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Habit Music Company

Habit Music Company

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Radolescent - 406     Rock, Punk, Garage, Grunge 11/04/2019
After a year kicking around Surfers writing and recording, Radolescent are finally ready to take on the country and the world with '406', the new single form their debut album.
'406' is a song about internal conflict that describes the everyday struggle faced by many teenagers unsure of who they are, what they want in life and how to achieve it. The chorus relays an outcry to someone close to the singer hoping that they will be able to help with drag him out of his slump.

BATTS - Overstayed Your Welcome     Folk, Pop 12/04/2019
BATTS is the moniker for Melbourne-based singer-songwriter and space enthusiast, Tanya Batt. BATTS’ music is both emotional and powerfully executed, inspired by space and novels
'Overstayed Your Welcome' is the latest release from BATT's album, 'The Grand Tour'. With each song containing its own unique story, the record itself offers up a broader journey – that of the infamous 1977 NASA Voyager 1 spacecraft, launched.
Alongside authentic samples from the mission, BATTS has carefully crafted a debut record awash with thoughtful storytelling and heartbreaking honesty.

Horror My Friend - Turned Loose     Rock, Punk 16/04/2019
Adelaide’s best-loved noisy heroes Horror My Friend, have proven themselves to be one of Australia’s up and coming purveyors of barely controlled noise and fuzz, with ‘Turned Loose’
We definitely tried to rip off a band called Swirlies with this one! They released a bunch of very good albums full of offset guitars, bendy chords and cool melodies! Lyrics are normally an after thought when writing and this song was no different but I guess thematically ‘togetherness’ is a word that could be used to sum it up

Atlas Franklin Alexander - Sonder     Electronic, Downbeat 16/04/2019
After letting us into his noirish and peculiar world on his debut single ‘Valis’ iN 2018, enigmatic electronic artist Atlas Franklin Alexander returns with a compelling new single ‘Sonder’.
Further adding to both his allure and mystery, Atlast Franklin Alexander's 'Sonder' is a collage of vocoder-heavy melodies, synthy soundscapes, and hypnotic beats that masterfully walks the line between hooky dance tune and brooding art piece. Lyrically it centres around the disconnection of the modern world:

Towns - Safe To Stay     Rock 17/04/2019
It just felt like we wanted to write a song yelling out to the world ‘ITS OKAY’ ‘WE HAVE ALL FELT THAT TOO’ cause that always makes everyone feel better.
This is probably the funnest song we’ve written to date, not only to play live but inspiration wise its very different to our first release. It just felt like we wanted to write a song yelling out to the world ‘ITS OKAY’ ‘WE HAVE ALL FELT THAT TOO’ cause that always makes everyone feel better.

Sugar Jacket - Real Creature     Pop 18/04/2019
Sugar Jacket has evolved from William van der Vliet’s passion for creating something sparse yet lush, drawing upon dream-pop sensibilities and psychedelic synths to capture emotion and tell a story.
'Real Creature' is the latest dream pop release from Melbourne's Sugar Jacket, who explains that the track is "about diving off the deep end and letting go of any fears with a lover".

The track was recorded at Purple Wayne studios in Collingwood with producer Alex O'Gorman, who also mixed the track. It also features singer-songwriter, Anabelle Kay.

Kilns - Pinky Finger     Rock 25/04/2019
Kilns are a four-piece band who play indie-rock songs fuelled by green smoothies, anxiety and friendship.
As a kid I had an intense fascination with numbers. I would pay forensic attention to them: counting steps, collecting statistics and assigning significance to seemingly arbitrary figures. When talking to people, I would habitually count the syllables on my fingers as I spoke, reshaping sentences on the fly so that they always landed on my pinky finger.

Robbie Miller - Show Your Skin     Folk, Pop 25/04/2019
If there is one enduring, almost mythical, storyline in music it’s the ‘bedroom to big stage’ success story. It’s that all-too-rare tale of an artist plucked from obscurity -Robbie Miller.
"’Show Your Skin’ is a reflective song about the rediscovery of self-worth after an extremely challenging time in my life - a period I thought I’d never be free of,” says Robbie. “The song touches on these struggles but also the power of a positive relationship and the role it played for me in finding my own value.”

The Delta Riggs - Don't You Frown     Rock 25/04/2019
Despite modern pressures, The Delta Riggs stayed true to themselves. They’ve remained busy on the road, meeting and performing for real people, listening to their stories and creating genuine connections.
"The fright of touring and living too fast exposed an urge in me to express my love and appreciation for friends and family and to let them know that I would be sad to look down on them, see people frowning and not moving on with their lives. It’s a song of celebration over a macabre or melancholic context."

Archy Stranger - Rumours     Electronic, Pop 09/05/2019
Melbourne-based producer, vocalist and songwriter. Experimenting with a variety of styles, his production palette reflects influences from house, ambient electronic, hip hop and new wave to arrive at pop electronica.
The dynamic production of Stranger and James echoes the tension and conflicting emotions of the former’s lyrics, who explains that he was “interested in the concept of how a rumour starts, and the distortion of a message going from person to person. I started penning a short poem around this, which eventually expanded into lyrics for Rumours.”

The Flowers - Truly Madly Sleepy     Rock, Pop 09/05/2019
The Flowers are a three piece alternative indie rock band based in Sydney, with Agnes O'Dwyer on vocals, Dylan Clark on guitar and Leighton Cauchi on drums.
Dylan wrote the guitar part when he was 12 strung out on proactive skin care. Our first jam as The Flowers Agnes sang a cool melody over the chords and the rest wrote itself.

Inspiration for the lyrics came from a years worth of travelling around, suffering from chronic jet lag and unrequited affections.

Khi'leb - Stay Low     Hip Hop 14/05/2019
Up-and-coming rapper Khi’leb’s dedicated approach to his music spans from the studio to the stage, where his passion translates to an exhilarating performance.
Produced by Mixtape Seoul and mixed and mastered by Khi’leb, ‘Stay Low’ is a personal reminder to remain focused, motivated, and humble in the pursuit of success. “The single is about bettering yourself behind the scenes, and not always showcasing your growth and improvement,” Khi’leb explains.

Radolescent - Tuck Me In     Rock, Garage, Punk, Grunge 21/05/2019
If you can’t get to the Gold Coast, the sound of the Gold Coast will come to you, so raise a tinny and get your mosh on to Radolescent.
"'Tuck Me In' is a song depicting the typical comedown of the party animal," explains vocalist and guitarist Isaac Atkinson. "Whether it be sleep paralysis or self-induced psychosis, this song depicts the absolute mind f**kery that is experienced on Monday, Tuesday and sometimes even Wednesdays. Don’t be fooled by the pretty voices, this baby is darker then you would expect..."

Seaside - Sycamore     Rock 24/05/2019
Emerging from the sparkling waters of beautiful Byron Bay, Seaside are four friends making indie music with a punchy, dream-pop sound.
"Sycamore" was inspired by a need to persevere through social anxiety and self doubt.

Life can put you in positions that make us uncomfortable, but the ever existing reminder of the Sycamore is that if we give ourselves a little self-love, we can make it through anything.

Charlie Collins - Please Let Me Go     Rock 28/05/2019
Growing up in Tamworth, Collins was raised on a record collection of storytelling, and from the young age was pushing her way on to the stage of the local pub.
“This is somewhat of a self-pity song,” Charlie Collins explains. “I was feeling sorry for myself when I wrote this, I just felt like I couldn’t win in a sense. I felt tired and didn’t feel I had the strength to keep going, constantly comparing myself to others around me and feeling like somewhere along the lines, I had failed.”

Francis Xavier - Relax Yourself     Electronic, Techno 31/05/2019
Sydney based producer / DJ / engineer / synth hoarder Francis Xavier has been mixing it up with a homage to late nights spent in studios and clubs.
‘Relax Yourself’ is a deep techno number that leaves no stone unturned in its complex composition. Upbeat from the beginning before hypnotizing vocals hook listeners into a deep and enchanting seven minutes of soulful synergy. The tracks inclusion of acidic elements, sirens and synths morphs seamlessly over the rolling bassline beneath.

The Paddy Cakes - Wasted On Me     Rock 13/06/2019
The Paddy Cakes are quickly forging a name for themselves with their fast-paced, high energy live shows, a contagious sense of mischief and fun, and some seriously slick sound production.
The track is about “being in a bad situation, and understanding how to deal with it. Just learning how to deal with things over the years, moving on, and trying new things

Good Lekker - Prague     Rock, Britpop 14/06/2019
When a case of beer became a promise to jam between friends at Wollongong University, Good Lekker emerged from a sweaty uni storeroom.
Prague is an upbeat brit-pop-rock inspired song that encapsulates bittersweet emotions. It's broadly about trying to interpret your own emotions - trying to be alone and realistic/straight with yourself.

Nyxen - Insomnia     Electronic 14/06/2019
Tokyo-born and Sydney-residing Nyxen has had a whirlwind career thus far with an ever-expanding catalogue of dynamite electronic tunes.
‘Insomnia’, first heard performed at each stop of her recent live national tour, is a story told reflecting the tracks title to keep the mind tantalized late into the night.

Another purely Nyxen production starts in her signature guitar style, before equally soothing and infectious vocals fixate listeners on the single’s soulful yet upbeat journey.

Joan Banoit - Clerical     Electronic, Experimental, Pop 19/06/2019
Sparking inspiration from the likes of Jlin, Arca, Burial and Autechre alongside classic synth pop, art rock and modern composition, Joan Banoit finds a sound nestled in between artistic niches
'Clerical' is the title track from Joan Banoit's debut album. ‘Clerical’ is an album for those that believe contemporary musical, and in particular, electronic music, is most relevant when dealing with the new, the innovative and the dangerous.