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Grimmer - Boy

Grimmer - Boy
Grimmerwas birthed from the burnt, salty womb of Queensland, ditched the nest in pursuit and settled in shiny Brisbane. Spending his formative years in the alternative scene of the 90s and the pop renaissance of the late 2000s and early 2010s, Grimmer’s music is a symbiosis of sweet hooks and vivid storytelling nestled in distortion and electronica rife with nostalgia.

From the first beat it becomes clear that Grimmer wears his influences on his sleeve. The instrumentation is haunted-sounding between searing, choppy guitars and howling synths befriended by lyrics that are introspective and political. The melodies are swine flu-level catchy, the production cinematic and the beats aggressive, peer pressuring your body to tap along.

This celebration comes to a head in a live capacity. Boasting chaotic percussion and squealing guitars, the shows are a hotbed of agitation and movement. Grimmer’s joy in playing is palpable and his love for his crowd unapologetic. Grimmer leaves no room for tossing and turning or weighing pros and cons; you will either join the party or leave it.

About this track...

The leading track from Grimmer's self-titled debut EP. An industrial grunge pop gem combining smooth sedated vocals, icy synths and cranky guitars. Nostalgia is rife in this one, harking back to the early 90s where infectious melodies married gritty production.

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Number Of People In Act Solo
State/Territory Artist Is Based In QLD
Taken From The Release Titled Grimmer EP
Copyright Holder's Name Fraser William Lockman
Media Servicing Date 2016-02-19
Main Genre Rock
Genre 2 Industrial
Genre 3 Pop
Genre 4 Grunge
Contains explicit lyrics or themes that may offend some listeners No
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Content Provider Amrap Unsigned