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Green South Records

Green South Records

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Van Walker - Spirit World     Folk, World, Country, Roots 07/02/2020
Spirit World is the spellbinding lead single from Van Walker’s first solo album in a decade, reminding us why he's regarded as one of the finest songwriters in the land.
The song is a haunted, mysterious composition, as straight-up vulnerable as it is mercurial, but someone is missing someone, and dabbling in the dark arts as a means to bring them back, dead or alive!

The song is stark and brutally honest, with just bass and fingerstyle acoustic guitar, and the added spark of guitar wizard Jeff Lang.

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William Alexander - Garlic Pickin Time     Folk, Country 17/09/2019
William and the folks at Green South Records have a new offering for you. Recorded in February at Sound Recordings the new EP release “Garlic Pickin’ Time” is out now.
First single of William's new EP - a song written by William about the trials and tribulations of harvesting!

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Van Walker - Happy Dogs     Country, Folk, Acoustic, World 08/01/2019
“A captivating storyteller, reminiscent of Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt or Bob Dylan…A true & rare talent that has to be heard.” 4 1/2 stars ~ Denise Hyland, Twang, RRR
Melbourne Singer/Songwriter Van Walker has released his first new acoustic song in over 7 years - the instantly classic Happy Dogs.
And with this fantastic new track he has once again created a sound both old and new. Happy Dogs hits your ears with a laconic familiarity that speaks to the heart with an effortless intimacy.

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Marni Sheehan and Mark Smith - Heavy Weather     Blues/Roots, Blues, Acoustic 29/11/2018
Marni and Mark first worked together in the psychedelic blues band ‘Reuben Tice’ in the late seventies and have again joined forces, this time performing and recording as a duo.
Heavy Weather - track 3 from the new album Crazy Dream, a swaggering latin infused groove that moves along beautifully.

Other tracks by Marni Sheehan and Mark Smith:  Oh My Friend
Simon McCullough - He-Oh     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic 17/11/2018
Real organic rootsy acoustic music. Simon McCullough delivers on his second solo album, Southern Ocean Rivers with stellar performances, great songwriting and a beautifully produced record.
He-Oh, the first track off Southern Ocean Rivers has a hooky singalong chorus, great fiddle and harmonica parts and an infectious groove that will get you moving.

Other tracks by Simon McCullough:  Southern Ocean Rivers  -  Her Soul to Keep
William Alexander - Wanaaring Road     Folk, Country, Acoustic, World 20/10/2018
Troubadour and old time folk singer, William Alexander, revives the songs of hillbilly and country music as well as his own songs of the new world and all its trials.
Wanaaring Road, the first single from William's latest album is a tale of his love for his birthplace Bourke. Pure vocal and acoustic guitar, recorded live to a single microphone and recorded straight to tape.

Other tracks by William Alexander:  Sweet Is the Love That I Have For You  -  I'm Not a Ramblin' Man No More
William Alexander - Had I No Heart     Folk, Acoustic 13/04/2018
Troubadour and old time folk singer William Alexander hails from another time, a time when plain speaking and honest story telling were essential components of any good song.
Had I No Heart, the title track from William's second album, captures the spirit and essence of this talented young man. Straight forward story telling, honest guitar picking and an engaging and beautifully crafted song.

Other tracks by William Alexander:  Bound to Roam
Whirling Furphies - My Brown Yarra     Folk, Country 22/02/2018
The Whirling Furphies hooky pop-style songs coupled with the band’s brilliant musicianship quickly established them at the forefront of the acoustic and folk scene in Australia.
“My Brown Yarra” is claimed by many as their “Melbourne Anthem” and is sung around campfires, at festivals and funerals, in bars by expats all over the world. Apart from the Whirling Furphies version on “Lizard Tree” it has been recorded by both Margret Roadnight and the wonderful Kavisha Mazzella.

Other tracks by Whirling Furphies:  One Plus One Plus One
Graham Dodsworth - Bruton Town     Folk, World 01/02/2018
Graham Dodsworth, singer, songwriter, guitarist and performer since childhood, uses his long association and intimate knowledge of folklore to deliver powerful interpretations of Australian, Celtic, British and contemporary Folk Songs.
Bruton Town - Track 1 from Graham's album, In good King Arthur's Day - a beautiful story song that showcases Graham's engaging vocal and superb guitar playing.

Other tracks by Graham Dodsworth:  Black Waterside
Liminality - Miss Rowan Davies     World, Instrumental 11/11/2017
Their music dwells on the Celtic threshold and exists in the space of the in-between. Engage in quiet reflection, explore the styles and melodic interplay between these three gifted musicians.
Track 1 from Liminality's new album. Celtic Harp, piano and violin combine to create a beautiful, interweaving track.

Other tracks by Liminality:  Valse  -  Mo Ghile Mear/Da Slockit Light
Neil Quinlan - Dance of the Heart     Country, Folk, World 03/11/2017
‘Well,’ She Said is is one of those albums that everyone who has heard it raves about it. It falls into the ‘I can’t believe it didn’t go gangbusters’ category.
Opening track to Neil's classic album - immediately bringing to mind Hothouse Flowers and Del Amitri. Neil's voice brings you in to hear the story.

Other tracks by Neil Quinlan:  Big Heart in the Sky  -  Raglan Road
Cath Connelly - Elegy to Rob Roy McGregor/Winter Solstice     World, Instrumental 01/11/2017
Spiritual director, retreat leader, and one of the world’s finest Celtic harpers. Her music sits in that liminal space where music meets spirituality.
Track 1 from Cath's latest release, 'Beyond the Veil'. An introspective, beautiful track.

Other tracks by Cath Connelly:  Carolan's Farewell
Paul Carroll - Queensland Drover     Folk, Country 01/11/2017
“Paul was the real singer; he had ballads of freedom and of union struggle, songs of revolution, bush songs and tales of heartache, unrequited love and murder.” — John McAuslan
A beautiful interpretation of a classic Australian song. Paul's voice shines on this track, accompanied by some fine musicians.

Other tracks by Paul Carroll:  Dublin in My Tears
Kieran O'Connell - Just Let it Go     Folk, Country 13/07/2017
Kieran O'Connell, a native of County Cork, is a born storyteller and entertainer; a singer who can take you to another place through his songs and music.
Sometimes the best thing to do is simply just let it go!

Other tracks by Kieran O'Connell:  A Love Song  -  You're Not Alone
Johnny Adams - Corner of Pitt and Franklin     Folk, Acoustic 22/06/2017
Johnny Adams, iconic South Australian folk singer and voice of the Adelaide streets.Poignant, direct, unfettered story telling, written and told by someone who lives right inside the story.
A day in the life of a bloke doing it tough - living moment to moment, busking in the mall, sitting on his sleeping bag. Writing poetry and observing life, getting by as best he can.

Other tracks by Johnny Adams:  Tieburn Jig  -  I'll Be Gone
Louey Hesterman's Whimsy - The Murray River Song     Country, Folk, World 27/05/2017
There are no more loved and respected musicians in Victoria's Folk and Celtic scene than Louey Hesterman. An accomplished multi-instrumentalist and singer.
Louey's musings on growing up around the Murray River, featuring the Whimsy band and Pete Fidler on dobro.

Other tracks by Louey Hesterman's Whimsy:  Prayer For Eireann  -  Adventure Before Dementia
Ben Rogers Trio - Somali Pirate Song     World, Instrumental 02/05/2017
Eastern Europe meets rural Australia - violin, guitar and double bass trio influenced by Hot Club of France, Czech Republic and Australian folk/bush music
This dramatic Celtic tune starts with a strong statement and continues to flow, ebbing and moving as the narrative unfolds. Pirates in an ever changing sea dealing with the elements and shifting allegiances.

Other tracks by Ben Rogers Trio:  Tetanus Swing  -  Swing Etoile
Simon McCullough - The Little Things     Country, Acoustic, Alternative Country 06/01/2017
Simon McCullough has lived the stories he sings about, puts them down like mile markers on his road, lets you in on the secrets.
Title track from Simon's new EP, a beautiful song that focuses on the important things in life.

Other tracks by Simon McCullough:  In the Valley  -  Don't Wanna Come Down
Dylan Walker - Line By Line     Folk, Acoustic, Pop 10/12/2016
Dylan is the first artist to be released as part of the Green South Records Buskers of Melbourne series. Sixteen years old. Writes all his own stuff.
'Line By Line' is the title track from Dylan Walker's Debut EP.

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Other tracks by Dylan Walker:  Dog Eat Dog  -  Worker in the Dark
Pete Fidler - Take That Train     Folk, Country, Acoustic 06/09/2016
Pete Fidler is a multi instrumentalist of the highest calibre. He's made his name as a sideman and now has stepped into the spotlight with this brilliant new album.
This song previously appeared on my Slide Night CD, sung by co-author Chris Bitcon. (He wrote the awesome bridge). One of my go-to songs (every sideman needs a song or two they can call up). Surprise banjo solo, please be gentle.

Other tracks by Pete Fidler:  Leaves Don't Fall  -  Buzz in the Room