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Daniel Champagne - Heart Like This     Blues/Roots, Folk 13/05/2013
Daniel Champagne has covered a lot of ground for a young artist. 'The Gypsy Moon (Volume 1)' is what the 23-year-old singer, songwriter calls “a collection of road songs”.
Heart Like This is apart of a "collection of road songs” that plays out to the listener like a sonic tour diary.

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Other tracks by Daniel Champagne:  Name In The Sky
Ngaiire - Around     Funk/Soul, RnB, Soul 28/05/2013
‘Dirty Hercules’ is about the lack of transparency we sometimes project onto people due to uncertainty, mistrust or even jealousy; that demon that says we have to compete.
‘Around’ delves into the relentless push and pull of relationships when one shoulders more than the other. It deconstructs love as an equally thankless operation and a reckless act of surrender to another’s cause questioning each others strengths, motives, and ability to find hope in the hopeless.

Other tracks by Ngaiire:  Dirty Hercules
Flap! - The Apocolypse     Jazz 11/06/2013
Flap!’s virtuosity and lyrical sophistication draw the ear of the intelligent listener, whilst exuberant energy and hard-driving rhythms compel audiences to dance. The band effortlessly combines musical integrity and entertainment.
“The complexity of the instrumentals, both on their own and combined with the vocal tracks, create a depth to the music that we have come to expect from larger jazz groups. Flap! has successfully presented [an] original take on this genre by adding [an] eccentric Australian flair...”

The 59th Sound

Other tracks by Flap!:  The Boogieman
The Floors - Built From Bones     Rock, Blues, Punk 25/06/2013
The Floors: having cemented their place as song-writers with their cracking debut album, Dead Beat, the trio produce a sound so smoke-inducing The Music called them “near flawless”.
‘Built From Bones': a dirgy, threatening, ball-tearer of a song again showcasing Luke Dux’s ferocious howl and dangerous whisper, backed by ominous backing vocals and the mighty rhythm section of Ryan Dux [bass] and Ash Doodkorte [drums.]

P.Smurf - I Heard The World Screaming     Hip Hop 26/06/2013
Member of Daily Meds, Sketch The Rhyme and Reverse Polarities, and a Big Village collective key dude, P.Smurf has one of the maddest flows in Oz.
The EP’s lead single ‘I Heard The World Screaming’ has been on rotation on triple j and community radio stations across the country, and has won praise for its accompanying film clip; a hilarious Ozploitation Skippy mash-up.

Brothers Grim And The Blue Murders - Drown In It     Blues/Roots, Rock, Rockabilly, Blues 27/06/2013
The Brother’s unique morphing of the delta-blues finger-styling’s of Bukka White delivered with the boogie of Gene Vincent, the bloodlust of Rose Tattoo and the spectacle of Iggy Pop.
“Their sound and energy is from another time – blues infused with classic 50s rock, dance hall and a touch of surf, all performed in fifth gear and all manner of energy.”

The Dwarf

Other tracks by Brothers Grim And The Blue Murders:  My Kind Of Love
Cash Savage And The Last Drinks - Hypnotiser     Blues/Roots, Country, Rock 05/07/2013
Acclaimed jewel of dark country blues Cash Savage And The Last Drinks release second LP The Hypnotiser - a compelling balance of despair and love - on Friday 26 July.
‘Hypnotiser’, aches to be played through excellent headphones so the ferocity of Cash’s declaration, and the majesty of a full choir, hold impact over the whispered echo of its instructive lyrics.

The Stiffys - Champagne     Rock, Punk 05/07/2013
Eccentric two-piece The Stiffys have become darlings of the Australian rock scene described as both “like Death From Above 1979 on the beach” and a “must see live act.”
The first track to be lifted from their forthcoming second EP (scheduled for early 2014 release) ‘Champagne’ is about the band’s love for their favourite thing: Champagne.

Oxford & Co. - Love Is Gone     Pop, Folk, Rock 16/07/2013
The introduction of Oxford & Co. – moniker for Samuel J Stephenson [FisherKing] and Cameron Potts’ [Dead Letter Chorus] – is heralded by debut single ‘Love Is Gone’.
Beautifully accessible to first time listeners you could be forgiven for thinking you already know ‘Love Is Gone’. The melodies recall a familiar, yet original, sound and it’s no wonder – these guys aren’t newcomers, but rather accomplished artists who have earned the following of fans all over Australia.

The Strides - One For One     Reggae/Dub, African 30/07/2013
The Strides bring together some of Sydney's best new talent in Afrobeat, reggae, jazz and hip-hop, spurring a new wave of Sydney interest in the hypnotic grooves of Afrobeat.
'One for One' showcases the talents and rhymes of LTL Gzeus alongside the incredible vocals of future-soul rising star Ngaiire, in a song about self-realisation, self-discovery, and coming to terms with a new world that is not what you expected.

Thundamentals - Smiles Don't Lie     Hip Hop, Soul 06/08/2013
Blues Mountains via Newtown hip hop trio Thundamentals continue to flip the concepts of what ‘Oz hip hop’ is supposed to be with new single ‘Smiles Don’t Lie’.
Says Jeswon, “For me, 'Smiles Don't Lie' celebrates many of the things I appreciate about the fairer sex, and my girlfriend in particular. I can imagine her driving to work, hearing this song and seeing a big smile break out across her face, knowing that she is the inspiration."

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Loose Change - Shoosh!     Hip Hop, Soul 09/08/2013
With a nod to 90s pioneers like Tribe Called Quest, Pharcyde and Slum Village, Loose Change formed to focus on creating a laidback and soulful approach to hip hop.
The first taste of their forthcoming second album Listening Party (out September though Big Village / Creative Vibes), Sydney hip hop trio Loose Change are proud to present ‘Shoosh!’, a sharp, tongue-in-cheek, four minute jab at some people’s lack of ability to know when to be quiet.

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The Crooked Fiddle Band - The Vanishing Shapes Of A Better World     Rock, Folk, World, Hardcore 09/08/2013
"Completely surprising. The music is original and quixotic, yet has the strength of some deep and strong roots...Can't say I've ever heard anything else like it!” - Brian Eno
‘The Vanishing Shapes of a Better World’ - an epic and compelling instrumental, vast in scope and wide in breadth, from a future release that is cinematic, expansive and epic; Moving Pieces Of The Sea suggests fantastical imagery and narrates a quest through futuristic landscapes.

Other tracks by The Crooked Fiddle Band:  Deepwater Drownings Pt 1
Mustered Courage - Powerlines     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Rock 19/08/2013
After a year-start that has moved as fast as their string picking, Melbourne-based nu-bluegrass quartet Mustered Courage unleashh their second album, Powerlines with single - 'Standing By your Side'.
A melancholy look at Mustered Courage's new take on bluegrass, incorporating rock production concepts, and showcasing the quartet's fine playing and dulcet harmonies.

Other tracks by Mustered Courage:  Standing By your Side
The Perch Creek Family Jugband - Big Things Calling     Folk, Alternative Country 21/08/2013
The Perch Creek Family Jugband are a staple on the festival circuit, having traversed from dusty street corners to The Sydney Opera House, and two successful tours of Europe/UK.
First single ‘Big Things Calling’ features lush five-part harmonies over a chant-like chorus, with lyrics that hint at the melancholic, yet are uplifting and powerful in their themes of change and reflection.

Mar Haze - Dancing In The Water     Rock, Garage, Roots 11/10/2013
With distinct vocals, top notch musicianship and super catchy trumpet melodies Mar Haze blend their affection of blues, jazz and hip hop to really define their sound.
’ A bangin’ little ode to those unexpected evenings where nothing’s planned and the “best night ever” ensues, ‘Dancing In The Water’ is about to soundtrack a whole heap of new unexpected “best” nights as the quartet take the track on tour.

Anton Franc - Boat Song     Pop, Folk, Electronic, Industrial 01/11/2013
Perth based band Anton Franc is Josh Bowyer, Jamie Kuzich, Josh Ellis and Matt Parker.
The undulating vessel in the middle of the ocean that is ‘Boat Song’ mixes pop sensibility and the folktronic flares that the band is well known for.

Other tracks by Anton Franc:  Moments
The Ray Mann Three - Sometimes     Funk/Soul 01/11/2013
Ray Mann is an Australian indie-soul musician and visual artist.Ray Mann relocated to Berlin in 2011 where he set out on recording his inventive new album, ‘Sketches.'
'Sometimes' is a catchy track that from the get go sets an enticing groove, mixed with synth elements and lively accents that you could listen to all day.

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Dukebox Bailey - Bounce     Hip Hop, Rap 15/11/2013
Straight outta Inverell, making good on his undisputable promise, hip hop artist DukeBox Bailey announces the release of ‘Bounce’, lead single from his upcoming debut LP Big Kitty Life.
‘Bounce’ hints at the depth showcased on the debut LP: while working with Radical Son, DJ Ntarprize and Indigenous hip hop pioneer, Munkimuk, this album solidifies DukeBox’s place as a super-talented rising star.

Kingfisha - Fallen Empire     Reggae/Dub, Dub, Reggae 29/11/2013
Brisbane 6 piece Kingfisha have cemented themselves as one of the undisputed must see acts on the Australian roots scene: no small achievement.
‘Fallen Empire’ in Forrest’s own words is “one of those rare tunes that felt complete very quickly, almost in one session. The bass line brought it all together, it's still one of our absolute favourite & strongest tracks to play live”.