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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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ZVNE - Stay Quiet     Hip Hop 25/02/2017
ZVNE is a 22-year-old hip-hop artist based in Perth, Australia. Writing and recording since the age of 17, he draws on personal experiences, creating a sound both relatable yet unconventional.
It’s a mixture of heavy bass lines, soft melody and clean vocals. It’s about coming to the realization that you’re truly on your own, and is an accolade to anyone who has ever had to make the choice to leave a certain person, situation or lifestyle in order to grow.

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Zsuzsika Lencses - Gonna Be Alright     Hip Hop, RnB, Easy Listening, Dance 28/03/2019
Zsuzsika has a mission to support and help people suffering a mental illness through her music .She has a strong voice and a unique sound with powerful lyrics.
Gonna be alright is a song about coming out of a hurdle or obstacle that's in your life to believing and knowing that you are going to be alright. Knowing that no matter what you are going through, you are strong enough to overcome anything and you hold the power within taking control of your own life.

Zsa Zsa LaFine - She Hot     Electronic, House, Hip Hop, Dance 21/10/2016
Proper party music for proper party queens and geniuses. Bass that belongs on Oxford St at 4am, spilling onto sidewalks, holding back boozy barf to make out with your bestie.
New single from Sydney's Zsa Zsa LaFine, 'She Hot' is the happiest diss track imaginable. It's part 90s house anthem, part devotional modern day Tumblr hip hop with a beat produced by rapper/producer Simo Soo. This is an empowering sugar rush wake up.

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Zolton - Anthemic (featuring Rioux V)     Hip Hop, Rap 15/05/2019
Zolton's new musical project incorporates big 80s-styled synths, beats, and melodic hooks.
A rework of Zolton's multi-part 80s themed quasi-instrumental featuring beats by Es-K and rapping/additional vocals by Rioux V.

Written by Zolton and Rioux V, produced by Taka Perry and mixed by Matt Sim.

Zilm - The Least II     Hip Hop, Funk 11/11/2017
Jamie Zilm is a multi-instrumentalist/vocalist/radio presenter originally from the small country town of Bordertown, SA.
This song is a hip hop/funk song written in Berlin while Zilm was travelling Europe mid-2016. It features a distinctive bass line and 'chippy' guitars with wah-wah.

Other tracks by Zilm:  Set It Up  -  London BonBon
Zii - This Is Afrika     Hip Hop, African, Christian 11/06/2015
Originally from Zimbabwe but now residing Melbourne, Zii is a hip hop artist who records and performs Urban music that is backed by powerful verses with Africans sounds and rhythms.
Driven by ambition, Zii always wanted to work with Melbourne based Diafrix. When the opportunity came to have MoMO produce some music he made the most of it. Also joining him on this single is rising star Ceeko, well known Poet Tariro Mavando and South African award winner Sifaniso Bophela.

Zii - Belief (ft. Natalie Ruiz)     Hip Hop 14/08/2015
Originally from Zimbabwe, Zii’s story is the one about how the school rascal somehow finds himself in the world of hip-hop spruiking a message of positivity and self-worth.
This single is an inside looking out view of how Zii’s faith has influenced his view of the world around him. It provides an honest view of how certain beliefs can be limiting as they place people in boxes that don’t necessarily allow them to flourish.

Ziggy Ramo - YKWD (You Know We're Done)     Hip Hop, Rap, Australian Indigenous, Pop 13/10/2017
Tipped by many as an exciting new player on the Australian hip hop scene, 22-year-old Ziggy Ramo continues to impress with his scything flow and politically-charged, insightful focus.
Ziggy Ramo aims to shift the dialogue with his new new single ‘YKWD’. Following suit from previously released singles ‘Black Thoughts’ and ‘Same Script’, ‘YKWD’ (‘You Know We’re Done’) is powerful, arresting and thought provoking.

Ziggy Ramo - Same Script     Hip Hop, Rap, Australian Indigenous, Pop 09/06/2017
Tipped as an exciting new player on the Australian hip-hop scene, Ziggy Ramo has impressed peers and industry with his scything flow, effortlessly combined with a politically-charged focus.
'Same Script' opens up the conversation about mental health, addressing the associated and unnecessary stigmas. In his own words, Ziggy's track acknowledges that "regardless of race, gender or sexuality, we can come to an understanding that no one is ever truly alone in what can be an uphill battle.”

MUSIC COORDINATOR PICK: Emily Nicol, Koori Radio (NSW)

Ziggy Ramo - Pretty Boy     Hip Hop, Rap, Australian Indigenous, Pop 05/04/2019
To say Ziggy Ramo’s voice is important one in the Australian hip hop scene would be an understatement. Over a short period it’s become as integral as Briggs and Remi.
Ziggy Ramo's latest track “Pretty Boy” handles insecurities around masculinity and self image. He says “There is no one way to be a man. This track aims to start a dialogue between men to take responsibility of our insecurities. For too long we have repressed our emotions and those around us. Men can be pretty, women can be handsome."

Ziggy Ramo - Empire     Hip Hop, Indigenous, Rap, Pop 22/02/2019
To say Ziggy Ramo’s voice is important in the Australian hip-hop scene is an understatement – over a short period it’s become as integral as peers like Briggs and Remi.
Ziggy Ramo uploaded his latest track “Empire” the day before Australia Day.

Ziggy said “F&*k Australia Day. We survived, now we thrive. I’m not going to carry the emotional burden this weekend or waste my time getting into arguments with brick walls. I’ve been holding onto Empire for years but I woke up this morning feeling proud to be Indigenous."

Ziggy Ramo - A to Z     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, Australian Indigenous 14/04/2018
Tipped by many as one of the most exciting new players on the Australian hip hop scene, 23-year-old Ziggy Ramo’s trajectory continues to move in an upwards direction.
"A to Z" is about how important relationships are – and when you’re not concerned with one special day because every day is special. The track talks all things love - it's power when someone lets you into their world, where you share everything from A to Z.


Ziggy - Black Thoughts     Hip Hop, Indigenous 22/11/2016
Ziggy is an emerging hip hop artist out of Perth, WA. His latest EP Black Thoughts depicts an Insightful experience into the landscape of race relations in modern Australia.
Black Thoughts is a landmark release in discussions regarding race relations in Australia.

MUSIC COORDINATOR PICK: Emily Nicol, Koori Radio (NSW)

Ziggy - Black Face     Hip Hop, Indigenous 24/11/2016
Ziggy is an emerging hip hop artist out of Perth, WA.
Black Face tackles what it is to be Indigenous in modern Australia.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Will Backler, RTRFM, Perth (WA), Emily Nicol, Koori Radio (NSW)

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Zennith - Poet A Rhymer     Hip Hop, Reggae, Rap 04/11/2016
From deep within the scrub of ancient Bulwai country, Kuranda FNQ, emerges the new sound of Australin Music.
Embracing their hip-hop reggae roots, Kuranda’s dynamic family-founded outfit Zennith are back – six years after their last release. 'Poet A Rhymer' is the sound the band always set out to create, a dance-hall anthem with beat-laden rap and a rhythmic undertone, interwoven with some mean guitar licks.

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Zeal Static - Fight My Battles     Hip Hop, Rap, RnB 02/09/2016
Zeal Static is not your average emcee, you can say he is cut from a different cloth. His attention grabbing lyrics, voice and energy leaves the audience in awe.
There is always a struggle between good and evil, obstacles and ambition, rich and poor, strength and weakness, love and hate, and that’s what ‘Fight My Battles’ is all about. It’s a constant battle between your inner self and the outer elements

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Other tracks by Zeal Static:  Dreams & Wishes (Ft Terence Critical)  -  Fyaa
Zanda Elwood - All That I Feel     Hip Hop, Rap, Hip Hop 19/07/2018
Born in 1995, Zanda Elwood has been blessing stages across Australia since the age of 19. Zanda is working on his next release while hibernating in the studio.
The single is set on the topic of domestic violence.
The lyrics capture the insight of what it can feel like being in love with someone who doesn't treat you right.

Zac Slater - Zips     Hip Hop, Acoustic, Pop, Dance 17/06/2016
Zac Slater is a fresh blend of rock, pop, hip hop and soul with infectious vocal melodies, upbeat guitar rhythms and inspiring lyrics.
Zips is a feel-good funky song written about Zacs love of wearing slippers instead of shoes. A love which started back in high school. The song celebrates uniqueness, sending a strong message to embrace who you are and not to worry about what others think of you.

Z. LEWIS - GET IT featuring Talakai     Hip Hop, Rap 12/12/2018
Bursting onto the scene almost out of nowhere; London born, Melbourne-based Z. LEWIS is a PROBLEM. A big one. One of the most formidable spitters in the game. Watch closely.
REEEEEWWIIIIND. An instant street classic, GET IT displays the lyrical prowess of two of Australia's rising rap stars - Z. LEWIS and Talakai as they come together over furious production from Brisbane's own Harvey. You'll be forced to run it back multiple times to catch the wordplay, flow and presence in a collaboration sure to turn heads everywhere.

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Yuto. - OT     Hip Hop, Downbeat, Rap, RnB 10/05/2019
Brother producer duo based in Melbs. We love to produce and the grind of it! If your Melbourne bound, happy to get a drink
It's a blend between Russ and Drake. Denzel and Caleb (both singers for the single) smashed it, with there cadence and overall vibe. Love some feedback on it!