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Habitual Comfort

Habitual Comfort is a boutique music agency, delivering high quality release strategies that are individually curated for each artist.


Habitual Comfort

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Pure Milk - Conversation     Indie, Punk, Rock, Garage 26/03/2020
Keeping in the spirit of DIY, lo-fi garage rock, Australian quintet Pure Milk have created a charmingly chaotic sound with dissonant guitar lines and a sharp, dry wit.
Conversations is PM at their explosive best. The song moves quick, barely giving time to breathe while lead singer Lewis hurls a succession of frantic verses on the fragility and anxiety of being stuck in small talk. Uniquely reminiscent of 90s indie and Australian garage rock, their songs carry an endearingly witty quality with often little to prove.

Clawmachine - Sweet Like Sugar     Pop, Indie, Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 18/03/2020
After a two-year hiatus we are excited to announce a return to the colourful kaleidoscope of sound that is Gold Coast collective Clawmachine.
Clawmachine are back with new single Sweet Like Sugar, a delicate, woozy, reverbed slice of synth lead indie-pop. The song features the soaring vocals of frontwoman Whitney, which elegantly float above the groups refined, intimate performances and production.

Pure Milk - Gotta Have It     Rock, Indie, Punk, Alternative 06/11/2019
Pure Milk have drawn influence from the DIY ethic of the Australian underground scene, writing songs selfdescribed as “wholesome indie punk with a tinge of slacker rock” .
Gotta Have It is a short, clever, guitar-driven track about procrastinating your way through all your great ideas and remembering to bring your keep cup.

Other tracks by Pure Milk:  Palm Beach  -  Don't Drive West