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Habit Music Company

Habit Music Company

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Sweater Curse - Mon's Song     Rock 25/10/2018
Unabashed dorks Sweater Curse came together quickly when members Chris, Rei and Monica started captivating Brisbane’s local scene with their charm and evocative, jangly melodies.
“I had a dream that Rei and I were both feeling really sad and confused, so we cut open Rei’s head to see what was going on. I was desperately trying to understand other people in my dream because my close relationships at the time seemed so weird and unreal.” – Monica Sottile, vocals/bass

Sweater Curse - Can't See You Anymore     Rock 08/06/2018
Unabashed dorks, Sweater Curse came together quickly when members Chris, Rei and Monica started captivating Brisbane’s local scene with their charm and evocative, jangly melodies.
Can't See You Anymore is about learning how and when to start looking after yourself first over someone or something else.

Sweater Curse - (Hear You)     Rock 01/02/2019
Unabashedly dorks Sweater Curse came together quickly when members Chris, Rei and Monica started captivating Brisbane’s local scene with their charm and evocative, jangly melodies.
‘(Hear You)’ follows the narrative of the band’s 2018 singles, ‘Mon’s Song’ and ‘Can’t See You Anymore’, delving into the world of tumultuous relationships and in-depth emotional exploration.

Sugar Jacket - Real Creature     Pop 18/04/2019
Sugar Jacket has evolved from William van der Vliet’s passion for creating something sparse yet lush, drawing upon dream-pop sensibilities and psychedelic synths to capture emotion and tell a story.
'Real Creature' is the latest dream pop release from Melbourne's Sugar Jacket, who explains that the track is "about diving off the deep end and letting go of any fears with a lover".

The track was recorded at Purple Wayne studios in Collingwood with producer Alex O'Gorman, who also mixed the track. It also features singer-songwriter, Anabelle Kay.

Sugar Jacket - How Many Times     Pop, Psychedelic 16/11/2018
Producer Sugar Jacket crafts beats and song structures from a veritable treasure trove of vintage keyboards, synthesizers and sequencers as he mines a rich vein of music history.
How Many Times is the new psychedelic dream pop single from Sugar Jacket, recorded in Northcote in 2017.

Sugar Jacket - How Many Times     Electronic 17/11/2018
Sugar Jacket has evolved from William van der Vliet’s passion for musical exploration and immersion, building on from early projects.
Sugar Jacket's debut single, ‘How Many Times’ is an emotionally charged track that brings together psychedelic sounds, lyrical themes of disconnecting friendships and an incredible in-studio energy.

Sugar Jacket - Fault The Start     Pop, Psychedelic 21/08/2019
For increasingly vaunted producer William van der Vliet (Sugar Jacket), his psychedelic sonic guitarscapes often take flight in his car of all places.
'Fault The Start' was inspired by internal moral dilemmas that we face as a society while so much tragedy is occurring.

Sugar Jacket - Big Planet     Indie, Alternative, Psych 13/09/2019
Sugar Jacket hails from the border town of Albury, NSW where he grew up writing songs from a young age. Now living in Melbourne, Sugar Jacket delivers spacey synth-psych pop.
‘Big Planet’ is a letter to my parents. In that letter I am thanking them for everything that they have ever done. It’s about the existential fears of global warming, 24 hr news cycles that suffocate us with horrible world events. I’m just letting them know that I’m ok, because of them. Thank you mum and dad.

Other tracks by Sugar Jacket:  Sour
Split Feed - Dwell     Punk, Rock 10/10/2019
Split Feed are a four-piece punk rock band hailing from Newcastle, one of Australia’s fastest growing music scenes.
“Dwell is a song that delves with the struggle of the realisation that someone doesn’t feel the same way towards you anymore. It’s quite a noticeably darker song lyrics wise but I think it perfectly illustrates how I was feeling during this time", says band member Joe Willis.

Smoke Rings - Rose Coloured Glasses     Rock, Pop 27/05/2016
A fan of 90’s Britpop with a distinct Australian feel? Smoke Rings are a band you need to check out. Originally forming in Canada, the group relocated to Melbourne
Smoke Rings are today excited to reveal their new single titled ‘Rose Coloured Glasses’. The new single was recorded in drummer Liam’s home studio with the idea of capturing a natural live sound.

Smoke Rings - Go To Hell     Rock, Britpop 09/05/2017
Having started their journey together during an icy Canadian winter, guitar pop five-piece Smoke Rings now reside in Melbourne where they’ve clocked up quite a following on the live circuit.
“the song is 99% about ‘the elephant in the room’ between you and someone you care about, and keeping your mouth shut because if you tell them what you really think they are most likely going to tell you to ‘Go to Hell’. The other 1%...well, it just rhymed.”

Slow Turismo - Pistol Powder     Pop, Rock 27/10/2017
Slow Turismo is a four‐piece indie‐rock band based in Canberra. Having played together since childhood, the Conway brothers have developed a strong self‐defined style, cherry picking their favourite musical offerings
Pistol Powder is our take on the cycles of a ‘weekend warrior’. Framed from the morning after, the song explores the tug of war between self-critique and self-pity.

Sloan Peterson - Our Love     Pop, Rock 24/08/2018
From the romantic strums of 50s guitar pop, to the gutsy and relentless energy of contemporary garage rock, Sloan Peterson ticks all the boxes.
’Our Love’ was inspired by somebody who had a conflicting dream about her boyfriend being the devil, and had to break up with him and go back to this religion,”explains Sloan Peterson.“The lyrics I wrote are kind of my interpretation of the a conversation between her and essentially God.”

Sloan Peterson - Here     Rock, Pop 28/02/2019
Creating love songs full of sweet sensibilities reminiscent of a time gone by, the Sydney songwriter draws strong influence from musical legends, grasping 50s guitar pop and contemporary garage rock.
I wrote 'Here' when I was 18, and the song brings back nostalgic vibes of living in the moment and being free, which I wanted to translate through the film clip. I was inspired by elements of Elton John and Gwen Stefani within the dynamics throughout the track creating a push/pull wave of energy.

SIAMESE - Slaughterhouse     Rock, Garage 01/02/2018
After making waves with their dual debut singles ‘Computer Patient’ and ‘Scatterbrain’, Adelaide’s most exciting young bloods, Siamese, are primed to build on this strong introduction with ‘Slaughterhouse’.
‘Slaughterhouse’ sees Siamese expand into new territory, both sonically and lyrically. This new single takes the traditional idea of a love story and turns it on its head, touching on the ideas of technology, waste and ever-fading attention spans, whilst filtering it through a wave of fuzz and snarling vocals.

Seaside - Joyride     Pop, Rock 23/08/2019
Emerging from the sparkling waters of beautiful Byron Bay, Seaside are four friends making indie music with a punchy, dream-pop sound.
Upcoming single “Joyride” is the first from Seaside's highly-anticipated forthcoming debut album, slated for release in early 2020. Mixed by Konstantin Kersting (The Belligerents, The Jungle Giants, WAAX) and mastered by George Georgiadis (Last Dinosaurs, Charlie Collins, Gang Of Youths), the song was recorded at Rocking Horse Studios with engineer Paul Pilseniks (Powderfinger, The Living End).

Seaside - Sycamore     Rock 24/05/2019
Emerging from the sparkling waters of beautiful Byron Bay, Seaside are four friends making indie music with a punchy, dream-pop sound.
"Sycamore" was inspired by a need to persevere through social anxiety and self doubt.

Life can put you in positions that make us uncomfortable, but the ever existing reminder of the Sycamore is that if we give ourselves a little self-love, we can make it through anything.

Sacred Shrines - Collisions     Rock, Psychedelic, Garage 08/07/2016
Brisbane based psych / garage 5 piece Sacred Shrines only started playing live 12 months ago, and who’s second show ever was supporting The Dandy Warhols.
Psych/rock taking cues from The Dandy Warhols and The White Stripes.

Robbie Miller - Show Your Skin     Folk, Pop 25/04/2019
If there is one enduring, almost mythical, storyline in music it’s the ‘bedroom to big stage’ success story. It’s that all-too-rare tale of an artist plucked from obscurity -Robbie Miller.
"’Show Your Skin’ is a reflective song about the rediscovery of self-worth after an extremely challenging time in my life - a period I thought I’d never be free of,” says Robbie. “The song touches on these struggles but also the power of a positive relationship and the role it played for me in finding my own value.”

River Blue - Catch Me On My Way Down     Folk, Rock 17/11/2018
Melbourne’s River Blue harnesses the core element of folk songwriting, weaving metaphorical worlds with intimate encounters, presenting an endless conflict between light and dark to soft and brash.
‘Catch Me On My Way Down’ marks the return of Melbourne artist, River Blue. The release provides a new look at River Blue as a songwriter, following on from his 2017 debut EP ‘Young At Heart’.