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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Closure (Acoustic)     Hip Hop, Acoustic, RnB, Chill 30/05/2018
Vancouver Sleep Clinic is the stage name of a band from Australia led by ambient singer, songwriter, and record producer Tim Bettinson.
Tied together by Drew Love’s distinctive flow “Closure”(Acoustic) presents, icy vocals and the driving lead lyric “I don’t want to be over you,” exploring Tim Bettinson of Vancouver Sleep Clinics’ vulnerabilities. Appropriately titled, the track was created during a particularly tumultuous moment in the life of Bettinson.

Cosmo's Midnight - Lowkey feat. Buddy & Jay Prince     Hip Hop, Dance 29/05/2018
Cosmo’s Midnight are twin brothers from Sydney’s inner west. Their iconic blend of intelligent electronica and left-field pop has earned a reputation worldwide, trusted for their unique and unpredictable transformations,
Embracing the duo’s already well-established off kilter grooves, “Lowkey” showcases a dreamy blend of smooth synths and addictive basslines with the flowing vocals of effortlessly cool collaborators Buddy and Jay Prince. The feel-good track captures the twin producers’ dexterity in cooking up body-moving tracks that breathe moments of undeniable joy.

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Drapht - The Come Down Was Real (Feat. Indoor Fins)     Hip Hop, Rap 29/05/2018
From Perth Western Australia, he is carrying a platinum album, multi-platinum and gold singles, ARIA #1 Album and two ARIA awards for his last two full length releases
Drapht explains “I wanted to tackle the release of this album a little differently this time around. I really had to attempt to take the pressure away from releasing individual songs and sole singles that didn’t quite represent the albums entirety and in the past tended to be extremely stressful”

Imcpayne - Where's My Head At     Hip Hop, Rap 29/05/2018
Imcpayne (AKA C-Payne) is an Australian Hip Hop artist that draws from a truly unique blend of influences to create his signature sound.
Where's My Head At has a similar sonic to Hip Hop coming out of Brooklyn in the early 90's. Imcpayne blends this old school sound with a new school approach to production and lyricism. This young MC is a real wordsmith that has a smooth flow.

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Spit Syndicate - Wonderland feat. Turquoise Prince     Hip Hop, Rap, Chill, RnB 26/05/2018
Sydney’s Inner West duo Spit Syndicate, made up of Nick Lupi and Jimmy Nice, are one of Australia’s most exciting, forward thinking hip hop acts.
Spit Syndicate have dropped latest track “Wonderland feat. Turquoise Prince”, the next single from their fifth studio album ORBIT. Turquoise Prince will be joining the duo as the main support act as they embark on a massive national tour with over 20 dates, making it their biggest tour yet.

Young Pablo - 20     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 26/05/2018
Young Pablo carves his way into a new generation of rap by using playful melodies and lyricism to lay substance on social issues and personal struggles.
Young Pablo describes 20 "The age of 20, tryna figure life out. Changing degrees, being at uni, no job, no girlfriend and struggling with this idea of faith. Accepting that this is where you are, at this point in life, trying to sit with it and make it fresh AF.”

NLTR - Make It Through     Hip Hop, Rap, Jazz 25/05/2018
Nothing Like The Rest [NLTR] are an Indigenous Hip Hop duo from Katherine, NT. They won the NT Song of the Year - Peoples Choice Award in 2016.
Make It Through is influenced by newer age hip hop with pop elements and a snappy hook by 25 year old singer Zara from Castlemaine. Zara’s euphoric jazz vocal tones infuse emotion into the track about being held back and mentally abused by criticism. “It’s about making it through”.

Cowra Crew - What We Can Do     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous, Reggae, Hip Hop 23/05/2018
Cowra Crew is a group of young people and community members from Cowra NSW, who came together to create a conversation about mental health and well-being through songwriting and film.
A nod to the leaders of the resistance - the freedom fighters of Erambie Mission who fought for Indigenous rights for decades. This story talks about the importance of knowing and understanding your cultural heritage, of celebrating diversity, and of working together to create an inclusive and positive popular culture.

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Dream Cities - Personality Disorder     Hip Hop, Experimental, Psychedelic, Rock 17/05/2018
4 piece alternative music by a power trio experimental rock band lead by rapper Ello.C.
The single 'Personality Disorder' shows off Ello's lyrical dexterity and his ability to weave in rhythmically around the dense instrumental layering of the band's deep grooves over an aggressive sharp delivery. Retaining elements that made the once-instrumental Dream Cities great, it adds more punch and engagement to the band's sound.

Spit Syndicate - Fast Friends     Hip Hop, Rap, Hip Hop 16/05/2018
Spit Syndicate are one of Australia's most exciting hip hop acts. Their new album, ORBIT is their most confident and forward thinking record yet.
Fast Friends is a head-nodding celebration of the importance of real, lasting friendships; a toast to the real ones.

Milwaukee Banks - Coming For You     Hip Hop, Electronic, Rap, Pop 15/05/2018
Milwaukee Banks return with lead single 'Coming For You', from their newly announced album, No Time. The album will be released on Friday 29th June via Dot Dash/Remote Control.
‘Coming For You’ is described as a song about the state of the world and how fragile society feels. Production was a collaborative effort by both members and highlights their push into the forefront of top electronic and hip-hop music production.

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Ryan Gordon - Fold (featuring Sam Saint Jones)     Hip Hop, Reggae, Ska, Psychedelic 15/05/2018
Vocalist/Rapper for Sydney's Northern Beaches playing guitar, trumpet and keys. Driven by the genres of Hip Hop, Psychedelic Rock, Folk and Electronic Music.
Fold is a song about how through our lives things we say and do go on misunderstood, judged or forgotten. This is a cruisy Aussie Hip Hop track with a reggae vibe.

MSea Izzy - Reach.     Hip Hop, Rap, Atmospheric, Easy Listening 14/05/2018
MSea Izzy, a.k.a Isabella Rositano is a fresh voice on the Aussie hip-hop scene; focused on telling stories with raw truth and creating a positive influence with her words.
Izzy's starter single - A fresh, clean power anthem with a relaxed vibe, written and produced for family friendly national TV Show Australian Ninja Warrior.

The Stranger Suite - With You     Hip Hop, Rap, Jazz, Funk 13/05/2018
The Stranger Suite are a 9 piece Hip-Hop band with 3 MCs and a fat horn section that loves to put on energetic live shows.
'With You' is a sizzling, smooth slow jam that builds to an energetic climax. Featuring 3 verses from our 3 rappers track covers a lot of ground lyrically and musically, culminating in a soulful sax solo.

Other tracks by The Stranger Suite:  Selfish  -  Blue Odyssey
Mr Rhodes. - Lowlight     Hip Hop, Electronic, Australian Indigenous 11/05/2018
Mr Rhodes is a MC/Producer Based in Lismore NSW.
This personal & introspective record see's Mr Rhodes dealing with his mothers passing, the weight of grief holding him down and finding the light at the end of the tunnel. Taking you on a journey across swirling synths and banging drums punctuated by the impactful vocals of collaborator Art Pleasley.

Bigg - All Out     Hip Hop, Rap, Electronic, Classical 10/05/2018
Bigg is a Vietnamese/Australian Rap/EDM/Hip Hop recording artist & produce, with a massive sound, the artist recently released his "tour de force" debut album “All Out”.
“All Out” is the hard-hitting title track from Bigg’s debut album. Cocked and loaded with the braggadocios confidence that he is notorious for, Bigg’s suave persona shines on this track. “Homie said 15 tracks is enough to ball out. I gave em 26 let em know this is All Out!”

Other tracks by Bigg:  Kanye East  -  Late Night, Red Wine & Cigarette
Conrad Greenleaf - Smoke Weed Occasionally     Hip Hop, Rap, Chill, Psychedelic 10/05/2018
Conrad Greenleaf is a musician/producer/artist/DJ from inner-west Sydney.
Smoke Weed Occasionally is a fun little rap song released to celebrate 4/20 aka Marijuana Day. There is a rhyme in the 2nd verse that has been described as the greatest rhyme of all time.

Other tracks by Conrad Greenleaf:  Conrad's Back  -  Black Flowers
AMVN - Mama Don't Worry     Hip Hop, RnB 08/05/2018
AMVN is the project of Melbourne based musician, producer and creative Aman Bayatly. A talented engineer and producer too, Bayatly's work has taken him Australia wide.
Dedicated to his mother, 'Mama Don't Worry' is a bit of a love letter to the strong women who exude strength and beauty in the face of oppression and darkness. Peace and unity is at the core of AMVN's music, this new single representing the ethic beautifully.

KG - Black Boy     Hip Hop 08/05/2018
South African born, Australian raised rapper KG is making no apologies with his thought provoking music, The social justice advocate is tackling the taboo topics of society today.
KG enters 2018 with his affirmative new single Black Boy. The song describes what life is like for a person of colour and stereotypes that come with being black in systemically oppressed world. However, the song encourages young black youth to overcome discrimination, rise above and prove stereotypes as false

Wizdm - Shoulder to Shoulder     Hip Hop 06/05/2018
With his trademark 'shoot from the hip' honesty, Sydney-based Wizdm returns with his first full-length album since 2009. His unique flows and beats make this a must-listen release of 2018.
Shoulder to Shoulder is about brotherhood, standing alongside your brethren as times get tough. The punchy beat steps, twists and turns throughout the track. Featuring mistery and Oakbridge, the lyrics are varied and flows coalesce with each other, leaving the listener with food for thought and a head-bobbing neckache.

Other tracks by Wizdm:  The Journal