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Head Records

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The Black Sorrows - Raise Your Hands     Blues/Roots, Rockabilly, Roots 06/02/2017
The Black Sorrows, fronted by Joe Camilleri, have become a staple part of our music lives with hits like Chained to the Wheel and Harley & Rose. Hear them now.
'Raise Your Hands' - from the album Faithful Satellite, is a swingin’, rockabilly meets Baptist gospel track, featuring the sin defying voices of Vika and Linda Bull and Eamon Mcnelis on hell-raising trumpet.


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Other tracks by The Black Sorrows:  Winter Rose  -  Fix My Bail
Stephen Cummings - Not Over You     Rock, Pop 28/08/2015
Stephen Cummings has made his mark as a musicians’ musician. This stage of the game, 2014 sees Stephen release his first album for three years, ‘Nothing to be frightened of’.
Recorded at Yikesville by Shane O'Mara
Music & Lyrics: Stephen Cummings
Vocals: Stephen Cummings
Guitar & drums & organ: Shane O'Mara

"You play to win
You got under my skin
I'm not over you…"

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Other tracks by Stephen Cummings:  Love is a hurting thing
The Black Sorrows - Storybook Love     Blues/Roots, Rock 30/03/2015
Black Sorrows simultaneously release two LPs - Endless Sleep (Chapter 46 and Chapter 47). Eclectic tracks from Blind Willie McTell, John Coltrane, Hank Williams, Lou Reed, Gil Scott-Heron and more.
"Willy Deville can do no wrong in my eyes... I'm a true devotee... " Joe Camilleri

Other tracks by The Black Sorrows:  Devil in Disguise
The Black Sorrows - Devil Came Knockin     Blues/Roots, Rock, Blues 22/10/2014
Joe Camilleri marks his 50th year in music and celebrates the 30th year of The Black Sorrows with the latest single from the Sorrows' hit Devil Came Knockin on Sunday.
The Devil Came Knockin on Sunday is the latest single from the critically acclaimed Certified Blue. Thumping boogie woogie piano kicks off this blues rocker tale of temptation and regret.


The Black Sorrows - Certified Blue     Blues/Roots, Rock 04/04/2014
The Sorrows are one of Australia's most loved bands. Celebrating their 30th Anniversary, with their 17th release, Certified Blue, the band are stringer than ever.
With its swelling string section, the title track of The Sorrows' latest album, is an old school ballad.

Other tracks by The Black Sorrows:  Can't Give Up On You  -  Save Me
Dom Mariani & The Majestic Kelp - Goin' Back To Surf City     Rock, Garage, Instrumental, Pop 28/08/2013
Dom Mariani & The Majestic Kelp after 7years bring us Turn Up The Sun! Their love of surf drenched WestCoast tones bring irresistibly melodious tracks and the sound of summer.
Going Back To Surf City opens the album in classic surf instrumental style.

Other tracks by Dom Mariani & The Majestic Kelp:  Turn Up The Sun  -  Gin And Tonic
Stoney Joe - Cold Morning     Country, Acoustic, Folk 30/07/2013
Stoney Joe plays big Country music, kinda. Fingerpicking strings and moonshine vocal harmonies sit easily alongside beat loops and a vintage SH-101 synthesizer, settling into an upbeat edge early.
Tender country ballad

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Other tracks by Stoney Joe:  Big Blue World  -  Kalamunda Hills
The Black Sorrows - Nothin Lasts Forever     Blues/Roots, Rock 29/10/2012
On listening you can hear a smattering of The Falcons, the classic country flavoured Black Sorrows circa 1990 and a good dollop of Camilleri’s years of loving the blues.
A duet featuring Joe with Atlanta and backing vocals by the Wolfgramm Sisters. Track originally called Borderline.
you said keep on drivin
right on through the night
just the stars to guide us
we’ll leave it all behind
at the borderline

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Stoney Joe - Brown Bread And Rice     Country, Alternative Country, Electronic 03/04/2012
Fingerpickin’ country guitar with ocarina, ukulele, outback beats, sub-bass landscapes and flowing melodies. Inspired by the great expanses of Western Australia and beyond. Music made to go down real easy.
Title track to Stoney Joe's debut album. It's a chilled out finger picking haiku, a perfect listen after a hard day's work outdoors in the searing sun. The whole album was recorded at Stoney Joe's own studio in Perth, Western Australia and mastered in Nashville, Tennessee.

Other tracks by Stoney Joe:  Invisible Line  -  Land Is Green
The Black Sorrows - Money Talkin     Blues/Roots, Rock, Country, RnB 16/03/2012
Any examination of The Black Sorrows usually comes down to one person. Joe Camilleri (singer, songwriter, saxophonist, producer). Camilleri is one of the most genuinely talented figures in Australian music.
The opening track on the first of the 3 cds, singing alongside Joe is Atlanta Coogan.. Adding her vocals turned it into something special.

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Other tracks by The Black Sorrows:  Lovers' Story  -  Until The Day I Die
James Sherlock Trio - Domestic Arts & Sciences     Jazz, Instrumental, Swing, Jazz 17/11/2010
James began playing guitar at age 7. He attended the QLD Conservatorium of Music, and has since won several awards and worked with many well known local and international musicians.
This piece is a great opener for the album, lulling the listener into an andante groove with a subtle walking bassline and swung drum rhythms throughout. The solos are subtly restrained, making the transition seem seamless and part of the overall song, rather than a variation on a theme.

Other tracks by James Sherlock Trio:  Celia  -  Golden Brown
Tess McKenna - Fill Me Up     Blues, Alternative Country, Grunge, Rock 15/11/2010
Early bands included indie rock/pop three piece The Right Furniture, and alt-country darlings The Western District. Recent outings have seen Tess stretching out with her most recent band, The Shapiros.
Ringing guitars with just the right amount of distortion colour this song about the inertia of romantic relationships. Lyrics like "I'd say to love you more, I could hurt you less" depict a scene of indifferent love, where the solution, or the intention of finding one is unclear.

Other tracks by Tess McKenna:  The New Everything  -  Hummingbird
Monique diMattina - Lunar Lady     Jazz, Pop, Acoustic, Folk 15/10/2010
Reflecting influences spanning Bach through early New Orleans Jazz, Blues/Roots, Singer-Songwriters, French Impressionism and silence, Monique diMattina's music has been heard at Jazz clubs and festivals all over the world.
The song is based around a standard blues chart but the piano gives the song a lighter, airy, folk feel, and the inclusion of the triangle later on reminds you of the stars twinkling in the sky. Lyrically, the piece is an ode to the moon, it's beauty and purpose.

Other tracks by Monique diMattina:  Get Happy  -  A Girl and a Dog
Nick Batterham - Everything You Need     Rock, Acoustic, Folk, Downbeat 24/09/2010
Killer melodies meet knockout vocals. Nick Batterham’s recording process is an extension of a live performance, often recording the day a song is written. The results are truly captivating.
Sparse piano chords accompany the opening vocals, leading into a gorgeous blend of strings and the electric guitar, with drums joining at the chorus. A beautiful depiction of refrain and release, the song is an impassioned plea, reminding you of reaching out to a lover, wishing for nothing but comfort.

Other tracks by Nick Batterham:  Good Things Come  -  Dragonfly
Tess McKenna - Falling Into The Sun     Rock, Pop 04/03/2010
Boom Bam is the superbly crafted third release from Tess McKenna. Clever and catchy, a skilful blend of guitar pop and sophisticated garage, saturated with equal parts beauty and attitude.
‘Boom Bam is a gem. Tess deserves some of the critical acclaim surrounding Lucinda and Gillian. It’s an intoxicating brew, beautifully played by a stellar band. Boom Bam -Tess’ third album - is a compelling, challenging, interesting pop record.'
InPress, Melbourne, 18 June 03

Other tracks by Tess McKenna:  Pop The Question  -  In The Flesh
Bakelite Radio - Hell To Pay     Blues 17/11/2009
"Bakelite Radio represents the kind of music I was listening to as a young boy digging the wealth and richness of the blues. " Joe Camilleri
I played the 4-string guitar in the way it was written. Nicky quickly moved to bongos, tambourine, and congas. Simon's bass was able to be as free as a bird and Eddy's Hawaiian slide solo is strong and flowing. Claudey's Dobro playing has a banjo quality that worked sweetly here.

Other tracks by Bakelite Radio:  Wednesday's Child  -  Poor Boy Blues
Dom Mariani & The Majestic Kelp - Roulette     Rock, Garage 17/11/2009
Killer surf guitar meets pop garage grooves on Dom Mariani and the Majestic Kelp. Mariani hits the forefront of the Australian music scene with his bands The Stems and DM3.
Dom first made his mark in the mid to late 80s as the driving force behind now-legendary Perth outfit, the Stems. Following the band’s premature demise after one acclaimed album (At First Sight-Violets Are Blue), Dom went on to produce well-received albums with perfect pop-driven outfits, the Someloves and DM3.

Other tracks by Dom Mariani & The Majestic Kelp:  Tijuana Dreamin  -  Underwater Casino
Jen Anderson - Minor Drama     Indigenous, Soundtrack (Film Related) 16/11/2009
Sentimental Bloke is one of the jewels of Australia's surviving silent cinema based on the verses of C.J. Dennis that were originally published as “The Songs Of A Sentimental Bloke”.
Bill becomes jealous when another suitor, 'The Stror at Coot', flirts with Doreen

Other tracks by Jen Anderson:  The Argument  -  Meeting Mar
Jen Anderson - The Goddess of 1967     World, Soundtrack (Film Related) 16/11/2009
Composed by Jen Anderson (Simone de Beauvoir's Babies, Pandora's Box, Sentimental Bloke), THE GODDESS OF 1967 soundtrack CD is a stirring, atmospheric collection original of works from the film.
“Anderson’s music is quite beautiful... an enormous musical achievement. Superb.”
Rick Rutjens - InPress Magazine

Other tracks by Jen Anderson:  Best Of Friends  -  First Touch
The Beachniks - Riding Out     Reggae/Dub, Pop 16/11/2009
The Beachniks have played the length of the Surf Coast. Their jazz-pop-reggae grooves built them a truly loyal following. There have been wild parties from deep in the Otways.
Worlds collide right from the MANY MOODS’ opener RIDING OUT where reggae meets kinky rockabilly.

Other tracks by The Beachniks:  Magic Faraway Dub  -  LAGO