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Good Intent

Good Intent is a Sydney-based boutique artist services agency.
The company specialises in PR and label services.

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Good Intent

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Houg - Wet Wants     Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Roots 06/03/2020
Melbourne-based Singapore-native Houg has today revealed his innovative debut EP ‘The Oscillation Scene’ – written and produced by the artist himself.
Charming keyboard chords and a tasteful rhythm section combine for the EP’s third track ‘Wet Wants’, providing hints of Tame Impala

Other tracks by Houg:  The Touch  -  Soft Pains
SoSo - The Henry Lawson Jive     Rock, Punk, Pop 06/03/2020
Sydney-based pop-punk quartet, SoSo, have just revealed their stunning maiden single ‘The Henry Lawson Jive’ – produced by Stevie Knight (Stand Atlantic, Yours Truly, RedHook)
Taking cues from the likes of luminaries New Found Glory, All Time Low and Real Friends, ‘The Henry Lawson Jive’ is a brazen and exciting take on modern-day pop-punk. The track maintains an upbeat vigour from start-to-finish, stacked with infectious hooks, and an endearing and anthemic sing-a-long chorus.

The Lulu Raes - I Can't Run No More     Indie, Rock, Folk 28/02/2020
The Lulu Raes, have just announced tour dates and their infectious new single ‘I Can’t Run No More’ – produced by the band themselves and mixed by Dylan Adams (DMA’s)
Recalling The Shins, Weezer and The Kooks, ‘I Can’t Run No More’ is a sophisticated indie-pop gem, layered with a myriad of mesmerising hooks. Opening with lush guitars and the endearing melodies of front man Eddie Burton, the track builds effortlessly with its deftly arranged instrumentation, shining a light on the progression in song writing maturity from the group.

Seaside - Shame     Indie, Punk, Rock 27/02/2020
Byron Bay-based indie-rock quartet SEASIDE have just unveiled their dreamy and dark new single ‘Shame’ – produced by the band themselves and mixed by Paul Pilsneniks (Boy & Bear)
‘Shame’ is a melancholic slice of lively post-punk that combines themes of dream-pop, garage-rock and shoegaze. Opening with reverb-soaked guitars, steadfast drums and fuzz-laden bass, the track maintains an unwavering and washed-out dynamic; a fitting foundation for the hypnotic melodies of front woman Darcy Dexter.

Harts - Twenty Somethin'     Rock, Alternative, Experimental, Indie 20/02/2020
Harts is the nom de plume of Indian-born, Australian-based musician, singer/song-writer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and music producer Darren Hart.
Opening with a modulated vocal, ‘Twenty Somethin’ rolls into Harts’ infectious melodies and a groove-laden rhythmic section, before launching into a wall of deft guitar work. As the track unfolds, the enigmatic song writer effortlessly melds traditional rock n’ roll with modern electronic production; shining a light on his eclectic and intricate approach to composition.

Illstrtd - Say Yes feat. Cyrus & Charlie Threads     R&B, Hip Hop, Dance 14/02/2020
Following on from his critically praised single ‘Real Love’, Melbourne-based producer Illstrtd has returned with his latest cut ‘Say Yes’, featuring Melbourne rapper Charlie Threads and Sydney-based vocalist Cyrus.
‘Say Yes’ opens with groove-laden drums and staccato synth chords, as Cyrus’ blissful vocals float effortlessly above. Thumping kick drums and sharp hi-hats burst into the choruses, leading into bright brass riffs and pulsating synth bass. The second verse introduces rapper Charlie Threads commanding delivery, intertwined with break-beat drums.

Citizen Kay - Funny Business (ft. Genesis Owusu)     Hip Hop 07/02/2020
Citizen Kay has just revealed his groove-laden new single ‘Funny Business’ featuring Genesis Owusu
‘Funny Business’ opens with swirling 80’s synths, before dropping into funk-infused bass lines and muted guitar flicks. Reverberating snares and claps compliment Kay’s enigmatic delivery and effervescent chorus falsetto. In the second chorus, feature artist Genesis Owusu drops in with his mesmerising cadences; adding another compelling dynamic.

FANGZ - Falling Out     Rock 07/02/2020
FANGZ is a four-piece punk rock band that write songs with the sole purpose of getting people to party and attempt backflips in mosh pits.
“The song is about turning a negative into a positive. It follows the story of Josh leaving home in Nova Scotia, Canada, and illegally hitching a train to Toronto to start a better life playing in bands and following his dreams which eventually lead him to Sydney, Australia.”

Friendless - Bomp (ft. Stereo Jones)     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance, House 07/02/2020
Friendless’ previous releases have been strongly supported by the likes of triple j, Spotify, worldwide blogs, community radio and triple j Unearthed
‘Bomp’ features thumping bass and robust beats, textured with authoritative vocal lines. The track continuously shifts between inviting builds and floor-shaking choruses, showing off trademark club music with a twist.

True Vibenation - You Don't Love (You Love My Guitar) ft. Sylent Nqo     Roots, Dance, World, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 31/01/2020
True Vibenation combine an irresistible blend of soul and afrobeat backed by big bass, big beats and live horns.
Recorded in a DIY studio in Harare, Zimbabwe, ‘You Don’t Love Me (You Love My Guitar)’ showcases the trio’s distinctive afrobeat sound, mixing traditional Sungura music with modern inflections. Opening with smooth guitar phrases from featured artist Sylent Nqo, the track quickly flows into an energetic mixture of vibrant horns, lively drums, and infectious vocal melodies.

du0 - 'Come Home' ft. Emily Coulston     Electronic / Beats / Industrial 24/01/2020
Electronic songwriter duØ - his songwriting has been recognised both locally and internationally; a finalist of the International Songwriting Competition and awarded with an LA Music Award.
Opener ‘Come Home’ introduces elegant piano chords and snug woody percussion, before chanting harmonized vocal samples intertwine with the instrumentation. Reverb-soaked guitars bounce effortlessly across steadfast silky hi-hats, as Emily’s breathy vocals sink effortlessly into the mix.

Other tracks by du0:  'Better Place' ft. CLOE TERARE
Houg - Boy     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental, R&B 24/01/2020
Following on from the release of his critically praised single ‘ICBM’, Melbourne-based Singapore-native Houg has today returned with his chillwave follow up ‘Boy’, taken from his debut EP.
Opening with eerie soundscapes and stylised samples, reverb-soaked synth and guitar chords echo across the mix, blending effortlessly with Houg’s calm vocal delivery. Deft percussion is splattered throughout the record, complemented by the backbeat drums and exploratory instrumentation.

A.GIRL - All Over You     R&B 17/01/2020
A.GIRL is the moniker of 19-year-old Hinenui-Terangi Tairua. Although she calls Australia home, the connection to her family’s Maori homeland of Te Hapua in New Zealand runs deep.
The track opens with delicate piano stabs and subtle guitar slides, accompanied by A.GIRL’s sparkling vocal vibrato. The choruses transform as trap-like hi-hats and rolling synth sub-bass are introduced, pairing effortlessly with the slight twists of vocal modulation.

Bootleg Rascal - Lonely Times     Indie, Reggae / Dub, R&B, Hip Hop 17/01/2020
Bootleg Rascal are a Sydney-based band comprising of long-time collaborators and friends Carlos Lara and Jimmy Young.
‘Lonely Times’ is a feel good summer party anthem that shines a light on the duo’s unique genre-fusion. Melding their sun-soaked reggae and dub roots with modern day hip-hop, the track captures an unrelenting energy filled with infectious hooks, deft instrumentation and clever vocal cadences.

Stupid Baby - Feline     Indie, Rock 17/01/2020
Stupid Baby is made up of four long-time friends, Liz Drummond (Little May), Jake Dobson (Desert Moons), Eli Milojkovic (Sea Legs) and Will Glencross.
Taking cues from the likes of The Kills, and Sonic Youth, ‘Feline’ is a brooding and thought-provoking slice of sophisticated indie-rock, that swiftly sets the pace with its immediate and unwavering consistency. Dynamics and structure are harnessed with finesse, as deft instrumentation provides an apt foundation for the dual vocal efforts of Liz Drummond and Jake Dobson to brightly shine.

Zac Eichner - Naked     Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 13/12/2019
Adelaide-based indie-electronic artist Zac Eichner has just revealed tour dates and his glowing double A-side release ‘Naked & Autumn’.
‘Naked’ opens with swirling soundscapes and delicate piano, with Zac’s tender vocals floating effortlessly above. The choruses break out with spine-tingling harmonies and sharp strings, leaving space for the introduction of beautifully textured horn lines and reverberating percussion.

Other tracks by Zac Eichner:  Autumn
MOBS - Find Another You     Pop 06/12/2019
Melbourne-based indie-pop band MOBS have today returned with their new single ‘Find Another You’ and announced their debut album ‘Cinema Paradiso’
The track opens with flowing delay guitars, delicate synth lines and the tender vocals of lead singer Jordan Clarey. Massive clap snares explode in the choruses, accompanied by delightful vocal harmonies, including the introduction of joyous saxophone riffs towards the songs climax.

Rich Delinquent - Forget About Me     Pop 06/12/2019
Following on from the success of his debut single ‘Death Drive’, Melbourne-based artist Rich Delinquent has returned today with his brooding new single ‘Forget About Me’
Taking cues from contemporaries Flume, Golden Features and LDRU, the track opens with swirling synths, light clap snares and delicate acoustic guitar riffs, accompanied by Rich Delinquent’s beautifully pained vocals. The pre-choruses introduce an ominous and intense tone, before the choruses explode with thumping analogue synth bass and drilling trap hi-hats.

Klue - Coming Home     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, World, Soul 03/12/2019
Australian-born Berlin-based artist Klue has just revealed tour dates and his striking new single ‘Coming Home’.
‘Coming Home’ is a sophisticated, drenched-in-euphoria slice of Afro-inspired electronica. The musical tapestry of the track is intricately woven with rich layers of bouncing percussion, mbira, balafon, eclectic synths and mesmerising vocal melodies. As the deft arrangement unfolds, a series of unexpected twists and turns rear their head making for an undeniably unique and compelling listen.

Down For Tomorrow - Show Me That You Care     Punk, Rock, Alternative, Indie 08/11/2019
Down For Tomorrow are a melody soaked grunge-punk band hailing from Sydney's Northern Beaches.
‘Show Me That You Care’ opens with assertive drums and blazing guitars, before quickly bursting into an immense assault of energetic and gritty grunge rock, guided by the angst induced melodies of front man Cody Stebbings. The track serves up an earnest confession, delving into the consequences of emotional characteristics.