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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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Big Boss - Everything (ft, Alison)     Hip Hop, Electronic 18/04/2019
Having solidified himself within Australia’s bass music landscape and playing shows alongside some high profile players across Melbourne and his new home town Sydney,
Bringing his fresh and forward thinking sounds to the fore, here we are treated to sparkly melodic synth lines melding with Alison’s sweet angelic vocals. Leading us into a false sense of security, the drops completely counter the verses with face melting heavy bass intensity, defying genre conventions but feeling so, so right at the same time.

Kae The Goat x Droopo - DEX UP     Hip Hop, Rap 18/04/2019
Two of the hottest names emerging from Melbourne's notorious South-East, Kae and Droopo bring a hard hitting anthem straight from the streets.
Two of the hottest names emerging from Melbourne's notorious South-East, Kae and Droopo bring to radio 'DEX UP" their hard hitting anthem straight from the streets which has taken the internet by storm & is now making its way to radio.

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Oddsox - 2024     Hip Hop, Electronic 18/04/2019
Oddsox returns with his punchy, new-wave flows. Coming in heavy with bars on bars coupled with mammoth electronic production.
2024 is in direct contrast to Oddsox debut single, Lonely Road, dropping the sing-song vibe for a harder, electronic feel with production by Erikibeatz (Figeuro, Black Napoleon). The seemingly braggadocio atmosphere created acts as a mask for the lyrical content, with Oddsox explaining his struggles with materialistic self-worth, the value of personal achievements and over compensation through self-inflation.

Briggs - Life Is Incredible     Hip Hop, Indigenous 17/04/2019
Briggs is a Power house rapper and Australian Hip Hop Pioneer.
The song takes into context the disparity in the mortality rate between Indigenous and White Australians. Aboriginal people are faced with a life expectancy that barely matches up to what white people consider ‘Middle Aged’ - we pose the question, Is it OK to be white? It’s Incredible to be white! One could argue it’s advantageous to be white.’

Emph N Treats - Fiesta     Hip Hop, Funk 17/04/2019
Emph N Treats are quickly becoming Australia's favourite hip hop duo. Their high energy music and happiness is so contagious, you cant help but smile and dance.
Fiesta is the party anthem of the century.
This spanish inspired flaminco guitar riff gets you moving and the way Emph N Treats deliver their lyrics is amazing.
there is no scenario where you will not move to this song.
The crowd favourite for anyone who has been to an Emph N Treats show.

HVWKS - Need You ft. Erin Finlay     Hip Hop 17/04/2019
Brisbane-based bass music baller HVWKS is in fine form with his fuego new single ‘Need You’ featuring Sydney vocalist ERIN FINLAY.
Harenessing Erin’s brooding vocal tones perfectly, building upon the emotion and unrestrained intent this song perfectly encompasses all the most exciting elements of a HVWKS production. Employing the right amount of energy in the drops whilst still keeping an ethereal quality to the song overall is major key here.

imbi the girl - i used to     Hip Hop, RnB, Soul, Funk 17/04/2019
While currently on a national tour supporting multi-talent Odette, imbi the girl is proud to share their new single i used to featuring SUPEREGO.
“i used to is about a period in life where I and those around me were overwhelmed with energy and intense feelings to the point of complete confusion. When writing it, the lyrics and melody came very naturally to me, so every time I listen to it I gain further insight into its meaning.” - imbi the girl

Macshane - Don't Worry Bout Me     Hip Hop, Rap 17/04/2019
Half man, half machine: Macshane is a rap anomaly. He exploded onto the scene in2015, and quickly rose to prominence as an MC and force not to be reckoned with.
Dont Worry Bout Me is a song about finally finding your ground, realising and accepting your strengths and weaknesses. It's about finding confidence and comfort in your predicament and using it to your advantage to carve your way into whats next.

Masked Wolf - Numb     Hip Hop, Rap 17/04/2019
‘Numb’ is the latest cut from an artist who continues to make waves thanks to his unshakeable sense of identity and authenticity. Masked Wolf is a name to remember.
Masked Wolf says, "Numb encapsulates the very truth behind peer pressure and how it affects us. It strives to send a message to not let anyone’s voice be a decision for you, being true to who you are and knowing that being you is more powerful than being someone else.”

T$oko - Rudeboi     Hip Hop, Rap, Dance 17/04/2019
Perth rapper T$oko infuses his influences from his childhood in Zimbabwe with modern inspirations to shake things up in the Australian hip hop world - on his own terms.
Perth rapper T$oko is back with a no-holds-barred, dancehall-influenced joint in ‘Rudeboi’. His first single in about 12 months, T$oko is wasting no time, demanding your attention from the get go and his rapidfire rhymes.

Eskatology - Steady Vibe Feat Vonda Last & Lucky Luke     Hip Hop, RnB 16/04/2019
Eskatology is inspired by world events, teachings of spirituality, human living.
track about past mistakes and rewritting wrongs.

Other tracks by Eskatology:  Outta Options Feat Malody & Jmelz Intl
Stefan Rossi - Long Road     Hip Hop, Rap 16/04/2019
Stefan Rossi’s passion for music is matched only by his dedication to his community. The rapper and songwriter brings heart and style to Adelaide’s diversifying scene.
Long Road traces a generational immigrant struggle through to Stefan's own battles, carving out identity and philosophical fortitude. The silver-toned sounds lift you up, Elsy Wameyo’s compassionate take on the hook the perfect accompaniment to Stefan’s clear view and personal resolve.

Bomb Threat - Police State     Hip Hop, Rap 16/04/2019
Sydney based 4 piece HipHop crew
Song about the nanny state of affairs in NSW

Other tracks by Bomb Threat:  Big Heads  -  Fly On The Wall
Warren Skane - HITTIN' THE CLUBS     Hip Hop, Dance, Rap, Electronic 16/04/2019
Electronic Loop Artist/Beatmaker from Perth,Western Australia.
An upbeat tempo song about hittin' the nightclubs.
This song got top reviews on worldstar hiphop on instagram!
It's been billed as the next big dance hit around the world...

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Citizen Kay - EGO     Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, RnB 16/04/2019
Two time ARIA nominee Citizen Kay returns with yet another infectious jam in ‘EGO’. CK's three albums have taken out top ten spots in US College Hip-Hop Charts.
Bursting with attitude and swirling synths, Citizen Kay’s voice rides smoothly over the layers of disco grooves. ‘EGO' is sure to become a regular party-starter with funk-filled bass-line, technicolor keys, rush of sax, strings and positivity in tow.

CK explains “‘EGO’ might seem like a song about me chasing a long lost love, but it's my love-hate relationship with money.”

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Smiley - Stick Up Kids     Hip Hop 16/04/2019
Perth emcee Smiley has always let his music do the talking; From his philosophies to his politics, Smiley raps in crystal clear, brutally honest terms.
Produced by multi platinum, multi Juno Award winner Rob The Viking, Stick Up Kids is quintessential Smiley – viciously and relentless – giving him all the room he needs to spit with precision and impunity. Dark and shady as only Smiley can do it, Stick Up Kids is raw, real and sinister.

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Antipodalistic - Tropicana     Hip Hop, Instrumental, World, Easy Listening 11/04/2019
Currently cooking up my own cuisine of melodic Trip-Hop / Chill-Hop / Hip-Hop.
Beach hammock + cocktail = Tropicana

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Other tracks by Antipodalistic:  Mandala  -  Graduation
INQ. - Natural High     Hip Hop, RnB, Soul, Dance 11/04/2019
INQ. short for Inquisitive Minds, is a hip-hop duo from Western Sydney, comprised of cousins Anthony Bobadilla & Justin Nacua
'Natural High' is the latest single from INQ’s upcoming EP Moments in Between.The track hints at the societal pressure to work a stable job/earn the most money. INQ. offer the perspective that money/work doesn’t define who you are. This feel good record reminds us to stop and smell the rose, keep an open mind and appreciate what we do have.

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Stevan - Timee     Hip Hop, RnB, Chill 11/04/2019
Introducing 18 year old Wollongong based multi-instrumentalist/producer Stevan, arriving on the scene with his classic R&B lyricism steeped in lush contemporary production for a taste of forward-thinking, laid back bliss.
“Timee” hums of a “lost boy with a big dream”, seamlessly rendered with a musical acumen well beyond Stevan's years. Words layer upon harmonised vocals, moulding with mellow guitar to shine beyond the bounds of genre or styling. He’s reminiscent of Frank Ocean, Mac DeMacro, Childish Gambino and Moses Sumney, with the artist’s striking maturity showcasing a powerhouse natural ability.

Warren Skane - NEXT LEVEL SOLDIER     Hip Hop, Rap 11/04/2019
Independant Electronic Loop Artist/Beatmaker from Perth,Western Australia.
This track is about how to stay at the top level of Hiphop/Rap.
Very energetic sound with a great hook and beats...

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Other tracks by Warren Skane:  HIGH ROLLERS  -  ABOVE THE HAZE