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Dr Sinha's Jazz Lobotomy - Invisible Kids     Jazz, Easy Listening 11/09/2018
Dr Sinha’s Jazz Lobotomy - 7 musicians rising quickly up the ranks of Melbourne’s improv jazz and groove scene.
Sinha explains: “Inspired by my work with at-risk youth. Through my own personal experience and through my work as a music teacher, I know music can help heal trauma. Dealing with identity and race as a young-person can be tricky, music gives us some agency with those issues as it allows us to express ourselves in ways that feel valuable.”

Johnny [From the Burbs] - Propaganda     Hip Hop, Rap 28/09/2018
Dropping 2 mixtape EP’s already (Springtime Sorrows & Bradenton) plus a B-side (Provisions) within the space of 12 months, Western Sydney native Johnny Guagliardo is Johnny [From the Burbs].
Topical and self-explanatory ‘Propaganda’ takes a look at “the use of news as a political weapon, how people can be prejudiced by the government’s attempts at subliminally influencing our opinions on everything from the US Presidency to immigration.”

Broads - MIRROR     Folk, Easy Listening, Chill, Ambience 04/10/2018
Broads weave a Lynchian mix of folk and indie rock with the surreal pop sounds of the 60s.
Inspired by a Sylvia Plath poem of the same name, “Mirror” is an acerbic reflection on our often obsessive projections and hunger for self-affirmation through the saccharine veils of social media.

Dave Wells - Aching Hearts     Folk, Country, Acoustic, Easy Listening 15/10/2018
After receiving praises on ABC Local and community radio upon its release, Dave Wells’ self titled album boasts a diverse body of work with indie folk and alt-rock influences.
A heart felt yet melancholy love song. Influenced by the jealousy and unfairness of being the one who has been left behind, whilst the other sets off on a quest to fulfil their ultimate desires. It portrays the emptiness, hopelessness and answered questions of why they left in the first place, and if they’ll ever return.

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Laneous - Modern Romance     Funk/Soul, Easy Listening 26/10/2018
He’s back! Lachlan Mitchell aka Laneous (of funk group Kafka + Laneous & The Family Yah) has announced his solo debut in the form of single ‘Modern Romance’ (via Soul Has No Tempo).
Featuring Laneous' own nuanced take on 21st century courting and commitment, ‘Modern Romance’ was written and recorded with his own superb musical romance. The track features producer and bassist, Paul Bender, keyboardist, Simon Mavin (both of grammy nominated Hiatus Kaiyote and Swooping Duck), Donny Stewart on vibraphone and Hudson Whitlock (The Cactus Channel) on drums.

It’s classic Laneous; honey vocals, vintage charm, modern snap and incomparable melodic sensibility.

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Johnny [From the Burbs] - Dreamliner     Hip Hop, Rap 01/11/2018
Johnny [From the Burbs] has been busy solidifying his foothold in the hip-hop scene with topical lyrics that pull back the velvet curtain to comment on the Australian political landscape.
Second single from the 'Propaganda' mixtape, ‘Dreamliner’ takes a break from the intensity of ‘Propaganda’. “It’s almost cinematic in its tone,” Johnny says. “However, lyrically the track is the most self-reflective, and colourful on the EP. It was a last-minute addition from an old beat that I half-made back in Feb on the plane trip to the US.”

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Ogopogo - Ninja Disco     Funk/Soul, Psychedelic, Dance, Pop 09/11/2018
Eclectic seven piece ensemble Ogopogo combine elements of jazz, disco, funk, experimental pop, and surf rock into a gravity defining mix bag of musical phosphorescence.
Ninja Disco is fly kicks, back flips, and somersaults - a full blown dance track inspired by that girl on the dance floor cutting shapes and moving like a ninja.

Ogopogo - Paranoia     Funk/Soul, Jazz, Experimental, Electronic 09/11/2018
Eclectic seven piece ensemble Ogopogo combine elements of jazz, disco, funk, experimental pop, and surf rock into a gravity defining mix bag of musical phosphorescence.
Lyrically driven around the over powering feeling of being followed by clowns and thinking the world is closing in around you, Paranoia is an epic track moving through funk, jazz, electronic, and experimental grooves.

Broads - I Fed The Horse     Pop, Easy Listening, Downbeat, Atmospheric 30/11/2018
Melbourne queens of indie-noir Kelly Day and Jane Hendry are Broads. Haunting, narcotic and deceptively sweet, their songs are laced with acerbic criticism of the culture from which they stem.
‘I Fed The Horse’ challenges social constructs and delves into the wells of the mind to observe and embrace the full spectrum of human emotion.

“A family connected by their emptiness trying to figure out where it came from. Is it nature or nurture? Does it matter? In the end, who we are, we are.”

AlfanAnt - Head In The Cloud     Country, Folk 08/02/2019
Ant McKenna and Alf are the Alt-Folk Country Samaritans bringing fun, awesome tunes and mayhem to venues throughout the land.
There’s no beating around the bush with the first single off AlfanAnt’s forthcoming “Aurora Australis” album, ‘Head In The Cloud’. The easy-breezy ditty with infectious harmonies, great guitar picking and sweet songwriting belies the underlying meaning - expecting everything to change, but doing nothing about it.

Emma Bosworth - People Get Ready     Folk, Garage, Pop 08/02/2019
Brisbane garage folk songstress, Emma Bosworth is returning with ‘People Get Ready’, a striking first release from her forthcoming sophomore record anticipated this Spring.
On a first listen to ‘People Get Ready’ you’d be forgiven for thinking Emma is reflecting on a testing trial of love lost, however the pop-glimmering track’s take-home message is “that we all deal with heavy stuff in our lives in such diverse ways and something that might trigger one person into a spiral of depression, might leave another unscathed.”

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Thando - GAG ORDER ft. FRANCOISTUNES     Hip Hop, RnB, Rap, Soul 06/03/2019
Thando has been gracing national stages with her powerhouse vocals. Heralded as a commanding performer, her ability to tell a story takes her audience on a journey of loving oneself
I intended for this song to be an anthem for the misfits of the world; for anyone who’s ever had to dull their shine to make others comfortable.

It creates a powerful statement about how perceived ‘sameness’ (the result of assimilation) comes undone when it really matters, so what’s the point of doing it [assimilating] anyway?

ALFANANT - HANDS UP     Folk, Country, Roots, Rock 09/07/2019
Ant McKenna and Alf are the Alt-Folk Country Samaritans bringing fun, awesome tunes and mayhem to venues throughout the land.
Completely recorded during the Soviet Sessions. This song was given a whole new lease on life when drummer Yann Godillon added his fantastic Disco(esque) beat! The band sampled the sound of the exploding monitors (see below) and used some amazing guitars including a 125 year old acoustic that was bequeathed to the studio.

Other tracks by ALFANANT:  Great Day  -  White Lines
Broads - Velvet Paradise     Folk, Pop 13/08/2019
Melbourne queens of indie-noir, Broads, will release their highly anticipated album ‘Stay Connected’ on Friday August 23.
The focus single from the record ‘Velvet Paradise’ is an understated 60s pop sounding track that retells a late night conversation on a bus. Its background melodies will have you feeling dreamy and it’s a track you’ll just want to keep on spinning.

Emma Bosworth - Oh Man Featuring Alex Henriksson     Indie, Folk, Pop, Roots 23/10/2019
For some songwriters, making music is a question of process. But for Brisbane local, Emma Bosworth, it’s a whole different deal. For her music is about capturing a moment.
"Oh Man" written and recorded with producer on the rise, Alex Henriksson. It demonstrates skill and simply is just a cool song where both vocals marry up like were made to be sung together. This song is beautiful and has a lot of special elements with gorgeous explosions of sounds that still let the vocals shine, giving off Go-Betweens vibes.

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