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Healthy Tapes

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Sandy Hsu - Angel Energy     Pop, Ambience, Atmospheric, Chill 14/06/2019
Sandy Hsu is a Melbourne-based singer-songwriter and multidisciplinary artist. She creates a lyrical world that is articulate, brutally honest, and almost intrusive to listen to.
2nd single from Sandy's upcoming EP She Comes To Me In A Fever Dream out through Healthy Tapes

Kythira - Change My Mind     Rock, Pop, Alternative Country, Folk 12/06/2019
Kythira is the project of nomadic musician Alyssa Gengos, named after the Greek island of the same name (Κύθηρα).
‘Change My Mind’ “is one of those songs that happened all at once. It was scribbled in a late-night frenzy in my journal and worked out the next morning. I was feeling stuck – I hadn’t written a pop song for months – and so “Change My Mind” was almost a plea to myself to change my thought pattern.

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Other tracks by Kythira:  My Name
Market - Circles     Rock, Pop, Gay Alligned, Psychedelic 12/06/2019
Melbourne-based artist Market releases their debut self-titled EP, a lo-fi collection of bedroom pop songs featuring collaborations with Tanaya Harper and Lauren Abineri.
Premiered on The Music, Circles is a hazy follow up single - a lo-fi bedroom pop track sure to appeal to fans of Mac DeMarco or Beach House.

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Market - Everytime (feat. Tanaya Harper)     Pop, Chill, Atmospheric, Electronic 10/05/2019
Market is Melbourne's Lee Hannah, an artist with a rich full history releasing dulcet ambient pop as The Townhouses + playing as one half of house-tinged duo Take Your Time
Self-produced and mixed in Upper Sturt in the Adelaide Hills, Everytime is as tender as it is bittersweet - a song “about trust, opening yourself up, but being okay with not necessarily receiving that back immediately”.

ZK king - typhoon     Electronic, RnB, Soundscapes, Pop 14/03/2019
ZK king (Jamie Marina Lau) is a writer/author/poet, most notably publishing her first novel Pink Mountain on Locust Island through Brow Books in 2018.
This is a sultry track with contemporary R&B resonances and sees a synthesis of voice and percussion. A meditation of the femme body in a cycle of discovering itself and where it fits best. ‘Typhoon’ is designed almost like hypnosis.

Other tracks by ZK king:  wake up  -  daisy
Allume - Valentine     Pop, Chill, Electronic, Ambience 26/02/2019
Allume explores an intersection between live instrumentation and electronic sampling led by her captivating voice.
Valentine is neither a love song nor it’s antithesis but sits, a little uncomfortably, somewhere in the middle. A washed out organ, bass and analog drums sit steadily beneath a lilting chant borne of hallmark cards immemorial; “will you be my valentine?”

Other tracks by Allume:  The Sound of Rain Starting  -  All the Rocks
Lyndon Blue - Performance     Pop, Rock, Dance 01/10/2018
Keeping busy in the Australia’s underground music scene for the better part of a decade, Lyndon Blue is best known for subtly jazz tinged electronica project Leafy Suburbs.
’Performance’ is a disco song about the self-aware strangeness of being a person. More specifically, it’s about the sometimes laboured ways we act out our social interactions, genders, artistic personas, to the point where we might not even recognise ourselves. This tune owes a lot to Nile Rogers, Arthur Russell, ESG as well as Aussie weirdos like Use No Hooks.

Other tracks by Lyndon Blue:  Page of Wands  -  Only Connect
Maliblue - Trykt     Electronic, Chill, Instrumental, House 25/08/2018
Influenced by accelerationist pop, disco and lo-fi house, Melbourne artist Maliblue has previously released cassettes with iconic vaporwave labels Adhesive Sounds and 永遠に B O G U S // COLLECTIVE.
Late 90's Moby influenced sample-based pop.

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Other tracks by Maliblue:  Hex  -  Dual
Tanaya Harper - The Well     Pop, Folk 22/06/2018
Tanaya Harper is a Perth-based artist and songwriter, often writing about their intimate experiences with depression, anxiety and living with bipolar disorder.
"It's about feeling really guilty. Guilty for feeling numb; guilty for feeling anxious about my steady and beautiful relationship with my partner; guilty that I couldn't even leave the house to go for a walk. Then I started talking to a few people about how I was thinking and feeling, and I realised that I wasn't the only one"

Other tracks by Tanaya Harper:  The Dark I Love
Tanaya Harper - Graceless     Pop, Folk 22/05/2018
Perth-based artist Tanaya Harper releases her debut single Graceless - an intimate and personal track that feels as naturally universal as it does distinct.
Featuring Stella Donnelly on guitar, Graceless is the first taste of a stunning and important EP, Some Kinds, addressing Tanaya’s experiences with depression, anxiety and living with bipolar disorder.


Lee Hannah - Infinitely     Jazz, Easy Listening, Soundtrack (Film Related), Ambience 01/03/2018
Melbourne artist Lee Hannah releases their visual album, Infinitely - a stunningly slow-moving 20 minute short film / album depicting the intricate natural and unnatural ecology of Australia’s mallee district.
Infinitely is the title track from the visual album. An improvised piece influenced by artists like Mick Turner and The Necks.

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Other tracks by Lee Hannah:  Mallee  -  A River Won't Run Forever
Rainbow Chan - The Creator     Electronic, Experimental, Pop 02/12/2017
As one of Australia's most innovative pop artists, Rainbow has set the benchmark with her critically-acclaimed album Spacings, gaining support from Pitchfork, The Fader, i-D, Triple J and community radio.
Rainbow Chan strides into textured, minimalist pop territory with astounding confidence in The Creator. As a follow up to her first single Let Me, the track blends Rainbow’s vulnerable yet accessible pop sensibilities while lyrically unravelling a set of frustratingly familiar scenes.

Other tracks by Rainbow Chan:  Bad Behaviour
Oliver White - Light in Me     Pop, Electronic, Easy Listening 04/07/2017
Oliver White releases her new single Light in Me - a patient and intimate track that marks her first release in two years.
"Light In Me is about the tiny, surreal moments in time which let you see through the gaps (sometimes in hindsight, sometimes right when it's happening), and everything kinda makes sense in that moment - most of the time it doesn’t.”

Allume - Paperbark     Electronic, Folk, Downbeat, Chill 23/06/2017
Allume is the beautifully understated solo project of Adelaide-based Elena Nees.
"about a bit between two relationships, when theres still a lingering left over bit of one love, and sorta conceding there always will be, the sensation of those two loves residing alongside each other... but also the necessary letting go of one to make room for the newer, present love"


Other tracks by Allume:  You Sleep Curled Up  -  Wondering
Lifewater Oasis - June 22     Electronic, Experimental, Instrumental 23/06/2017
Lifewater Oasis create beautiful hazes of electronics, exploring soundscapes that are experimental yet never stray too far from their impressive musicality.
Hazy experimental electronics, first single from their debut LP, June.

Other tracks by Lifewater Oasis:  Leaf Litter
Okin Osan - You Tell, I'll Listen     Rock, Garage, Pop 23/06/2017
Okin Osan is the 50s rock ’n’ roll inspired project of Sydney-based Rose Chan.
Surf-rock with a 50's crooner touch.

Other tracks by Okin Osan:  All I Want  -  Holding Hands
Culte - It's Too Cold to Be Spring     Pop, Downbeat 22/06/2017
Culte has a tradition of loose and instantaneous recordings, with few distractions and a sound that’s likely to appeal to fans of Foxes in Fiction and Frankie Cosmos.
“It's Too Cold to Be Spring is about October in 2016. It was a pretty intense & sad month - living off $3 every week and drinking mystery beers at the Tote. The spring time was only bearable thanks to my lovely friends which this song is dedicated to”

Stella Donnelly - Mechanical Bull     Folk, Pop 17/06/2017
Already well established around Perth as a member of Bells Rapids and Boat Show, this will be Stella’s first solo venture.
"touches on my experience of working in pubs which as a female can be really tough. I've been asked by a male customer how much I would cost to hire for the night, I have also been groped multiple times. I realised a lot of other women share my experiences"


2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Best New Act (presented by Young Henrys - National Awards), Live Voice of the Year (National Awards), Live Voice of the Year (presented by Audio-Technica - People's Choice Awards), Live Voice of the Year (WA Awards)

Other tracks by Stella Donnelly:  Boys Will Be Boys  -  Mean To Me
Allume - PSA     Electronic, Pop, Ambience 16/06/2017
Allume is the slo-fi project of Adelaide artist, Elena Nees. She makes honest and intimate ambient pop that's seen her support the likes of Cosmo's Midnight and Ball Park Music.
PSA expands upon the delicate and gorgeous ambience that makes up her previous work - stripping away the layers of reverb to produce something both complex yet inviting. Lyrically, the track touches on the distracting nature of cannabis consumption.


Take Your Time - Love at First Sight     Pop, House, Chill, Dance 16/06/2017
Duo from Melbourne with varied histories together hanging out, drinking coffee and making their own brand of diva house ready for the kind of club that serves cappuccinos.
A jazz-hued disco interpretation of a pop star (Kylie Minogue) the duo grew up listening to, Angela explains: “Kylie represents some of my most formative years throughout high school, learning about myself and forming a connection to dance music especially."