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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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Donnie Green - Good Night     Hip Hop, Chill 22/06/2018
Donnie Green is an emerging artist from Adelaide diversifying the Australian hip-hop scene with new wave melody and lyricism.
Donnie Green brings mellow bars and good vibes over fuzzy 808's and bouncy piano keys in his summery new single 'Good Night'. The wavy beat is complemented by Donnie's laid back flow, adding to the atmosphere of the nostalgic sounding track.

Other tracks by Donnie Green:  Stack it Up  -  Need Dat (Gold Chain)
Johnny Gee - Because Of Her We Can (feat. Emily Rawlings) [Prod By. One Above]     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous 19/06/2018
Johnny Gee touches on social and political issues surrounding indigenous australians through his music.
This song is dedicated to Indigenous Women and Non-Indigenous women who struggle in a man's world to have their voices heard.

Brass Knuckle Brass Band - Running (feat. The Ansah Brothers)     Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz 18/06/2018
BKBB is a sweaty late-night party for anyone who knows sousaphones are tougher than bass guitars. Think whiskey dripping from trombone spit-valves; think drummers with callouses on their callouses.
"Running" is an exciting new collaboration between Brass Knuckle Brass Band and The Ansah Brothers (aka rappers Genesis Owusu and Citizen Kay). The track is an unlikely but infectious pairing of sousaphone-driven funk and breakneck hip-hop, with lyrics about perseverance, footwear sizing and the Canberra zoo.

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Other tracks by Brass Knuckle Brass Band:  Cammy Come Lately  -  Quixotic
Vancouver Sleep Clinic - “Trippin' feat. IDK"     Hip Hop, RnB, Chill, Instrumental 18/06/2018
Vancouver Sleep Clinic is the stage name of a band from Australia led by ambient singer, songwriter, and record producer Tim Bettinson.
With lead track "Silver Lining" already released, the "Trippin'" is ahead of THERAPY PHASE 02 the second piece of work from Tim Bettinson aka Vancouver Sleep Clinic.

Evanda - HITLIST     Hip Hop, Chill, Soundscapes, Rap 16/06/2018
Prod Luchii

Cool Out Sun - Fire For     Hip Hop, World, African, Funk 15/06/2018
An explosion of introspective, retrospective Afrofunk. The all-star line up boasts some of the most influential names in Australian music inviting you to wake up, cool down, just do you.
Fire For blends language, culture rhythms and groove, all represented wonderfully in their debut clip. This is Fire For our people.

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Trademarc - B3 FR33     Hip Hop, Soul, Psychedelic 15/06/2018
You can't spell Trademarc without AAaaaayyeee!
B3 FR33 is a series of recordings spanning over 3 years... Including Jesse Francis, Jordan Ruru, Trademarc and Ruby Tuesday Choir.

Other tracks by Trademarc:  Life  -  ..Since Yesterday
Kwame - WOW     Hip Hop 13/06/2018
Kwame is a 20-year-old writer, producer and artist who burst into 2018 with summer hip-hop anthem ‘WOW’, earning supports alongside heavyweights Migos, 6lack, Bliss n Eso and Peking Duk.
Kwame views WOW as having two faces. The first face sounds so confident and up-front, it’s kind of like that sense of euphoria you feel when you discover something that needs to be shared. On the other face of WOW is the return of confidence and self worth.

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Lil Spacely - #CODE     Hip Hop, Rap 13/06/2018
Following the success of his latest releases 'You Know It' and 'DopeBoy', rising rapper Lil Spacely has linked up with fellow Sydneysiders Tyrøne and Griizz for a new banger, #CODE.
Drawing on influences from the globe’s top trap anthems right now, whilst still giving it his own raw, unique and no-nonsense spin, #CODE makes for yet another infectious and memorable Lil Spacely banger.

imbi the girl - Swell     Hip Hop, RnB, Soul, Easy Listening 08/06/2018
After exploding onto the scene in 2017 with their remarkable debut single acidic and follow-up release V.I.P., imbi the girl has turned heads, carving their own path across Australia.
“swell is about this feeling I get in my chest sometimes. It’s not anxiety, it’s not excitement, not sadness or joy, it’s a culmination of all of that and more.” - imbi the girl

Johniepee - Magic     Hip Hop, Pop 06/06/2018
Johniepee, arguably Sydney's most melodic MC takes influence from Aussie greats, Drapht and Spit Syndicate. The young MC is renowned for his smooth, flowing vocals and impeccable cadence.
Magic features 70’s inspired riffs, natural drums and bass guitar coupled with Johnie’s melodic, upbeat flows and catchy hook Magic makes for an engaging listen, appealing to both Hip-Hop and popular music fans. The track describes the magic of music, essentially the creative process that is creating beauty from nothing.

P.Smurf - Unify     Hip Hop, Reggae, Dub 06/06/2018
P.Smurf is a celebrated hiphop MC and co-founder/manager of Big Village Records. His charismatic style of socially and politically charged lyrics, have earned him a loyal fanbase throughout the country.
Unify combines vocalists hailing from Australia, the UK, America, Africa and Fiji. An explosive combination of politically charged lyrics, backed with a unrelenting reggae rhythm. Produced by Down Under beats & Must Volkoff.

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Other tracks by P.Smurf:  SOS  -  The Next Chapter
B Wise - Flex On     Hip Hop, RnB 05/06/2018
B Wise is a rapper from Western Sydney. Gearing up for a big release this year, he has recently dropped his mammoth single 'The Key'.
'Flex On' paints the picture of someone simply enjoying the spoils of hard work. As B Wise describes in his own words, “That feeling you get when your pay cheque hits the account on a Friday”.

Dallas Woods - 9 x out of 10     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous, Rap, Retro 05/06/2018
Dallas Woods is a Noongar man raised in the East Kimberley. A quintessential underdog who dropped out of school at age 14 he was headed straight for the justice system.
Debut 9 x out of 10 raps about the power-trip police have in remote aboriginal communities and their overt presence being a normal occurrence to residents living there. Dallas Woods raps with clever humour about the stigma of being young, black and breaking the cycle of oppression from within community

Velvet Sand - No Middle Ground     Hip Hop, Rap, Electronic 05/06/2018
Velvet Sand is Siege-A and O-G-O. Carrying impressive artistry, an impeccable flow and relentless energy Velvet Sand need to be heard to be believed.
Beginning with an eerie introduction, ‘No Middle Ground‘ hears a faraway piano lead into layers of synths, FX, crowd claps and a filthy bass-line.

Together, Velvet Sand (Siege-A and O-G-O) deliver their signature, wild flows and technical wordplay, whilst floating effortlessly over the instrumental.

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Other tracks by Velvet Sand:  Dangerzone  -  Damsel In Distress
Jackets - Spooky     Hip Hop, Electronic, Pop 31/05/2018
Jackets is a 20 year-old MC/Producer from Maitland NSW with a flare for dark, dramatic beats and gritty flows.
Spooky features dark electronic production, hard bars with an eerie, catchy hook. The track is a tongue in cheek stab at nightclub life, inspired by the horrific scenes that appear when the lights come on at the end of the night. Fans of Allday and Suburban Dark will love this!

Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Closure (Acoustic)     Hip Hop, Acoustic, RnB, Chill 30/05/2018
Vancouver Sleep Clinic is the stage name of a band from Australia led by ambient singer, songwriter, and record producer Tim Bettinson.
Tied together by Drew Love’s distinctive flow “Closure”(Acoustic) presents, icy vocals and the driving lead lyric “I don’t want to be over you,” exploring Tim Bettinson of Vancouver Sleep Clinics’ vulnerabilities. Appropriately titled, the track was created during a particularly tumultuous moment in the life of Bettinson.

Cosmo's Midnight - Lowkey feat. Buddy & Jay Prince     Hip Hop, Dance 29/05/2018
Cosmo’s Midnight are twin brothers from Sydney’s inner west. Their iconic blend of intelligent electronica and left-field pop has earned a reputation worldwide, trusted for their unique and unpredictable transformations,
Embracing the duo’s already well-established off kilter grooves, “Lowkey” showcases a dreamy blend of smooth synths and addictive basslines with the flowing vocals of effortlessly cool collaborators Buddy and Jay Prince. The feel-good track captures the twin producers’ dexterity in cooking up body-moving tracks that breathe moments of undeniable joy.

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Drapht - The Come Down Was Real (Feat. Indoor Fins)     Hip Hop, Rap 29/05/2018
From Perth Western Australia, he is carrying a platinum album, multi-platinum and gold singles, ARIA #1 Album and two ARIA awards for his last two full length releases
Drapht explains “I wanted to tackle the release of this album a little differently this time around. I really had to attempt to take the pressure away from releasing individual songs and sole singles that didn’t quite represent the albums entirety and in the past tended to be extremely stressful”

Imcpayne - Where's My Head At     Hip Hop, Rap 29/05/2018
Imcpayne (AKA C-Payne) is an Australian Hip Hop artist that draws from a truly unique blend of influences to create his signature sound.
Where's My Head At has a similar sonic to Hip Hop coming out of Brooklyn in the early 90's. Imcpayne blends this old school sound with a new school approach to production and lyricism. This young MC is a real wordsmith that has a smooth flow.

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