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I Am Apollo - Beneath Your Skin     Rock, Folk, Alternative Country, Pop 18/12/2013
Sydney’s I Am Apollo cruise toward their beloved summer with a new, dreamy, emotive single teaser ‘Beneath Your Skin’ from their second [as yet untitled] LP, due out April 2014.
Led by Strother’s gorgeously weathered voice, the band deliver a sound that feels familiar yet refreshing, the aural equivalent of a sunset surf, as evidenced in the warm envelope of ‘Beneath Your Skin’, a slowly escalating ballad of many layers, co-written by Tristan ‘T-Bone’ Thorne [Matt Corby, Dead Letter Chorus].

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Nina Ferro - Plutonic Delirium     Funk/Soul, Soul, Jazz, Blues 21/12/2013
Described by the legendary Tony Bennett as “A fabulous performer with a knockout voice!” the multi-award-winning Nina Ferro is touring in support of new LP Into The Light.
Evoking Nina’s signature tone - jazzy, bluesy, funky, soulful – Into The Light eludes studio trickery, relying instead on some of the most sought after songwriters and musicians to create a suite of songs that pull no punches and need no filters.

Other tracks by Nina Ferro:  To Get To My Heart
Cash Savage & The Last Drinks - Let Go     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Soul 09/01/2014
This group of musicians has created a work that alludes to an undercurrent of drunken kinship polished with hard yards, while still retaining the soul for which Cash is known.
An ode to new love that rises and crashes over an immersive rhythm, 'Let Go' ebbs and flows between a hurt soul yearning and a gothic country flow, without breaking stride.

Reverse Polarities - Densensitised     Hip Hop, Rap 04/02/2014
Look out for Reverse Polarities when it comes to passionate music directed at making a community change for the better, while not failing to engross and entertain.
A bleak look at society's increasing desensitisation to violence featuring choral hints and intelligent observations.


Bobby Alu - Skippin Stones     Reggae/Dub, Roots 07/02/2014
Renowned Australian artist and multi-instrumentalist Bobby Alu releases his new single ‘Skippin Stones' - available also on 7inch vinyl [Vital Signs] in support of the accompanying tour.
One of the more party-paced tracks from Bobby's second album Take It Slow, 'Skippin Stones' is like a super fun beach holiday. Or weekend in Byron...

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Other tracks by Bobby Alu:  All The Way [Radio Edit]  -  You Know
Bobby Alu - Hello Again     Reggae/Dub, Roots 14/02/2014
Bobby Alu, after a huge 6 months and a super-chilled festive and festival season, is stoked to announce that he and his cohorts are back on tour!
Showcasing his deft handling of songwriting and multi-instrumentation perfectly, Bobby Alu and producer (and band mate) Paulie B recorded ‘Hello Again’, the B-side to ‘Skippin Stones’ in just one day.

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The Perch Creek Family Jugband - Where You Been     Blues/Roots, Roots, RnB, Funk 28/02/2014
The Perch Creek Family Jugband announce the arrival of their second studio album Jumping On The Highwire, set for release on Wed 19 Mar through Vitamin Records.
Bad-ass soul in the upbeat Casio keyboard-driven lead single ‘Where You Been’.

Thundamentals - Something I Said Ft. Thom Crawford     Hip Hop, Rap 06/03/2014
‘Noodle Soup’ takes the concept of hip hop “beefs” and stirs up a response that proves Thundamentals don’t just think outside the [noodle] box, they blow it up.
MCs Tuka and Jeswon lyrically level rolled eyes at childish gossips, DJ Morgs drops in the ruckus of kids’ playgrounds to drive it home, layering old school beats with a triumphant horn section, handclaps and cute, bouncing, piano to underscore Oscar nominee Thom Crawford’s lamenting, soulful vocal.

Other tracks by Thundamentals:  Noodle Soup
Graveyard Train - Takes One To Know One     Blues/Roots, Country, Alternative Country, Roots 04/04/2014
Graveyard Train have returned, better than ever, shaking dust from the chains with single ‘Takes One To Know One’.“My favourite Australian band” - Brian Ritchie, Violet Femmes
‘Takes One To Know One’ is the first inkling you’ll get as to what power this band harnesses in song encapsulating both a childish insult now relegated to 2013 and the driving sound of classic Graveyard Train, this time moving forward with a renewed focus.

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I Am Apollo - Summertime Blues     Rock, Folk, Alternative Country, Pop 24/04/2014
I Am Apollo have a unique sound which is both uplifting and thought provoking. This unique combination is one not easily forgotten.
Summertime Blues is a beautiful combination of emotionally charged melodies with the gorgeous, lilting vocals of Strother. The melancholy of the song still evokes an almost pleasant peace that any could relate with watching the last sunset of summer.

Loose Change - Yes Or No     Hip Hop, Rap, RnB 15/05/2014
Loose Change mix superb classic beats from P Major with quirky, intelligent rhymes and home-grown hooks from Big Village head honcho Rapaport and the particularly comedic Ellesquire. **** The Music
‘Yes Or No’ turns the dial, and the lights, down a few notches, flipping the switch on the stereotypical commitment-phobic manscape, showing our lyrical heroes baring their hearts, imploring the song’s female antagonist to make a decision one way or another as to where her affections lie.

Green Mohair Suits - Aubergine     Country 30/05/2014
The sweeping, expansive clatter and twang that Green Mohair Suits are pedaling these days pushes their country, folk and bluegrass roots as much as it respects them.
'Aubergine', which sounds suspiciously like an ode to a dodgy, eggplant-coloured Combi (but is really a love adventure in song, featuring a reliable eggplant-coloured Combi van) is the first track on Aubergine, an EP simultaneously poetic and frantic, showcasing four-part vocals, frenetic picking, beautiful tales, gentle balladry and master songwriting.

Laneous & The Family Yah - My Care To You     Funk/Soul, Electronic, Experimental, Folk 30/05/2014
“Like a human centipede of all great musicians from the past 80 years.” Beat“The insanity conjures thoughts of Mike Patton remaking ‘The White Album’. Yes, it’s that good.” Scene
My Care To You is a characteristically mutant production, blending odd beats, Eastern influences, sublime vocals and flashes of vintage hip hop/soul sound. Premiered on triple j’s Home & Hosed before release, the track was added immediately to Double J.

Topology - Love Scene     Classical, Instrumental 30/05/2014
As Australia’s most surprising music organisation, Topology is renowned for their breadth of original work across many genre boundaries, as well as the depth and variety of their collaborations.
Share House, an “instrumental opera” set in the 70s, tells the story of five dysfunctional bandmates sharing a dishevelled flat and interwoven life; full of warmth, fun and love. Topology says of 'Love Scene': "Moving, accessible and glorious - it makes my heart melt every time I listen to it."

Eaten By Dogs - If It Ain't Killing You, It's Sure Killing Me     Country, Alternative Country 11/07/2014
Melbourne is full of the world’s best alt-country songwriters and bands; Eaten By Dogs is one of our favorites. Honest, rich and spacious: music of hope for the hopeless.
“It’s the musical equivalent of a bronzed man lounging on a deck chair by the pool in some luxury resort. He adjusts his balls, puts down his piña colada, sighs, picks up a razor and slits his wrists”. Graveyard Train’s Nick Finch.

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Daily Meds - Behind The Radar     Hip Hop, Rap 07/08/2014
Critically acclaimed hip hop crew Daily Meds are back with the first single from upcoming second LP; follow up to their Australian Music Prize nominated debut record ‘Happy Daze’.
Blending politically-charged, rapid-flow lyricism, large bass-driven beats and up-front female vocals; Daily Meds have further solidified their unique, forward-thinking sound with a song that tells stories, demands answers and holds to account those who would seek to hold back honesty.

Grace Barbé - Afro-Séga     World 26/08/2014
Seychelles islander Grace Barbé is a genuinely exotic world music star for the 21st century whose soulful music reflects and celebrates the diverse cultural influences of her Indian Ocean heritage.
A massive dance floor killer that fuses the Indian Ocean séga rhythm with afrobeat, disco and latin influences.

WAMAWARD NOMINEE 2016: Best World Music Act

Other tracks by Grace Barbé:  Tou Lanwitt
Green Mohair Suits - Open Door Metaphor     Country 19/09/2014
Green Mohair Suits is a force - swear words, shenanigans, laughs and all – that pushes the preconception of country and bluegrass as much as it embraces it.
‘Open Door Metaphor’ explores the theme of cause and effect, challenging our choices and the process by which we choose a path, while mastering the light and shade of the concept sonically – stripped back verses, raucous choruses and a melting pot bridge of layers building to crescendo.

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Other tracks by Green Mohair Suits:  Took Yourself Away  -  With You I Feel Like I Have Nothing To Hide
The Animators - Alien     Rock, Pop 25/10/2014
Seen at Peats Ridge, St Kilda Fest, The Gum Ball and The Hills Are Alive, and supporting Ball Park Music, Big Scary and Bonjah, The Animators release ‘Alien’.
About being in a new environment and feeling a bit overwhelmed, 'Alien' could well be the perfect summation of The Animators career trajectory. They never seem to see it coming.

Daily Meds - Modern Day Messengers ft Thundamentals     Hip Hop, Rap 29/10/2014
Nominated for an Australian Music Prize for their debut record, progressive 4 piece rap/beats crew DAILY MEDS are back with sophomore album SOUR MILK.
Daily Meds speak with open hearts about human interaction, inequity, government, and terrorism like no other artists in the country. They get critical in Nothin But Music and join forces with old mates Thundamentals to assert their position as Modern Day Messengers.