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Dave Wells - Aching Hearts     Folk, Country, Acoustic, Easy Listening 15/10/2018
After receiving praises on ABC Local and community radio upon its release, Dave Wells’ self titled album boasts a diverse body of work with indie folk and alt-rock influences.
A heart felt yet melancholy love song. Influenced by the jealousy and unfairness of being the one who has been left behind, whilst the other sets off on a quest to fulfil their ultimate desires. It portrays the emptiness, hopelessness and answered questions of why they left in the first place, and if they’ll ever return.

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Broads - MIRROR     Folk, Easy Listening, Chill, Ambience 04/10/2018
Broads weave a Lynchian mix of folk and indie rock with the surreal pop sounds of the 60s.
Inspired by a Sylvia Plath poem of the same name, “Mirror” is an acerbic reflection on our often obsessive projections and hunger for self-affirmation through the saccharine veils of social media.

Johnny [From the Burbs] - Propaganda     Hip Hop, Rap 28/09/2018
Dropping 2 mixtape EP’s already (Springtime Sorrows & Bradenton) plus a B-side (Provisions) within the space of 12 months, Western Sydney native Johnny Guagliardo is Johnny [From the Burbs].
Topical and self-explanatory ‘Propaganda’ takes a look at “the use of news as a political weapon, how people can be prejudiced by the government’s attempts at subliminally influencing our opinions on everything from the US Presidency to immigration.”

Dr Sinha's Jazz Lobotomy - Invisible Kids     Jazz, Easy Listening 11/09/2018
Dr Sinha’s Jazz Lobotomy - 7 musicians rising quickly up the ranks of Melbourne’s improv jazz and groove scene.
Sinha explains: “Inspired by my work with at-risk youth. Through my own personal experience and through my work as a music teacher, I know music can help heal trauma. Dealing with identity and race as a young-person can be tricky, music gives us some agency with those issues as it allows us to express ourselves in ways that feel valuable.”

Sian Evans - Thorns     Folk, Country 07/08/2018
2016 & 2018 Queensland Music Award finalist Sian Evans (The Long Johns, The Rusty Datsuns) is back with brand new single ‘Thorns’.
"'Thorns' is a folk song. It’s also a love song. It’s no secret songwriting is a powerful tool for expression and healing pain, but metaphorically ‘Thorns’ definitely depicts how anything worthwhile has elements of both beauty and pain. Take the good with the bad. It’s not going to be comfortable all of the time. Or even half the time." -Sian

AlfanAnt - Lucky     Folk, Alternative Country, Roots 01/08/2018
20 years may sound like a long time but alt-folk/country duo AlfanAnt sound, tour and play with just as much enthusiasm as they did back in late 90’s and 2000’s.
“Lucky is a very old song that I hold dear. There was a time I didn’t play guitar much but when I did Lucky was my ‘go to’ song", enthuses Alf.

“You can practically hear Alf’s heart break when he sings it. He played it at his mother’s funeral and I just couldn’t help but be totally moved", explains Ant

Topology - Goodbye     Classical 24/07/2018
Australian indie classical quintet. 2014 ARIA Award Nominee for Best Classical Album. 2015 APRA Art Music Award for Excellence in Music Education.
An original track composed by Robert Davidson with Julia Davidson for Topology's 'Queensland at Home' project - A time capsule of vintage film from the State Library of Queensland accompanied by a live original score performed by Topology.

'Goodbye' accompanies images of people boarding ships, children waving, spinning around on playgrounds, babies being greeted 80 years ago

Other tracks by Topology:  Circling
Emily Wurramara - Lady Blue     Folk, Indigenous 01/06/2018
Emily Wurrumarra is a proud Indigenous performer from Groote Eylandt, NT. Emily won the Indigenous Queensland Music Award in May for her track Ngarrikwujeyinama, the first single lifted from 'Milyakburra'.
Lady Blue is what my Grandmother called the sea. The sea is majestic, graceful, mysterious and so alluring. It takes me back to spending time with my family on Groote and Bickerton camping and fishing and diving into the sea. I was thinking 'ancient mermaid' when I wrote Lady Blue.

2018 NATIONAL INDIGENOUS MUSIC AWARD FINALIST: Album of the Yea ("Milyakburra")

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Simon Winkler, 3RRR, Melbourne (VIC)

AlfanAnt - Comes A Time     Folk, Alternative Country 11/05/2018
Finalists Queensland Music Awards - 'Blues & Roots'. 20 years making music, Alt- Folk-Country Duo, AlfanAnt (Ant McKenna and Alf) have release their debut EP 'Lucky'.
I (Ant) played the song to Alf one night and he loved it. Alf asked if he could have a go at singing it and in doing so, changed the phrasing of the lyrics across the chords and added the last verse. We both loved it right away.

FourPlay String Quartet - Bound     Rock, Classical 01/05/2018
Australia’s favourite electric string quartet, FourPlay String Quartet, return to the stage with a rocking new single, Bound, and stack of national tour dates to celebrate.
FourPlay String Quartet’s single Bound is a striking track with the lot: a dirty riff, urgent and soaring vocals, a deeply melodic chorus, and a crazed viola solo to push everything over the edge.

Alice Skye - Friends With Feelings     Folk, Indigenous 06/04/2018
Honoured as the inaugural recipient of the ‘First Peoples Emerging Artist Award’ last month, the stage is now set for Alice Skye to release her debut album ‘Friends With Feelings’.
"Friends With Feelings was written after being told by someone to think of my emotions as colours. I’m deeply preoccupied with identity, it’s something that gives me stability - understanding my culture and who I am." Alice Skye


Thando - Numb     Pop, RnB, Soul, Hip Hop 30/01/2018
In her first collaboration and with one of the fastest-rising Hip Hop acts in Australia, Zimbabwean born Thando has released her brand new single ‘Numb’ ft Remi.
On a personal level Thando explains "I’m addressing being an ‘African Youth’ who has grown up in Australia. Topics concerning ‘belonging’ and ‘race’ have been focused on by mainstream media, (especially as of late) and this had me reflecting on my place in this country and where I truly belong."

Emily Wurramara - Ngarrukwujenama     Folk, Indigenous 26/01/2018
In almost the blink of an eye the young artist who debuted her breakout EP ‘Black Smoke’ in 2016, has matured into a now seasoned award winning Indigenous performer.
Sung in her first language Anindilyakwa, Ngarrukwujenama means ‘I’m hurting’. Personally referred to as ‘The Seabed Mining Song’.
(Phonetic Spelling ‘Ngarrukwujenama’: ngar-day-goo-jay-nah-mah)

2018 ARIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Blues & Roots Album


Grace Barbe - FANM     World, African 30/11/2017
Seychelles songstress Grace Barbé has won her eighth consecutive WAMI award for "Best World Act" in her home state of Western Australia.
"FANM is a song about how we need to let our voices be heard and to stand up for matters that are important to us and to the community. “ - Grace Barbé

Alfanant - Your Kind     Blues/Roots, Folk 08/11/2017
Alfanant is the forming of two great sunshine coast acoustic folk artists Ant McKenna and Alf.
Recorded on a fun weekend with mates, the tongue in cheek, foot stomp, sing-along 'your kind' is a light-hearted reflection on people's reactions to anyone or anything they dont know or understand.


Topology - X174     Classical 01/11/2017
Renowned for their expansive sound and prolific collaborations, the 1990s saw Brisbane come to know Topology through their original compositions as well as their adventurous re-imaginings of popular music collaborations.
Based on the DNA sequence of the first complete genome ever mapped. The DNA letters are mapped to pitches to create melodic and harmonic material. Biologists use C, G, A, and T in the DNA mapping, composer John Babbage used those notes but substituted the “T” with the note D.

Other tracks by Topology:  Tumult  -  Going Equipped
Alice Skye - Poetry By Text     Folk, Indigenous, Acoustic 24/10/2017
"I take great pride in my heritage and to combine both music and my background brings me an unexplainable amount of pride and happiness." Alice says.
“A song about being underestimated. About being made to feel like you aren’t smart, just because you don’t fit someone’s description of what ‘smart’ is - and realising you don’t need to prove your worth to someone." - Alice Skye

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Cameron Dunsford, 3PBS, Melbourne (VIC)

Mathas, Omar Musa, P Smurf & Rapaport - Be Ready     Hip Hop, Rap 06/10/2017
Big Village Records, co-founders Rapaport and P.Smurf are joined by Mathas and Omar Musa for ‘The Big Vacation’ national tour! 'Be Ready' is the collaborative tour anthem!
Be Ready came from conversations around racism and free speech in Australia. In particular, how the opinions from people like Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Briggs and other diverse voices are shut down by mainstream media, and the general public on social media.

Dalli - Who Are You     Pop, Experimental 04/10/2017
Having spent the last year busking full time in Melbourne’s CBD, Brisbane-born Dalli is proud to release his debut single ‘Who Are You’ on October 3.
Dalli says when he wrote ‘Who Are You’ he was going through a messy split with his then-partner, was barely making enough money from busking to get by and had let a big music opportunity slip through his fingers.

Alice Skye - 60 Percent     Folk, Pop, Indigenous, Acoustic 22/08/2017
20 year old Wergaia woman Alice says "I take great pride in my heritage and to combine music with my background brings me an unexplainable amount of pride and happiness."
60% is the first single to be released from Alice Skye’s forthcoming debut album 'Friends With Feelings'. Alice explains "60% is about wanting to share things with someone but not wanting to overwhelm them. Not wanting to rely on someone... but also, wanting to rely on someone!"