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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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Resin Dogs - Pack Your Bags     Hip Hop 05/04/2019
Iconic Australian Hip Hop Act
‘Pack Your Bags’ is the latest single to be lifted from the Resin Dogs ‘NOTORIOUS D.O.G’ album and is a song telling tales of touring stories throughout the years with the Dogs.

Warren Skane - Livin' Like A Boss     Hip Hop, Rap 05/04/2019
Electronic Loop Artist/Beatmaker from Perth,Western Australia.
Describes the life of a hiphop/Rap Artist wh'os living their dream everyday..

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Other tracks by Warren Skane:  Living In Luxury  -  Makin' Some Cash
Ziggy Ramo - Pretty Boy     Hip Hop, Rap, Australian Indigenous, Pop 05/04/2019
To say Ziggy Ramo’s voice is important one in the Australian hip hop scene would be an understatement. Over a short period it’s become as integral as Briggs and Remi.
Ziggy Ramo's latest track “Pretty Boy” handles insecurities around masculinity and self image. He says “There is no one way to be a man. This track aims to start a dialogue between men to take responsibility of our insecurities. For too long we have repressed our emotions and those around us. Men can be pretty, women can be handsome."

Miss Blanks - Tommy     Hip Hop, Dance, Electronic 04/04/2019
In just under 2 years since her debut single, Miss Blanks has quickly established herself as one of the most important voices among the Australian music landscape.
'Tommy' is written & performed by Miss Blanks, and produced by Alice Ivy.

Zsuzsika Lencses - Gonna Be Alright     Hip Hop, RnB, Easy Listening, Dance 28/03/2019
Zsuzsika has a mission to support and help people suffering a mental illness through her music .She has a strong voice and a unique sound with powerful lyrics.
Gonna be alright is a song about coming out of a hurdle or obstacle that's in your life to believing and knowing that you are going to be alright. Knowing that no matter what you are going through, you are strong enough to overcome anything and you hold the power within taking control of your own life.

Earnest Jackson - Daisy Girl     Hip Hop, Pop, RnB, Jazz 21/03/2019
Melbourne-based, 19-year-old Earnest Jackson is blending sounds to bring a addictive energy into the Australian Music scene. With thoughtful lyrics, and catchy hooks, Earnest is developing a truly unique style.
Earnest Jackson’s energetic first release ‘Daisy Girl’ is a fun, and colourful single – radiating with warmth, love and summertime magic. A bright, catchy alternative hip hop track; this song stands out with featured horns, strings and gorgeous backing vocals. A lush production, recorded around Melbourne, this three-minute injection of love will make you smile and fall in love.

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Lauren. - Move That     Hip Hop, Rap 21/03/2019
Hailing from Sydney, The Bodega Collective rap queen Lauren. has been making steady moves behind the scenes, elevating the Sydney hip-hop scene one bar and heavy 808 at a time.
Despite the track's hard-hitting lyricism, 'Move That' was born from a moment of vulnerability. In Lauren.'s own words, "I was going through a moment when I felt I was loosing my strength at the time of making this song so I made this anthem for not only myself but anyone feeling the same way", she says.

Genesis Owusu - Vultures     Hip Hop, RnB, Soul 20/03/2019
A frontrunner of Australia’s most exciting new talents, Genesis Owusu perfectly fuses hip hop, R&B & rap to a consistently growing number of adoring fans.
“Vultures” shines light on Genesis’ incredible rap performance, showcasing his immense talent and versatility. A testament to his rap prowess, Genesis brings the heat, firing off rhymes rapidly to land gently in an instrumental oasis of dreamy synths and pinpointed beats.“Vultures” rounds out a trifecta of the Connor and Genesis working relationship, uncovering the many layers to his artistic identity.

Other tracks by Genesis Owusu:  WUTD
Ian Pav ft Nick Phelps - Can't Break Me     Hip Hop, Rap 20/03/2019
Co-write with Nick Phelps in the US, Ian Pav on sound - a hip hop rap
I may be on the streets and finding it tough - but you can't break me I am stronger than that

Otiuh - Pink Gelato     Hip Hop, Rap, Funk 20/03/2019
Infusing influences from A Tribe Called Quest to Outkast, eclectic duo Otiuh are here with a unique sound to make you move and groove your troubles away.
Oozing with funk and groove thanks to a G-funk lead, tropical percussion, mallets and wobbly synth lines, Otiuh (comprised of Cesare Papa and Jahmeil Baker) are at their most confident on ‘Pink Gelato’. Celebrating newfound desire, passion and confidence after a break up, it’s all about shaking off the cobwebs and stepping into the light.

C-K-H - Disrespectful     Hip Hop 20/03/2019
Fresh out of school and into the emerging Australian Hip-Hop scene, Sale-based rapper C-K-H has just announced his debut single ‘Disrespectful’ available March 15th!
Playing on the theme of adolescence and weighing up the pros and cons of being sensible, C-K-H brings a view beyond his years where he is stuck between a vortex of friends going down the wrong path and dreams that are only achievable with a clean state of mind.

FRANCO - Money Over Matter     Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Pop 20/03/2019
"Accomplished drummer and producer Pluto on the beats and NZ bred, Aus fed Slade on the vocals, this is a match made in soulful heaven.” Triple J, Hau Latukefu
Incorporating clever combinations of pop and R&B instrumentation with undeniable vocal charm, Melbourne duo FRANCO return with confidence. ‘Money Over Matter’ is a coupling of feisty lyricism with head-nodding production, stemming from sessions in Melbourne between Slade and Plutonic Lab.

Fresh Violet - Left Right (feat. Vida Sunshyne)     Hip Hop, Dance, Electronic, Rap 20/03/2019
Fresh Violet is a rapper, producer, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Her holistic approach to creating hip hop tracks allows her to create a total unique sonic landscape.
Left Right is Fresh Violet's latest release from her self-produced hip hop album '50 Shades of Violet'. The dance hall infused track features aria nominated rapper and singer Vida Sunshyne. The lyrics are full of tongue in cheek wordplay as the two vocalists flip the usual hip hop tropes and take control of the situation.

Hilltop Hoods - Exit Sign Feat. Illy & Ecca Vandal     Hip Hop 20/03/2019
Iconic Australian Hip Hop Act
‘Exit Sign’ was one of the more collaborative moments on the album. One Above (who we’ve worked with on tracks such as ‘1955’, ‘I Love It’ & ‘Higher’) produced the song, Sarah Aarons wrote the hook and Illy & Ecca Vandal jumped on vocals with us.

Joey Maker X Johniepee - Bed Hair     Hip Hop, Pop 20/03/2019
Smooth and sensual hip hop, live instrumentation mixed with electronic production. Joey Maker and Johniepee present a cohesive and chemistry laden collab with crooning hooks and genre leading delivery.
The acoustic instrumentation provides the perfect soundscape for the laid-back sing-song flows. The cheeky bedroom tales are offset by smooth deliveries and clever wordplay. Bed Hair has the classic collaboration feel of a Spit Syndicate track, with a chorus you can't help but hum along to. Joey and John present a comfortable, fluid collaboration, bouncing off each other’s energy.

Talakai - Lottery     Hip Hop, Electronic 20/03/2019
"Dream big, chase that, dig deep, 'cause I live for the lottery." Talakai presents tough, self-assured lyrics depicting the struggle and the dream with heavy electronic production by Harvey.
"Dream big, chase that, dig deep ‘cause I live for the lottery." Talakai enters 2019 on the same high he left 2018, with a huge and heavy release.

Lottery, like most grime tracks feature fast lyricism, dirty, dense production however, in Lottery Talakai brings the bounce, with an echoing, resonating hook which carries an underlying message of persistence and positivity.

Birdz - On The Run     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous, Rap 14/03/2019
An activist for change in his music and life, Birdz continues to impress and surpass expectations with every poignant and lyrically mesmerising track he releases.
Another incredible release, “On The Run” showcases Birdz branching further into his fusion of rap and singing, showcasing an effortless flow and captivating lyrical talent that speaks directly towards the social injustices affecting him and his community. Amongst the powerful beats and heavy hitting percussion Birdz fierce rap prowess is undeniable, firing off a commanding performance cultivated from his heritage.

Brandeus - Scared     Hip Hop 14/03/2019
Already dropping his second project for 2019, young Gold Coast-based emcee Brandeus returns with his new emotive and up-tempo single ‘Scared’, set for release on March 8th.
Scared offers a melodic driving hook sampled from XXXTentacion and produced in Berlin by TheCratez that creates a melancholic undertone to the retrospective love song. Showing his experience of breaking up with a partner and the fear it can cause for falling in love again, Scared breaks down the possibilities of a relationship.

DZ Deathrays, Briggs, Jesswar & Trials - Front Row Hustle     Hip Hop, Rock, Punk 14/03/2019
Brisbane’s original thrash party duo DZ Deathrays have collaborated this year with Australian heavy weights Trials and Briggs and young Australian hip-hop prodigy Jesswar,
‘Front Row Hustle’ is a rework of DZ’s original song ‘Afterglow’, from their acclaimed third studio album Blood Lovely. Arguably one of this year’s most unexpected team ups, ‘Front Row Hustle’ punches – get around it.

Gamirez - Guarantee     Hip Hop, Rap 14/03/2019
Growing up inspired by the likes of Jay-Z and the level of success he has, Gamirez realised from a young age that he will never stop striving to be better.
All about working hard and motivating himself to be better in all that he does, ‘Guarantee’ is an ode to dreaming big and striving to get there. Inspired by a conversation he had with himself on payday when he realised he didn’t have enough cash to fund the lifestyle he was living and the need for a “guaranteed” income.