouncy atmosphere tailored for the club or your next party.

Ivan Ooze - Way Past Them     Hip Hop, Electronic, Pop 17/11/2018
Ivan Ooze cut his teeth at hardcore rap nights such a as a school kid, and within a few years had toured with Ice Cube, Cypress Hill and Wu-Tang Clan.
Ivan Ooze has released Way Past Them. Dedicated to the underdogs. “It’s a stick-it-to-everyone-else song, showing my ability and having fun with rap,” he says unapologetically. "Way Past Them is 3 mins of self-motivation. A hymn for the underdogs who are being underrated & overlooked in their field." His spitfire delivery betrays his love of UK grime and the Prodigy.

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People Luminous - Garms     Hip Hop 17/11/2018
People Luminous (PL) are an east coast collective of creative individuals with a new vision for the evolution of music and culture in Australia.
Challenging the status quo, 'Garms' sees the group dropping bars about designer clothing and street aesthetics with a melodic hook, lucid vocal delivery and competent lyricism. A ruthless statement and call to the music scene that the collective is ready to be heard, 'Garms' is a thumping hip-hop track, produced by key member Matt Gray.

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