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Wilderglow - My Days     Pop 19/10/2018
Wilderglow are an indie rock/ alt rock 5 piece consisting of Matthew Scully, John Sorrentino, Joshua Rasquinha, Adi Durai and James Wingard.
My Days depicts a gloomy vibe matched with a storyline based the character in subject yearning for a break. Mixed with love and other streaming emotions it makes for a great story teller of what could of been or what could be.

Wesley Black - RED!     Experimental, Alternative, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 12/09/2019
Perth based creative musician Wesley Black is taking music to the next level by letting us see his perspective of both music and cinema in his own lens.
‘RED!’ represents the new sound Wesley has been working on and he hopes this track and the video propel his sound into the world, and hope people have a demand to hear the new sound he is looking to create; high energy rap and innovative production.

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Wellie - Spacewalker     Hip Hop, Electronic 29/11/2018
Wellie is a hip-hop artist based on Melbourne, Victoria.
This new bone chilling anthem ‘Spacewalker’ produced by Black Canvas and will be available November 2nd. ‘Spacewalker’ serves as a story behind Wellie’s mind and his beliefs on today’s current society.

Toyotomi - Running     Hip Hop, Rap, Electronic 30/08/2019
Vocals of the Filipino-born, Australian- based singer/rapper Toyotomi can be loosely associated with the popular cloud rap movement whilst also offering commercial appeal.
The single is paired with complementary visuals that engage the viewer with light-hearted scenes of Toyotomi performing in various locations alongside the Four AM collective. Mostly in open spaces bellowing a sense of freedom, it’s clear to see this carefree attitude is a representation of what the collective wishes to convey in their artistry.

Tone Youth - Rollin'     Hip Hop, Rap 19/06/2019
Perth based music collective Tone Youth are back in the spotlight for their new single ''Rollin'. They have different expertise in music and different cultural backgrounds.
It is an energetic track produced by Crooklin. The single serves as an ode to the city where they reside – Perth, and despite the immense talent displayed through the penmanship and bars of the track, the group approached the single effortlessly, getting back to what they love, emceeing.

Tobias - Mama     Pop, Dance 14/05/2019
Exciting Perth multi-talented musician Tobias returns with his brand new single "Mama" this Mothers Day, an ode to the amazing role our mothers play in our life.
Perth based rapper Tobias plans to show appreciation to all mothers (especially his own) with his latest single “Mama” available this Mothers day. The talented new wave artist incorporates a sense of community, friendship and family that is effortlessly displayed in the ‘Mama’ Music Video, showcasing both his talent and appreciation for the support he receives whilst pursuing his dream.

Strictly DT - Note To Self     Hip Hop 10/05/2019
Melbourne based writer/poet Strictly DT and Sydney based producer/dancer Ralph Radical have joined forces to create a monumental release ‘Note To Self’ available May 9th.
‘Note To Self’ sets the listeners earbuds up nicely for the main course that is the full length EP. It solidifies the personalities portrayed by both DT and Radical, a goal and premise behind joining forces to create the project.

Other tracks by Strictly DT:  Hello  -  How You Live Feat. Hyclass & Yaelle
Sol Bishop - Handful     Hip Hop 24/10/2018
Hailing from Townsville North QLD and now residing in Melbourne, Sol Bishop brings raw energy and calculated bars to a growing local rap landscape.
"Handful" presents Sol Bishop at his most chaotic, expressing themes of partying and not having a care in the world. This track is guaranteed to bring out the more loose and care free side in you.

Sin Santos - Lifted     Hip Hop, Rap 23/08/2019
Sin Santos is kicking into high gear with his second installment for his two-part release ‘Lifted’ available on the 23rd of August.
A bouncy and playful production ‘Lifted’ brought to life by Heavy Keyzz & SEVEN and Stuart B (Illy).

Seattic - Attraction     Pop, Electronic 18/12/2018
Seattic is a solo project by Adrian Osman, a Melbourne based songwriter and former lead guitarist of Brisbane rock outfit Tourism.
Attraction, a mesmerising modern throwback to a lost eighties, recreating something that was lost whilst telling stories of love lost, love found, love lost again, and everything in between.

Sarah Saint James - Bittersweet     Pop, Dance, RnB 20/03/2019
ARIA Club Charting artist Sarah Saint James (FKA Sarah Bodle) is back with her brand new single ‘Bittersweet’ to kick off 2019!
After a refreshing name change, Sarah Saint James is back with new single 'Bittersweet', her most personal release yet.

“I’m hoping that the song can put across my honesty as a writer and that others who feel like they do the same thing can find comfort in knowing they’re not alone, and we can be messed up together.” - Sarah

Sammi Constantine - Watch Yourself     Pop, Electronic, Dance 17/11/2018
In a short time, Sammi has amassed over 40,000 + fans on her social media platforms. She now returns with her fiery new single 'Watch Yourself'.
Sammi Constantine is back with a fierce new pop anthem ‘Watch Yourself’ released on November 9th. This comes following the highly successful release of her recent hit ‘Feel Your Body’ which is now fast approaching 100k streams on Spotify alone in the three months since it has been released as well as receiving great Triple J support.

Sammi Constantine - Feel Your Body     Pop, Electronic 03/08/2018
Raised in a secluded coastal town north of Sydney, Sammi's distinctive sound stems from her beginnings as an indie-acoustic storyteller; Her time spent sharing her raw experiences to intimate audiences.
‘Feel Your Body’ explores the hardships of a broken person who has trouble loving themselves and attempts to fill the void with someone else. The lyrics extrapolate the emotional conflict of wanting someone that you can’t have over a dark, sexy and upbeat production.

Rocco Bene - Empty     Pop, Dance 30/11/2018
Sydney based artist and ‘All Together Now’ Australian TV judge
‘Empty’ is a heartfilled hit that touches on the sentiment of losing a loved one and moving on. The process of mourning sparked the creative melodies for Rocco while he was in Italy, Capri just after the passing of his mother.

Planetself - You Plus Me     Hip Hop, Soul 26/10/2018
Producer Inkswel paints the backdrop of hope. Grittiness meets the new filtered soul of the streaming generation, all dressed with the vocal messages of the groups singer Charli Umami.
“You Plus Me” is a rendition of Planetself’s presence, exploring the themes of spirituality and being connected with the earth as one through the fundamentals of Hip Hop. With production by Inkswel complimenting the heart warming vocals of Charli Umami, the single showcases a story of love and the concept that perpetuity does exist in a relationship.

Pace - Freak Ho     Hip Hop 09/04/2019
After consistently releasing music onto Soundcloud and finding his own unique style, trap/hip-hop emcee Pace debuts his first single 'Freak Ho’ off his upcoming EP ‘Hell Split Wide Open Vol.1’
Getting his life back on track, Pace made 'Freak Ho' as one of the first songs he wrote for a tape to kind of stamp that to himself.

It was written and recorded in his bedroom and mixed by his friend Adam Xycore. Pace's aim with this release is to show people his vibe.

Otiuh - Interest Free     Hip Hop, Rap 30/08/2019
After the successful release of their debut EP ‘Cold Recreation’, Otiuh returns to the Australian music scene with their highly anticipated single ‘Interest Free’ available on all platforms August 30.
‘Interest Free’ highlights the rise of popular “buy-now-pay-later” systems and how hypnotic zero upfront purchases can be. Inspired by purchasing via Zip Pay, Otiuh delivers an off-kilter Hip Hop anthem speaking on the ease of purchase and danger presented whilst using these payment apps.

Omijah - Senorita     Hip Hop 29/09/2018
Omijah has just announced that his third single, a highly anticipated Spanish-trap-ballad ‘Senorita’ is set for release on all platforms for September 27th.
Not holding back, ‘Senorita’ delivers a brooding array of haunting vocal melodies filling the background of the soundscape, layered with Spanish guitars and a trap style percussion that transforms ‘Senorita’ into a hard-hitting-anthem. Omijah’s vocal delivery on this track showcases his vocal ability with a style comparable to Anfa Rose or Drake.

Mani Blü - Turn Off The Radio     Electronic, Pop, Gay Alligned, Atmospheric 29/05/2018
Melbourne based singer-songwriter Mani Blü announces the release of his debut single ‘Turn Off The Radio’, a striking, grand new release, effortlessly fusing synth-pop influences with a modern flavour.
Mani Blü's new single ‘Turn Off The Radio’ draws influence from David Bowie’s ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and Spiders from Mars’ while Blü’s style as a whole seeks to encompass Warholian Pop Culture that is rarely seen in today’s music.

Mack Moses - Space     Pop, RnB 28/09/2018
Australian alternative R&B artist Mack Moses is embarking on his biggest and most important emotional journey to date with his heartfelt single ‘Space'.
'Space' serves as a reminder for all that loved ones can leave us physically but they will always have a space in our minds and hearts. The lyrics extrapolate the emotion faced by an individual losing someone close to them whilst Mack Moses puts an uplifting and optimistic spin on the reassurance that they will never truly be gone.