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Good Intent

Good Intent is a Sydney-based boutique artist services agency.
The company specialises in PR and label services.

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Good Intent

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Gyroscope - 4YRLV     Rock 17/09/2019
One of Australia’s most endearing and celebrated rock bands, Gyroscope, have just announced national tour dates and a self-produced new EP ‘4YRLV’ (pronounced ‘For Your Love’)
The grunge-soaked title track ‘4YRLV’ opens with a frenetic urgency, bursting out of the gate with monstrous drums, searing guitars and the angst-driven melodies of charismatic frontman, Dan Sanders. The song maintains its relentless progression consistently throughout; never swaying from its driving and compelling intensity.

Other tracks by Gyroscope:  I Am The Night  -  Bloodstreams
Gyroscope - 4YRLV     Rock 13/09/2019
One of Australia’s most endearing and celebrated rock bands, Gyroscope, have just announced national tour dates and a self-produced new EP ‘4YRLV’
The grunge-soaked title track ‘4YRLV’ opens with a frenetic urgency, bursting out of the gate with monstrous drums, searing guitars and the angst-driven melodies of charismatic frontman, Dan Sanders. The song maintains its relentless progression consistently throughout; never swaying from its driving and compelling intensity.

illstrtd - Real Love ft. Françoistunes     Pop, RnB 30/08/2019
Melbourne-based producer Illstrtd has just unveiled his smooth and sultry number ‘Real Love’ – featuring rising star Françoistunes.
‘Real Love’ sees hypnotic synths intertwine, as the soulful vocals of Françoistunes hover above fluidly. Light percussion and groove-laden bass gently lift the dynamic, working into its bouncy rhythms and beat, propping up the commanding cadences that dominate the verses. The track drops down again into its intricately textured production, before launching into the crescendo that is its infectious chorus.

A.GIRL - Play     Pop, RnB 23/08/2019
Following on from her critically acclaimed debut single ‘2142’, Western Sydney-based RnB artist A.GIRL has returned with the striking follow up ‘Play’ - produced and mixed by Taka Perry.
“When writing ‘Play’ I brought out my inner goddess. Recording it felt so natural - I just tapped into my sensual side and let it flow. Offstage I’m kinda shy so I wanted to create a track that would allow my inhibitions to fall away. If it has that effect for others too, I’ll be so happy.”

Waxflower - Back To Back     Rock, Pop 16/08/2019
After releasing their standout debut single ‘Cut Your Teeth’, Brisbane-based pop-punk band Waxflower have just unveiled their melodious new single ‘Back To Back’ – produced by Stevie Knight.
“Back To Back is a voyage into my own neurosis. I was running on autopilot, when I was really inside my own head trying to fight off my own thoughts. This song focuses on some of the negative repercussions that line of thinking brings, and looks in to how I was dealing with them at the time.”

Lincoln Lim - Losing     Folk 15/08/2019
Melbourne-based Singapore-born indie-folk artist Lincoln Lim has returned with his glowing new single ‘Losing’ - the third part of his five-part series of releases.
'Losing’ is an exploration, a re-emphasis of the quiet moments that exist between the bigger ones. Songs tend to feel like an endless cycle of incredibly definitive moments, like an infinite loop of breaking up and getting together, all while ignoring the realities of the one, two, five or even fifty years of trying to feel normal again between them

Wolfjay - Together     Pop, Rock 02/08/2019
Melbourne-based artist Wolfjay has just revealed their stunning new single ‘Together’ – produced by Wolfjay themselves and Hayden Jeffery
‘Together’ opens with atmospheric beats and synths, before dropping down into its melancholic verses; flickering with splashes of pizzicato violin, subtle guitar and percussion. Endearing melodies float fluently above, building gently into its soaring and infectious chorus, as Wolfjay shines a light on their journey with gender identity.

The Faim - Humans     Pop 30/07/2019
The Faim have shared ‘Humans’, the first single from their forthcoming debut album ‘State of Mind’ which will be released on Friday, September 13th via BMG.
Humans’ is about embracing the unique qualities that make up who we are, from our individual character and personality traits, to our strengths and weaknesses. These diverse characteristics, and how they evolve throughout our lives, show us what it means to be human and how connected we all actually are.

Melissa Ramsey - Halo     Pop 26/07/2019
Melbourne-based artist Melissa Ramsay has just unveiled her ethereal debut single ‘Halo’ – produced and mixed by Hayden Jeffery (Woodes, Wolfjay).
'Halo’ is about entering your mid-twenties and reflecting on your wrong doings, bad decisions and striving to be a better person. It’s about feeling like you’re the worst person on earth and trying to convince yourself that you’re actually not; you’re just human like everyone else.

Nelipot - Lucy's Better     Rock 26/07/2019
Following on from releasing their critically praised single ‘Garden Hose Rainbows’, Central Coast-based indie-rock trio Nelipot have just revealed their new single ‘LUCY (better)’
Nelipot’s punk leanings roar into the sunset on muted searing guitars, before dropping to a half-time rolling chorus. “It’s just a song about the joy in finding new addiction” says Olyslagers.

A.GIRL - 2142     Pop, RnB 05/07/2019
Western Sydney-based RnB artist A.GIRL has just unveiled her stunning debut single ‘2142’ - produced and mixed by Taka Perry (Ruel, M-Phazes).
"The song is about the area I was exposed to and the things I saw first-hand. As much as it represents 2142, it’s an anthem for all people from all areas that have been through the same”

Bootleg Rascal - Get Over Myself     Pop, Soul, Hip Hop 05/07/2019
One of Australia’s most endearing and eclectic party outfits Bootleg Rascal are excited to reveal their new double A-side release ‘Yin & Yang’
‘Get Over Myself’ explores the urban sonics of Bootleg Rascal, taking cues from the likes of Outkast, Jay-Z and The Weeknd. Opening with agonising screeches and a subtle splash of keys, an unwavering beat kicks in against walls of warped bass-infused synths, as the fiercely commanding cadences of front man Carlos Lara flow seamlessly into the howling chorus.

Other tracks by Bootleg Rascal:  Tryin' To Run
LOS LEO - The End     Pop 05/07/2019
After releasing his standout single ‘False Start’, Adelaide-based indie-pop artist LOS LEO (real name Tom Montesi) has just returned with the mesmerising new cut ‘The End’
"It's still a very touchy subject for me but I've been through some health issues in recent years and… actually, I'm still going through them” says Tom. “Sonically there's a lot of contrast, we worked really hard to balance light and shade to bring different feelings to the lyrics”.

RedHook - Only Bones     Rock, Pop, Metal, Electronic 05/07/2019
RedHook have returned with their new single ‘Only Bones’ and announced their debut national headline tour.
“‘Only Bones’ is me venting my frustration at the emotional vultures who didn’t care if I was OK or not as long as they got what they wanted, and also at myself for not being able to stand firm and tell them no, fuck off. It goes out to anyone who’s ever felt taken advantage of".

Timi Temple - Tomorrow Is Yesterday     Rock, Industrial, Pop 05/07/2019
Following on from releasing his double A-Side ‘TwoYear – TwoSide’ in April, Sydney-based indie-rock DIY artist Timi Temple returns with tour dates and his vivacious new single ‘Tomorrow Is Yesterday’
"I was bombarded with questions regarding my future plans, house, etc and you can imagine the crushing anxiety that came with it. A line resonated with me after I had left frustrated from dinner... It was “you’re not just a kid anymore”. This ended up being the first line of the chorus."

Carl Renshaw - En Fantasy     Rock, Electronic 28/06/2019
Hobart-based artist Carl Renshaw has just unveiled his arresting new single ‘En Fantasy’ – produced and mixed by the musician himself, with additional production by Tasker (Tia Gostelow, Kinder)
‘En Fantasy’ takes cues from the likes of staple influences Todd Rundgren, Toro y Moi and Jim Croce. Opening with hypnotic keys and Renshaw’s distinctive and endearing vocals, the track evolves into an enigmatic psych-pop symphony, awash with reverb-soaked guitars, fuzz-laden bass, steadfast drums and walls of spaced-out synths.

Dan Vogl - Carousel     Pop 28/06/2019
After the release of his critically-praised title track ‘Gifted In Gold’, Dan Vogl has followed up with his triumphant debut EP - produced and mixed by Joel Quatermain.
Beginning with opener ‘Carousel’, lightly plucked guitars mesh with Dan’s effervescent sharp vocals, as if dancing above the warm instrumentation.

Other tracks by Dan Vogl:  I Feel It All  -  Poppy
Stone Lions - Apologies     Rock, Punk, Pop 28/06/2019
Central Coast-based punk-rock trio, Stone Lions, have just revealed their infectious party jam ‘Apologies’.
Taking cues from the likes of New Found Glory, All Time Low and Neck Deep, ‘Apologies’ is a fast-paced and energetic pop-punk affair that combines monumental drums, steadfast bass and razor-sharp guitars. Stacked with unapologetic monstrous pop-hooks and catchy sing-a-longs, the track is the quintessential summer party anthem sure to warm you up this winter.

Monatomic - One More Chance     Pop 19/06/2019
Sydney-based electro-pop duo MONATOMIC have returned with bittersweet pop-banger ‘One More Chance’ – produced and recorded by the band at their home studio.
‘One More Chance’ showcases MONATOMIC at their power-pop best, mixing beautifully plucked acoustic guitars and swirling soundscape synths. This breaks into a vast upbeat chorus topped off by the heart-breaking angelic vocals from lead singer Steffan Lazar.

The Dardi Shades - Yeah You're Young     Rock 17/06/2019
Following on from releasing a slew of standout singles, NSW Camden-based indie-rock band The Dardi Shades have just unveiled their infectious new single ‘Yeah You’re Young’.
‘Yeah You’re Young’ is an explosion of jangly, summer-soaked indie-pop, that takes cues from luminaries The Vampire Weekend, The Kooks and The Libertines. From the outset, bright-sparked guitars play against the fervent vocals of endearing front man Stewart Patterson, of which is all held intact by a commanding rhythmic section.