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Habit Music Company

Habit Music Company

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TOWNS - Stardust     Indie, Rock 02/04/2020
Adelaide’s most wholesome and loveable duo TOWNS have been kicking goals of late, with a dynamite past few months cementing them as one of the country’s brightest up-and-comers.
TOWNS return with their latest single, 'Stardust', a reflective tune centred on the theme of self-recovery.

Vermont - Cope     Alternative, Rock 27/03/2020
Vermont may be one of Melbourne’s best kept secrets, but they arrive armed with a slew of melodic, emotionally-charged grunge rock gems worth uncovering.
'Cope' comes from Vermont's self-titled EP, a formidable debut into extended release territory.

Other tracks by Vermont:  Clarity
RAAVE TAPES - Red Flag     Dance 26/03/2020
RAAVE TAPES bubble with a shimmering darkness, ingeniously fusing genres to create a niche yet nostalgic sonic landscape.
Newcastle’s RAAVE TAPES have swiftly been winning over listeners across the country with their impeccably vibrant brand of dance-rock. Today, the now-duo return with ‘Red Flag’ – an offering that showcases a side of the act that is a lot more RAAVE, and a little less tape.

Loose End - Discontent     Rock, Punk, Metal 25/03/2020
Melbourne rockers Loose End are incredibly apt when it comes to toeing the thrilling line between pop punk and metalcore, with the credentials to prove it in new single ‘Discontent’.
‘Discontent’ toes the line between pop punk and metalcore & is a candid look in to the experience of burnout and its effect on the enjoyment of success - something rife within the creative industries.

Sophisticated Dingo - Vultures     Rock, Pop 25/03/2020
Sophisticated Dingo are an endearing and unstoppable Melbourne duo, drawing on personal experiences and relationships to coin their own brand of nostalgic, hook-driven, and roaring “trash pop”.
Combing through elements of surf rock, 60s guitar melodies, thrashing percussion, and a daring dose of pop sensibility, ‘Vultures’ dives into familiar yet refreshing territory for the beloved two-piece as they make a triumphant homecoming to the musical sphere.

lashes - Treason     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie 19/03/2020
Ballarat’s Lashes emulates an intense emotional experience through her pop-infused indie electronic sound.
'Treason' is lashes' captivating debut electronic pop single, delivered with an intense intimacy. It draws on Lashes’ relationships gone wrong, first inspired by the heartbreak of a best friend and partner, then by resentment of another mismatched partner.

Vermont - Solace     Rock, Metal, Pop, Alternative 28/02/2020
4 Piece Alternative Rock/Emo band from Melbourne, Vermont, have introduced themselves in the industry with their catchy and technical music.
A melodic, introspective and emotional first track for Vermont for 2020.

Fragile Animals - Only Until It's Over     Indie, Pop, Alternative 27/02/2020
Fragile Animals is a greater-Brisbane based dream-pop, shoegaze trio who sound like they stepped right out of the 90s and into our welcoming arms.
A lush shoe-gaze/dream-pop song reminiscent of The Cure. Singer Victoria Jenkins says:

“Lyrically the song is about that something, and you can’t always put your finger on what it is, that keeps you going while everything feels like it's working against you,” she says

Fancy Face - Slip Up     Indie, Rock, Psych 21/02/2020
Fancy Face is a brand new 5-piece, indie rock outfit emerging out of Melbourne. Influenced by the The Growlers, Dope Lemon, The Murlocs.
“Slip Up is tale of temptation... because eventually we’re all going to!” Says Aaron Bach. An upbeat indie-rock number to bop around to.

The Flowers - Summer Saviour     Indie, Rock, Pop 21/02/2020
After connecting online via triple J Unearthed, The Flowers began jamming, writing and finding their unique ‘sad-happy’ sound in 2018.
“I've always wanted to write an unreserved, heart-on-your-sleeve type love song, so ‘Summer Saviour’ is my attempt at that,” explains vocalist Agnes O’Dwyer. “Having always adored songs like ‘'Be My Baby’ by The Ronettes and ‘Think About Love’ by Dolly Parton, I wanted to sort of write my own serenade-y type track.“

Brayden Sibbald - Thin Air     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie, Easy Listening 19/02/2020
Inspired by the lush surrounds of his hometown, he combines multi-layered electronic soundscapes with authentic folk-driven songwriting, using a mix of beats, synths, loops, samples, guitars and his Buckley-esque vocals.
Thin Air is a delicate and yearning indie-electronic pop song that is Brayden's most refined track to date. Sibbald says"It's a track about letting go of the self-created things that hold you back, and prevent you from moving forward."

Good Boy - Extended Heavy     Rock, Indie 19/02/2020
Good Boy are endearingly unstoppable crafters of political and quintessentially Australian punk-fuelled tunes.
'Extended Heavy' is a delicate new addition to to Good Boy's discography. It leans further into the pop realm than previous singles, blossoming into a short, sweet, and singalong-worthy chorus following a bouncing, strum-heavy verse.

DRESS CODE - Candy Heart     Pop, Rock, Indie 14/02/2020
Adelaide's DRESS CODE are quickly proving to be an up-and-coming force leading the charge in one of Australia’s most exciting new music destinations.
‘Candy Heart’ is a song about falling in love, and all the fear, uncertainty, and confusion that goes along with that. Life is sometimes a bitter pill to swallow but some people make it seem like a candy heart.

Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers - Desk Chair     Rock, Garage, Indie 06/02/2020
Rising Canberra grunge revivalists Teen Jesus & The Jean Teasers
Teen Jesus and the Jean Teaser's new single ‘Deskchair’ is a grungy indie rock blend that follows their acclaimed 2019 tracks ‘See You In A Bit (I Still Care)’ and ‘I Like That You Like That’.

Khi'leb - Twice     Hip Hop 05/02/2020
Aged 17, Khi’leb’s career has already seen the release of three impressive singles ‘2020’, ‘Anthem (Feat. Kiing Twiist)’ and Circus (Feat. Huy Win), followed by his 2020 single 'Twice'.
The new track, produced, mixed and mastered by Wy’es, sees Khi’leb further tackle the topic of self-improvement.

"'Twice' is about the things I used to do in the past that hindered me from bettering myself," Khi'leb reveals. "I describe these things as an addiction, as I constantly repeat the lines " I know you love it".

Good Boy - Teens of the Stoned Age     Indie, Rock, Punk 13/12/2019
Good Boy are endearingly unstoppable crafters of political and quintessentially Australian punk-fueled tunes.
Much like previous single ‘Ethereal Whooshing’, ‘Teens Of The Stoned Age’ nods to an early and delicate Good Boy era – opening with a charming and warm standalone guitar line, before quickly changing gear into an immediate, urgent chorus.

Waxflower - Together     Indie, Pop, R&B 05/12/2019
After releasing their standout debut single ‘Cut Your Teeth’, and critically acclaimed second single ‘Back To Back’ – they’re back again with their emotive new single ‘Together’.
'Together' is a conversation between me and my anxiety. There was year-long period of my life that was dominated by daily panic attacks and I wanted to capture the inner monologue that was happening.

Good Lekker - Into     Indie, Pop, Punk 04/12/2019
Forming in 2017 Good Lekker emerged from Wollongong for the first time. Two years on and the band have become local favourites, gaining a significant fan base nationally.
‘Into’, one of the band’s favorite tracks off the EP, blends chaotic instrumentation and a show-stopping strings section, with a beautiful poem about depression, empathy, and love, performed by band member Hamo.

Other tracks by Good Lekker:  Save Me  -  Bones
Kilns - Brain On Fire     Indie, Rock, Alternative 22/11/2019
Kilns are a four-piece band who play indie-rock songs fueled by green smoothies, anxiety and friendship.
Their debut album is You Can Bet Your House On Me, a collection of ten songs contemplating human relationships and anxiety, with a constant thread of resilience and optimism binding them together. The album documents the first eighteen months of the band's existence.

Other tracks by Kilns:  Alka Seltzer  -  The House We Lived In
Charlie Collins - I Don't Want To Be In A Rock Band     Country, Indie, Rock 21/11/2019
Growing up in Tamworth, Collins was raised on a record collection of storytelling.
The song was written whilst Charlie was on tour with Gang Of Youths. It is about Charlie's long journey exploring different genres while fronting numerous bands. Not feeling like herself and almost resenting who she was becoming. Until she decided to step out on her own and write freely and express herself musically with what comes naturally.