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Hip Hop

Aussie Hip Hop is flourishing, from underground battles to major festivals. community radio loves it, and you can catch the latest crews, MCs, and tunes here.


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Strictly DT - Parlay prod. by Ralph Radical     Hip Hop, House, Soul, World 17/10/2018
Strictly DT is a Conscious Hip Hop artist born in Seattle now living in Australia. Expressing himself through poetry, music, and performing arts.
Parlay is a self realisation that you are an infinite being. Trust your intuition and follow your highest excitement. We're told not to take risks, play it safe, don't bet on yourself. That leaves us stagnant.

"Take a chance in yourself, be great. Parlay!"

Jakey J - Inner Demons     Hip Hop, RnB, Rap 16/10/2018
Young Western Sydney Based Hip-Hop Artist
Inner Demons - Jakey J

Is A Story About Depression and Anxiety and the constant inner struggle, inside the head of human beings.

First Offical Single on a New Project.

MLBRN - The Anthem     Hip Hop, Rap 15/10/2018
I am more than just an artist. I am a father, I am Samoan, I am a dreamer, I am a visionary, I am real.
Melbourne city stand up! The anthem for our city.

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206collab - TITA (The Things I Think About When I'm Watching You Talk)     Hip Hop, Rap, RnB, Pop 15/10/2018
Hip hop eccentrics 206collab – rappers Flip+Skip and Eno, DJ/rap wunderkind JPlatnum, and soulstress Tiffa – shift into a new level of game with their second full-length album, Watch Kulagina.
Production: Nebs. Turntables: JPlatnum. Vocal recording: Antinutt. Track mixing & mastering: Daniel Golightly & Mike Kean. Executive production: Terry Newman & James Herlihy.

Other tracks by 206collab:  Why It Was So  -  Proper (feat. Rinse, Jacob Giles, Nebs & Scott Burns)
Kev Hannibal - She Loves Me     Hip Hop, RnB, Soul, Pop 15/10/2018
Kev Hannibal Artist from New York City is now creating a name and buzz for himself via acting and rapping in Sydney AU.
Track Features Matt Hamel (USA)
Produced by Synesthetic Nation

This track is based on the the ups and down of a relationship. The track also touches on the unfair treatment that one person in a relationship can face and the choices will have to be made if something or someone doesn't change.

Remi-D - Indecisive     Hip Hop, RnB, Rap 13/10/2018
Remi-D is an independent hip-hop artist from Wollongong, NSW. Now dwelling in Melbourne. He Co-owns Sydney Record Label "Run Records" along with Bigg Vu and Jackson Grant aka Cherry Earhart.
Indecisive Ft. Bigg is the first single off Remi-D's debut album "281 Days". Originally this was a track owned and made by Bigg Vu for his RnB album, but he felt it was more suited for Remi-D's sound. This track is about being held back by the person you love and not having the time to be messed around with.

Defron - Haiku (Poor Little Humpty)     Hip Hop, Rap 12/10/2018
Defron is a veteran Melbourne-based hip-hop artist, rapper and poet releasing his debut mixtape Maybe You'll Be Famous When You're Dead in 2018.
‘Haiku’ has been taken from Defron’s mixtape ‘Maybe You’ll Be Famous When You’re Dead’ that covers the
minutiae of his struggle with anxiety and depression.

Produced by Entelechy, it brings an anthemic-hip-hop piece that comes with a mid-track switch-up transitioning from a rising epic story-telling track into a synth-filled drop. Filled with icy-lyricism, ‘Haiku’ boasts a lengthy 5-minute duration.

Fourth Place - Hell     Hip Hop 12/10/2018
Dynamic up and coming hip hop duo from Melbourne.
Hell is an anti-monotony anthem. B Shaw breaks down his views on the 9-5 life and the illusion of the working life. His rapid fire flow and witty lyrics are an absolute standout. The production is dirty, explosive and aggressive. Lmoh's synth driven, bass heavy beat is high on energy and pairs with the dark theme perfectly.

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Kyso - Get It Right     Hip Hop, RnB, Rap 12/10/2018
Kyso is a 21-year-old Melbourne-based hip-hop artist coming out of his hometown of Sale that is making waves across Australia's hip-hop scene.
'Get It Right' features a fun-filled party vibe that you could expect to hear driving home after work on a Friday with your windows down and the sun shining. This single is also paired with a music video

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Nikkola Jay - Lambo (feat. ToneE)     Hip Hop, Electronic, Pop, Rap 12/10/2018
Nikkola Jay is an Australian singer/songwriter that writes hip-hop/rap mixed with electronica and pop.
“You've just come outta nowhere and blown s*** up with this song.” - Dave Ruby Howe

“Lambo” itself was inspired when Nikkola was trapped in a car park by an obnoxious Lamborghini owner. Later taking to social-media to vent about wealthy people acting privileged, she took it upon herself to write a fairytale ending where she steals the lamborghini.

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DJ Marco & Anbar - Petty     Hip Hop, RnB, Dance 11/10/2018
23-year-old Melbourne-based hip-hop/club artist Anbar from the crew Local To Local has returned for his third release of 2018 with Petty.
Produced by Gaz Selimi and bringing Anbar's signature fast-paced club styled vibe, Petty adds a new an unheard sound to the Day One Mixtape by Local To Local and DJ Marco. Petty is the 5th song released from the Day One mixtape.

Young Dos - Wingspan     Hip Hop, Pop 11/10/2018
An independent rapper/producer residing in Brisbane, delivering introspective lyricism over heavy hitting, synth-laden beats.
Wingspan is a collaboration between Young Dos and Greg Olley from Brisbane band Strangely Enough. It's a high energy motivational track, with lyrics that address self-belief and willing yourself to high performance.

IIICONIC - On The Road     Hip Hop, Rap 10/10/2018
Originating from Ghana in West Africa comes Brisbane-based teen-rapper iiiConic, who has already proven himself to be an integral piece of Australia’s burgeoning new wave Hip-Hop scene.
Ghanaian-Australian artist IIICONIC has dropped an unwavering new anthem ‘On The Road’ via WVS. Weaving in-and-out of some booming bass lines and choppy piano melodies, IIICONIC delivers icy, clinical verses that are tied together by a larger-than-life hook, proving that the Brisbane-based teen is so much more than just a rapper.

Other tracks by IIICONIC:  On The Road (Clean)
Martian - Gravity (ft. Alana Wilkinson, LuccaFranko & ALI.)     Hip Hop, Pop, Electronic 10/10/2018
"Old soul, new wave, Kelly Slater." Martian presents a fresh take on aussie hip hop, embodying the soul of the cutlure while pushing boundaries and cultivating a new sound.
Gravity is a downtempo, feel good track about persistence, self actualization and chasing your dreams. When writing the track Martian took inspiration from his classical music background, beginning with the keys, followed by the minimalist strings to form a fusion of contemporary hip hop production and organic instruments to create a truly cinematic listening experience.

Francis Skyee - This Songs Not A Waltz     Hip Hop, Electronic 09/10/2018
“Francis Skyee” is the solo project of Melbourne producer - Julian Schweitzer. Fusing rap vocals with electronica to create his own take on modern hip-hop.
This Songs Not A Waltz is based around a synth bass line that drops in and out to make way for the vocal hook THIS SONGS NOT A WALTZ. There is a playful use of vocal effects to capture a quirky vibe that is embedded within this track.

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Other tracks by Francis Skyee:  2052
Joyride - 6am     Hip Hop, Experimental, Funk 09/10/2018
Sydney’s new-age-psych-funk lord, Joyride, today returns with a brand-new, head-spinning single ‘6am,’ as well as the announcement of the release date of his long-awaited debut album, Sunrise Chaser.
‘6am’ is the next chapter in Sunrise Chaser’s saga, which Joyride explains as, “a collection of stories about being 20-something legends on the weekend in Sydney’s Inner West. It explores different genres like a Bluetooth speaker on a bend. It explores the emotional spectrum that exists between Friday and Monday..."

MC Poodio - Late Night Cake     Hip Hop, Rap, Dance, House 09/10/2018
MC Poodio creates perfect rap for all his global homies. He's coming at you with the sickest beats 100% of the time.
Funky fresh punchy beat with slick vocals and sexy bass

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OKENYO - HANG YOUR HAT     Hip Hop, RnB, Soul 09/10/2018
OKENYO is a unique and bold new artist, who pushes the boundaries of rnb and challenges the very idea of hip hop. Known for her 2017 banger, 'Woman's World'.
"This song is a burst of expression, much like the way it was made. It’s a rolling energy, a dominant lift of the chin and a big cheeky grin.” Keeping her momentum going as an artist who challenges pop norms, and pushes the limits of hip hop, OKENYO is in the midst of writing a new body of work.

Junor x Z. LEWIS - Nothing To Me     Hip Hop, Rap, Electronic 08/10/2018
Juñor. Rapper. Producer. DJ. Personality. Key pioneer of the new wave hip-hop culture in Australia. Breaking down barriers culturally and sonically with his iconic delivery and presence. Impossible to ignore.
Following an extended hiatus, Juñor returns with a face-melting statement record in "Nothing To Me". Teaming up with London born spitter Z. LEWIS and Sydney producer I-Digress, the three have cooked an undeniable banger destined to dominate the urban underground. Combining wild cadences, commanding lyricism and frenetic production - they speak on achievements, frustrations, and hint at pending cultural domination.

Chris Onano - Last Supper Produced By DranFresh     Hip Hop, Rap, RnB 06/10/2018
Discover a true journey into Chris' road to recovery, road to redemption & road to success, with dreams and goals alike with a never say never attitude & pure hunger.
An upbeat yet emotion driven single, considered as a journey & true deep dive into ones story, Chris explores the world of rising up but not as one, as a unit between close friends, family & community alike. one's drive to go ahead with any dream or goal in mind despite any challenges on the road ahead.