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Fungai - Senses     Hip Hop, R&B 18/02/2020
Exciting Melbourne Hip-Hop Artist 'Fungai' returns with brand new single titled 'Senses' right in time for Valentines Day accompanied with an awesome Music Video!
With a positive outlook towards the future, Zimbabwe-born Melbourne-based independent artist, Fungai returns with his first offering for the year 2020, Senses available on all streaming platforms now!

Senses contains Fungai’s alluring musicality and slick jam which he has harnessed and developed during his recent time in the music scene.

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Holas May - Protest     Hip Hop 07/02/2020
Adelaide-based independent artist Holas May kicks off his 2020 with his new single ‘Protest’ available on all streaming platforms February 7th.
Protest is a topical song that discusses the artist’s call for action on climate change. It represents an outburst of emotion which is a great outlet for his ideas that no doubt his peers are also feeling towards the current Australian Government, calling on his leaders to act and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Kuren - Oculus     Hip Hop 24/01/2020
Returning to the spotlight from his recent hiatus, Melbourne-based electronica artist, Kuren kicks off the new decade with 'Oculus'
‘Oculus’ is a self-reflection of Kuren's career, having taken a step back to master his new approach - he now feels confident and ready to show the world.

Rich Valentine - Cake     Hip Hop 03/01/2020
Perth based, nine-piece hip-hop ensemble RICH VALENTINE are starting their 2020 strong with huge festival appearances and the release of ‘Cake’ available
‘Cake’ is sure to deliver reassurance of the groups come up and will leave their newfound and loyal fanbase yearning for more. The track ties in the clever association of money and success that is often referred to as ‘cake’ in hip hop.

YNGRACH - Rockstar, Rapstar ft. Sowdy     Alternative 03/01/2020
Perth based producer/DJ, YNGRACH has collaborated with what she has described as some of the most exciting underground local rappers to embrace Perth’s Hip-Hop culture.
Rockstar, Rapstar ft. Sowdy is a mixture of experimental trap sounds merged with conventional hiphop.

Other tracks by YNGRACH:  Whiplash ft. Yung Buddah & Sowdy  -  All My Life ft. Yung Buddah
Younique - Spice feat. Melissa Kate & Jalmar     Hip Hop 12/12/2019
Melbourne-based producer - artist, Younique is ready with his debut single ‘SPICE.' He has hones in and established his own sound that will set him apart from others.
The track has an alluring vibe and swing. it will definitely catch new audience of music lovers wanting to enhance the feeling of summer as we head into the warmer months.

Vali Woods - Daydream     R&B, Soul 08/12/2019
Melbourne based, LA-born rising RnB and hip-hop artist, Vali Woods, mixes contemporary music with fine R&B/HipHop/Pop charms in paving her name in the music industry.
The ‘Daydream’ is Vali’s first love song written with her friend Anoesis that has an infectious vibe and slick beats sending you to psychedelia, the single is described as trippy, yet wouldn't go beyond the boundaries of R&B mixed with a little touch of meaningful lyricism, depicting what she wants as a woman and as a person in a relationship.

MzUki - Unicorn     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Hip Hop 29/11/2019
Melbourne-based R&B/HipHop artist, MzUki, has been showcasing her unique talent and undeniable star quality when she became a member of The X Factor’s popular pop group XOX back in 2014.
Made by a blend of Electronica and R&B/HipHop, MzUki hones in on her values and further expresses her purpose on ‘Unicorn’, giving those without a voice to stand for what they believe in. Her main focus are aspects in modern culture, gender equality and bisexualism, where she relates the idea of Unicorns and the magic they possess with her message.

Otiuh - Daytona Rolling     Hip Hop 22/11/2019
Otiuh, Perth-based duo, is composed of childhood mates, Jahmeil Baker and Cesare Papa. These two fused crispy rhymes of diversified production which follows popular acts such as BROCKHAMPTON and El-P.
The duo describe the new single as their most brazen project so far, a reminiscence of past life choices and career decisions. The concept is figurative as they imagine themselves cruising through the Canola fields of Perth in a black Mercedes. With playful and powerful production, listeners are set to enter a dream-like state and enter the world of Otiuh.

Boy Graduate - Game Plan     Hip Hop 15/11/2019
Australian born, Filipino based Hip-Hop R&B artist’ Boy Graduate continues his hot streak of releases as he shows his vulnerable side to the public delivering universal feelings empathetic to everyone.
The single was written and recorded whilst in heavy lust with a significant other that unfortunately didn’t work out, Boy Graduate views the single as a reminder of the good times had during that stage of his life.

Carter - Waves Feat. China     R&B, Soul 15/11/2019
Carter is a Shenzhen-born, Melbourne-based emerging hip-hop artist whose artistry has been molded through performing at local shows and joining Kill.Collective, hoping to bring more attention to Melbourne music scene.
The single, which showcases an impressive collaboration between Carter and Brisbane born, now LA-based CHINA, tells the story of a somewhat unstable romance the two personas are facing. While lyrically reflecting upon the good and bad times of past relationships, the song leaves the question of whether staying in love will be worth it in the end.

Rich Valentine - Ricca Donna Feat. A$AP Twelvyy     Hip Hop 15/11/2019
Front lining the Australian Hip Hop scene, RICH VALENTINE continues to pave their ambition and spearhead a new era. Through their outputs, they have showcased their artistry in different fields.
Ricca Donna offers a creative insight into the collective’s lifestyle which involves a whirlwind of partying, hustle and of course, brotherhood. The exciting visuals are paired with well-done transitions and quaint locations from beginning to end and highlights the youthful energy of the collective.

Yesir - European Connect     Hip Hop 15/11/2019
Yesir, a multi-skilled artist, can score any genre in life. Known as “Sir Johnson,” Perth-based Yesir garners his fan base through his travels overseas during his Football career, conquering Australia.
European Connect carries the same weight and street cred as any other major hit in the market right now but is differentiated by Yesir’s unique journey which happened to start in Europe (Serbia).

SXINT P - Moonlight     R&B 06/11/2019
SXINT P is an emerging R&B and HipHop singer-songwriter, and record producer. Within 6 months of self-study on creating records, he autonomously dropped singles and a debut EP STAR-CROSSED (2019).
‘Moonlight’ serves as an anthem to those who know someone with a mental illness or have been on the brink of depression themselves. It hopes to ease the pain and remind listeners that they are loved and suicide is never the answer.

Other tracks by SXINT P:  Burn My Life (ft. Adam Arcadia)  -  Blood On My Hands (ft. Sin Santos)
Holas May - Above The Sun     Hip Hop 01/11/2019
Holas May is a 22 year old Rapper from Adelaide, South Australia. He would describe his music as very 'experimental' and often take risks to innovate the Genre of HipHop.
'Above The Sun' is the lead single for Holas May's upcoming EP entitled 'Confidence Found'. The single is upbeat and deals with themes such as acquiring your inner confidence and being in control of your own destiny. 'Above The Sun' encourages you to take charge of reaching out on your dreams and live your life to the fullest.

Other tracks by Holas May:  Right Now  -  League
K9INES - FR     Hip Hop 01/11/2019
Perth based Figuero Jones & ErikiBeatz are back and will be releasing their new highly anticipated EP ‘9 Grand Show’ available November 1st via Day Ones Records.
'FR' features the emotional and vulnerable laments of the '9 Grand Show' EP wrapped in a mid-tempo mood.

Other tracks by K9INES:  No Hook  -  DAMN!
Chux - Never Go Back     Hip Hop 31/10/2019
Chux is an emerging Melbourne-based hip hop artist who has already made a strong presence in his heritage country of Sri Lanka, having hosted a Hip-Hop special on YES FM.
The song mirrors Chux's musical journey while making major decisions for himself as an emerging artist which also reflects the stories of musicians alike aiming for a big shot in their respective careers. Chux hopes that 'Never Go Back' will be a relatable song filled not just with emotions, but with lessons as well.

Jalmar - Temper     Hip Hop, Reggae / Dub 24/10/2019
Melbourne-based hip-hop artist Jalmar is a Latin soul musician offering palatable songs featuring his best verses in fast and lilting rhythm, bringing his rapping and singing skills to higher levels.
The new track showcases a fresh flavor different from Jalmar’s past releases which mostly include rap and hip-hop. This time, he has brought singing into play while expressing a sustained love affair thanks to a partner's patience. Jalmar hopes his listeners can relate to his story and enjoy the single on a deeper level.

SXINT P - Devil May Cry     Blues 24/10/2019
Melbourne R&B/Hip Hop artist SXINT P takes his music to new levels and close off 2019. He announces his single taken from ‘Nocturne’ EP- ‘Devil May Cry’ available October 18th!
‘Devil May Cry’ is written, produced, and mixed by himself, his newest single serves as a ballad for those who have seen their life’s lowest points, have been pushed away, and to anyone who finally showed vulnerability despite being strong and carrying so much pain. The single is wrapped in rhythm and blues that will definitely break your replay button.

Kyso - Earned It     Hip Hop 18/10/2019
Kyso is rising independent, based from Sale, Victoria. 'Earned It' is his second single this year. Kyso is seeing his fruits of labor, He definitely 'Earned It'
The track showcases a smooth and catchy vibe that listeners can relax and feel good too. The single can lift up a mood, which Kyso makes a stand for since he wants to inspire other people with the language that he knows best that is music.