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An independent publicity company ran by artists, for artists. We represent up-and-coming artists of all genres and offer a tangible honest publicity service helping them with distribution, awareness and campaigns across social media to maximise their reach. We've already had the privilege to represent over 30 of Australia's finest emerging artists and we have one of the best reputations in town, especially servicing emerging hip/hop!


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Alex Parkman - King of the Block     Hip Hop, Rap 01/02/2019
Alex Parkman is a Zimbabwe born Hip-hop artist from Perth
‘King of the Block’ is a testament to how quickly you can be sprung into success, with the right talent and diverse artistry of course.

Jalmar - Damelo     Hip Hop 25/01/2019
Jalmar is a Melbourne based latin-trap hip-hop artist
Damelo is a pefect example of Jalmar’s capabiities, having infused both Latin and trap with catchy melodies that will take you to the streets of Latin Amercia.

Jose Halftime - Cashmere     Hip Hop 19/12/2018
Perth Based rapper Jose Haltime with the self-produced street anthem 'Cashmere' that sees him in the new wave of Australian Hip-Hop, including the annual WVS showcase and Get Bodied Festival.
The self-produced street anthem Cashmere serves as a reminder to those persisting with their dreams to keep pushing through any hardships they may have been dealt.

Seattic - Attraction     Pop, Electronic 18/12/2018
Seattic is a solo project by Adrian Osman, a Melbourne based songwriter and former lead guitarist of Brisbane rock outfit Tourism.
Attraction, a mesmerising modern throwback to a lost eighties, recreating something that was lost whilst telling stories of love lost, love found, love lost again, and everything in between.

Boy Graduate - Teresita     Hip Hop 07/12/2018
Boy Graduate unveils a heartfelt dedication song to his mother showcasing a raw and honest version of himself that has completely opened up to his emotions and vulnerability.
After a tumultuous year that saw him releasing a successful string of singles and performing coast to coast, Boy Grad explains that change is inevitable, and was faced with challenges outside of music from people passing away to losing friendships. It was when he found news of his mother’s health scare that he realized things will forever change.

Kirsten Tsoltoudis - Phases     Pop, RnB 30/11/2018
Multi-talented 18-year-old singer/songwriter/dancer and influencer Kirsten Tsoltoudis
Phases is a beautifully woven blend of RnB and pop

Rocco Bene - Empty     Pop, Dance 30/11/2018
Sydney based artist and ‘All Together Now’ Australian TV judge
‘Empty’ is a heartfilled hit that touches on the sentiment of losing a loved one and moving on. The process of mourning sparked the creative melodies for Rocco while he was in Italy, Capri just after the passing of his mother.

Wellie - Spacewalker     Hip Hop, Electronic 29/11/2018
Wellie is a hip-hop artist based on Melbourne, Victoria.
This new bone chilling anthem ‘Spacewalker’ produced by Black Canvas and will be available November 2nd. ‘Spacewalker’ serves as a story behind Wellie’s mind and his beliefs on today’s current society.

HussyKat - Feeling Lucky     Hip Hop, Pop, Rap 29/11/2018
Hussykat is a Baghdad born, Egyptian raised rapper currently in Melbourne
The Baghdad born, Egyptian raised rapper has gone face to face with his feelings on this 8 track packed album

Other tracks by HussyKat:  Why Do You Hate Me So Much
Defron - Almost Welcome     Hip Hop, Rap, Electronic 29/11/2018
Defron is a Veteran English-Australian rapper and writer from Melbourne, Australia.
The concept mixtape explores mental health, fame, fortune, success, mortality and death. It also ties into his personal journey in being an emcee and fighting for both his mental and personal freedom.

Other tracks by Defron:  1:11  -  Factotum
Sammi Constantine - Watch Yourself     Pop, Electronic, Dance 17/11/2018
In a short time, Sammi has amassed over 40,000 + fans on her social media platforms. She now returns with her fiery new single 'Watch Yourself'.
Sammi Constantine is back with a fierce new pop anthem ‘Watch Yourself’ released on November 9th. This comes following the highly successful release of her recent hit ‘Feel Your Body’ which is now fast approaching 100k streams on Spotify alone in the three months since it has been released as well as receiving great Triple J support.

Figuero Jones & Black Napoleon - Switch (feat. Big Skeez)     Hip Hop, Rap 16/11/2018
Figuero Jones and Black Napoleon continue a huge 2018 with their new single ‘Switch’ following the huge single 'No Sofas' which has clocked up over 200k Streams online!
With a consistent work ethic that’s hard to match by their fellow peers and a passion that can be so clearly seen, ‘Switch’ serves as a reminder that the pair are here to stay and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

The work doesn’t stop here for Figuero and Napoleon, with more new music on the way!

Stay tuned!

Boy Graduate - Signals     Pop, Hip Hop 26/10/2018
Albury/Wodonga bred, Melbourne-based artist Boy Graduate is one of Australia’s most dynamic songwriters, seamlessly bridging the gap between the two diverse genres of Pop and Hip-Hop.
Signals serves as a summer vibe with the usual playful melodies that Boy Grad has delivered in the past. Although it isn’t all fun and games, as the story tells a far from happy tale which involves making the decision to walk away from someone you have been pursuing for a conspicuous amount of time.

Planetself - You Plus Me     Hip Hop, Soul 26/10/2018
Producer Inkswel paints the backdrop of hope. Grittiness meets the new filtered soul of the streaming generation, all dressed with the vocal messages of the groups singer Charli Umami.
“You Plus Me” is a rendition of Planetself’s presence, exploring the themes of spirituality and being connected with the earth as one through the fundamentals of Hip Hop. With production by Inkswel complimenting the heart warming vocals of Charli Umami, the single showcases a story of love and the concept that perpetuity does exist in a relationship.

Sol Bishop - Handful     Hip Hop 24/10/2018
Hailing from Townsville North QLD and now residing in Melbourne, Sol Bishop brings raw energy and calculated bars to a growing local rap landscape.
"Handful" presents Sol Bishop at his most chaotic, expressing themes of partying and not having a care in the world. This track is guaranteed to bring out the more loose and care free side in you.

Wilderglow - My Days     Pop 19/10/2018
Wilderglow are an indie rock/ alt rock 5 piece consisting of Matthew Scully, John Sorrentino, Joshua Rasquinha, Adi Durai and James Wingard.
My Days depicts a gloomy vibe matched with a storyline based the character in subject yearning for a break. Mixed with love and other streaming emotions it makes for a great story teller of what could of been or what could be.

Omijah - Senorita     Hip Hop 29/09/2018
Omijah has just announced that his third single, a highly anticipated Spanish-trap-ballad ‘Senorita’ is set for release on all platforms for September 27th.
Not holding back, ‘Senorita’ delivers a brooding array of haunting vocal melodies filling the background of the soundscape, layered with Spanish guitars and a trap style percussion that transforms ‘Senorita’ into a hard-hitting-anthem. Omijah’s vocal delivery on this track showcases his vocal ability with a style comparable to Anfa Rose or Drake.

Mack Moses - Space     Pop, RnB 28/09/2018
Australian alternative R&B artist Mack Moses is embarking on his biggest and most important emotional journey to date with his heartfelt single ‘Space'.
'Space' serves as a reminder for all that loved ones can leave us physically but they will always have a space in our minds and hearts. The lyrics extrapolate the emotion faced by an individual losing someone close to them whilst Mack Moses puts an uplifting and optimistic spin on the reassurance that they will never truly be gone.

Kid Lab Rat - Happy     Hip Hop 14/09/2018
KID LAB RAT, a multi-instrumentalist from Geelong, who cut his teeth writing and performing alt-rock before his vieled rapping prowess came to the fore during a chance jam session. ​
‘Happy’ is the first single taken from the 9-track mixtape ‘Into The Labyrinth’ which was recorded and produced by 20-year-old Daniel Baker and set for release later this year. ‘Happy’ along with the rest of the mixtape delves into a record of deeply personal topics, creating a melancholic theme and honesty across the project.

Dylan - Love On Your Side (DJ Dan Murphy Radio Edit)     Pop, Dance 12/09/2018
Dylan is a fierce showman whose performance is always described as dramatic and outrageous. His song writing is partly based on reality and partly based on his wild imagination.
This new single, Love on Your Side has the same warmth and sentiment we are used to hearing from DYLAN, this time remixed by superstar DJ Dan Murphy. It’s a slice of pop/dance heaven!