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Good Manners

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Oscar Key Sung - No Disguise     Pop, RnB 08/06/2018
Melbourne artist Oscar Key Sung shares his new EP 'No Disguises', his first full body of work in three years.
Potentially his most profound work to date, the 'No Disguise' EP is a wonderful indication of Oscar Key Sung's incredible talent.

Other tracks by Oscar Key Sung:  25 Mins  -  Cobras & Roses
LUCIANBLOMKAMP - Endless     Electronic, Pop 04/06/2018
The classically-trained Lucianblomkamp embraces the endless possibilities of the electronic medium to make polished yet provocative music. His musical background & eclectic influences coalesce into a style uniquely his own.
Endless is about self-reflection. Lyrically, it’s somewhat lecturous tone is directed at myself. The track is basically a chat between my present and past self. The different sections of the track are meant to reflect that

Oscar Key Sung - Club Mate     Pop, RnB 26/05/2018
Ahead of the release of his new EP No Disguises, Oscar Key Sung shares one of the EP's feature tracks 'Club Mate' - another indication of Oscar's huge talent.
Club Mate started from the hook line 'I hope you love like you dance'. It was turning around in my head for weeks until I sat down at the piano to try find the right chords for it. It came together super fast, it felt right keeping it simple.

Kllo - Potential     Pop, RnB, Electronic 16/05/2018
Fresh off a stand out Laneway Festival national run, Kllo return with 'Potential', their first new music since the release of their debut album 'Backwater' late last year.
A slight adjustment of direction for the duo, 'Potential' shows a direct approach to their songwriting. The downtempo track depicts the emotions of seeing a future with someone that never comes to be.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi, Sydney (NSW)

Darcy Baylis - D4 (featuring UV Boi فوق بنفسجي)     Pop, RnB 09/05/2018
An artist constantly searching for the next inspiration to further his musical journey. 2018 will see Darcy Baylis return with an exciting directional shift from his well regarded previous work.
D4 is about falling in the kind of love that you usually only dream about. Nurturing, uncomplicated, easy, honest, embarrassing, all or nothing. I guess me and UVboi are hopeless romantics. I just wanted to make a song that made me feel the way Blink 182 did 15 years ago.

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Oscar Key Sung - Simple Luv     Electronic, RnB 27/04/2018
Oscar Key Sung shares 'Simple Luv', the first single from his upcoming EP No Disguise. Written/recorded across Melbourne, LA and Berlin, it's a perfect example of his unique abilities.
'Written across a 24 hour period, Starting while walking through an airport and finishing while in a hotel room in Paris. I had spent my flight from Melbourne to Paris in a fever, waking up from intense dreams and crying about
things I had bottled up.'

Darcy Baylis - The Taste of Cherry     Pop, Electronic, Hip Hop 02/03/2018
Melbourne-based producer, vocalist, songwriter and DJ Darcy Baylis is an artist in the true sense of the word, constantly searching for the next inspiration to further his musical journey.
A new direction for Darcy Baylis, his new release takes reference from artists like Lil Peep and Yung Lean, while focussing on Baylis' huge talent as a songwriter. As engrossing as it is tragic, 'The Taste of Cherry' is bound to creep into your head and stay there permanently.

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Planète - Alone in Parallel     Electronic, House, Instrumental 02/03/2018
Planète is the moniker of Melbourne-producer Dion Tartaglione, who has built a reputation over the years for his intelligent take on the dance music genre.
The premise surrounding these are the actual experiences of memory and the fabrication of blank spots or blocked experiences which in turn leads to formulate something entirely different from the initial experience.

Other tracks by Planète:  Faded Memory
Oscar Key Sung - D.Y.T.     Pop, RnB, Electronic 01/03/2018
Oscar Key Sung's sound winds simultaneously through RnB's golden past and pop's near future continually swaying between emotional ferment and physical movement, a captured catharsis that has certainly found its fans. 
The new release is the first look at new material anticipated for release later this year, an example of music the multi-talented artist worked on whilst living and performing between Mexico City, Berlin and Los Angeles.

Kllo - Dissolve     Electronic, Pop, Chill 30/09/2017
A collaboration between Melbourne cousins Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam, Kllo have thrilled fans locally and abroad with their combination of pop and electronic soundscapes.
Lam's clever production surrounds Kaul's gorgeous vocals on 'Dissolve', the final single to be taken from Kllo's debut album. This track was triggered by overhearing a bad Skype call in our hotel lobby in Cologne about lack of intimacy in a world where speaking through screens often leads to misinterpretations.


Lucianblomkamp - Still No (featuring Trim)     Electronic, Rap 16/09/2017
LUCIANBLOMKAMP returns with another taste of his upcoming album, this time enlisting the services of UK Grime artist Trim (a frequent James Blake collaborator) on the gritty 'Still No'
The track, which features UK Grime artist Trim - a frequent James Blake collaborator - once again shows LUCIANBLOMKAMP's versatility. The gritty, hard vocal of Trim is perfectly balanced with the thudding production.

Kllo - Nylon     Electronic, Pop, Chill 13/09/2017
Kllo – an electronic pop collaboration between Melbourne cousins Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam – today share 'Nylon', the third track from their debut album 'Backwater'.
A slightly different direction for them, seeing them strip things back significantly. Chloe's gorgeous vocals come to the fore, given plenty of space to develop and build over Simon's clever production.


Kllo - Downfall     Electronic, Garage 25/08/2017
Kllo – an electronic pop collaboration between Melbourne cousins Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam – today share 'Downfall', the second track from their debut album 'Backwater'.
'Downfall' was the last song written for the album. 'We were in a good space, reflecting on everything we'd gone through, but also how much we'd grown through making Backwater. It's a reminder to not get too caught up in your head, to not dwell on the negative.'


Lucianblomkamp - Nothing (featuring Rromarin)     Electronic, Pop 10/08/2017
Melbourne producer/multi-instrumentalist LUCIANBLOMKAMP returns with the stunning 'Nothing' (featuring Rromarin) - the first single from his adventurous new album 'Sick of What I Don't Understand'.
Deep and dark, “Nothing” is the first single from LUCIANBLOMKAMP's upcoming album 'Sick of What I Don't Understand'. The track, featuring vocalist Rromarin's alien vocals is a step up in song-writing for the Melbourne-producer, and sets the tone for what will be an incredible release.

Billy Davis - Goldfish (featuring Denzel Curry)     Hip Hop, RnB, Soul 03/08/2017
Billy Davis has been introducing himself to new fans with his fresh blend of hip-hop/RnB. stamping himself as a unique talent on the Australian musical landscape.
Billy Davis shares his upcoming record's biggest collaboration 'Goldfish', which features acclaimed US-rapper Denzel Curry. After the two met while on tour, the pairing happened quickly, with the rapper providing a boisterous verse over the top of Davis' upbeat, effervescent production. 

Kllo - Virtue     Electronic, Pop, Dance 13/07/2017
A collaboration between Melbourne cousins Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam, Kllo have thrilled fans locally and abroad with their combination of pop and electronic soundscapes.
Slow to arc, the lead single hushes, stutters, and syncopates before locking into a club-ready groove in its second minute. The hook poses a question: “Can I count on you?” Drama is introduced, and heightened without resolution. Instead we’re lead to a stirring and euphoric epiphany.

Billy Davis - Ball and Chain     Hip Hop, RnB, Funk, Rap 04/05/2017
Billy Davis shares his latest single, the upbeat jam 'Ball and Chain', which features vocals from Khiarra Villalobos and Jordan Dennis who are part of his band, the Good Lords.
Ball and Chain is a love song. For me it underlines loyalty to a relationship whilst at the same by using the 'ball and chain' analogy it underlines the hard work needed for relationships to work.

Oscar Key Sung - Shallow     Electronic, RnB, Pop 31/03/2017
Having gathered praise world-wide for his blend of genres, Oscar Key Sung's 'Shallow' will be the first look at material he has been working on between Australia and America.
This song is about relationships, inspired by my experiences and close friends around me who I have seen go through similar experiences and given council too. When you want to be with someone, up ahead there is the idea of the two of you and how you will be together.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Martin King - The Way We Crush     Electronic, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle, Pop 28/03/2017
Known for his work in well-loved acts the Harpoons & Oscar+Martin, Martin King's solo work transcends genre, with the result dynamic, driving pop music.
The track is a perfect example of the Melbourne-based artist's cross-genre production and characteristically sensitive vocals, and marks him as a talent of unique ability. The throbbing production contrasts the emotive subject matter.