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Golden Robot Records

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Palace Of The King - Get Right With Your Maker     Rock 18/12/2018
Melbourne rockers Palace Of The King play bluesy, soul-infused, riff-heavy, psychedelic rock n roll. Touring over summer with The Screaming Jets
Get Right With Your Maker is a new electric version of the hidden track that appeared as an acoustic version on the album of the same name released in April 2018

The Heartache State - Airstrike     Rock, Blues 18/12/2018
The Heartache State features Nick Barker (of The Reptiles fame) and are a no frills old school rock n roll band in the vein of their influences.
The Heartache State features Nick Barker and Justin Garner. This is old school Aussie Rock the way it used to be played!

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Steve Kilbey - Sydney Rococo     Rock, Pop 14/12/2018
Legendary frontman of The Church, Steve Kilbey, returns with a new solo album, Sydney Rococo
Sydney Rococo is the title track from Steve Kilbey's new solo album. With its uplifting orchestral strings, the song tells the story of Sydney from Steve's viewpoint. Its changes, its mainstays, its highs and lows.

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The Iron Horses - Salvation     Rock, Pop 23/09/2018
Sydney indie rockers, The Iron Horses, will release their emotive new single, Salvation on Oct 12.
The ethereal reverb on 'Salvation' runs all the way through the song and the chorus hits like a heavy weight. - Echoes of 90s indie rock a plenty. This is a sublime track.

Fyre Byrd - Anywhere I Am Is Home     Rock, Pop, Garage 22/07/2018
FYRE BYRD formed in 2017, fronted by vocalist/guitarist Josh and female drummer Daniella.
A hip and cool 2 minute rock track with fresh retro grooves.

Cigars of the Pharaoh - Sincere Karma     Rock, Blues, Metal 24/06/2018
With a power-packed sound that tips its hat to the blues rock genre of old, Cigars Of The Pharaoh are bringing a modern twist to retro-rock grooves.
Sincere Karma came about like so many of the band’s tunes do — a random riff at rehearsal. But this time it was different. With the band moving to a new two-guitar line-up, this time it was massive, a big, bold new sound that shakes the very foundations of the traditional rock sound.

Fyre Byrd - Take Me Out     Rock, Pop, Garage 27/05/2018
FYRE BYRD formed in 2017, fronted by vocalist/guitarist Josh and female drummer Daniella.
Take Me Out talks about being stuck in a rut, desperately wanting to get out. In your mind, you are already where you want to be, but in reality, nothing changes and it feels like every turn takes you back to the beginning.

She Shinjuku - Future Echoes     Electronic, Rock, Pop, Dance 10/04/2018
She Shinjuku is Kara Jayne and Jackson Freud, in collaboration with Neil McLellan - it's conceptual art meets rock and dark disco.
Future Echoes is all about surrendering to the moment, finding yourself in a foreign place or time, having no idea what’s happening around you, but letting yourself be sucked into the energy surrounding you and giving yourself over to all you can’t control.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

Other tracks by She Shinjuku:  Supersonic
The Lazys - Nothing But Trouble     Rock 16/03/2018
The Lazys are pure hard and heavy rock 'n roll, just like it should be.
Nothing But Trouble is nothing but heavy, hard rock and roll to get your head moving.

Flickertail - Back of My Mind     Rock 23/02/2018
A four-headed Irish-Australian rock Hydra from Sydney's Inner West, Flickertail play guitar-fuelled rock and roll exactly the way it's supposed to be played.
Back of My Mind is a rock track...there’s the staccato riff, (Led Zep-style open-string sort of thing - think Kashmir played by someone dressed as Ian Brown), but rather than trying to sound like warlock Jimmy Page, they slowed it down and emphasised the 4/4 beat.

The Iron Horses - April Rain     Rock, Pop 27/11/2017
The Iron Horses were forged after numerous late night, boozy, jam sessions in early 2015.
April Rain is a rolling rock track about the regret and remorse that takes over the morning after a heavy night. It's about that alter-ego that comes out and people seeing the lesser side of your personality.

Groom Epoch - Cosmic Artifice     Rock, Psychedelic 20/11/2017
Groom Epoch is a new band created by former drummer of The Church, Richard Ploog and includes former members of Go Betweens and Died Pretty.
Sit back and get lost in this pyschedelic rock track featuring some of Australia's best players.

Palace of the King - It’s Been A Long Time Coming     Rock, Blues, Retro, Garage 20/11/2017
Formed in late 2012, Palace of the King, have become known for their bluesy, soul-infused, riff-heavy, psychedelic rock n roll.
With smashing stadium rock production and all the Oz Rock trimmings, the four on the floor anthem is the first track lifted from their hotly anticipated album number 3.

The Buckleys - Run     Country, Pop, Folk 09/10/2017
The Buckleys are a sibling trio - Sarah Buckley (17yo – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar), Molly Buckley (14yo – Vocals, Mandolin) and Lachlan Buckley (16yo – Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar).
Run is a contemporary, modern sound with ghosts reminiscent of Appalachian & Celtic rhythms. Featuring the sibling harmonies of sisters Sarah and Molly, collectively with brother Lachlan, the melodious, rhythmic and lyrical quality of the up-beat song reverberates a vibrant, youthful and charmingly optimistic tone.

The Cherry Dolls - Begging You Please     Rock, Punk 27/09/2017
Clocking up two years of unrelenting gigging and recording The Cherry Dolls have given more than fair warning of their promise as one of Australia’s most electrifying bands.
Falling in love is the most powerful feeling you can ever experience. It has no rules, it has no boundaries, sometimes it comes when you least expect, sometimes it comes when you least want it, but when you do receive it, prepare yourself for one hell of a ride.

Flickertail - Talk     Rock, Garage 25/09/2017
A four-headed Irish-Australian rock Hydra from Sydney's Inner West, Flickertail play guitar-fuelled rock and roll exactly the way it's supposed to be played.
“Talk” is a lovely little blended smoothie of every ingredient that defines and differentiates Flickertail. The delicate, lilting melody in the intro gives way to obstreperous guitars and thunderous drums. “Talk” is rock and roll played the way it ought to be: brash, honest, equal parts vulnerable and impenetrable.

High Tropics - Better Days     Rock, Garage 18/09/2017
Birthed by the fuzz-filled glory years that were the 2000s, High Tropics combine lo-fi indie rock production techniques with charm and methodical arrangements reminiscent of archetypal singer/songwriters.
‘Better Days’ shares the sentiment of its chorus; waiting for a phase or stage in one’s life to pass – a feeling anyone who’s ever had a bad day has probably felt to some extent, with the descending progression building a sense of doom and gloom.

The Heartache State - Honey Slide     Rock, Blues, Roots 28/07/2017
The Heartache State is Nick Barker, Justin Garner, Venom, and Michael Hubbard.
Honey Slide was written by Nick Barker in a Perth hotel…it’s a song about fame gained quickly by a young band (maybe siblings) and the effect on their relationship, ego, and the trappings and pitfalls of sudden popularity.

The Cherry Dolls - Cop Out     Rock, Punk, Hardcore 27/06/2017
Clocking up two years of unrelenting gigging and recording The Cherry Dolls have given more than fair warning of their promise as one of Australia’s most electrifying bands.
Written in their backyard tin shed studio, Cop Out is the essence of the Dolls sound – taught, angular guitar lines going hell bent for leather out over a thunderous primal beat, staying true to their punk rock roots.

Kilbey Kennedy - Glow and Fade     Rock, Psychedelic, Atmospheric 25/05/2017
Celebrating a decade of working together Steve Kilbey (The Church) and Martin Kennedy (All India Radio) release album number 5, their magnum opus, Glow and Fade.
Glow and Fade immediately transports the listener to another world with Kilbey’s melancholic optimism reminding all of our earthly, human limitations.

Other tracks by Kilbey Kennedy:  We Are Still Waiting