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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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Frame - All Black     Hip Hop, Pop, RnB, Rap 14/12/2018
Frame is a rapper/singer/songwriter from Melbourne smooth melodies and vulnerable, well constructed lyrics to deliver meaningful & catchy love songs that encourage self love.
'All Black' is a pop-rap banger about falling in love on a night out.

Talakai - Alright     Hip Hop, Electronic 14/12/2018
Aussie Grime is coming up hard and fast with Talakai on the front lines. Expect knockout punchlines, pin point delivery and heavy beats.
A late entry contended for best lyrical flex of 2018. If you want to hear what a come up sounds like, here it is. Talakai flexes an airtight flow with heavy handed deliveries and punch lines that leave heads spinning, backed by bass heavy production by Harvey, Alright is sure to bang heads.

Bigg - Worth My Time     Hip Hop, RnB, Rap 13/12/2018
Vietnamese/Australian Rap/EDM/Hip Hop recording artist & producer, born in Ha Noi and now based in Sydney. He started making music since 2006 with a catalogue of over 60 songs.
“Worth My Time” is the first single taken out from Bigg’s next R&B project. The idea behind the song was inspired by the artist's previous relationship that made him feel unappreciated. "Worth My Time" incorporated a bass-heavy Trap production with melodic R&B vibes, while still having storytelling elements in it, exhibiting a new direction for the artist.

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Cool Out Sun - Fire For     Hip Hop, African 12/12/2018
Cool Out Sun, afro-beat hip hop from Melbourne. Justin Smith (REMI, Sampa the Great), N'fa Jones (1200 techniques), Lamine Sonko (African Intelligence), Nui Moon (Public Opinion Afro Orchestra, Digital Afrika)
Fire For in a 5/4 rhythm with fast flowing vocals from N'fa Jones over an uptempo percussive beat.

Z. LEWIS - GET IT featuring Talakai     Hip Hop, Rap 12/12/2018
Bursting onto the scene almost out of nowhere; London born, Melbourne-based Z. LEWIS is a PROBLEM. A big one. One of the most formidable spitters in the game. Watch closely.
REEEEEWWIIIIND. An instant street classic, GET IT displays the lyrical prowess of two of Australia's rising rap stars - Z. LEWIS and Talakai as they come together over furious production from Brisbane's own Harvey. You'll be forced to run it back multiple times to catch the wordplay, flow and presence in a collaboration sure to turn heads everywhere.

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Emkew - Rap Cannibal     Hip Hop 10/12/2018
A rapper with the heart to change minds to change the world
Produced, mixed, and mastered by Julian Schweitzer (Greenthief, Deathbeat), Rap Cannibal is a high-energy onslaught of wicked wordplay that sounds halfway between Eminem and Rammstein.

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Braidz - Home     Hip Hop, Pop, RnB 08/12/2018
Braidz is a 26 year old emcee from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne who has been active in the scene as a rapper since 2008
Home is the Lead Single from Braidz' new album "Uncut", it details Braidz growth through life as a person and a musician from start to finish, starting a bit deep and dark and ending on a high note. Featuring a massive hook by Sydney Pop singer Jerry Ess, this song is a sleeper hit just waiting to be picked up!

Mirrah - Hold On     Hip Hop, RnB, Soul, Rap 07/12/2018
With an extensive history in hip-hop, Mirrah focuses on the power and importance of self-love, channeling her life experience into her storytelling and poetry.
‘Hold On’ is all about remembering what is really important: good friends, living in the moment, and of course, love. Inspired by the mad rush of stores during Christmas time and how easily lost people became in their hunt for meaningless gifts, Mirrah reminds us all to never lose sight of those gifts that you can’t buy.

Jackets - GLXY Street     Hip Hop, Electronic, Pop 07/12/2018
Riding the new wave, Newcastle MC Jackets presents smooth, downtempo lyrics with light and airy melodies. Fans of Allday need to be around this!
The vibe laden, haunting vocals presented in GLXY Street resonate over the down-tempo minimalist production setting the sombre mood complementary to the emotive lyrics. The track is about allowing yourself to fall in love, and letting go of your past transgressions that hold you back from being truly happy.

Sampa The Great - Energy feat. Nadeem Din-Gabisi     Hip Hop 07/12/2018
A singer-songwriter who expresses herself through music, poetry and visual art, Sampa The Great captures listeners with thought provoking words, while encouraging people to enjoy the simplicity of creativity.
“Energy” warms the body with hypnotic chants above a low bass rhythm before unleashing Sampa’s unmistakable rhymes. Inspired by her experience as a Zambian-born woman, Sampa’s empowering words explore the imbalances of our world between reflections on limitations and strength. Spoken word from Nadeem Din Gabisi echoes her sentiments, “the birds and the bees ain’t got nothing on me.”

Boy Graduate - Teresita     Hip Hop 07/12/2018
Boy Graduate unveils a heartfelt dedication song to his mother showcasing a raw and honest version of himself that has completely opened up to his emotions and vulnerability.
After a tumultuous year that saw him releasing a successful string of singles and performing coast to coast, Boy Grad explains that change is inevitable, and was faced with challenges outside of music from people passing away to losing friendships. It was when he found news of his mother’s health scare that he realized things will forever change.

Dinje - Nose Ring     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 07/12/2018
Dinje is a young passionate artist, recently debuting onto the Australian Hip-Hop scene. Expressing himself through Hip-Hop/R&B music, delivering lyrics with a high energy and precise flow.

Smooth electric guitar licks accompanied with banging hip-hop drums go hand in hand with Dinje's relaxed flow and delivery. The self mixed & mastered record takes listeners along for the journey as Dinje moves on from past relationships to a new girl he describes as "shawty, blonde hair with a nose ring".

Lady Lash - ORGANIC DOMES     Hip Hop, Soul, Australian Indigenous, Indigenous 01/12/2018
Lady Lash ignites positive jazz melodies infused with sultry rhymes that bring an essence of modern street poetry.
Doing what makes you feel good. Sitting in your vortex of Love & Life and keep listening to your soul.

Other tracks by Lady Lash:  Sunkizt Phantom  -  Krazy World ft Gabadoo
Lady Lash - Pulse Pings     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous, RnB, Soul 01/12/2018
Lady Lash has life stories with introspective thoughts and cryptic rap riddles which are rarely all completely absorbed in the first listen.
Finding and owning our power within ourselves, through meditation, through music and living each day authentically.

Lady Lash - Self Love     Hip Hop, Soul, RnB, Easy Listening 01/12/2018
Lady Lash has life stories with introspective thoughts and cryptic rap riddles which are rarely all completely absorbed in the first listen.
Loving yourself flaws and all, being alone and how that helps to grow the soul especially when you have a Family.

Clue - Hometownhero ft. Boy Graduate     Hip Hop, Pop 30/11/2018
Clue combines smooth flowing lyrics, pop inspired hooks and vivid storytelling to create a complete and immersive listen.
Hometown Hero is the anthem for every rural kid that got out of their hometown to chase their dreams. Both Clue and Boy Graduate take a light-hearted, tongue in cheek approach to their lyrics while Boy Graduate claims one of the catchiest Hip Hop choruses of 2018.

Dallas Woods - Hoodlum ft Jerome Farah     Hip Hop, Rap, Australian Indigenous, RnB 30/11/2018
Dallas Woods is a Noongar man raised in the East Kimberley. A quintessential underdog, at age 14 he was headed straight for the justice system. Music saved his life.
Old school hip-hop meets new. Hoodlum is hard hitting with strong lyrics, but in his’ inimitable style Dallas softens the blow with cheeky wordplay and a sweet hook. The hook adds a copacetic element whilst retaining the lyrical intensity giving you a comfortable place to sonically soak in his message.

Drapht - 24hrs of Sunlight     Hip Hop 30/11/2018
Australian hip-hop pioneer Drapht has a special treat for his fans today. The multi platinum, ARIA award winning Perth artist has just dropped Part 2 of his sprawling Arabella Street.
The concept for '24hrs of Sunlight' has travelled through many different production styles and life forms over the last 7 years. The idea originally came from a David Attenborough documentary about the midnight sun in the arctic - where vulnerable animals would be on constant high alert without a place to hide.

Frame - Not Your Fault     Hip Hop, Electronic, Pop, Rap 30/11/2018
Melbourne artist 'Frame' is a 22 year old songwriter/rapper/singer that mainly focuses on electronic-pop-rap love songs.
I wrote 'Not Your Fault' to bring some closure to a break up & to take the blame for the part I had in it. 'Not Your Fault' is an electronic-pop-rap song that combines moody vocal melodies & super energetic synths.

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Fresh Violet - Different     Hip Hop, Pop, Electronic 30/11/2018
Fresh Violet is a rapper and producer based in Melbourne Australia. She toured extensively all over Australia has just released her debut album '50 Shades of Violet'.
Different is track one from Fresh Violet's debut LP '50 Shades of Violet'. The hard hitting, punchy track was premiered by Hau on the Triple J Hip Hop Show. The beat is a collaboration between Fresh Violet and Dom Cork and has a film clip by Que Film Collective.

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Other tracks by Fresh Violet:  Gangsta  -  Three Stripes (feat. P.Smurf)