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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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Kieren Luke - God Damn     Hip Hop, Pop, R&B 14/10/2019
Kieren Luke is back with the release of his new anthem, ‘God Damn'. Combining fast-paced flows and smooth melodies, encapsulating all elements needed to make it an all-round banger.
I was always that kid that no one would f*** with, no matter how hard I tried. So I gave up on trying and focused on achieving my goals. Not being true to YOU is an ugly thing, so i'm trying to shine a light on that.

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South West Syndicate - Back Like A Boomerang     Hip Hop, Rock 14/10/2019
South West Syndicate are a hip hop collective from South West Sydney formed in 1992.
Debut single from hip hop crew South West Syndicate. A long time coming, the first official single from these hip hop pioneers. Their formation was named in Brag magazine's most important events in 50 years of Indigenous music. Recently reformed with a new passion to make music together, SWS are "Back Like A Boomerang".

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Jamie-Rose - BEEN A MINUTE     Hip Hop, Pop, R&B 11/10/2019
Based in Brisbane is one of Australia’s most refreshing and promising emerging artists, Jamie-Rose. She's steadily dominating the Australian circuit with her exciting fusion of Abstract Pop and Hip Hop.
This track was produced and tracked in the Wyndham Melbourne Hotel after Malikai’s first visit to Australia in June of 2018. This track was originally written about Jamie’s nostalgia from indulging in a substance, now legal, when she lived in Canada. This is a love song to a far away friend.

Tone Youth - Mona Lisa     Hip Hop, Latin 11/10/2019
If you chuck a Brit, a Zimbabwean, and two Australians into a blender, then you’re left with an extremely intriguing combination. That intriguing combination is Perth based collective, Tone Youth.
"Mona Lisa is written about a girl, but from all of our different perspectives in each of the verses. It’s about this feeling of being drunk with lust. You’re in awe of this woman, but she’s stringing you along and you can’t help playing into the games.”

Produced by JuiceBangers (Cobra Music Group/USA)

Other tracks by Tone Youth:  Vultures
Vali Woods - Flirt     Hip Hop 11/10/2019
Vali Woods is a LA-born Melbourne artist and has over 100,000 YouTube views on her first single ‘Lil Rebel’ as well as over 100,000 streams on her Spotify.
The single is about being in control and unapologetic of one's sexuality.

Bigg - Tell Me     Hip Hop, R&B 10/10/2019
Vietnamese/Australian Hip Hop recording artist & producer, born in Ha Noi and now based in Marrickville, Sydney.
Tell Me is about the artist's personal experience with frendships in the past, with an upbeat yet serious instrumental, Bigg laid the full story of the deceiving nature of some of the friendship he had in the past through intricate rhyme scheme, smooth melodies and strong delivery.

CHISENGA - Copacabana     Hip Hop 10/10/2019
CHISENGA is the artist formerly known as Crisis Mr. Swagger. The Rapper/Producer and Creative Director has re-branded is looking to do live gigs and get radio play nationwide
Copacabana is a song about love. The type you only get to appreciate after you're dumped by a partner you should have paid more attention to. Now you don't know where to look because she has left and she could be in Atlanta or Copacabana. Only God knows!

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Other tracks by CHISENGA:  Give Me Your Loving  -  I'm So Into You
Dos Dos - Supposed To     Hip Hop 10/10/2019
Dos Dos is an independent hip-hop artist residing in Brisbane who makes emotive, trap-influenced songs with introspective lyrical themes.
Supposed To is an atmospheric track built around an eery synth sample and hard-hitting drums. The track explores the way external influences can effect the way we view ourselves and how ultimately, these perceptions of ourselves, while often painful, are necessary- that in the end, we feel what we feel because we're supposed to.

Jamie-Rose - SVD FVCE     Hip Hop, Pop, R&B 10/10/2019
Based in Brisbane is one of Australia’s most refreshing and promising emerging artists, Jamie-Rose. She's steadily dominating the Australian circuit with her exciting fusion of Abstract Pop and Hip Hop.
‘SVD FVCE’ Produced by Malikai Motion, EVO. JR - “I’ve seen a lot rappers around me become consumed by drugs. It seems like their idols aren’t just affecting their writing and performance but also the lifestyle that they live. 'SVD FVCE' is about trying to keep up with the rap lifestyle in the industry but losing yourself in the process.”

Ley Landon - Oui     Hip Hop, Pop 10/10/2019
Hard hitting Brisbane based LGBT rapper inspired by the likes of female rap.
Ley Landon is hitting back at all the doubt and negatively spread online.

TheBRB - Road 2 Greatness     Hip Hop, Christian 10/10/2019
Ten years in the game in and out and back again, through hardships cancer, divorce, jail time and severe loss. TheBRB, living up to his name, is back for good!
Sonically an upbeat track with catchy hooks & lyrical verses hailing from two different sounding rappers. Flow clear & concise with little predictability.

Pressing into a bright future & putting hard times in the past, rapper J.I. & The BRB present ‘Road 2 Greatness” the songs full of hope despite the struggles and potholes of the past along the way

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Connor Jones - Ginger Marmalade     Hip Hop, Roots, Soul, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 05/10/2019
Connor Jones is an Australian rapper and producer from small-town Mullumbimby of the Byron Shire. Citing influences ranging from Funk to House, Connor brings it all to his own music.
Connor Jones is back with an undeniable hit, 'Ginger Marmalade'. Connor describes the single as a love letter to his hometown of Mullumbimby over banging 808's and a gorgeous guitar line that would make John Frusciante cry. Crooning 'Mamma hate that I'm away', Connor paints a perfect picture for anyone who has left their home/family in chase of a dream.

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Eleji - Treehouse     Hip Hop, R&B, Alternative 05/10/2019
Cancer survivor and Melbourne hip-hop artist Eleji leads his own label and movement (High n Mighty Entertainment) Spelt: HienMyteeEnt his new album 'Pray Tomorrow Never Comes' is out October 28
‘Treehouse’ is the zestful and uplifting lead single off Eleji’s forthcoming debut album

The colourful new single produced by Hamley and mixed by Cam Bluff has Eleji delivering slick raps as he twirls the tale of never growing up no matter your age, and living in the present no matter the consequences.

Video and Album National Tour - Coming Soon

Ayspayadekay - Golly Gosh!     Hip Hop, Dance 04/10/2019
Ayspayadekay breaks the mold with their queer-positive approach and a focus on exploring mental-health. With intricate flows and abstract lyricism, Ayspay delivers an eccentric and decadent cocktail of the future.
Ayspay brings a twist to Australian Hip Hop exploring mental health and queer culture, to create an eccentric, energetic aura that is completely unique to the Sydneysider. The self confessed space cadet found a matching energy in Sydney producer Delipres, the pair creating a chaotic synergy of deep, wobbling bass, high hats, autotune and punchlines.

C-K-H - On A Plate     Hip Hop 04/10/2019
C-K-H is a Melbourne based rapper who has been compared to the likes of Anderson Paak while others have compared his approach and style to Jcole.
Taking his grateful upbringing as an opportunity to learn and grow as an artist rather than capitalizing and have everything handed ‘On A Plate’ is the core premise of the newest offering from the up and coming rapper, which boasts playful production and well thought out, hungry driven bars.

Figuero Jones - KG FLOW     Hip Hop 04/10/2019
KG FLOW is the second single from West Australian heavyweights Figuero Jones and ErikiBeatz taken from their upcoming project. Sonder Films once again handles the visuals that accompany the single.
KG FLOW is a grandiose motivational ode to the hard work and time Figuero puts into his craft which is reflected in his latest release ‘Ride’ which accumulated over 20 thousand streams on Spotify alone in it’s first week of release and was added to multiple editorial playlists’ such as New Music Friday AU/NZ and Urban Flavour.

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TELL (Mantra & Grey Ghost) - 32 Winters     Hip Hop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 04/10/2019
TELL, a collaboration between legendary hip-hop artists Mantra and Grey Ghost, is an unflinching analysis of modern society.
ʻ32 Wintersʼ encapsulates what the TELL project means to its two creators. Itʼs a searing, candid look at lifeʼs dark corners, that feels just as at home on the dancefloor as in your headphones. Voiced with passion and conviction by two master storytellers, this jam invites you to dance with your demons and delve into the darkness head on.

Trigź - Be Okay (ft. Imagine The Rapper)     Hip Hop, Punk 04/10/2019
Bringing a fresh zest to the classic Aus Hip Hop sound, Brisbane emcee Trigź is sure to please anyone vibing Hilltop Hoods, Funkoars and Bliss n Eso
Trigź is known for his humility, dedication to perfection, raw energy, and vulnerable lyrics and this lyrical apple doesn’t fall far from the discography tree. "This is meant to be a feel good track about overcoming the hurdles life puts in your way but the more I wrote the deeper it got" - Trigź

Fungai - No Way Out     Hip Hop 02/10/2019
Zimbabwe-born Melbourne-based artist Fungai unveils visuals for his single ‘No Way Out’ featuring Maxshotta. The single carries strong political message the young artists conveyed with the single earlier this year.
The single carries strong political message the young artists conveyed with the single earlier this year. The track gives a deeper perspective on Fungai's message to never lose hope, regardless of how tough life can be.

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Joel Rafidi - Illusion     Hip Hop, R&B 01/10/2019
Depth and flow, lyrically and sonically, Joel Rafidi presents that classic, Golden Era Hip Hop vibe with thought provoking lyrics and buttery deliveries.
Following up his first release in 5 years, Joel Rafidi is pleased to introduce Illusion, featuring a mellow, flowing cadence peppered with hard hitting truths and through provoking verses. For those wanting truth and consciousness intertwined with classic hip hop sounds, ILLUSION has everything you’ve been looking for.