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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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Defron - Sacré Cœur     Hip Hop, Rap 14/09/2018
Defron is a Melbourne based rapper, writer and facilitator. In 2018 he delivered a TedX Talk and will release his first full length project in mid-November,
Produced by Melbourne star on the rise Kwasi with artwork by frequent collaborator Katie Alexander, Sacré Cœur displays a new direction for underground lyricist Defron The boom-bap meets new-wave track is the second of two promotional singles ahead of the release of 'Maybe You’ll Be Famous When You’re Dead', due late 2018.

Kid Lab Rat - Happy     Hip Hop 14/09/2018
KID LAB RAT, a multi-instrumentalist from Geelong, who cut his teeth writing and performing alt-rock before his vieled rapping prowess came to the fore during a chance jam session. ​
‘Happy’ is the first single taken from the 9-track mixtape ‘Into The Labyrinth’ which was recorded and produced by 20-year-old Daniel Baker and set for release later this year. ‘Happy’ along with the rest of the mixtape delves into a record of deeply personal topics, creating a melancholic theme and honesty across the project.

Planetself - High Tide feat. John Robinson, Yarah Bravo & Zion I     Hip Hop, Soul, Chill, Rap 13/09/2018
Planetself is built out of connection, to earth,the soul and the spirit within all,from the essence of Hip Hop,to the artefacts of early soul music.
The title track from the new EP. An international collaboration featuring John Robinson (NEW YORK), Zion I (LA) and Yarah Bravo (Germany).

Other tracks by Planetself:  You Plus Me  -  Chosen feat. Blurum13 & Funkwig
Anbar - Move (feat. Kiid Koda)     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 12/09/2018
Anbar is a Melbourne-based hip-hop & R&B artist, who first debuted into the clubs and industry in 2017 with his single 'Go Hard'. He joined Local To Local in 2018.
'Move' is the first single taken from the Day One mixtape from DJ Marco and the Local To Local crew that will feature 12 solo tracks from the 4 artists. ‘Move’ is Anbar featuring Kiid Koda. The fast paced energetic single not only capitalises on the duos rapid-fire lyricism and chemistry, but the driving production of Jase Beathedz.

Bigg - AMG Dreaming     Hip Hop, Rap, Chill, RnB 12/09/2018
Vietnamese/Australian Hip-Hop music producer/recording artist based in Sydney.
AMG Dreaming is a tribute to the artist's father. Using a soulful R&B production, Bigg gave a little peek into his life, influences and dream. The track has a sound that blurs the line between Jazz and Hip Hop, fuses them together and deliver a musical piece that are raw, agressive yet equally soothing.

Bilby - Proceed     Hip Hop, Chill, Electronic, Punk 12/09/2018
Bilby aka Blinky Trill aka Sydney/the world's favourite and only emo prince
The second single from Sydney emo-prince Bilby's forthcoming debut album 'SHADE' out September 28 thru Yes Rave.

Clue - Sponsor Me (ft. GaTa)     Hip Hop, Comedy, Electronic 12/09/2018
Australian Hip Hop's finest comedian, Clue mixes a smooth blend of modern Aussie Hip Hop, comedy and vivid story-telling to create an immersive listening experience.
Teaming up with LA based rapper GaTa, Clue delivers a bar heavy track dedicated to the struggles of an early career artist. Clue pleads brands to sponsor him in any way to take the weight off while he builds his career, while GaTa contrasts as an endorsed artist, describing the riches of the industry showcasing both side of the coin.

KRICH - Old School     Hip Hop, Rap 12/09/2018
An MC who likes to share with his audience the good, bad and ugly of his experiences
A track from the vault from back in the day

Other tracks by KRICH:  Word Play  -  Bump
Midas.Gold - Suffer In Silence     Hip Hop, Electronic 12/09/2018
In an age where hip-hop from Australia is on the brink of international stardom, Midas.Gold stands out as a premiere name at the very top of the new wave.
The second instalment in a three part narrative currently being unveiled, Suffer In Silence is available on RUOK?Day, drawing attention to mental health, suicide prevention and the vulnerability of a young black man struggling with violence. Produced by ARIA Gold winning producer James Angus the song is meditative, emotional and climactic, continuing to shine light on the versatility of Midas.Gold.

Sophiegrophy - Caution     Hip Hop, Rap 12/09/2018
Following the overwhelming international success of her last single BAG, Melbourne hip-hop Queen Sophiegrophy is back with a bright and bouncy new hit, titled CAUTION.
Following the overwhelming international success of her last single BAG, Melbourne hip-hop Queen Sophiegrophy is back with a bright and bouncy new hit, titled CAUTION.

The eccentric new anthem turns Sophie’s steeze up to a new level, as she spits as confident and fierce as ever over some groovy, tropical alt-trap production by way of Jia Lih.

Tentendo - Waves     Hip Hop, RnB 12/09/2018
Melbourne producer Tentendo calls on a variety of influences to create danceable, upbeat hip-hop production. His work has been celebrated by the likes of BBC1, Okayplayer and High Snobiety.
Tentendo pairs with frequent collaborators Blasko, Jordan Dennis and Rahel on 'Waves', the latest addition to his growing catalogue of upbeat hip-hop. Out on Majestic Casual Records, it completes a run of singles out this year, with recent releases Ghost and Dance With Me featured by the likes of Mixmag, Complex and Red Bull Music.

DOBBY - Sick As     Hip Hop 04/09/2018
DOBBY is a Hip Hop artist and drummer. A proud Aboriginal and Filipino musician, DOBBY combines drumming with simultaneous rapping to produce an electric and invigorating live performance.
Sick As is a sonic showcase of rhythm. This is for the lyricism enthusiasts “All the way from Muruwari to Dunghutti”. Features vocals from Rotaris (Arun Neelakandan)

Other tracks by DOBBY:  H20  -  Ode To AD
Fresh Violet - Natural Born Killers     Hip Hop 04/09/2018
Melbourne based rapper and producer, Fresh Violet has been making waves in the national hip-hop scene whilst grinding to bring together her debut album 50 Shades of Violet.
This track unveils a new level of intensity to Fresh Violet’s persona, and reveals another one of the 50 Shades of Violet that can be expected from her highly anticipated debut album. The quality and ferocity of this project are demonstrative of why Fresh Violet is fast becoming one of the major break out hip hop artists of 2018.

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Fresh Violet - Natural Born Killers     Hip Hop, Rap 04/09/2018
Fresh Violet is back with a cathartic new video and single ‘Natural Born Killers (feat. Mr Ruckman)’ taken from her forthcoming debut album 50 Shades Of Violet.
Natural Born Killers is poised to be a strong cultural moment in the Australian music landscape. Violet says of the track, “I’m channeling the rage that women everywhere are feeling right now. The fact we are experiencing epidemic levels of violence and inequality is infuriating."

New Fridge - The Money Party     Hip Hop, Punk, Pop, Funk 04/09/2018
New Fridge is a three piece guitar/synth band playing a mix of new wave, punk and hip hop style, driven by their lyrics of political satire and social comment
A funky party song about the biggest party of all - The Money Party!

Evolve - You Can Dance     Hip Hop, Dance, Funk, Jazz 03/09/2018
"Evolve" is a proudly unconventional project that attempts to fuse the film score and music of a cinematic nature with other musical expressions.
You Can Dance is an exploration of the spiritual in the sensual. It is a metaphor for the ultimate release of tantric force during a union of polarities.

Other tracks by Evolve:  California Sunset  -  No Worries
LC Mckenzie - GAME     Hip Hop, Rap 30/08/2018
The New EP from the Young LC Mckenzie Ft Oli Tha God couldn't come at a better time. Mixing the New Sound and old samples.
Based on the concept of being pimped out by labels instead of pushing for yourself as an independent artist.

Other tracks by LC Mckenzie:  Right Now  -  4AM
Oddsox - Lonely Road     Hip Hop, Jazz 30/08/2018
Oddsox is a 22 year old hip hop artist from Melbourne who wants to find his place in the world with the music he makes.
This song is about where you find your happiness and self actualization,. It is meant to challenge the stereotypical view of success and where you fit within it. Taken from the upcoming Concept EP High School reunion this piece of the puzzle is the first taste on what this concept is al labout.

Licy Be - Be The Change (feat CASS and WYLD)     Hip Hop, Pop, Dance 27/08/2018
Devoted rapper, poet, motivational speaker, suicide prevention and mental health awareness advocate - Licy Be is a Gold Coast based artist on a mission.
“We wrote this song to speak to a generation struggling with suicide. We believe it's everyones responsibility to 'Be The Change' and reach out to those in our lives that are struggling with life, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and mental health challenges. Whatever it may be, there is hope.”

B Wise - Actin' Different     Hip Hop 25/08/2018
B Wise is a young rapper from South-West Sydney. His debut album 'Area Famous' drops on September 14th out through Elefant Traks.
Actin' Different is about embracing your free side, the side where you don’t care what anyone thinks about you and you're just living in the moment. That feeling of opening the sunroof in the middle of winter, feeling on top of the world. Actin' Different is produced by Juve and mixed by DOPAM!NE.