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Habit Music Company

Habit Music Company

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FeelsClub - After The Fall     Indie, Pop, Dance 26/09/2019
Brisbane heartthrobs FeelsClub bring an infectious brand of Trash Pop that will leave you with the uncontrollable desire to dance.
This song was inspired by a breakup a member in the band had. It relates to that emotional situation you end up in when you have tried your best to make something you care about work and it all just fails and you can't help but kick and scream internally.

LÂLKA - Bang Bang     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance 19/09/2019
LÂLKA is the Brisbane-based producer/vocalist/musician creating gritty yet opulent electro pop.
Pulsing with unapologetic energy, ‘Bang Bang’ invites fans to share in the euphoria LÂLKA feels when performing.

“I wrote the song when I had been playing a couple of summer festivals, FOMO and Laneway, and wanted to write a song that was going to be fun to perform live,” reveals LÂLKA.

These Guy - Scrimby     Alternative, Indie, Easy Listening 19/09/2019
Just three guys, giving it a red-hot go.
'Scrimby' is meant to show our version of a journey through a psychological maze. The whole song is actually recorded and structured so that it's able to be played as a loop. This is meant to symbolise the feeling or the phenomenon of getting stuck in a cycle of anxious or unconstructive thought, the way we all sometimes do.

The Delta Riggs - Modern Pressure     Indie, Rock 17/09/2019
Teetering on the fulcrum between shambolic and refined, The Delta Riggs have become a hallmark entity among the Australian Indie scene.
Title track ‘Modern Pressure’ sees a new side of the Riggs punters may not have yet been acquainted with. A somber and earnest ballad, the track is about the end of a long-term relationship and overcoming the fear of heartbreak.

Hallie - Stuck In Mud     Folk, Indie, Alternative 13/09/2019
From a young age Hallie has never feared vulnerability in front of an audience. In fact, that is where the 20 year-old pop-rock artist thrives.
'Stuck In Mud' comes ahead of Hallie's debut EP, 'Wink Wink Nudge Nudge', out September 27.

Sugar Jacket - Big Planet     Indie, Alternative, Psych 13/09/2019
Sugar Jacket hails from the border town of Albury, NSW where he grew up writing songs from a young age. Now living in Melbourne, Sugar Jacket delivers spacey synth-psych pop.
‘Big Planet’ is a letter to my parents. In that letter I am thanking them for everything that they have ever done. It’s about the existential fears of global warming, 24 hr news cycles that suffocate us with horrible world events. I’m just letting them know that I’m ok, because of them. Thank you mum and dad.

Other tracks by Sugar Jacket:  Sour
Concrete Surfers - Shattered Thoughts     Rock, Indie 28/08/2019
Brisbane’s Concrete Surfers deliver huge walls of fuzz and bass with forward thinking lyrics and an anti-establishment flair.
Shattered Thoughts reflects a cry for help, and just getting things off your chest when you're struggling to cope with things.

Collectively as a band, we have been really branching out with the music that we listen to which has played a massive part in the way the song has shaped up.

First Beige - Desire     Dance, Indie, Jazz, Soul 28/08/2019
Hailing from Brisbane, First Beige draws upon driving disco grooves, sweeping synths and irresistible vocal hooks to craft a full bodied sonic spectacular guaranteed to get any crowd grooving.
Front man David Versace’s says the group’s mission for ‘Desire’ and beyond was simple, “I really wanted to make a dance EP this time round. I've been writing and playing music for a couple of years now and realized we get the biggest kick out of simple grooves and making people dance”.

Seaside - Joyride     Pop, Rock 23/08/2019
Emerging from the sparkling waters of beautiful Byron Bay, Seaside are four friends making indie music with a punchy, dream-pop sound.
Upcoming single “Joyride” is the first from Seaside's highly-anticipated forthcoming debut album, slated for release in early 2020. Mixed by Konstantin Kersting (The Belligerents, The Jungle Giants, WAAX) and mastered by George Georgiadis (Last Dinosaurs, Charlie Collins, Gang Of Youths), the song was recorded at Rocking Horse Studios with engineer Paul Pilseniks (Powderfinger, The Living End).

Dopamine - Decide     Rock 22/08/2019
Dopamine are a 5-piece Brisbane outfit making waves in the music scene with their stylistic blend of indie-rock, pop and post-punk.
Decide is about the initial feelings that you feel in a relationship. As in the uncertainty of where it will go and the hesitance to put all of your trust into someone with the fear that you could get hurt.

LÂLKA - Go Psycho     Electronic, Dance 22/08/2019
LÂLKA is the Brisbane-based producer/vocalist/musician creating gritty yet opulent electro pop.
This song is about taking ownership of my own body, and by extension, my own identity. It came from the experience I’ve had where my body and clothing choices became ammunition for the people seeking to suppress my ideas and self-expression.

Bugs - Seriously     Pop, Rock 21/08/2019
Hailing from Brisbane, Bugs are a light-hearted group of mates who find joy in crafting infectiously happy pop music, and packaging it up with a dose of relatable songwriting.
“‘Seriously’ is a song about those times you screw up and end up feeling like a bit of a goofball. It’s easy to be self-deprecating when you make a mistake, but it’s often more helpful to shrug it off and remind yourself that these things happen to everyone,” reflects the band’s front man Connor Brooker.

Sugar Jacket - Fault The Start     Pop, Psychedelic 21/08/2019
For increasingly vaunted producer William van der Vliet (Sugar Jacket), his psychedelic sonic guitarscapes often take flight in his car of all places.
'Fault The Start' was inspired by internal moral dilemmas that we face as a society while so much tragedy is occurring.

Asha Jefferies - Bad Kisser     Folk, Acoustic 15/08/2019
Singer/songwriter Asha Jefferies, has been writing candid songs since the age of 13, detailing the feelings and moments of her life in a warm attempt to hold those memories forever.
It's a coming of age song for me. I wrote it about an extremely euphoric and tragic moment involving a festival, lust, longing, intoxication & one ultra big insult. It takes a bit of growing up to realise not every interaction you have with a stranger you like & meet will be romantic.

Fan Girl - Fox Song     Rock, Pop 15/08/2019
Melbourne's Fan Girl are a five piece band bringing exhilarating indie rock to Australia's ears.
Fan Girl's latest release, Fox Song, is a song is about power, vulnerability and consequence. Also, have you ever got stuck climbing up a tree?

Telescreen - Growing Pains     Pop 09/08/2019
Melbourne indie-pop five piece
Could you describe the ups and downs of love as growing pains?

Dress Code - Youth Culture     Pop 02/08/2019
Emerging indie-pop quartet from Adelaide.
'Youth Culture’ combines the band’s honest and mature songwriting with a youthful charm, reflecting on the ways that young people romanticize everyday moments to imitate fabricated Hollywood-esque glamour.

“We’re a generation that's been raised by movies and TV shows and grandiose moments,” says the band. "...we expect extraordinary things to happen, and when they don’t we fabricate them in hindsight.”

The Flowers - Origami     Pop 02/08/2019
The indie-pop trio with ethereal vocals, catchy hooks and lush guitars are an up-and-coming group out of Sydney.
The foundations of ‘Origami’ were first laid in vocalist Agnes O’Dwyer’s solo days. Until the band’s formation, the track remained on the shelf. On one fine jam day, Dylan added his lush guitar line and Leighton his driving beat, and ‘Origami’ blossomed.

Charlie Collins - Who's Gonna Save You Now     Pop, Country 26/07/2019
Out of Sydney, Charlie Collins has been making waves in the local and national scene of indie-pop/indie-rock/alt-country.
This single is lifted from her recently released glittering debut record ‘Snowpine’ – the reflective, alt-country number ‘Who’s Gonna Save You Now’.

Charlie Collins - Who’s Gonna Save You Now     Country, Alternative Country 26/07/2019
Tamworth-born Collins was raised on a record collection of storytelling. Having played in various bands both in Australia and overseas, Collins is now returning to her roots of authentic songwriting.
‘Who’s Gonna Save You Now’ is a reflective, alt-country single lifted from Tamworth born singer-songwriter Charlie Collins' recently released glittering debut record ‘Snowpine’.