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Goodtime Marmalade Publicity

Goodtime Marmalade is a grass roots publicity company working to promote artists nationally and beyond.

Every campaign is bespoke just email Kate Branson to get a quote for your release campaign.

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Goodtime Marmalade Publicity

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The Little Lord Street Band - Fighting for Air     Folk, Country, Alternative 20/03/2020
Indie? Folk? Alt Country? Or all three combined with splashes of WA grittiness? However you want to label it, The Little Lord Street Band's music is infectious and highly memorable.
Frontwoman Tash Shanks describes her struggles with mental health and panic attacks in ‘Fighting for Air’ with the aim to encourage others to seek help and know they’re not alone.

‘Fighting for Air’ demonstrates the bands dynamism with a stripped back approach giving over to simplistic instrumentation and vocals.

HIPHOP101 - One Life     Hip Hop 27/02/2020
2019 saw the delivery of Downsyde’s pilot educational program HIPHOP101. Supported by Healthway through Act-Belong-Commit, HIPHOP101 uses the power of Hip-Hop to empower, build self-esteem, and impact young lives.
'One Life' was recorded at Butler College, Churchlands Senior High School and Governor Stirling Senior High School. This song was created through contributions from student rappers, singers, keyboardist, DJs, beat producers and more. 'One Life' is a catchy number and is filled with youthful optimism whilst still conveying feelings of loss and hopelessness that are challenges many young people face.

Other tracks by HIPHOP101:  Live & Learn
Your Girl Pho - Don't Wanna     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Soul 16/10/2019
Elasticated neo-soul, electro-pop artist Your Girl Pho is announcing a string of shows to accompany her freshest single ‘Don’t Wanna’, set for release October 16th.
‘Don’t Wanna’ brings you electronic, moody, jazz-pop flavours and sees Pho entering with a dry voice, telling the listener how it is, as she sees it. The single plays on the concept of answering and worshiping no-one but yourself, “see me at the top – don’t tell me what’s up”.

The Disappointed - Change The Man     Alternative, Rock, Pop 04/10/2019
The Disappointed are perhaps best defined by their mish mash of influences, you can hear the 90s, but also 80s New Wave vibes and a mid 70s prog influence too.
The Disappointed at their dark new wave-y best.

Other tracks by The Disappointed:  Stalemate  -  Routine Malaise
The Disappointed - We Don't Dream     Rock, Pop, Alternative 25/09/2019
The Disappointed are perhaps best defined by their mish mash of influences, you can hear the 90s, but also 80s New Wave vibes and a mid 70s prog influence too.
‘We Don’t Dream’ is heavy pop, catchy as hell, expertly crafted and explores the pervasive sense of hopelessness that has infused millennial culture as it slowly inherits the world from the baby boomers. What’s the price we’re paying for the widespread adoption of this worldview and where is this nihilism taking us?