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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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KG - Come Along feat. Mirrah     Hip Hop, African 14/03/2019
KG's craft isn’t just about making quality music, it's much larger than this. With his inspired rhymes and impassioned delivery, KG is speaking for those in his community who cannot
‘Come Along’ being the latest instalment in KG’s journey enlightens, its release aims to stoke discussions in today’s society surrounding the constant presence of oppression and disadvantage, and a possible freedom from it. Delivered with finesse and authentic charm and purpose, KG’s latest is a defining release - one he invites you to become captivated by.

LARKS - Feel (feat. Char)     Hip Hop, RnB 14/03/2019
LARKS is a Melbourne-based Hip-hop & RnB artists hailing from the south eastern suburbs who is also apart of the hip-hop crew Local To Local
Feel (feat. Char) produced by Saft & Ozone is the first single off LARKS debut EP called Note To Self which is set for release in late April.

Ley Landon - Falling (feat. SonnyLeo)     Hip Hop 14/03/2019
Local Brisbane rapper representing the LGBTQI aiming to bring authetenticity to his music and shedding light on everyday issues through music.
Ley Landon and SonnyLeo come together to create lyrics detailing the deterioration of a relationship and the memories that came before the turmoil of a breakup.

NERVE - A BOMB     Hip Hop, Rap 14/03/2019
With over 500,000 streams on his debut album “SOBER”, and over a million views on Youtube, Nerve has independently crushed his way to the top of the underground Rap scene.
The single begins with a ghoulish and catchy chorus over the eerie instrumental creating a huge wave of tension which is then released in spectacular fashion by the wave of nihilism and impending doom of the verse; which begins with: “I MIGHT DUMB IT DOWN FOR THE MASSES DO YOUR JOB AND PAY YOUR TAXES”

SonnyLeo - Give A Little     Hip Hop, RnB 14/03/2019
New Zealand born artist based in Brisbane Kristian Kirisome (phonetic: Kira-so-me) AKA SonnyLeo
The track is about wanting to be loved when relationships fall through and how its hard to feel self worth when the other half leaves

Sono ReVera - BOUNCE (feat.CK) [Prod. Trooh Hippi]     Hip Hop, Rap 14/03/2019
Upcoming artist, making music with purpose and aiming to reach out to everyone whatever shape or form.
New single off Sono ReVera's upcoming EP "COUZUS.
Sono teams up with UK rapper CK and UK producer Trooh Hippi for this grime banger

The Automenta - Goodbye     Hip Hop, Rap, Rap, Hip Hop 14/03/2019
Adelaide-based alt-rap supergroup comprised of vocalists Jack Vaul, rainforestcloudmachine, and Tryplypkit. Beats from Beijing by the talented ex-Australian uber-producer DubZenMelodist.
A bold, brassy toe-tapper about the passing of time and new beginnings. Featuring human angel Barney Corfe on trumpet, Goodbye is a big ball of fun.

Warren Skane - Wanna Ride     Hip Hop, Electronic, Rap, Dance 14/03/2019
Electronic Loop Artist/Beat Maker from Perth, Western Australia. Unsigned.
Basically about taking a ride away from life's troubles!

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Other tracks by Warren Skane:  W.T.F.  -  Underground General
Wellie - Can You Live Without Me     Hip Hop, Electronic, RnB 14/03/2019
Wellie combines narrative-driven lyrics with Auto-Tune heavy vocals (akin to Travis Scott) and various elements of electronic and RnB in what he brands as Hip Hop Noir.
Can You Live Without Me is a melodramatic take on lost love and the emotions that manifest during the experience. “I like to set up my songs from a visual perspective like short films, so the idea behind the track was to sensationalise the effects and emotions of a breakup while keeping the audience sympathetic to the characters involved.”

Anarchosophist - Disco Duchovny     Hip Hop 08/03/2019
Jazz and funk infused instrumental hip hop from composer turned hip hop producer Anarchosophist
Anarchosophist invokes the old gods of funk and disco on the cheekily titled 'Disco Duchovny', where swelling strings meet clavinet in a mesmeric groove that's bound to get you bobbing your head

Other tracks by Anarchosophist:  Candy Coated Poisons  -  Cheap Cocktails and Nostalgia, Pt. 1
Thando - GAG ORDER ft. FRANCOISTUNES     Hip Hop, RnB, Rap, Soul 06/03/2019
Thando has been gracing national stages with her powerhouse vocals. Heralded as a commanding performer, her ability to tell a story takes her audience on a journey of loving oneself
I intended for this song to be an anthem for the misfits of the world; for anyone who’s ever had to dull their shine to make others comfortable.

It creates a powerful statement about how perceived ‘sameness’ (the result of assimilation) comes undone when it really matters, so what’s the point of doing it [assimilating] anyway?

David Rickles - wittyGritty     Hip Hop, Rap, Experimental, Psychedelic 01/03/2019
Sydney (Cronulla) artist combining the creative drone and beat of modern rap/hip hop with melodic tones and chords you could expect to find in a beach side shack.
soul rap with pretty piano chords. Human Music!

Other tracks by David Rickles:  Wash  -  Scripts
Anarchist Finch - Goons     Hip Hop, Rap 28/02/2019
A regional Victorian producer and rapper who proudly represents his South-East Asian heritage while making hip-hop inspired by a huge range of sources.
This song was inspired by rappers who try to make a name for themselves through disses and hate. I'm referring to these rappers as 'goons' because they feel like cheesy movie henchmen just attacking everything for no real reason. While this song doesn't contain swearing it does make references to violence just due to the angry nature of the track.

Figuero Jones - Juggathon (ft. Black Napoleon)     Hip Hop, Rap 28/02/2019
Perth powerhouse duo Figuero Jones and Black Napoleon return with massive anthem "Juggathon", the follow up to recent singles No Sofas, Switch, GetOnUp & Records!
Already massing over 100,000 Spotify streams in the first week, Juggathon has made a huge impression since premiering via Complex earlier in February, landing multiple playlists across Spotify and Apple Music the numbers are set to continue running up and show no speed of showing anytime soon!

MC Synergy - Escape (Prod. Renz)     Hip Hop, Rap 28/02/2019
Pondering and philosophical in his writing, MC Synergy is a Brisbane-based rapper who delivers pointed social commentaries and candid personal reflections over rugged beats and atmospheric instrumentation.
The single ‘Escape’ is an inter-state collaboration between Brisbane-based independent artist MC Synergy & talented Melbourne producer Renz. The song is an evocative, yet hard-hitting banger about acceptance and creative liberation that is, at once abrasive and self-reflective. It will be released digitally on April 28th and will be followed closely by the release of the film clip.

JERKSTORE. - So Fly     Hip Hop, Electronic, Pop, Rap 26/02/2019
3 artists based in a Melbourne and Sydney team up for a collaboration in JERKSTORE.
So Fly is the lead & debut single from Melbourne/Sydney based group JERKSTORE. The track echos fun while showcasing the different abilities of the 3 acts that blend into one strong track

Mansa the Legend - No Love     Hip Hop 26/02/2019
Recording Artist/Songwriter from Melbourne city.
The story of No love depicts a girl who’s materialistically in love with the idea of being self-dependent and not needing a man. Although self-dependence in most cases is a great quality to have, what she doesn’t know is that she also has toxic traits which involves getting overly drunk every weekend.

Mufaro - Girl     Hip Hop, RnB, Soul, Rap 26/02/2019
Mufaro is a R&B/Soul/Funk artist that specialises in blending genres to create a unique wave of music.
Girl was inspired by the themes reminiscent of classic hip-hop ballads. The song is used as a romantic plead to a woman, to let ME have the pleasure of being the man who gets to love her, all the while reminding her just how lovely she is, and just how far I would go to make her mine.

Yung Dready Mane - High On You     Hip Hop, Rap 26/02/2019
After hitting #1 on the Unearthed chart with ‘NASA’, African-Australian rapper Yung Dready Mane is set hit the ground running in 2019 with the after-dark, hypnotic, trap-infused ‘High On You’.
Coming straight out of Sydney, his signature and unique style mixes hazy, tripped-out beats, wavy vocals and late night sounds with rapid rhymes and infectious hooks on ‘High On You’. All about the suspense of the chase and the intoxication of falling in deep, Yung Dready Mane takes us on a vibey new adventure over a nocturnal beat

Bilby - Dead Ringers     Hip Hop, Electronic, Punk 22/02/2019
Bilby aka Blinky Trill aka Sydney/the world's favourite and only emo prince
A cruisy emo rap bop to drive round to.

Other tracks by Bilby:  Like I Told Ya  -  Stay For a While