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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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Sirpit - Selfish Love     Hip Hop, Pop, RnB, Soul 10/08/2018
“Selfish Love” is a stunning example. While romantic intricacies is not a story we haven’t heard before in music
Selfish Love sonically expresses the regrets and bad decisions that Sirpit has done in the past through his lyrics and the soulfoul vocals.

KWAME - NO TIME     Hip Hop, Rap 09/08/2018
KWAME is a rapper, producer and writer from Western Sydney. His breakout single WOW led to him winning the triple j Unearthed Splendour comp. He is also playing BIGSOUND.
No Time is about breaking that cycle and finding balance in my own life. No Time is a more mature approach to inform somebody that things
can’t continue when you simply don’t have the time, when you need to work on yourself as a person, to grow
and understand life outside of a relationship.

Nooky - Black Future     Hip Hop, Rap, Indigenous, Australian Indigenous 08/08/2018
An unsubtle mix of class and street, Nooky has risen through the ranks on the back of energetic live shows and intricate wordplay, imbued with truth and humour.
NOOKY has come out firing with a chant for the next generation of Black Excellence, with a stand-alone track - BLACK FUTURE. Today, the Bad Apples signee has dropped the explosive song ‘BLACK FUTURE” accompanied by a blistering clip.

The track points to Black Excellence and the opportunities for the rappers Peoples to achieve anything. They are the future.

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Hvncoq - Switch Up     Hip Hop, Rap 08/08/2018
Following the success of his debut self-titled EP released on WVS in March this year, Melbourne’s Hvncoq returns with the effortlessly melodic new single SWITCH UP.
Having proved himself to be a singularly talented and eclectic contemporary rapper on his debut, Hvncoq has spared no time in adding another layer to his already impressive repertoire with the GXNXVS produced early-hours anthem SWITCH UP, mixed by Andrei Eremin.

Em Flach - Crushed     Hip Hop, Downbeat, Chill, Atmospheric 07/08/2018
Em Flach continues to craft beautifully crafted lofi, downtempo hip hop inspired by the vistas around his home in the Blue Mountains. This track co-produced with The Silent Titan.
Crushed is a melodic blend of riveting piano licks, down-tempo drums and piercing trumpets combine to form a lush soundscape. Lofi hip hop at its most atmospheric.

OptiMystic - Dreams Alive     Hip Hop, Pop, Rap 06/08/2018
Not a stranger to the music scene with a plethora of tracks and collaborations. OptiMystic surrounds himself with so many talented artists it's hard not to stumble upon his music.
The latest release "Dreams Alive" fosters raw emotion, driven by powerful anecdotes and social excerpts, engaging the contemporary listener.

The track opens with a smooth, lustrous and compassionate vocal performance from the talented Tenette Smith allowing the floodgates to open for what is an onslaught of cut throat truths from the talented MC's Sickflo & Mic Handz.

T$oko - Blasphemy/The Mirror     Hip Hop, Jazz 05/08/2018
Zimbabwean born, Perth based rapper. “I rap because I love it. I love to tell all my stories and experiences through this music"
Hiphop vibes

Other tracks by T$oko:  Hakuna Matata  -  Yola
KayCent - Relapse     Hip Hop, Christian, Rap 03/08/2018
KayC is new to the scene, but she isn’t one to miss. With that old school vibe and nostalgia, you don’t want to sleep on her music.
Relapse is all about my struggles with quitting my addictions, and falling back into it.

Kirklandd - Faded     Hip Hop, Electronic 03/08/2018
Blending a distinct influence of 90s hip hop and a progressive production style, Canberra artist Kirklandd has begun to carve a unique lane in the Australian hip hop scene.
Blending hard hitting 808s, vocal synths and live electric guitar, Kirklandd's latest single is an anthemic sound from co-producers Cam Bluff (Allday) and Citizen Kay.

The Rascal Collective - Charles     Hip Hop, Jazz, Rap 03/08/2018
The Rascal Collective are a collective of rascal rappers comprised of five guys and two producers; Caesar Crow, Peaco, Ckay, Logan Livin, BWZA, The Bunny and Bilby.
Charles is a perfectly delivered debut single that introduces not only the crew but each individual member in a cypher style record.

The Rascal Collective's sound brings strong classic vibes from the roots of Australian hip hop with a modern touch on their production, giving them a very unique sound in Australia's thriving hip hop scene.

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DOBBY - My Mind     Hip Hop, Indigenous, Rap 02/08/2018
DOBBY is a Hip Hop artist and drummer. Aged 24, he is an Aboriginal and Filipino musician that incorporates Rap, drums and freestyling all into his music. Simultaneously.
My Mind is a dedication to my Aboriginal brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles and cousins. The song explores notions of anxiety and self worth, internal and external pressures, and brings the conversation of Aboriginal struggle to the forefront. "My brother my brother been working so hard all day / My tidda my tidda been working so hard all day"

Kwasi x HFNR - Aura Glow     Hip Hop, Rap, Hip Hop, Chill 02/08/2018
Coming out of the WVS camp is Melbourne rapper/producer duo Kwasi x HFNR, who have enlisted the help of Allday and Gracelands on their lustful new hit AURA GLOW.
AURA GLOW matches Kwasi’s slick, crooning vocals with those of Australian Hip-Hop superstar Allday and rising east-coast songwriter Gracelands, making for a grand new love anthem that melds pop and alternative trap elements effortlessly via some trademark HFNR production.

Kwasi x HFNR well-and-truly keep the ball rolling with AURA GLOW, in what is an undeniable, genre-bending smash.

Luke D'Arth - The Chase     Hip Hop 02/08/2018
Melbourne local Luke D'arth is back with his new single "The Chase". With a Macklemore-esque vibe, D'arth has evolved his sound since releasing his debut single "Star Crossed".
Replacing 808’s for a live band, the upbeat and incredibly catchy single "The Chase" explores fame, love and everything that comes along with it.

Alex Parkman - Out Of Touch     Hip Hop, Pop, RnB 01/08/2018
Emotive, new-wave hip hop drawing inspiration from Travis Scott, Trippie Redd and Juice WRLD. Wavy auto-tuned vocals, minimalist percussion and heavy lead synths
Out of Touch is an emotional anthem that explores aspects of lust, communication, and love. It delves into the idea of a distant relationship that is constantly out of reach. The single utilises a range of moody synths and leads to create an emotional canvas for Alex’s deep, distorted vocals.

Tigermoth - The Phantom     Hip Hop, Instrumental, Experimental 01/08/2018
Equally influenced by US and Japanese Hip-hop, Tigermoth weaves an abstract, instrumental canvas/soundscape, backed by orchestrated beats.
‘The Phantom’ is a sampled collage of East meets West, that takes it cues from Tarantino ‘pulp’ as much as it does Hip Hop. Utilising some upbeat 70s Bollywood funk, and Zen Buddhist inspired narration, ‘The Phantom’ perfectly introduces the themes of ‘Gung Fu’ - evil and good, life and death and yin and yang.

Tkay Maidza - Flexin' Ft Duckwrth     Hip Hop, Pop 01/08/2018
Built on trap beats and lyrical dexterity, ‘Flexin’’ is a snapshot of how far the Zimbabwean-born, Australian-made hip hop star has come since emerged from Adelaide half a decade ago.
‘Flexin’’ is Tkay’s first solo release since she dropped her debut 2016 album, TKAY – and the new single shows both a huge amount of growth from the Adelaide emcee, as well as a pretty massive guest verse from rising U.S. rap star, Duckwrth.

Cking - Sorry     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 31/07/2018
Brisbane artist Cking is already a veteran of the Hip Hop music scene at the ripe age of just 23.
Sorry opens with a sombre piano introduction that flows into a smooth Hip Hop verse. The track features lush production and a killer chorus feature from artist Kudzai. Cking paints an emotional picture of the trials of human relationship.

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Sirpit - Texture     Hip Hop, RnB, Pop 31/07/2018
“Texture” is a stunning example. While romantic intricacies is not a story we haven’t heard before in music
Sonically speaking, “Texture” is one of Sirpit’s strongest single projects to come out so far. Borrowing from this millennium’s R&B influences to electronic soundscapes and trap elements, CashMoneyAp x River Beats have created a solid beat

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Jannah Beth - In Bloom     Hip Hop, Soul, Pop, Jazz 25/07/2018
“If you haven’t heard Jannah Beth yet, you’re missing out on a talented young artist who produces a unique mix of smooth raps, soulful melodies and experimental beats”. FBi Radio
In Bloom is a song that celebrates feminine energy in the world, it is an ode to those who are speaking up and gaining confidence and strength. Balancing playfulness and straight up in your face demanding an even space. It was inspired by my experiences that have led me to grow and allow myself to just be me.

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nightlight - Breathing     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, Electronic 21/07/2018
Just two girls from the north-side. Good law abiding citizens by daylight, synth-pop rap royalty by night.
The first single from nightlight's debut self-titled EP, 'BREATHING' is a laid-back tune with a captivating beat. The reflective lyrics share a story of learning and trust, and the track carries itself with a reminiscent and familiar vibe.

Other tracks by nightlight:  D.I.E.  -  Summer