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Maari - That Summer     Pop 09/04/2019
Sydney based duo Maari have returned with their indie pop hit ‘That Summer’ available March 29th.
'That Summer' is a twisted love story of passion, love and loss with lyrics crafted to give empowerment to our pain. “That Summer’ explores our deepest need for love, affection and validation whilst tackling the guilt and pain of a dying love.” - Maari

Pace - Freak Ho     Hip Hop 09/04/2019
After consistently releasing music onto Soundcloud and finding his own unique style, trap/hip-hop emcee Pace debuts his first single 'Freak Ho’ off his upcoming EP ‘Hell Split Wide Open Vol.1’
Getting his life back on track, Pace made 'Freak Ho' as one of the first songs he wrote for a tape to kind of stamp that to himself.

It was written and recorded in his bedroom and mixed by his friend Adam Xycore. Pace's aim with this release is to show people his vibe.

Carter - 100-60 Feat. JSPA     Hip Hop, RnB 10/05/2019
Rising Hip-Hop artist ‘Carter’ is set to release highly anticipated new single 100-60 alongside an impressive music video available via Dayones Records on 10th May 2019.
Alongside Trap & RNB production, Carter paints an emotional and convincing image that explores themes of late nights, relationships and a fast-paced lifestyle. Meeting the artistic tone of influences such as Bryson Tiller, Anders and The Weeknd, the record is both catchy and compelling.

Strictly DT - Note To Self     Hip Hop 10/05/2019
Melbourne based writer/poet Strictly DT and Sydney based producer/dancer Ralph Radical have joined forces to create a monumental release ‘Note To Self’ available May 9th.
‘Note To Self’ sets the listeners earbuds up nicely for the main course that is the full length EP. It solidifies the personalities portrayed by both DT and Radical, a goal and premise behind joining forces to create the project.

Other tracks by Strictly DT:  Hello  -  How You Live Feat. Hyclass & Yaelle
Tobias - Mama     Pop, Dance 14/05/2019
Exciting Perth multi-talented musician Tobias returns with his brand new single "Mama" this Mothers Day, an ode to the amazing role our mothers play in our life.
Perth based rapper Tobias plans to show appreciation to all mothers (especially his own) with his latest single “Mama” available this Mothers day. The talented new wave artist incorporates a sense of community, friendship and family that is effortlessly displayed in the ‘Mama’ Music Video, showcasing both his talent and appreciation for the support he receives whilst pursuing his dream.

Chloe DMND - Receipts Feat As     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 17/05/2019
Multi-talented rapper/songwriter/dancer Chloe Dmnd continues to bridge the gap between being an influencer and musician with her latest release and music video ‘Receipts’ available May 17th.
The track is all about a cheating boyfriend that is caught out when receipts for his mistress are found. Like her past releases, Chloe’s ability to tap into emotions and capture the situation makes ‘Receipts’ a relatable and passionate rendition.

Figuero Jones, Black Napoleon, Elijah Yo - Century     Hip Hop, Rap 17/05/2019
West Australian new school rappers Figuero Jones and Black Napoleon return with powerful new single 'Century' featuring Elijah Yo, continuing their massive growth!
West Coast leaders of the new school Figuero Jones and Black Napoleon have announced their return with highly anticipated upcoming single ‘Century’ featuring prolific Sydney rapper Elijah Yo soon to released.

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Indighost - Red Light     Hip Hop 17/05/2019
Canberra based emcee ‘Indighost’ returns with the first single ‘Red Light’ from his highly anticipated project ‘Illumination’ album which will be released this coming 17th of May.
‘Red Light’ was the last cut to be written for the record, which originally served as a means to an end to finish ‘Illumination’, but quickly became the main focus as he explored themes of positivity, focus and getting his mind clear, not only for himself but his loved ones around him.

Indighost - Up & Away     Hip Hop, Rap 12/06/2019
A Canberra based singer had just release his single 'Red Light' song which he includes on his album 'Illumination'. Indighost travels through a vortex of his current situation.
The focus track from the album ‘Up & Away’ highlights death and the desire to live a life fulfilled before that time comes. Floating on the dreamy Goldilocks production, with the perfect combination of wordplay and vulnerability, a trait that Indighost has mastered throughout his career making him a stand out from his peers across the nation.

Other tracks by Indighost:  Fuego  -  Fly
Joey Maker - Sangreal     Hip Hop, Rap 14/06/2019
Joey has seen considerable success throughout his career, including Triple J support for 5 past releases, sold out shows across the country with his collective 4Fins.
The track is a melting pot of contrasts: the intensity of the first verse gives way to a sing-song hook; stories from myth are weaved through materialism and video game references.

Kwasi - DUMB     Hip Hop, Rap 14/06/2019
Kwasi explores the freedom of the irrational and acceptance of imperfection through art and music. His previous single ‘Monster’ has a total play count of 500K+ views on Youtube.
'DUMB' is the soundtrack to a wild night.

Tone Youth - Rollin'     Hip Hop, Rap 19/06/2019
Perth based music collective Tone Youth are back in the spotlight for their new single ''Rollin'. They have different expertise in music and different cultural backgrounds.
It is an energetic track produced by Crooklin. The single serves as an ode to the city where they reside – Perth, and despite the immense talent displayed through the penmanship and bars of the track, the group approached the single effortlessly, getting back to what they love, emceeing.

Bailey Rodrigues - Are You Down?     Hip Hop, Rap 26/06/2019
Growing up to Eminem & influenced by G-Eazy and Jcole, Bailey found himself immersed in the Gold Coast HipHop scene which has quickly become a new location for emerging talent.
Inspired by the production lead by ‘Secret Stash’, Bailey showed his versatility in writing melodies while working on ‘Are You Down?’, and it shows, as he incorporates his emotions to paint a picture for a time in his life where he’s left with frustration and questions.

Joey Maker - Where They At?     Hip Hop, Rap 28/06/2019
Sydney based rapper who just released his first single 'Sangreal' is set to drop his highly anticipated solo debut EP.
The track describes about friendships that suddenly drifted away which was important in our lives that may come and go.

Other tracks by Joey Maker:  Illuminati
Figuero Jones X Black Napoleon - Shakey     Hip Hop, Rap 05/07/2019
The trailblazing WA HipHop trio of K9INES have announced their highly anticipated collaborative 9 track project ‘Gully SZN’ is scheduled for release Friday, July 5th via Day Ones Records.
The way for the infectious, melodic, and bouncy banger ‘Shakey’ that sees Figuero and Napoleon exchange fun but surgical braggadocio bars over ErikiBeatz production. Venturing away from their more well known hard hitting anthems, ‘Shakey’ displays the trios versatility but also exhibits a more playful, wavy sound that will keep heads nodding and bouncing the whole way through.

Figuero Jones X Black Napoleon - Top Pick     Hip Hop, Rap 05/07/2019
Following the success of their infectious singles, which hitting the screen that was added on MTV Australia. The trio had a comeback for their album.
The song describes that everything has a limitation that leads you to a better life as an artist. Every circumstances can lead to a great solution in the end.

Other tracks by Figuero Jones X Black Napoleon:  Saucy Drip
Carter - Understand It     Hip Hop, Rap 12/07/2019
Shenzhen-born, Melbourne-based rapper Carter plans to drop his two-part release next month in true fashion by offering two well-produced and engaging music videos that seamlessly tell a great story.
‘Understand It’ explores the theme of self-awareness as he surrounds himself by negativity and making a tough but necessary transition to move beyond it.

Boy Graduate - DO YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR POWER     Hip Hop, Rap 19/07/2019
Exploring themes of love and conflict, Melbourne based artist Boy Graduate releases his first single from the project ‘Do You Understand Your Power’.
Serves as an anthem for all people alike who struggle to see their self-worth. The song sends you on the journey of an average night out, filled with searches fuelled by lust and uncertainty when pursuing a significant other. Eriki Beatz’ production compliments the storyline with filthy bass and heavy synths, ticking all the boxes for a club crowd favourite.

Flimsey Lohan - Good At Nothing Kids     Hip Hop 08/08/2019
Melbourne based music collective Flimsey Lohan released their newest single 'Good At Nothing Kids' available now on all streaming platforms.
This explores a darker theme, breaking from their signature bright and bold entrance that the collective is known for. Whilst remaining tongue in cheek the lyrics paint a vivid picture of a strange day, highlighting a rebellious attitude towards the social norms conveyed through lead singer's effortless flow, over this aggressive - fast paced piece.

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Carter - Cutting Ties     Hip Hop 09/08/2019
About to release another single after his success of '100-60' that was premiered.
The song describes how he slowly let go of all the people being toxic with his life, he is slowly cutting ties with them as what his song is all about. He is determine to be more positive and take all negativity.