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Half A Cow Records

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John Dowler's Vanity Project - Billy's Pizza     Pop, Rock, Indie 17/02/2020
John Dowler has been a mainstay of Australian independent pop music since the late 70s with his acts such as Young Modern, The Zimmermen and now the Vanity Project.
Billy's Pizza is the first track to be released from the forthcoming album, “12 Stitches”. It’s a guitar-driven slow burn, detailing the ups and downs in the relationship between two star crossed lovers set against the claustrophobic backdrop of smalltown New South Wales (or Victoria).

Other tracks by John Dowler's Vanity Project:  Ordinary Man
The Lost Husky - (Do Ya) Wanna Be In My Gang?     Indie, Pop, Rock 03/02/2020
The Lost Husky is the solo project of Chris Newton, once the bass player in Sydney’s indie-funk upstarts Psyclone Smyle. This is his third album and far from funk.
Even though The Lost Husky is a solo artist, he's always looking for friends, and will use bribery if needed.

Other tracks by The Lost Husky:  A Study In Scarlet  -  Conquista! (to the stars)
Warmer - Get So High I Can’t Get Down     Pop, Alternative, Indie 07/11/2019
Warmer is the singer-songwriter project of John Encarnacao and this EP is a taster from the Wooden Box With Strings LP, released by Half a Cow in March 2020
“Get So High” is the first single from the Warmer album Wooden Box With Strings. Recorded in Hobart with David Carter, it rides a wave of acoustic guitar, gradually picking up backing vocals, vibraphone, Casio, and percussion. It’s a song of sun, of jumping up and down, catchy as hell if not entirely predictable (like all the best pop songs).

Other tracks by Warmer:  Sore Knowledge  -  Cold Diamond Armchair” (4-track demo)
The Wayward Doves - A Set of Me Instructions     Alternative, Pop, Country 05/11/2019
The Wayward Doves is the new outfit for Luke Russell (the older brother of acclaimed singer Sally Seltmann). He has previously released five albums on Half A Cow Records.
A Set of Me Instructions - When your lover can’t do anything right, and it’s time that he knows about it. Lead vocals by Kim Shazell.

Other tracks by The Wayward Doves:  That’s When We Fell in Love  -  Lost and Waiting to be Found
The Nagging Doubts - All On The Table     Indie, Pop, Rock 30/10/2019
The Nagging Doubts are a new band fresh out of Tempe High School in Sydney. Lead singer Joe is currently in the middle of doing the HSC.
All on the Table is an indie-pop jam for summer afternoons. Fresh from local band The Nagging Doubts’ debut EP: Deug Lane.

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Bambino Koresh - What I'm Gonna Do Now     Pop, Alternative Country, Rock 14/07/2019
A three-piece from Maitland lled by the Spanish musician Leticia Nischang. Tom Morgan (Smudge) is on bass and on drums is Sarah McEwan from Grace Before Meals.
A catchy heartfelt song with strong Teenage Fanclub/Juliana Hatfield overtones.

Other tracks by Bambino Koresh:  Just Accept It
Nic Dalton - Way Out Jim #2     Pop 09/12/2018
Nic Dalton, has been in many bands such as the Plunderers and Sneeze, but is most at home recording his psychedelic pop songs on his Tascam 244 four track machine.
Way Out Jim #2 is a faster version than the one originally released in 1992 by Nic's band Godstar. This one features Smudge drummer Alison Galloway. The song is about not seeing the German singer live when she toured Australia in the mid-80s in case you were disappointed.

Other tracks by Nic Dalton:  Red Electric Noodle  -  King Of My Feelings
Key Out - Nameless town     Pop, Atmospheric, Rock 06/10/2018
Sydney alt-pop three-piece: Paddy Haid on guitar, Saskia Clapton on bass and Rohan Geddes on the drums have recorded their debut album What (Do) You See, produced by J Walker.
Key Out's unusual dynamics are illustrated in the first single off the What (Do) You See album, Nameless town. A locomotive beat and off kilter bassline set the scene. Layered melodies and counter-melodies hover long enough to catch the listener’s ear before retreating into silence or dissonance.

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Neo-Magics - Feel It Still     Rock, Garage 20/08/2018
The Neo-Magics premise is modern songs done 60s garage rock style so you could say that the Neo-Magics, who hail from Sydney, are stuck in the past.
A cover of recent world-wide smash hit "Feel It Still" by Portugal. The Man done in a very October 1965 way. Neo-Magics know only one way to play and that's the sounds of yesterday.

The Likes Of You - Superstar Housewife     Pop, Rock 02/08/2018
The Likes Of You are a Sydney based musical collective based around singer/songwriter Paul Scott, ex-Montana and New Zealand's Pop Mechanix.
Superstar Housewife might be Paul Scott's subconscious response, half a century later, to The 'Stones 'Mothers Little Helper' - a nervous meltdown amongst the appliances.

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The Ramalamas - Flim Flam     Rock, Retro, Roots 22/07/2018
Sydney band, The Ramalamas launch their fourth album Liquorice in July 2018 playing a unique blend of rock, blues, swamp and garage, drenched in tremolo, reverb, slap-back and fuzz.
Street hustles and sweet backing vocals populate this lost San Fran garage classic.

Other tracks by The Ramalamas:  Tijuana Bible
Nic Dalton - The Teapot Refuses     Pop 16/07/2018
Nic Dalton has been recording and releasing music since the mid-80s and been involved with many bands (Plunderers, Sneeze, Love Positions, Godstar, Chewee, the Sticker Club and the Gloomchasers).
A short pop song about a teapot who 'refuses to pour' until the couple sitting at the table start communicating with each other. Described by someone as "Anthropomorphic pop whimsy - tealightful!"

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The Wednesday Night - Down In The Water     Pop 11/04/2018
The melancholy, psychedelic pop sounds of The Wednesday Night, created by the Sydney-based Laura Murdoch and Rob Young, could be described as ethereal and dreamy – 1960s meets the 1990s.
Written in a haunted house, and later recorded in the duo's garage, Down In The Water is an up-beat noir pop tale of a doomed ex-lover revealing the foreboding plot of a jilted sweethearts revenge.

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Other tracks by The Wednesday Night:  Blackstar Singularity
The Wednesday Night - Run Rabbit     Pop, Psychedelic 03/04/2018
The melancholy, psychedelic pop sounds of The Wednesday Night, created by songwriting pairing of Laura Murdoch and Rob Young, is described as ethereal and dreamy – 1960s meets the 1990s.
First single from Music Club Volume Two featuring the beautiful vocals of Laura Murdoch and the catchy music she creates with musical partner Rob Young.

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Dog Trumpet - Mr Alcohol and Mrs Marijuana     Pop, Acoustic, Folk, Rock 05/08/2010
Dog Trumpet has been the musical vehicle for the ex-Mental As Anything brothers with different surnames Peter O’Doherty and Reg Mombassa since the 1991. They have released five albums.
Written by Reg Mombassa

Other tracks by Dog Trumpet:  Buttons Undone  -  Manana
Agnes Kain - A Great Idea     Pop, Acoustic, Folk 30/07/2010
Indie folk pop duo Agnes Kain (Chanelle Afford and Stefan Simunic) have been creating music together since 2007. There is an intimacy to their music that will draw you in.
Chanelle Afford has the most beautiful voice and her tale of travelling will want you to pack your bad and join in on her journey.

Other tracks by Agnes Kain:  Missing
the Brutals - Goldilocks     Pop, Folk, Acoustic, Rock 30/07/2010
Ben Montero and Emmett Smith from the Treetops continue their love of sunshine harmonies in one of the finest folk-pop bands to ever come out of Australia?
An incredibly catchy song from Ben Montero and Emmett Smith and their band the Brutals. Nursery rhymes never sounded so blissful!

Other tracks by the Brutals:  Jeneane Jeneane  -  Pizza Heaven