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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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Frame - Love Yourself     Hip Hop, Electronic, Dubstep, Pop 25/01/2019
Melbourne rapper ‘Frame’ takes you on his journey of learning self love with his new single ‘Love Yourself’, a high tempo, electro-trap banger about the importance of putting yourself first.
22yo Melbourne rapper/songwriter ‘Frame’, takes you along on his journey of learning self love with his new single ‘Love Yourself’, a high tempo, electro-trap banger about the importance of putting yourself first :)

Jalmar - Damelo     Hip Hop 25/01/2019
Jalmar is a Melbourne based latin-trap hip-hop artist
Damelo is a pefect example of Jalmar’s capabiities, having infused both Latin and trap with catchy melodies that will take you to the streets of Latin Amercia.

Africa Connection - AC5 - Mama Salone     Hip Hop, African, RnB 23/01/2019
Ac5 is a musical group made up of 4 ambitious talented artists from three different countries. Aldeen (sierra leone) , Stanje Mgenge (Kenya), Mobless and Vee flexx, both from Liberia.
A musical dedication to Sierra Leone, Mama Solone was written in the wake of the 2017 mudslides, the worst natural disaster to hit Sierra Leone in recent history which took the life of 1,141 people and left a nation devastated.

DRMNGNOW - Ancestors     Hip Hop, Indigenous 23/01/2019
Yorta Yorta MC, Producer, Poet
Ancestors is a track that speaks to the importance of acknowledging ancestors in order to achieve true justice upon this land.

Skinnyfish Sound System - Smoking Ceremony ft. B2M, Birdz & Tasman Keith     Hip Hop, Rap, Indigenous, Australian Indigenous 23/01/2019
Skinnyfish Sound System is a loose collective of artists in and around the Skinnyfish eco system focusing on collaborations, reworkings, remixings and other creative endeavors separate to each individual's work.
B2M, Birdz and Tasman Keith have gathered under Skinnyfish Sound System to offer Australia a new way of embracing Indigenous culture with their new single Smoking Ceremony.

'Smoking Ceremony' sees three Indigenous performers from separate clans across Australia come together to create a modern sonic Smoking Ceremony that gives voice to Indigenous performers.

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Vic August - Wire Tap     Hip Hop, Rap 21/01/2019
At just 17-years-of-age, West Australian rapper, singer, and songwriter Vic August has taken Australia by storm with his unique, ice-cold auto-tuned delivery and charismatic charm.
Australian wonder boy Vic August returns with his latest single WIRE TAP for the summer. The hard-hitting single shows a more aggressive side of Vic’s personality that demands your attention with every word he delivers. Everything feels comfortable here for Vic, he is a master of adjusting into different moods with his trademark auto-tuned crooning without missing a beat.

Terri Danelle - Ain't No Love Song     Hip Hop, Rap, RnB 19/01/2019
Terri describes herself as a diamond in the rough with vivacious raw lyrics and soulful edgy vocals, her songs resonate with a tangible truth wrapped in a catchy beat.
This is a song about love when it goes wrong.

P-Unique & Krown (produced by IAMMXO) - Change     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 11/01/2019
P-UniQue, Krown and IAMMXO are 3 Proud Voice For Change mentors who have joined forces to create an inspiring track promoting acceptance, change and the power harnessed inside yourself.
'Change' is a special collaboration between three Voice For Change 2 mentors; P-UniQue, Krown and IAMMXO who have come together to create an inspiring track with its sights set directly on the youth of today. Lyrically, ‘Change’ focuses in on everyday struggles, how to face them, rise above and develop your own powerful narrative

lachnes - Interstate     Hip Hop 10/01/2019
I make music to have fun and match my personality
It's an experience of my life. I talk about girls i've talked to Interstate

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CHISENGA - Give Me Your Loving     Hip Hop, RnB, Soul, Pop 09/01/2019
CHISENGA is the artist formerly known as 'Crisis Mr. Swagger.' The Perth based, Grammy recognised international Hip-Hop artist begins a new chapter bringing new music and exciting concerts.
JOURNALIST: CHISENGA, Please tell us about this song..

CHISENGA: The Africans bring the muscle. India brings the spices and what you get is a ready to eat club banger!

Jakey J - Fight Night     Hip Hop, Rap 08/01/2019
A Young Uprising Star Jakey J is an MC from Western Sydney NSW, Thats Been Writing and Recording Music since he Was 13 Years Old. Definitely a artist to watch.
First Track of 2019, A Party/ Motivation Song That Makes You Bounce your Head.

Thorts & Kady Starling - Sway     Hip Hop, Atmospheric, Rap, Folk 08/01/2019
39yo Father, husband, artist. I've been making hip hop since 1995. My latest release is a split album with my wife Kady Starling.
Track 9, taken off Kady Starlings side of the split album.

Other tracks by Thorts & Kady Starling:  Sombre ft. Kady Starling & Ceschi  -  Mountains ft. Zoen
Nicky Swamp - Out My Lane     Hip Hop 04/01/2019
Alternative rap
So it seems the hook line “stay out my lane when I’m swimming” is metaphorically speaking on ill advice slowing you down. Nicky comments, “if you’re not on the tv don’t tell me how to be on the tv”.

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Jakey J - C U When You Get There     Hip Hop, Rap, Blues 19/12/2018
Young MC from Orange NSW now Based In Western Sydney Is On The Come Up in His Career With Constant Performing, Interviews etc
On The 30 November 2018 Jakey J Lost His Mate Lil Ricky Due To Losing His Battle With Depression, On The 1st December 2018 Jakey J Found Out and decided to do a tribute track in memory of him and to help raise funds for his family.

This Was Lil Ricky's Last Track Ever, So Jakey J Finished It.


Jaycee - Feeling Good     Hip Hop, RnB, Soul, Rap 19/12/2018
Jaycee is a 20 year old singer/rapper/producer/multi-instrumentalist based in Perth, Western Australia. His unique sound and ingenious lyrical writings are sure signs of the bright future ahead of him.
'Feeling Good' is a Hip-Hop masterpiece. The song takes the listener on a three part journey. It is a mixture of melodic vocals, catchy hooks and hard hitting bars. This song has been referred to as Australia's 'Sicko Mode'. Produced, Mixed, Mastered and written by Jaycee.

Other tracks by Jaycee:  Because It's Summer  -  Alright Alright
Jose Halftime - Cashmere     Hip Hop 19/12/2018
Perth Based rapper Jose Haltime with the self-produced street anthem 'Cashmere' that sees him in the new wave of Australian Hip-Hop, including the annual WVS showcase and Get Bodied Festival.
The self-produced street anthem Cashmere serves as a reminder to those persisting with their dreams to keep pushing through any hardships they may have been dealt.

Youi - Signorita     Hip Hop, Pop, Rap 17/12/2018
Canadian-born Australian rapper and hip-hop artist Youi has just released his latest single Signorita.
It’s a fresh, vibrant sound incorporating elements of rap, latin and hip hop with a seductive cruisy feel and Youi’s recognisable vocal delivering his unique brand of wordplay.

Frame - All Black     Hip Hop, Pop, RnB, Rap 14/12/2018
Frame is a rapper/singer/songwriter from Melbourne smooth melodies and vulnerable, well constructed lyrics to deliver meaningful & catchy love songs that encourage self love.
'All Black' is a pop-rap banger about falling in love on a night out.

Talakai - Alright     Hip Hop, Electronic 14/12/2018
Aussie Grime is coming up hard and fast with Talakai on the front lines. Expect knockout punchlines, pin point delivery and heavy beats.
A late entry contended for best lyrical flex of 2018. If you want to hear what a come up sounds like, here it is. Talakai flexes an airtight flow with heavy handed deliveries and punch lines that leave heads spinning, backed by bass heavy production by Harvey, Alright is sure to bang heads.

Bigg - Worth My Time     Hip Hop, RnB, Rap 13/12/2018
Vietnamese/Australian Rap/EDM/Hip Hop recording artist & producer, born in Ha Noi and now based in Sydney. He started making music since 2006 with a catalogue of over 60 songs.
“Worth My Time” is the first single taken out from Bigg’s next R&B project. The idea behind the song was inspired by the artist's previous relationship that made him feel unappreciated. "Worth My Time" incorporated a bass-heavy Trap production with melodic R&B vibes, while still having storytelling elements in it, exhibiting a new direction for the artist.

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