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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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Stefan Rossi - Energy Is Currency     Hip Hop, Soul 27/03/2020
Stefan Rossi is an Italian Australian Hip Hop artist. He has grown up his whole life watching his family suffer from anxiety and found music as his saving grace.
After a surreal mental episode concerned with physical health problems that didn’t exist, he finally broke. Stefan had to reflect deeply and it was then he truly knew he had to make a decision, either continuing to run from his mind or take control of his life. With a better understanding of his emotions he realised Energy is Currency.

NADA KATANA - Superman     Hip Hop, Pop 27/03/2020
Nada Katana, conceived in the cold depths of southern Tasmania, is a band of brothers coming together to perform new music crafted by singer, songwriter/producer Dali Srhoj.
Superman is a Hip-hop/trap/pop song with a story portrayed through Promise and Nada Katana’s eyes. It is a simple but complex story of ones longing of fulfilment through another.

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The Kid LAROI - Addison Rae     Hip Hop, Alternative 27/03/2020
16-year old rapper The Kid LAROI, originally hailing from Redfern, follows up recent singles ‘Diva’ (ft Lil Tecca) and ‘Let Her Go’ with surprise release ‘Addison Rae’.
The track is written about the teenage social media influencer, with LAROI initially releasing the hook on Tik Tok, which Addison saw and has now used to create her own videos on the platform alongside over 27,000 other Tik Tok users.

KYMIE - Drop It Down     Hip Hop, R&B, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 26/03/2020
Hailing from South Africa via Western Sydney, singer KYMIE channels powerfully woven, dynamic lyricism laced with ambition and flair.
‘Drop It Down’ expresses confidence and IDGAF energy over a playful trap instrumental produced by Kwame. The song states that if I’m investing time in you, you better come correct!
I am a woman of business who is confident - I most definitely don’t play around and if you behave accordingly best believe you’ll get the best of me!

MALi JO$E - This Could Be You     Hip Hop, R&B 26/03/2020
18 year old MALi JO$E is an emerging Hip Hop artist hailing from Fremantle, WA.
'This Could Be You' combines MALi’s charm with his colourful 90’s inspired style to discuss the physical and mental impact of a complicated relationship.

On the track, MALi says, 'Sometimes the feeling of love and heartbreak can be so corny, you just gotta make a joke of it... It's the only way to cope sometimes'.

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Dcrae - ANUTH'R DAY     Hip Hop, Dance, Pop, House 25/03/2020
Dcrae is an Australian rapper songwriter who wears his scars on his sleeves
ANUTH'R DAY is a remake to Phil Collins (Another day in paradise)

Made in the modern era no matter what you go through always remember that there is always another day

SUPEREGO - Simulacra     Hip Hop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 25/03/2020
Western Australian 5-piece hip-hop collective, SUPEREGO, deliver music that combines experimental, electronically influenced, drum-driven tracks with thoughtful and often aggressive bars and glitchy sax lines.
'Simulacra' is taken from SUPEREGO's new EP, 'Nautilus'.

Other tracks by SUPEREGO:  Typist  -  Define Your Ego (Interlude)
Ben Fear - Fear (feat. POW! Negro)     Hip Hop 24/03/2020
Having well-and-truly cut his teeth playing, recording, and touring with bombastic Australian hip hop/electronica powerhouse The Brow/Brow Horn Orchestra for seven years, Ben now has much shorter teeth.
Lyrically, “Fear” does pretty much what it says on the box. It examines fear as an emotional state, as socialized cognition, and through an evolutionary lens. It also looks at how fear is manifested in social and political contexts (as xenophobia, in asylum seeker policy, etc…).

Beefy Black - Not Too Shy     Hip Hop, Pop 23/03/2020
Beefy Black is a Hip Hop/Trap emerging artist from Brisbane, Australia. Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa
Not Too Shy is a song about coming out of your shell and basically doing what you want. Is a self empowering happy song that can make almost anyone dance and rid of insecurities.

A-Ezy - Combustion     Hip Hop 21/03/2020
Grew up in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Music is my passion and love. My music continues to grow and I am becoming proud of my releases...
Energy is all about combustion! Another one of my favourites...

A-Ezy - Dead Or Alive     Hip Hop 21/03/2020
Grew up in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Music is my passion and love. My music continues to grow and I am becoming proud of my releases...
Am I better off dead or alive? Sort of like that Country & Western theme

A-Ezy - Shock & Panic     Hip Hop 21/03/2020
Grew up in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Music is my passion and love. My music continues to grow and I am becoming proud of my releases...
Flows cause shock and panic... One of my favourite tracks I have put down...

Eskatology - Young Socrates     Hip Hop, Reggae / Dub, Dance 21/03/2020
“Eskatology has been working in the background to establish himself as a rising indigenous poet, while focusing his love for hip-hop he also has started writing spoken word poetry.“
a track that is hype and informative, hip-hop meets dancehall meets raeggaeton

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J-MILLA - Fresh     Hip Hop, First Nations 14/03/2020
22 y.o J-MILLA learned the power of narrative and its influence on those around you at an early age. By age 11 his passion for writing his own stories began.
Fresh is as much hip-pop as hop, it’s fresh, fun and bouncy. The song is about that fine feeling you get when you’re in your best mood, and ready to party and take on the night. It’s simple and fun and a little bit ‘out-there’ like a good night out should be.

Joel Rafidi - 11:11     Hip Hop, Pop, Soul 14/03/2020
Smooth, thought provoking and choc-full of substance. Joel Rafidi presents a lo-fi, golden era Hip Hop sounds with lyrics to expand your reality.
11:11 features Joel's trademark, deliberate cadence, altered with a little flare and melody. 11:11 is a delicate and vulnerable ballad dedicate to Joel's then-partner and now wife, featuring downtempo production from Deaf Wolf Studios and impeccable mastering by .... 11:11 is immersive, gentle, warm and catchy.

Other tracks by Joel Rafidi:  Paradigm Shift  -  Awaken Now
Kwame - schleep.     Hip Hop 14/03/2020
At just 22 years of age, Western Sydney producer and emcee Kwame is continuing to dominate the Australian hip-hop scene with his prolific songwriting ability and commanding live show.
‘schleep.’ is a new release that will not feature on Kwame’s third extended play.

The track come as a sharp left turn from the sound that’s been presented so far for Kwame’s upcoming EP, and a part of a wider idea he’s keen to replicate on future release cycles - break from the norm and keep fans guessing.

REMI - Elevate     Hip Hop, R&B, Soul 14/03/2020
Prolific duo REMI have enjoyed a reign at the top of Australia's hip-hop sphere for years, crafting a personal brand of hip-hop, funk, jazz and soul beloved nationally and beyond.
A slick beat sliced by cascading bass expels the groove behind “Elevate”. Balanced by weaving dialogue and hints of cymbal, the track is dedicated to feeling in the moment and embracing whole-hearted fun. As if pulled directly from a freestyle session, Remi’s flows thrive on explosive production from Sensible J, words rolling off the tongue to foster their own feeling.

Other tracks by REMI:  Get It Right feat. Jace Excell
Tasman Keith - Nightmares On 9th.     Hip Hop 14/03/2020
Rising Sydney-based rapper.
Blending skittering trap percussion, syrupy, twisted 90s West Coast synths and a nocturnal atmosphere, Keith's malleable flow constantly morphs between a menacing drowsiness and his signature, energetic delivery. Overall it speaks to Tasman's refusal to be pinned down and a willingness to define his career with a continuously fearless approach, rather than constricting himself to any one sound or style.

KG - Superwoman     Hip Hop, R&B, Pop 13/03/2020
KG's craft isn’t just about making quality music, it's much larger than this. With his inspired rhymes and impassioned delivery, KG is speaking for those in his community who cannot
‘Superwoman’ is a breezy, heartfelt ode to the strength and resilience of women. Timed to coincide with International Women’s Day, KG wants this song, and his voice, to be part of a vital conversation about making the world a place where all women can shine and feel empowered.

SUPEREGO - Outer Body Stranger     Hip Hop, Experimental 11/03/2020
SUPEREGO is a collective of producers, rappers, singers and multi-instrumentalists out of Fremantle, WA, who want to push the boundaries of hip-hop in Australia.
OBS is about singer POWs’ attempt for a deeper connection to his African heritage, while coming to terms with being a person of mixed-race living in Australia. At odds with the educational system and westernised Australian rites-of-passage, POW turns to unconventional methods to find the man he is becoming and expose what is beyond the confines of materialist western society.

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