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Habit Music Company

Habit Music Company

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SIAMESE - Slaughterhouse     Rock, Garage 01/02/2018
After making waves with their dual debut singles ‘Computer Patient’ and ‘Scatterbrain’, Adelaide’s most exciting young bloods, Siamese, are primed to build on this strong introduction with ‘Slaughterhouse’.
‘Slaughterhouse’ sees Siamese expand into new territory, both sonically and lyrically. This new single takes the traditional idea of a love story and turns it on its head, touching on the ideas of technology, waste and ever-fading attention spans, whilst filtering it through a wave of fuzz and snarling vocals.

Seaside - Joyride     Pop, Rock 23/08/2019
Emerging from the sparkling waters of beautiful Byron Bay, Seaside are four friends making indie music with a punchy, dream-pop sound.
Upcoming single “Joyride” is the first from Seaside's highly-anticipated forthcoming debut album, slated for release in early 2020. Mixed by Konstantin Kersting (The Belligerents, The Jungle Giants, WAAX) and mastered by George Georgiadis (Last Dinosaurs, Charlie Collins, Gang Of Youths), the song was recorded at Rocking Horse Studios with engineer Paul Pilseniks (Powderfinger, The Living End).

Seaside - Sycamore     Rock 24/05/2019
Emerging from the sparkling waters of beautiful Byron Bay, Seaside are four friends making indie music with a punchy, dream-pop sound.
"Sycamore" was inspired by a need to persevere through social anxiety and self doubt.

Life can put you in positions that make us uncomfortable, but the ever existing reminder of the Sycamore is that if we give ourselves a little self-love, we can make it through anything.

Sacred Shrines - Collisions     Rock, Psychedelic, Garage 08/07/2016
Brisbane based psych / garage 5 piece Sacred Shrines only started playing live 12 months ago, and who’s second show ever was supporting The Dandy Warhols.
Psych/rock taking cues from The Dandy Warhols and The White Stripes.

Robbie Miller - Show Your Skin     Folk, Pop 25/04/2019
If there is one enduring, almost mythical, storyline in music it’s the ‘bedroom to big stage’ success story. It’s that all-too-rare tale of an artist plucked from obscurity -Robbie Miller.
"’Show Your Skin’ is a reflective song about the rediscovery of self-worth after an extremely challenging time in my life - a period I thought I’d never be free of,” says Robbie. “The song touches on these struggles but also the power of a positive relationship and the role it played for me in finding my own value.”

River Blue - Catch Me On My Way Down     Folk, Rock 17/11/2018
Melbourne’s River Blue harnesses the core element of folk songwriting, weaving metaphorical worlds with intimate encounters, presenting an endless conflict between light and dark to soft and brash.
‘Catch Me On My Way Down’ marks the return of Melbourne artist, River Blue. The release provides a new look at River Blue as a songwriter, following on from his 2017 debut EP ‘Young At Heart’.

Ric Rufio - Water to Wine     Funk/Soul, RnB 27/10/2017
It was during Ric Rufio’s youth that he discovered RnB. Drawn to 90’s acts like Boyz II Men, Ric had found a sound that resonated within that eventually drew him to creating music.
As soon as I wrote it I couldn’t shake it. Every morning I’d wake up it’d be the first thing I’d hear in my head. It’s scary to write a song about trying to convince someone you’re not a fuck-up only to realise you’re really trying to convince yourself.

Rag n' Bone - Pissy Flow     Rock, Grunge 03/02/2017
Rag n’ Bone have graced international festival stages internationally, along with hometown performances at Falls Festival, State Of The Art, Hyperfest and the WAM Festival Block Party. 
Rag n' Bone's latest single 'Pissy Flow' is taken from their forthcoming debut album A Handful Of Ash, out 3rd March.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW), Aeron Clark, Edge Radio, Hobart (TAS)

2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Live Act of the Year (WA Awards), Live Voice of the Year (WA Awards) - Kiera Alice Owen

Rag n' Bone - Last Kind Words     Rock 02/11/2016
Taking influence from the likes of Savages, The Birthday Party and Midnight Oil, Rag n' Bone have been making waves in their hometown for some time.
Produced by Dave Parkin (Jebediah, Tired Lion) at Blackbird Studio, the track has been described by the band as "Robert Crumb and Geeshie Wiley inspired trash that rolls like a train through the Delta" - and it's a ferocious missive on the power of art in memory.

Rag N' Bone - I Don't Feel at Home In This World Anymore     Rock 17/06/2016
Rag n’ Bone are a band you should get to know, influenced from Savages, The Birthday Party and Midnight Oil, the band are already making waves in their hometown.
Rag n' Bone return with the searing, searching track ‘I Don't Feel at Home In This World Anymore’. The single is as much about mistreatment of refugees, gender identity and cultural re-appropriation as it is about huge riffs, crumbling floor toms and slide guitar. Recorded by Dave Parkin (Snowman, Jebediah).

WAMAWARD NOMINEE 2016: Best Rock Act, Most Popular Music Video - I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore, Best Bassist - Sara McPherson, Best Guitarist - Axel Carrington

NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARD FINALIST 2016: Live Voice of the Year (WA) - Keira Owen (Rag n Bone)

Radolescent - Tuck Me In     Rock, Garage, Punk, Grunge 21/05/2019
If you can’t get to the Gold Coast, the sound of the Gold Coast will come to you, so raise a tinny and get your mosh on to Radolescent.
"'Tuck Me In' is a song depicting the typical comedown of the party animal," explains vocalist and guitarist Isaac Atkinson. "Whether it be sleep paralysis or self-induced psychosis, this song depicts the absolute mind f**kery that is experienced on Monday, Tuesday and sometimes even Wednesdays. Don’t be fooled by the pretty voices, this baby is darker then you would expect..."

Radolescent - 406     Rock, Punk, Garage, Grunge 11/04/2019
After a year kicking around Surfers writing and recording, Radolescent are finally ready to take on the country and the world with '406', the new single form their debut album.
'406' is a song about internal conflict that describes the everyday struggle faced by many teenagers unsure of who they are, what they want in life and how to achieve it. The chorus relays an outcry to someone close to the singer hoping that they will be able to help with drag him out of his slump.

RAAVE TAPES - Red Flag     Dance 26/03/2020
RAAVE TAPES bubble with a shimmering darkness, ingeniously fusing genres to create a niche yet nostalgic sonic landscape.
Newcastle’s RAAVE TAPES have swiftly been winning over listeners across the country with their impeccably vibrant brand of dance-rock. Today, the now-duo return with ‘Red Flag’ – an offering that showcases a side of the act that is a lot more RAAVE, and a little less tape.

PLTS - Spill     Rock, Pop, Punk 30/08/2017
Having been making music together as PLTS (pronounced Pilots) since 2012, the three-piece share a passion for playing honest, feel-good music.
“Lyrically, ‘Spill’ is an examination of the modern love story and how it’s somewhat failing. Taking in to account social pressures, anxieties, drugs and alcohol - the song deals with the letting go and moving on from relationships, capturing that fragile period of acceptance.” - Kit Bray, vocalist

PLTS - On & On     Rock 26/10/2015
Hailing from Byron Bay, PLTS (Pilots) formed in 2012 and since the band have been busy honing their sound and live show.
‘On & On’ was produced by JP Fung (Last Dinosaurs / Josh Pyke / Art Vs Science) in Alberts Studios, Sydney and sees the band delivering a huge rock anthem destined for airwaves around the country. ‘On & On’ will be out everywhere digitally on Monday October 26.

PLTS - Maelstrom     Rock, Pop, Punk 22/06/2018
PLTS (pronounced Pilots) are an indie-rock band from Byron Bay, Australia.
“Writing this track proved the most challenging process we’ve navigated as a group to date. We chose to focus on a water theme, it’s such a significant theme in our personal lives and also is a great representation of the unpredictable nature and challenges in navigating the creation of music and in particular, this track." - PLTS

PLTS - Call Me Out     Rock 12/12/2016
2016 has been an incredible year for PLTS, with their addition to the Splendour In The Grass lineup alongside the likes of The Strokes, The Cure, and Flume.
Working again with renowned producer JP Fung (Last Dinosaurs / Josh Pyke / Art Vs Science), ‘Call Me Out’ promises to be an impressive follow up to previous single ‘Astoria’, which premiered via Triple J’s Good Nights earlier this year.

PLTS - Astoria     Rock 15/08/2016
PLTS (pronounced Pilots) are an Alternative-Rock band that formed in 2012 in Byron Bay.The group was born from a simple vision, to craft and release passionate, feel-good music.
Thematically, a darker, brooding track, ‘Astoria’ continues on with the band’s high-octane format whilst exposing a dirtier, more intimate side to PLTS.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

PLANET - Save.Sold     Rock, Pop 09/03/2018
Drawing influences from past and present PLANET combine pop laden guitar hooks with soaring vocal melodies. The result is a sound reminiscent of Britpop but remains undeniably Australian.
‘Save.Sold’ was engineered by vocalist Matty Took, in addition to Lachlan Mitchell (Jezebels, Little Bastard), who also mixed the track, with Steve Smart (Studios 301) mastering the song.

Planet - Can't Connect     Rock, Pop 26/10/2016
Planet’s sound is a memorable concoction of riff heavy hooks and jangly electrics with a direct focus on big chorus’ and melody driven undertones.
The single ‘Can’t Connect’ was recorded earlier this year with vocalist Matty Took engineering the track in his home studio and was mixed by Lachlan Mitchell (The Jezabels, Little Bastard, The Vines) at Studios 301.