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Habit Music Company

Habit Music Company

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Good Boy - Teens of the Stoned Age     Indie, Rock, Punk 13/12/2019
Good Boy are endearingly unstoppable crafters of political and quintessentially Australian punk-fueled tunes.
Much like previous single ‘Ethereal Whooshing’, ‘Teens Of The Stoned Age’ nods to an early and delicate Good Boy era – opening with a charming and warm standalone guitar line, before quickly changing gear into an immediate, urgent chorus.

Waxflower - Together     Indie, Pop, R&B 05/12/2019
After releasing their standout debut single ‘Cut Your Teeth’, and critically acclaimed second single ‘Back To Back’ – they’re back again with their emotive new single ‘Together’.
'Together' is a conversation between me and my anxiety. There was year-long period of my life that was dominated by daily panic attacks and I wanted to capture the inner monologue that was happening.

Good Lekker - Into     Indie, Pop, Punk 04/12/2019
Forming in 2017 Good Lekker emerged from Wollongong for the first time. Two years on and the band have become local favourites, gaining a significant fan base nationally.
‘Into’, one of the band’s favorite tracks off the EP, blends chaotic instrumentation and a show-stopping strings section, with a beautiful poem about depression, empathy, and love, performed by band member Hamo.

Other tracks by Good Lekker:  Save Me  -  Bones
Kilns - Brain On Fire     Indie, Rock, Alternative 22/11/2019
Kilns are a four-piece band who play indie-rock songs fueled by green smoothies, anxiety and friendship.
Their debut album is You Can Bet Your House On Me, a collection of ten songs contemplating human relationships and anxiety, with a constant thread of resilience and optimism binding them together. The album documents the first eighteen months of the band's existence.

Other tracks by Kilns:  Alka Seltzer  -  The House We Lived In
Charlie Collins - I Don't Want To Be In A Rock Band     Country, Indie, Rock 21/11/2019
Growing up in Tamworth, Collins was raised on a record collection of storytelling.
The song was written whilst Charlie was on tour with Gang Of Youths. It is about Charlie's long journey exploring different genres while fronting numerous bands. Not feeling like herself and almost resenting who she was becoming. Until she decided to step out on her own and write freely and express herself musically with what comes naturally.

Fan Girl - Yellow, Blue & Grey     Indie, Rock 21/11/2019
After a quiet 2018 following the tragic passing of band member & best friend Jack Wood, Melbourne’s Fan Girl are picking up the pieces.
The song centres around the feeling of being left behind in life, both physically, and in time. It sits in a weird place between wistfulness and nostalgia. A lot of the imagery (as well as the narrative), runs parrallel with the friendship between, and story of, Vincent Van Gogh & Paul Gauguin.

Khi'leb - Circus (feat. Huy Win)     Hip Hop, R&B 20/11/2019
From his childhood, Khi’leb has maintained a heavy involvement in music; by 14, Khi’leb had made the decision to commit to developing a career in music.
"The single is based on some of my inner thoughts and how they constantly play through my mind and keep me awake." Khi'leb reveals. "I describe these thoughts as a 'circus' as they keep me entertained and are always 'running'."

Majak Door - Alien     Indie, Alternative, Psych, Rock 14/11/2019
With influences that are broad and inclusive of many genres, Majak Door combine a mixture of surf-rock, 60's psychedelia and dream pop.
“'Samples from the Solar System' includes a handful of songs from the bands' ever developing catalogue, with the sounds ranging from upbeat surf-pop all the way to psychedelic slow-burners,” explains front man Frank.

Other tracks by Majak Door:  The Magic Door  -  The Snooze
Fragile Animals - Waiting     Indie, Rock, Alternative, Pop 08/11/2019
There's something captivating about watching a band hit their stride. For Brisbane dream gaze trio Fragile Animals that time is now.
Latest single ‘Waiting’ serves up a banquet of catchy melodies from vocalist Victoria Jenkins, delivering a rich slice of pop amidst the powerful, driving rhythms of drummer Kyle Shipton, and Daniel Parkinson's cavalcade of rich guitar tones. Fragile Animals sculpt bittersweet indie-rock, inhaling their influences and exhaling carefully as a smart young band carving out their own sound.

Good Lekker - Pipe Dreams     Indie, Psych, Rock, Alternative 08/11/2019
Forming in 2017 Good Lekker emerged from Wollongong for the first time. Two years on and the band have become local favourites, gaining a significant fan base nationally.
Pipe Dreams, like many of Good Lekker’s songs, was written as an extended jam that was later refined both at home and in the studio. Ultimately, in ‘Pipe Dreams,’ the band try to dwell on the challenges of living with and responding to some of the biggest questions that plague our existence.

Kilns - Split     Rock, Indie 08/11/2019
Kilns are a four-piece band who play indie-rock songs fuelled by green smoothies, anxiety and friendship.
'Split' is the next taste of Kilns' debut album, 'You Can Bet Your House on Me', in which the band explore themes of human relationships and anxiety, bound by a constant thread of resilience and optimism.

The album is also a sonic exploration for Kilns, who found their place in indie-rock after venturing through influences of punk rock and alt-country.

Columbus - Can't Hide From What Hurts     Indie, Rock, Punk 07/11/2019
Playing earnest and relatable rock ballads, Australian trio Columbus have established themselves a force to be reckoned with, both internationally and abroad.
"‘Can’t Hide From What Hurts’ represents the past 12 months of the band and all of us making it out stronger than ever. You can’t mask how you feel and expect to grow. It takes strength to confront how you feel and use that to move forward and improve." - Daniel

FeelsClub - Forbidden Fruit     Pop, Dance, Indie 06/11/2019
Tucked away in the suburban bustle of Brisbane, heartthrobs FeelsClub spend their time inventing an infectious brand of “trash pop” which generates an uncontrollable desire to dance.
Forbidden Fruit is about being who you want to be, and not denying yourself the truth of who you are inside.

Other tracks by FeelsClub:  Magic  -  Excuses
Ocean Sleeper - Killing Me     Metal, Indie 06/11/2019
Metalcore upstarts Ocean Sleeper are no strangers to redefining convention. From humble beginnings in regional Victoria, to sold out shows across the country.
From vocalist Karl Spiessl’s signature screams to the repetition of clean vocalist and guitarist Ionei Heckenberg’s soaring chorus- “it seems like everything is burning around me”- ‘Killing Me’ is a track loaded with intensity and genuine emotion.

Good Boy - Ethereal Whooshing     Indie, Rock 30/10/2019
Good Boy are endearingly unstoppable crafters of political and quintessentially Australian, punk-fueled tunes.
Following the narrative of political criticism that solidifies Good Boy’s songwriting, frontman Rian King explains “’Ethereal Whooshing’ is just another ‘classic Good Boy track’ in which that Poots fella blatantly rambles about the ‘Australian’ government’s (and its employees’) illusions, lies and deceit, and the point at which a person realises what they believe may be a complete f**king farce."

Bad Juju - Say It     Punk, Rock 23/10/2019
Bad Juju have entered into the spotlight with all guns blazing, and with a background playing in established bands.
This song is about standing up to someone you disagree with, but have never had to courage to go up against. It's about having the courage to say no when you know it's going to cause problems, but sticking to your guns and doing/saying what you believe in.

Majak Door - Shotgun     Psych, Rock, Pop 23/10/2019
With influences that are broad and inclusive of many genres, Majak Door combine a mixture of surf-rock, 60's psychedelia and dream pop.
'Shotgun' is one of Majak Door's first releases that demonstrates the bands exploration into harder rock sounds. The guitar work was inspired by Johnny Marr's guitar work, and the overall vibe of the track is inspired by the band Corners, as well as many other late 80's/early 90's tones.

The Sleepyheads - Better Luck Next Time     Rock, Pop, Punk 11/10/2019
The Sleepyheads are an indie rock/punk band, formed in 2016 in Launceston, Tasmania. Their energetic, honest and catchy brand of Australian indie punk has forged connections with fans nationally.
'Better Luck Next Time' is about coming to terms with expectations people put on you, or you put on yourself. It’s about allowing yourself to make mistakes and learn from them. Everything will probably be fine, people probably aren’t paying as much attention as what you think they are.

The Sunday Estate - Let's Stop Pretending     Pop, Indie, Rock 11/10/2019
Sydney quintet The Sunday Estate craft a delicate, Brit-pop infused brand of “nostalgia pop".
The song follows the all too familiar narrative of two friends who are both madly in love with each other but pretend they don’t care in order to save the friendship.

In the studio, the song was recorded in one blistering take in order to capture the chaotic/nervous energy that being in love with a best friend feels like.

Split Feed - Dwell     Punk, Rock 10/10/2019
Split Feed are a four-piece punk rock band hailing from Newcastle, one of Australia’s fastest growing music scenes.
“Dwell is a song that delves with the struggle of the realisation that someone doesn’t feel the same way towards you anymore. It’s quite a noticeably darker song lyrics wise but I think it perfectly illustrates how I was feeling during this time", says band member Joe Willis.