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Habit Music Company

Habit Music Company

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Betty & Oswald - Stuck In The City     Rock, Pop 27/10/2016
There is an unapologetic originality in Betty & Oswald's fresh melodies, tangled harmonies, and gritty guitar lines, with a grungy disco vibe which lurks beneath it all.
"Stuck In The City is a song about just that – being young and staying alive in the city. Trying to figure things out, to keep your head above water, all the while being teased by the glimmer of something special." - Pete Sotiropoulos (vocalist)

Rag n' Bone - Last Kind Words     Rock 02/11/2016
Taking influence from the likes of Savages, The Birthday Party and Midnight Oil, Rag n' Bone have been making waves in their hometown for some time.
Produced by Dave Parkin (Jebediah, Tired Lion) at Blackbird Studio, the track has been described by the band as "Robert Crumb and Geeshie Wiley inspired trash that rolls like a train through the Delta" - and it's a ferocious missive on the power of art in memory.

Maja - Hurting Now     Funk/Soul, Blues, Folk 18/11/2016
Telling her honest story to the Brisbane music scene, Serbian-born singer-songwriter Maja is gaining quite a reputation for her eccentric character and glittering performances.
The single was produced and mixed by Konstantin Kersting of The Belligerents at Airlock Studios, and is the first taste of her forthcoming second EP. It follows the March release of Maja’s debut self-titled EP, and is set to cement her reputation a serious contender in the Australian music scene.

Alex The Kid - Untitled     Rock, Punk 01/12/2016
The band gained the nation’s attention when they won Triple J's One Night Stand Unearthed competition with single ‘Vinyls’ and saw them playing to 10,000 plus people in their hometown.
The track speaks of someone that’s too used to their routine, afraid of change so they never get out and do something to better themselves.

PLTS - Call Me Out     Rock 12/12/2016
2016 has been an incredible year for PLTS, with their addition to the Splendour In The Grass lineup alongside the likes of The Strokes, The Cure, and Flume.
Working again with renowned producer JP Fung (Last Dinosaurs / Josh Pyke / Art Vs Science), ‘Call Me Out’ promises to be an impressive follow up to previous single ‘Astoria’, which premiered via Triple J’s Good Nights earlier this year.

Rag n' Bone - Pissy Flow     Rock, Grunge 03/02/2017
Rag n’ Bone have graced international festival stages internationally, along with hometown performances at Falls Festival, State Of The Art, Hyperfest and the WAM Festival Block Party. 
Rag n' Bone's latest single 'Pissy Flow' is taken from their forthcoming debut album A Handful Of Ash, out 3rd March.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW), Aeron Clark, Edge Radio, Hobart (TAS)

2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Live Act of the Year (WA Awards), Live Voice of the Year (WA Awards) - Kiera Alice Owen

Morning Harvey - Holy Gun     Rock 18/02/2017
Brisbane trio Morning Harvey are brothers Spencer White (vocals) and Jackson White (drums), Steven Kempnich (Bass).
Discussing the single, front man and chief songwriter Spencer White explains, “'Holy Gun' is another story I wanted to tell. I don’t believe it has any hidden meaning or intent but it does paint a pretty grim story line which I try to pursue in my lyrics every so often”.

MUSIC CO-COORDINATOR PICK: Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD)

Battlehounds - Night Crawl     Rock, Garage 28/03/2017
Battlehounds are proving their place as one of the most exciting up-and-coming acts Adelaide has to offer.
Recorded by John McNichol at Twin Earth Recording, and mixed by Ali Wells at Grinch Records (West Thebarton Brothel Party, Bad//Dreems). Joseph Carra (King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, The Peep Tempel, Bloc Party) mastered the release.


MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Luke Penman, Radio Adelaide, Adelaide (SA)

Magic Bones - Hotter Than The Sun     Rock, Garage 28/03/2017
Magic Bones are a 4‐piece garage, punk, rock band from Melbourne, Australia.
Think The B-52's meets the Dead Kennedy's.

Future Haunts - Make Time     Rock, Garage 29/04/2017
Future Haunts are a four-piece garage rock outfit out of Brisbane, QLD.
"It’s an observational take on the disconnect that can occur between people when they become preoccupied with various aspects of life. It’s a gaze into the human condition in managing distractions in a modern world, while we’re constantly trying to place our time among the temporary.” - Ben Speight, vocals

Neighbourhood Youth - Hugo     Rock 01/05/2017
Four-piece indie rock band from Brunswick, VIC.
“Hugo tells the story of an old man reminiscing about the war, and his feelings and regrets from that experience. It also touches on how humans don’t learn from their past mistakes.”

Borneo - Boyfriend     Rock, Dance, Punk 01/05/2017
Hailing from Sydney, where they have been selling out headline shows, Borneo have crafted a unique blend of dance-punk, influenced by the likes of Devo, The Oils, and David Byrne.
Recorded in Byron Bay with Julian Abbott at No Wave Studios, ‘Boyfriend’ dives headfirst into the harsh reality of divorce. The track is written from the perspective of a child as he watches his divorced mother on her quest to find fresh love.

Smoke Rings - Go To Hell     Rock, Britpop 09/05/2017
Having started their journey together during an icy Canadian winter, guitar pop five-piece Smoke Rings now reside in Melbourne where they’ve clocked up quite a following on the live circuit.
“the song is 99% about ‘the elephant in the room’ between you and someone you care about, and keeping your mouth shut because if you tell them what you really think they are most likely going to tell you to ‘Go to Hell’. The other 1%...well, it just rhymed.”

Morning Harvey - Lucky Day     Rock, Pop 22/06/2017
Three piece rock outfit from Brisbane.
“I tried to create a scenario where someone is pleading to the Gods to give them a chance and send down a line. When I listen to the song I get a true feeling of desperateness. Whoever I was writing it for, I really do feel for them.” -Spencer White

The Jensens - Emotion     Rock, Funk 01/07/2017
Formed out of friendship and a desire to authentically express their shared musical ideals, The Jensens have been capturing attention both on stage and in the studio.
‘Emotion’ was largely recorded in the band’s own home studio, with additional recording at Plutonium and Bedlam studios, with the help of Steve Kempnich.

The band say the track is about the "fear that living life through a lens will cause emotions to fade and detract from what is essential."

Morning TV - Let It Lie     Rock, Chill, Garage 15/07/2017
Four piece guitar pop band from Sydney.
Taking inspiration from the ocean and the surrounding natural environments in which they live, Morning TV have created a unique and ethereal sound reminiscent of a warm summer’s day.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

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Crocodylus - Christian Syrups     Rock, Garage 19/08/2017
Fun, punch garage rock trio from Sydney, Australia.
The track was recorded and mixed by Owen Penglis (Straight Arrows), and mastered by Mikey Young (Eddy Current Suppression Ring / Total Control).

Good Boy - Fishing With A Shotgun     Rock, Garage, Punk 19/08/2017
Garage punk trio from Brisbane, Australia.
"Fishing With A Shotgun is a dig at the disgusting, spineless leaders that run our country, the dismal state of Australian politics and the gutless idiots too dumb and stupid to say or do anything,” says frontman Rian King, “It talks about the helplessness felt by thousands of young Aussies.”

Karl S Williams - Blood To Give     Blues/Roots, Folk 19/08/2017
Having performed previously at festivals across the country including Bluesfest, Woodford, Bigsound, and Dark Mofo to name just a few, Karl S Williams is no stranger to the live circuit.
"Life is hard and unkind to all of us at times, I guess I went digging for suitable metaphors for that experience. In some ways the song is also an address to an industry wherein the sensitive are shepherded inexorably toward the precipice.” - Karl S Williams


PLTS - Spill     Rock, Pop, Punk 30/08/2017
Having been making music together as PLTS (pronounced Pilots) since 2012, the three-piece share a passion for playing honest, feel-good music.
“Lyrically, ‘Spill’ is an examination of the modern love story and how it’s somewhat failing. Taking in to account social pressures, anxieties, drugs and alcohol - the song deals with the letting go and moving on from relationships, capturing that fragile period of acceptance.” - Kit Bray, vocalist